15 Tweets About 'Senioritis' That Are Almost Too Relatable

Ah, senioritis. According to Urban Dictionary, senioritis is defined as “a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors” and afflicts seniors with a number of symptoms including: lack of studying, “an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, and sweatpants.”

Essentially senioritis is the blatant laziness that comes after an extremely long academic road. It doesn't matter if it's high school or college because, let’s face it, earning any kind of degree can be stressful. After spending countless hours of studying, homework, presentations, plus God knows what else, it’s more than acceptable to slack a little in your last couple of weeks. With the last weeks of schools around the world winding down for the academic year, we thought a round-up of tweets about senioritis would help those of you going through it realize that you are not alone.

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15 Start Them Early

Even when you get just a quick glance at the word “senioritis,” you can probably guess what it implies without even really knowing its true definition. But studies have shown in recent years that this crippling illness not only afflicts seniors, but can spread to juniors as well. Before they even enter their senior year of high school, juniors can begin to show symptoms of laziness, unwillingness to participate in class discussion, and just an overall aversion of school altogether. People speculate why juniors are now able to catch senioritis, but the most popular theory is that the excitement of graduating and moving on with their lives is clouding their vision of the last - but crucial hurdle - they need to get over to get to their future. It’s more common than you might think.

14 Start Them Really Early

Some people start getting senioritis halfway through senior year. Some people start getting it during junior year. Some people even start getting it right when they walk through the doors of high school. But what we often forget is that some people just aren’t meant for school. This isn’t to say that people are stupid – school just isn’t for everyone and that’s perfectly okay! Everyone learns differently and when we aren’t getting the curriculum we need for our personal learning styles, it can lead to premature senioritis simply because we can’t engage in the way that we need to to learn. It may be as an alternative to completely giving up on life, though, like some seniors with extreme cases seem to do, you can try talking to your teacher.

13 Senioritis Isn’t A Phase – It’s A Lifestyle

So, the first two tweets in this article talk about those who suffer from senioritis (rightfully) as seniors, and those who suffer from early onset senioritis. (Those who start to experience symptoms before they even get to high school.) There’s one more group that is affected by senioritis that we need to discuss, and that is the group with chronic senioritis. These are the people that aren’t necessarily lazy, but are more or less, indifferent by nature. Every step along the way is simultaneously exciting, but also comes with a new wave of opposition towards anything that you’re just really not interested in doing. Sure, they’ll do fun things but when it comes to school, work, and anything else that requires effort, it’s a hard pass from them.

12 Quality Vs. More Time To Lay Around And Do Nothing

Senior year is riddled with “lasts” – your last prom, your last school lunch, your last ride on a school bus, and so on. It makes us a little nostalgic really. Unfortunately, though, senior year is also packed to the brim with tests. There’s usually tests, worksheets, perhaps a final paper, and the occasional final project. Normally, people are pretty gung-ho about putting their all into a project in order to score a good final grade. But when it’s your senior year, and it’s your final project, and you’re will to just brush your hair is dwindling, it’s more than tempting to do just the bare minimum. We just want this stuff done with. This guy with his presentation on how to construct a meal of butter and toast seems to have the right idea.

11 Senioritis Is A Beast Of Its Own

Emotions can be tricky and can sometimes take on a mind of their own. If you have ever seen Pixar’s Inside Out, we know that the things we feel inside can compel us beyond rational thought. This tweet by a Mister Spencer Slavazza does an excellent job of showing how a tiny case of senioritis can turn into a bossy, obnoxious voice inside of your head that tells you time and time again that you’re not going to do your work. You can believe with all of your might that you’re going to go home from school and get all your work done like a responsible human being rather than binge watching six hours of Netflix. But guess what? The senioritis problem that has now evolved into a fathomable monster will kill that dream in a matter of seconds.

10 TLC (Tender Love and Carelessness)

Let’s all take a moment to reflect back on the days of elementary school – a time long before the pressures of senior year and the real world was forced onto us every day. This was a time where a sick day was just that – a day your mom made you stayed home because you were actually sick instead of a day where you pretended to be sick for senior skip day. Like the common cold, senioritis can be cured with warm blankets, a movie marathon on your couch, and lots of rest. Mothers would call this curing a cold with a little TLC, or Tender Love & Care. Senioritis can be minimized in a similar fashion, with a little bit of Tender Love & Carelessness.

9 It Spreads Like Wildfire

Typically, senioritis originates in the school aspect of your life. Anything and everything to do with school brings on a wave of symptoms—including laziness, apathy towards your classmates and peers, and general disinterest in the high school experience as a whole. But don't worry, it usually cures itself when you are removed from the stimuli. However, sometimes senioritis gets so unbelievably extreme that it begins to affect other parts of your life, even the fun parts like prom and after school hangouts with your friends. Sports seem like a waste of energy and talking to anyone in general—even when it isn’t about school—becomes a drag. This is the kind of senioritis that is not cute. Get yourself up and at ‘em even it if it means doing something active like skipping school to chill at the mall.

8 It Is A Slippery Slope Like No Other

The beginning of a new school year is almost always a bright time; it’s a fresh start and you don’t have to worry too much about the past you’re leaving behind. This fresh start comes with the opportunity to turn over a new leaf grade wise. C'mon, you know the feeling:  you get that first worksheet of the year or are assigned your first paper a month early and you’re overwhelmed with the good feeling of potential for success. Unfortunately, after three or four assignments, that feeling quickly dissipates. Suddenly, the senioritis hits and that beautiful, pristine A- you’ve been bragging to your parents about for three marking periods drops lower than you thought imaginable — simply because you ask yourself what the point even is if your averaged grade is a passing grade. This tweet shows how an impressive 96.90% can drop down to a 27.97% with the side effects of senioritis. What’s the point in continuing to exhaust yourself?

7 “I hAvE sEnIoRiTiS aS a JuNiOr” – Every Senior Ever

By now, we’ve probably all seen this bizarre SpongeBob meme that has been circulating the Internet as of late. In reality, this meme originates from a scene where SpongeBob is brainwashed — it has absolutely nothing to do with SpongeBob mocking Mr. Krabs (or anyone else for that matter). Yet here we are with this meme that is incredibly relatable when it comes to senioritis. We’ve already seen in a few of the above tweets how seniors react to juniors who claim to have senioritis before they even make it to their senior year. That just doesn’t fly with some people, okay? But what do seniors with senioritis do? They do not act like rational adults about it; they mock the juniors with a careless facade that only truly unsympathetic seniors with senioritis have.

6 The Storm Is Coming

We’ve seen a lot of tweets from senioritis non-believers, as well as tweets from people who are not even seniors that believe they already have senioritis. Up until this tweet, we’ve also seen a lot of mockery from seniors saying that juniors and the youth simply cannot have senioritis. However, this tweet aims to accomplish a different goal — and that's to simply make youngins feel silly. This tweet’s purpose is to warn those who have not reached senior year yet and believe they already have senioritis — the worst is yet to come. If you’ve got a whole year left at least and you have not even seen the half of it. Senioritis comes during senior year for a reason. The mixture of impending doom of big life changes mixed with the thought of never having to do homework ever again does a number on your will to do anything constructive.

5 It Can Come Out Of Nowhere

As hard as it is to believe, there are non-believers among us, and there will forever be non-believers until they're smacked in the face with the final hurdle that separates them from graduation (AKA: freedom). Can we really blame them, though? Stuff doesn’t really get good until your life is flooded with final papers and exams on top of making graduation announcements, finding the right shoes to walk across the stage in, and, of course, what kind of fun you’re going to get into after the caps are tossed. Before all of that, each marking period/semester is just the same as all the others: boring books after pointless presentations after worthless gym classes. For those of you who find yourselves in this late bloomer category, prepare yourselves.

4 And We Mean Out Of NOWHERE

This tweet gives a good explanation to those who are late senioritis bloomers. Not everyone believes in senioritis — we’ve already covered this. And a small percentage of people are not affected by it at all. In a lot of cases, though, seniors are going through their senior year getting their homework done, enjoying their last year being in school, and minding their own damn business when, all of a sudden, BAM!  Senioritis hits them like a brick wall. Maybe it’s one bad grade. Or it could be one particularly long history paper. In theory, it could even be the fact that you still have to go back to gym class. In all, they’re just fed up with that nonsense. Either way, seniors and soon-to-be graduates alike should watch their backs because senioritis can strike at any moment.

3 Senioritis: Nearly Tripping At The Finish Line

There are a lot of different symptoms that come with senioritis and no two cases are the same. Some people choose to slack off in one particular class. Some people skip school all together. Some people just lose the motivation to make themselves look presentable for school and opt to roll out of bed 15 minutes before the first bell. Then, there are some people that audit classes; meaning they attend classes and that’s right about where the effort stops. When auditing a class, one can miss a lot of important details, like how the final test will be formatted and, I don’t know, maybe what the prompt is for the final paper... In true senioritis fashion, seniors can—and will—throw together a passable paper at the last minute and call that win.

2 Don’t Worry, Senioritis Exists in College, Too!

High school senioritis is a slow and painful process that needs to be done. Just about everyone goes through it and we can probably all admit that it feels kind of good to slack off at the end of the long road that is mandatory schooling. However, only those who go on to college (or any kind of secondary schooling after high school) will understand the extreme version of senioritis that comes at the end of the second semester of the year. This comes right at the end of a long semester of all-nighters, coffee binges, and near mental breakdowns, and right before a well-deserved break full of sun and relaxation. So, while you’re reading this post and thinking of how your almost over the hump, just know that should you choose to go back to school for a degree, you’re signing yourself up to go through senioritis at least once a year until graduation rears its beautiful face once again.

1 Assign Me One More Paper… I Dare You

Here we go one more time with the people that didn’t believe in senioritis and are hit smack in the face with the reality of it once they get to that age. I guess it’s understandable to misinterpret senioritis as blatant laziness and an excuse to slack off when you’re outside looking in. But, as we’ve said time and time again, you have no idea how much you want it to be over when you’re just a month from the finish line. We all know that school can be kind of sucky sometimes, but put yourselves in their shoes for a minute. Imagine you’re cleaning your entire house and when you’re just about to finish, your mom says, “Oh yeah, by the way, would you mind giving the house one more fresh coat of paint?” Like yeah mom, I do mind. Fight me about it.

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