15 Tweets About Signs Gone Wrong That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Have you ever gone for a long drive and passed by a lot of street signs that have zero meaning to you whatsoever? You've likely done that, and you've likely passed some hilarious signs that you either did or didn't realize were completely wrong.

One of our favorite parts of Twitter is that it helps compile the best of the best in society and the real world today; and for the funniest sign mistakes, the case is no different. Tweeters from across the world have used the Twitter platform to tweet out signs that they found hilarious and/or thought were mis-phrased or carried comedic meaning. Here at TheThings, we love it when people share their zany findings, and this is no different. If anything, this is one of our favorite things (no pun intended) as people took the time to make hilarious captions and/or discover some hilarious signs that we never would have been able to see, as let's face it, you can't see every sign out there!

Someone from New York can see a misspelled sign from Hawaii, or someone from California can see a misspelled sign from Kentucky. That's the beauty of the Internet right there, and we hope you find these signs as funny as we do! Here are some of the best signs that are misspelled, confusing, or strange in every shape or form. We love every single one of these and hope to see them in person some time too!

15 Law & Order: SignsVU

This sign that is not properly lit up comes with the perfect caption by the tweeter. The beginning of the TV show Law & Order: SVU, a popular show on NBC, states "In New York City, these are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories." Then there is a loud noise to segue into the episode, a sound that is a lot like "DUN DON." Do you see what the tweeter did there? It's a wonderful play on the TV show and we can't help but laugh at the combination. We hope nothing actually happened at the Dunkin' Donuts, as it's far more funny to believe this was an unintentional hiccup turned into a hilarious joke on Twitter.

14 "NOICE"

Just ask Andy Samberg if you don't understand this reference. A very fratboy-esque way of saying "nice" is "noice" and when this tweeter saw that there was a sign on the soda machine saying "no ice" with a very short space in between, they understandably got confused by the situation. The tweeter explained, "Honestly thought someone was just super excited about the drinks machine," which has us bursting out in laughter! They thought that someone was so excited about the soda machine that they wrote "noice" on a piece of paper and taped it to the machine, not that there was no ice in the machine. When they figured it out they must have felt so silly, but we love that they made this fun little error and the fact that this tweet got over 95,000 retweets is impressive.

13 Real Dark Real Fast

Tweeted out by a user that calls themselves "Discount Chris Pratt," a Twitter name we have to give our fair share of kudos for, this sign certainly could be taken one way or another. On the one hand, it says "shoot the kids, hang the family, frame them all," which if you read in passing, sounds....quite dangerous and quite concerning! On the other hand, in context it's clearly a picture being used to advertise and promote some sort of photographer that wants families to come in and take pictures of their family and put them in picture frames, coffee mugs, or albums. We can't help but wonder if this was done intentionally to gain recognition, but regardless the double meaning in this one is all too real.

12 Well.....It's Accurate

This one is confusing in the sense that it is not confusing enough! Whenever someone is marketing for a team, an event, or anything in general, there is supposed to be a grand promotion with brilliant tagline's and images to reel the costumers in. Instead, here we have one of the most straight-forward and worst advertising campaigns we have ever seen. The advertisement is for the soccer team that plays at Yankee Stadium so the advertisement reads, "The Soccer Team That Plays at Yankee Stadium." Well, they're not wrong (they do play at Yankee Stadium), but we can think of a multitude of ways to better describe the team. Again, it's not that they are doing anything wrong, but try to make us think a little, why don't ya! That's like saying, "Cars - they'll help you get places."

11 Hokey Pokey Truths

Sometimes random billboards have random captions, and those can be some of the funniest tweets around. Many of the tweets on the remainder of this list will be from Twitter accounts that actually solely exist to share funny signs and misspelled or confusing signs that we all can appreciate. In this one, whoever put together the sign is a real jokester! The sign reads "I was addicted to the hokey pokey but I turned myself around." Do you get it? The song "The Hokey Pokey" sings about turning yourself around, so this sign hilariously plays on that. It's most likely an example of a random sign where someone's just taking the time to fool around with the different letters, but we love it anyway! This sign maker is clever.

10 Church Game Strong

Anyone who passes churches on their drives or walks is likely to see a sign with a message about their beliefs or trying to get people to come into and/or join the church. Sometimes the church signs can get rather clever or modern like this one above. It reads "Whoever stole our AC units - keep one, it's hot where you're going." We're no experts on church and religion here, but we think they're referring to hell. It's a hilarious clapback at whoever stole the AC, and they rightfully owned the person who did the misdeed. We love it when random places and people get creative after unfortunate or sticky situations, and this one is a perfect example of being funny in an unfortunate scenario. (But seriously, who would steal from a church?)

9 Use Your Blinker

One of the most commonly used expressions once the new year rolls around is "new year new me." The expression is simply used to say that new changes are coming, and whoever says it is looking to improve themselves or change into a different person. Of course that can often come with some more specific approaches, like someone wanting to go to the gym more, or someone wanting to eat healthier. This sign on a highway has the best idea we've seen in a long time though. "New Year New You, Use Your Blinker" it suggests. Perfect! Anyone who drives on highways knows that people often "forget" to use their blinkers, and it can be dangerous and annoying. We love the suggestion and the humor here, but in all seriousness - use your blinker!

8 DO Text And Drive

Continuing on with the driving theme, this billboard suggests to drivers that they should text and drive. Wait, what? We all know it's illegal to text and drive, but more importantly we all know that it is extremely dangerous to text and drive. So something odd is going on here, right? Right. The billboard is for a funeral home which makes this one of the most creative and funniest signs we've seen in a long time. The idea is, of course, that if people text and drive, the funeral home will get more business because those people will, well, need a funeral home. Hopefully we don't need to spell it out anymore, as it's an upsetting thought but presented in a highly comical way that we love to see. Props to you guys.

7 At Least It's Honest

More driving signs, more comedy! Honestly we love whoever puts these signs together. (Though the drivers on this highway may not have loved whoever put together this specific sign.) The one sign reads "You'll never get to work on time haha!" Ouch! Whoever put that one together must have known that traffic was horrible that day, but rather than sympathizing with the drivers having to wait, they decided to make a joke out of it. From our computers we're able to laugh hysterically at what they've done to the angry drivers, but if we were the drivers, well, let's just say we wouldn't have quite the same appreciation! But we're not, so hats off to whoever put together this hilarious sign! Maybe the drivers could look at this sign as being helpful? Now they can make a quick call to their boss saying their running late.

6 Someone Loves Their Soda

A common trick done at fast food places and even restaurants is asking for a cup of water, then filling the cup with soda instead, thus avoiding having to pay for soda... What, don't act like you have never done it! We all have done it, let's be honest here. Anyway, most places look the other way because their customers spend enough money on food and want to keep coming back to their establishments, but we've learned that not every place feels the same way. This restaurant that hung prominently on their soda machine reads, "Do not put soda in a water cup - this is stealing and I will call the police. How are you gonna feel about going to jail over $1?" Aggressive? Sure. Hilarious? Yes! Let's hope the theft ended here.

5 God Is Angry

In another hilarious church sign, this church must have been pretty angry about what was happening in the world at this time. The church expressed their anger through a church sign, something we are eternally grateful for. Who needs to yell something or say something in any way other than a nice street sign? People can read it, laugh, and move on with their days. Although, this one was particularly aggressive, as it read "Don't make me come down there - God." We can only imagine what people must have done to spark this kind of anger from the church, but they sure mean business, don't they? Or maybe God means business. Evoking God and saying he's going to come down is pretty major and a  hilarious step by the church.

4 Everything Happens For A Reason

Everyone has done something or had something happen to them that they could not understand why, so the logic became that "everything happens for a reason." Even those that do not necessarily believe in such a mindset tend to subscribe every once in a while, as it's the most convenient way to explain the unexplainable. Of course, some people don't appreciate that, as it can be a cop out for when something happens that demands an explanation, but people are too lazy to explain it. Thus, this sign. "Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you're stupid and make bad decisions." Well ouch, sign! The sign is as straight to the point as they come, and it feels even harsher than saying "God is coming." But we have to give them credit for being honest.

3 Come To Canada

It would be an understatement to say that not everybody in the United States is particularly thrilled about Donald Trump becoming President. People have taken creative liberties to express their anger about his election as President, and whoever runs the Maryland street signs took the time to express their own opinion in a comedic way. They wrote on a highway sign, "Inauguration Day, January 20th, Expect Delays, Consider Canada." The advice is hilarious as it plays on the idea that people should move to Canada if they aren't happy in Trump's America. Hey, that's advice isn't too bad. We love the humor in a time when the drivers needed some, as they were stuck in traffic on a day many of them likely did not enjoy.

2 That's An Exclusive Toilet

It is mighty kind when places set up accommodation areas for people who have special needs or are less able than the average person, but sometimes that can be misconstrued in sign form. Well, we can definitely think of one time, as this sign certainly can be taken many different ways. The sign reads "Attention: Toilet Only for Disabled Elderly Pregnant Children." It's nice that they put together a toilet specifically for people who need it more than others, but the comedy of terrible punctuation is the best part of it. They forgot spacing and commas, making the sign read that the only people that can use the toilet are "disabled elderly pregnant children." Have you ever seen a child that's elderly, pregnant, and disabled at the same time? We haven't either. But we do love the mistake!

1 Two Rules For Success

This is our favorite one because it works as a clever one, a funny one, and it's honestly pretty deep as well. The sign is one of those signs you'll see across New York City - kind of an aesthetic sign that presents itself boldly. It states that, "There are two rules for success....1. never reveal everything you know," then it never states the second rule. Do you get it? If the first rule is to "never reveal everything you know," then you can't reveal the second one, as that would be revealing everything you know. This sign makes us laugh, makes us think, and makes us wonder what the second one would have been! It's hilarious, thoughtful, and a whole lot of fun. Clever!

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