15 Tweets About The 2017 Oscar Nominations That Will Make You LOL

If you haven't watched the movies nominated for an Oscar this year yet, now is your chance. The nominations came out recently and La La Land, the movie starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling about a pianist and an actress, leads the nominations with 14 in total. There are a ton of other really good movies nominated too, so before they air on February 26th, it would be an excellent time to make some popcorn and have a movie night. That way, after they air and everyone is talking about how amazing this movie did or how this actress totally should've won for her category, you'll be all caught up.

Whether you've seen all or none of the nominees, anyone will appreciate these 15 hilarious reactions Twitter had to the nominations.

15 This Makeup Truth

The day after The Razzie Awards nominated Suicide Squad for awards such as Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screenplay, the movie got the most unexpected Oscar nomination of the year. It's not exactly up there with La La Land for Best Picture or anything, but it still got a nomination for Best Makeup & Hairstyling. The nomination is for their work on Jared Leto's full-body Joker tattoos and the makeup they did on Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

With a 26% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and even the director tweeting about the fact that he wished he could've changed some things about the movie, an Oscar was a shock for a lot of people. Myself included. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see if it wins.

14 A True Legend

If you've somehow forgotten about Demi Lovato's iconic hit single "La La Land," take a minute to head over to YouTube and reminisce. I'll wait. When I first heard people talking about La La Land (I mean the movie this time, in case you're confused), I was so confused why people were suddenly talking about this song again. Then I Googled and found out it was a movie that totally stole the name of my 2008 jam.

I'm glad this Twitter user made this joke so I know I'm not alone in connecting the two of them. And maybe a little disappointed that it's just a movie about movies that got so many awards. I was hoping Demi's fabulous nine year old music video randomly made a comeback.

13 The Best Reaction

Meryl Streep doesn't have a Twitter, so while other celebrities were tweeting their thanks for a nomination, Meryl Streep took another approach. If you needed a reason to love Meryl more than you already do, then here you go. Also, I want to know why you needed more reasons to love her. Of all the excited tweets about getting nominated and people congratulating their friends or costars, Meryl wins. Hands down. Which is no surprise because she's amazing in every movie she's in, too.

Just watch. Tweeting a GIF reaction of yourself to someone else is going to be the next big trend. All because the fabulous Meryl Streep started it with the 2017 Oscar nominations. I was going to say I wish she had a Twitter, but if we get adorable things like this because she doesn't have one, she doesn't need one.

12 This Motivational Thought

If you needed some motivation today to do something you were scared to do, you're welcome. This is seriously all the inspiration that anyone should need. If Suicide Squad can get nominated for an Oscar, then you can pass that test or talk to that cutie who sits two seats over every day. I didn't expect funny tweets to be so positive and motivational, but I'm also not complaining about it. Sure, Suicide Squad just got a nomination for Makeup & Hairstyling for the crazy amount of work they did to give the Joker tattoos and Harley Quinn that perfectly smudged makeup. It's not like they got a nomination for Best Picture or anything, but still. It's an Oscar. Apparently the craziness of 2016 obviously just hasn't stopped yet.

11 This Congratulatory Message

In case you didn't already know, Ryan Reynolds' Twitter is a beautiful place. All of his tweets are winners, but one of my favorites is, "My daughter's only 6 months old and already drawing. I'd hang it on the fridge but honestly, it's absolute garbage." Some people become parents and get a little annoying to be honest. You know the people, the ones who want to take 50 pictures of their baby every time it sneezes and then show you all of them? Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds only got funnier.

Although Deadpool didn't get a nomination at the Oscars, it didn't stop Ryan from tweeting his support to everyone who was honored with a nomination. Personally, I think Ryan should go to the Oscars anyway. In full Deadpool costume.

10 This Topical Tweet

While there were some surprising nominations, like Suicide Squad, there were also some surprising films and actors or actresses who weren't nominated. For instance, people were pretty surprised that Deadpool wasn't nominated after it had been heavily predicted to be in the Best Picture nominations. Another movie that didn't get the nomination people expected it to was 20th Century Women, where people thought Annette Bening would be up for Actress in a Leading Role. Meanwhile, Emma Stone got the nomination for La La Land, one of 14 nominations for the film.

In this topical tweet, a Twitter user put a picture of Sean Spicer with a quote about Emma Stone being better in La La Land than Annette Bening had been in 20th Century Women. Spicer has been trending lately for the fact that he gives the press what have been coined as "alternative facts." The tweet was playing off those and saying that Emma's performance being better was also an alternative fact.

9 The Reunion We've All Been Waiting For

Two former members already nominated? You know what that means. Britney, Christina, JC, Keri, and the other members of the early '90s Mickey Mouse Club, it's your move. If all of them just happened to show up at the Oscars and maybe took a picture together for old time's sake, I don't think anyone would be complaining. It's a few years past their 20th anniversary of all being on the show together, but better late than never, right? Let's just breeze right through a few of the awards being given out in order to let them have the reunion we've all been waiting for. I didn't even know this was something I wanted, but with two former members there nominated, I need it to happen.

8 This Alternative Fact

La La Land who? Lately, so many jokes have been all about Sean Spicer's "alternative facts" and the Oscar nominations. Some Twitter users even managed to combine both trendy jokes into one massive joke. When it comes to crafting the perfect joke in 140 characters or less, everyone knows two jokes are better than one. After jokes were circulating after the presidential debate that Trump was upset The Apprentice never got an Emmy award, a joke about Sean Spicer announcing that he was nominated for all the Oscars is hilarious. Oh, and totally true. He even got that nomination for Actress in a Leading Role, Emma Stone was totally snubbed for La La Land in his favor. See how easy alternative facts are? With them, you can even announce that you're nominated for a lot of Oscars if you want.

7 This Total Snub

In case you missed it last year, Blake Lively starred in The Shallows. It's a movie in which Blake's character decides to go to this secret beach her mom used to surf at and gets attacked by a shark. She winds up stranded out in the middle of the ocean on a rock and it's really scary. Like, it turned me off from surfing for the rest of my life. Not that I had any major plans to ever start, but I'm not gonna now. While Blake's performance was great and the movie was terrifying, people were enamored with a smaller character.

His name is Steven Seagull and he was a seagull, obviously, who was in the movie. And he totally deserved an award for best supporting actor.

6 This Summary

I'm gonna be honest, I don't speak French. At all. I barely speak English sometimes. Did that stop me from laughing at this French tweet about all the La La Land nominations? Not at all. This picture of Ryan Gosling as the "salty chef" meme sprinkling Oscars down is uncontrollably funny. The caption says that this image is basically "the Oscar nominations in one image" which is seriously so true.  I know a lot of people are talking about Emma Stone because of the movie's nominations, but this meme of Ryan Gosling just sprinkling some Oscars all over the place is hilarious.

Plus, Emma's eyebrows in the movie totally stole the entire show. If you haven't watched it or looked at her eyebrows in any of the trailers or anything, please do. You're welcome.

5 This Unexpected Twist

Before getting nominated for all the awards for La La Land, Emma Stone was getting a little bit of heat for the movie Aloha back in 2015. The reason people were mad at her is because people found out that her character was supposed to be Asian and when the crew casted her, they apparently didn't change the fact that the character was still Asian. Whoops! Emma took the criticism in stride and even made jokes about it herself, but that didn't stop people from being unhappy with her and the studio behind Aloha. But, as anyone famous who has ever done or said anything wrong knows, the Internet doesn't forget. And this Twitter user showed the fact that everyone remembers Aloha in the most hilarious way by congratulating the Asian nominees this year.

4 Truly Inspirational

Like Suicide SquadLa La Land was proof that even though a movie gets an Oscar nomination (or 14, in the case of the latter), it doesn't mean that people loved it. Yes, La La Land got a lot of praise since its release and a lot of people did love it, but it still has its critics. But some people, like this Twitter user, put a more positive spin on it. They didn't think that Emma Stone or Ryan Gosling or the music in the movie were particularly good, but they chose to say so in an inspirational way. You may not be good at singing, but if La La Land can get 14 Oscar nominations, you shouldn't let your lack of talent keep you from singing. Perhaps we'll see more actors dabble in the singing pond?

3 Times Have Changed

Alright, Justin Timberlake. We get it, you're an actor. Personally, I'll forever think of you as the noodle-haired frontman of NSYNC, but we all know you want to be an actor. You were hilarious in Bad Teacher, which I know is an unpopular opinion but whatever. You were good as the rude founder of Napster in The Social Network. And this year, you were nominated for an Oscar.

No, not for a movie, but for your song in the movie Trolls. But that's good enough, right? Getting an Oscar nomination for your song is a sign that you should just make your full-time return to music, isn't it? Sexy is going to get away if you don't come back to music and bring it back again.

2 This Anniversary Celebration

I didn't watch the generation of Skins that Dev Patel was in, but I really want to go back and watch it. I only saw Gen 2, but everyone tells me how good the one with Anwar, Cassie, and Tony was and how I need to go back and watch it. Since it's 10 years old this year, I think there's no time like the present. As a Skins anniversary gift from the universe, Dev was nominated for an Oscar for Lion this year. Obviously the universe thinks I need to go back and watch his episodes of Skins, too.

Joe Dempsie, the actor who played Chris in Skins, totally agrees. I love seeing people who were once castmates in something tweeting about stuff like this. Even though Joe and Dev were in Skins together 10 years ago, this tweet about Dev's Oscar nomination was adorable.

1 Totally Real Texts

Almost every year, Amy Adams is in a movie that people are certain are going to get her an Oscar. In 2014, it was for Best Actress in American Hustle. The year before that, it was for Best Supporting Actress in The Master. Even back in 2006, she was up for Best Supporting Actress for Junebug. Every year though, she's only a nominee and doesn't actually win. This year, people thought it would finally be her year for Arrival, but she wasn't even nominated. The movie is up for things like Best Picture, Best Director, and some behind the scenes awards like Best Sound Editing.

Annette Bening was also snubbed for 20th Century Women and this Twitter user's imagining of a conversation between the two of them about their snubs is hilarious.

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