15 Tweets About The Bachelor That Will Leave You Crying Laughing

This season of The Bachelor has been insane. If you don't watch, you're probably just like, "Yeah, every season is. So what?" No, no. You don't understand. This season is the craziest one yet. Probably ever, honestly. It started off on a wild note even before the season aired when they named who the new Bachelor would be. People were pretty divided on whether or not they were happy that Nick Viall got picked. Some loved him from the previous shows he had been on and others thought he had gotten enough chances and it was time for a fresh face. In case you don't watch any of the other shows in The Bachelor's franchise, Nick also appeared on not one but two seasons of The Bachelorette and a season of Bachelor in Paradise.

If you've been following this wild ride of a season, check out these 15 hilarious tweets about The Bachelor.

15 Total Outfit Goals

What's wrong with this outfit? It's a sweet shark suit. I mean, dolphin suit, I'm sorry. The contestant, Alexis, said repeatedly that she was dressed up as a dolphin and even made dolphin noises. Since Alexis really wants to become a dolphin trainer, I think she would know better than me if that costume is of a shark or a dolphin. I think Alexis' refusal to admit that her dolphin costume is clearly a shark is motivational. If you believe something, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No matter how visibly wrong you are about whatever you're trying to say. Just keep repeating it and follow your dreams!

Also, "aspiring dolphin trainer" is a really weird job title, right? Was she waiting to see how this whole season of The Bachelor went before she went to school for it? Or hoping someone would see her dedication and costume and hire her? Good luck in your endeavors, Alexis.

14 He's A Keeper

Who else remembers Livestrong bracelets? When I was in 8th grade, one of my teachers was secretly selling them out of her desk for $1.50 each. It was a big deal if you had a friend who managed to get one and then discreetly lead you down the hallway to her classroom to buy one yourself. Soon, the entire school had yellow rings of hope around their wrists. Only half the school actually knew what they were supposed to be for, the other half was just trying to fit in and be trendy.

I think I probably had approximately ten of them since they all just kept breaking, but eventually I stopped re-buying them. By the time stores started selling them with random words like "DREAM" or "I LOVE ME" on them, I realized they were over. Nick apparently missed the memo.

13 This Hilarious Parody Account

The best thing to come out of this season is the @CorrinesNanny parody Twitter account. Some people are just too funny and whoever is behind this parody account of Corrine's nanny is hilarious. All of her tweets about Corrine during each episode are almost better than the episodes themselves. (Take the hint and follow this account ASAP.)

While in St. Thomas, Corrine was clearly missing her nanny, Raquel. So, they got her someone named Lorna. Lorna, as Corrine described her, was the "St. Thomas version of Raquel." Naturally, the parody account of Corrine's nanny had a hilarious response to this and Tweeted her Internet history for the night after she saw Corrine and Lorna. Along with her looking up the Nanny of the Year Award, she was Googling things like "better cucumber snacks" or "get nanny fired St. Thomas."

12 This Mindblowing Realization

I want to know how this person realized that. Was she watching Wedding Crashers and when she saw this scene, she just had a flash of Nick Viall's face? Or the other way around, she was watching an episode of The Bachelor and while she was looking at Nick, she just had a flash of that painting? Either way, this is spot on and absolutely hilarious. Thank you, Jen Lewis, for bringing this to the attention of The Bachelor fans everywhere. There are some things that I will never be able to un-see.

If his current track record is anything to go by, this isn't the last we'll see of Nick Viall in The Bachelor's franchise. If he ever gets tired of doing new seasons, ABC should just find that painting and put it in a house with the girls.

11 Very Punny

Very punny, Robby. Seriously though, hasn't Nick been on enough seasons? This is his fourth chance, I feel like that's about time for him to be done. If it doesn't work out during two seasons of The Bachelorette and one season of Bachelor in Paradise, you shouldn't get another chance. If he doesn't find love on this season and he winds up on the next season of The Bachelorette, I'm calling shenanigans. Clearly that's a sign that Nick is bribing ABC into put him on more and more seasons so he can hook up with people for a couple seasons and go home.

You had your chance four times now and you blew it, Nick. Get on Tinder like everyone else and start dating the hard way.

10 I'd Watch It

I'm not even gonna lie, I would watch this. I don't need a title or a description or anything, I'm just a sucker for Lifetime movies. And the ones about stalking or secret murder are the best ones. Like the one where that girl's friends killed the other girl for talking to her boyfriend and she got in trouble for it? Absolute cinematic gold, everyone needs to see it if they haven't already.

I feel like this would be the opening scene in one of those movies. Like, this is at a party or a wedding where the main character is giving a speech or pouring someone a drink. The camera pans through the entire room until it reaches her and then goes into slow motion while she laughs and holds up her glass. Catchy but obscure pop music plays in the background as it pans over and zooms in on this face. Then the title pops up.

9 A Creative Vocabulary

Bless Corrine and her very unique vocabulary. Her nanny deserves all the awards for teaching her to be so well-spoken, honestly. "Cheese pasta" and "planned dancing" are absolutely brilliant.

Although, I do still want answers as to exactly what cheese pasta is. Everything I've been able to find on Google seems to suggest that it's seriously just pasta with some cheese sprinkled on it. The way Corrine described it as some magical recipe that only her nanny knows made it sound so much more special. I couldn't imagine eating like Corrine does, honestly. Sliced cucumbers as a snack and cheese pasta? No, thank you. I may not be the best cook in the world, but at least I don't need a nanny to make me toddler food.

8 The Best Way

Seriously, this is the best way to pick your favorite every season! Just look at them and figure out which one is the least likely to post their #Ad posts for their diet tea or hair vitamins every day. And there you have it, your new favorite for this season. Of course, if you follow them on Instagram and suddenly your feed is all ads for tea or whatever the latest trendy sponsorship is, it's fair game to switch favorites. It's also the worst when you follow someone on Instagram and think they're cool and then one day they have an ad for this awesome new detox tea. No thanks, unfollow. Seeing some pretty pictures of your glamorous life isn't worth also seeing those ads.

7 Me Every Week

Seriously, every single week someone forces me to watch. I just can't escape because they keep turning it on and making me sit down to watch with them. And they make me go on Twitter to read everyone's tweets about it. I can't believe this and I don't know how to make them stop! I don't know how to make them stop because it's me, I'm the one forcing myself to watch every week... And it's not really forcing because I can't even lie, I love reality shows like this. Big Brother? I'm all over it. Master Chef? Yes please. Are You The One? I'm there.

I used to call my love of reality shows like this a guilty pleasure, but why be guilty about it? Love what you love, no matter what other people think of it.

6 Um, Whoops?

I mean, technically she's not wrong. I'm sure Corrine just meant that the "plus" part of the "500 plus people" was everyone who was going to be seeing it on TV. Saying 500 was a kind of low number. She probably should've said she was going to embarrass herself in front of everyone there and everyone on national TV. Numbers are hard and Corrine is doing her best, okay? She is nanny-less and she has had to cut her own cucumber slices so she's just under a lot of stress right now. I'm sure no one laughing at Corrine would be handling having no nanny as well as she has been. I mean, this is assuming that you have a nanny, obviously. If you don't and you get by on your own, please send Corrine some tips.

5 There He Goes

There goes Nick, running from possibly finding love on his fourth attempt on TV. I'm beginning to think he just likes being on TV and doesn't actually want to find a girl. At what point do they just disqualify him, call all the girls back, and find a new bachelor to start over with? I feel like it needs to be soon because otherwise, no one is going to win. Can that happen? Can there just be no winner of The Bachelor?  I know they've had plenty of seasons that didn't end with a proposal, but at least they still picked someone. At the rate Nick is going, he might not even pick anyone. Then what happens? Just no one wins and they all go home sad? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that's what happens this season.

4 Anything Is Possible

Seriously, the people that keep saying, "This will never happen!" keeps happening. Everyone needs to stop saying Corrine will never win. For some reason in 2016 and 2017, saying that something won't happen seems to give it power and make it just magically happen. Which is actually kind of motivational. Like, if people tell you that you can't do something, don't let it stop you. Let it empower you and motivate you.

If Corrine can win The Bachelor, you can do anything. Even if she doesn't win, she's made it this far, so I think that's motivation enough. The next time you don't think you can do something, just remember how far Corrine has made it. All without her nanny. Also, if she does somehow win, I'm going to be beyond shocked.

3 Starting To Sweat

Does Nick understand how The Bachelor works? Is he confused? Does he think that HE needs to be the last one there and the goal is to send all the girls home before they overthrow him? Someone please help him understand the show. I know he's been on three other seasons, but based on how this season has been going, I think he must be confused. Maybe that's why he's come back so many times, because they're trying to teach him how the show actually works. It doesn't seem like he's gotten it yet, though.

The way he's been acting, not even he's going to win this season. I hope ABC finally just gives up and lets someone else have a chance next season. And I hope they don't just shuffle him back to be on The Bachelorette again.

2 This Dead Giveaway

Seriously, though. You can always tell on a show who isn't going to be important at all by how much they show them. If you ever watch Shark Tank, for instance, the people who get a long segment introducing them and showing them walking through the park with their family usually get a deal. If they don't get one, their product goes on to be pretty successful despite it and they didn't get a deal for really stupid reasons. If you're watching a show like The Bachelor, the girls who are barely ever in the episodes doing anything are probably not going to last long. All those girls you saw introduced in the first episode and then forgot about until six weeks later when it's showing them again? They're probably going home. They showed back up in that episode to remind you that they exist.

1 See Ya Next Season

No joke, if I wasn't in so deep with this season, I'd give up. Nick is being ridiculous and I can't believe that Corrine has a decent chance of actually being the winner. I've been disappointed in him since my queen Alexis, AKA dolphin-in-a-shark-suit girl got sent home. He clearly doesn't know a great girl when he sees one and someone needs to stop him. Also, I feel like all the girls need to realize that as soon as they're asked to go out for a romantic walk with him, they're going home. It seems like as soon as he takes them out to walk in the sand or something and they spill their deepest emotions and say they're in love with him, he's done with them.

Get it together, Nick.

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