15 Tweets From The 'Supernatural' Actors That Made Us Laugh So Damn Hard

When the TV show Supernatural first aired in 2005, no one had any idea of just how popular the show would become, nor did they anticipate such a wide fan base. But here we are in 2017 and the show's popularity has not waned at all. Part of the reason for the show's huge success is its actors, who show that they're not just friends and family onscreen, but are pretty close offscreen, too. Another reason is that the cast is full of people who enjoy a good joke and have a great sense of humor, a lot of that which appears in the characters they portray on the series. Sometimes, the actors let fans in on the joke, by posting their funny stuff on Twitter. Here are some of the funniest tweets from the cast of Supernatural.

15 Dad left something in the Impala

Fans familiar with the early seasons of Supernatural know that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the father to Sam and Dean Winchester. Unfortunately, Morgan's character got killed off several seasons later, but his memory remains in the minds of the series' writers and fans. His memory also, apparently, remains with the actors on the show, because they often tweet to Morgan who is now known for playing the big bad guy, Negan, on The Walking Dead. Negan is known for one thing in particular: the spiked baseball bat that he uses to bash in human skulls. So Supernatural's Dean, actor Jensen Ackles, posted a funny tweet about finding the baseball bat in the Winchesters' Impala, something their dad left behind for them on the show.

14 Dad wants the bat back

Perhaps even funnier than Ackles' tweet was the reply tweet by Morgan, who kept up the banter as if they were still playing father and son on the same TV show. We love it when actors tease each other, but this is almost downright sweet, because Supernatural fans will never forget the awesomeness of Sam and Dean's dad. So Morgan lets his sons know that he's going to need that bat, called Lucille on The Walking Dead, because he's got work to do on his new series, The Walking Dead. But he stabs the proverbial knife in a little deeper by mentioning that he already gave the boys a car, and isn't that enough? If it isn't, he also reminds them that he died for them. Ouch.

13 New Castiel

Actors who spend more than a decade together often end up with very close relationships. They become like family to each other, which makes sense for a series that has aired for 12 seasons and counting. So the Supernatural actors spend a lot of time supporting each others' causes and spending time together just for the heck of it, as well as teasing each other mercilessly. Fortunately, some of that teasing gets recorded on the internet, or posted to Twitter, like Jared Padalecki pretending that he's going to replace Misha Collins on the series as Castiel. The wig on Padalecki is ridiculous and funny, as is the tweet accompanying it. The facial expression is also pretty hilarious, because, let's face it, Castiel is often pretty derpy.

12 Jared never does the dishes

With the cast of Supernatural, the teasing never stops, and anyone who follows Collins on Twitter knows just how sarcastic and funny he really is. This is yet another case of the actors poking fun at each other. Padalecki posted a tweet last year to promote an episode of Supernatural, which stated, "Family meeting tomorrow... BE THERE!" Collins had to reply in his usual funny way, though, mentioning something that is typical of real family meetings (not those of the Winchester variety), and asked if they were going to discuss him not doing the dishes. He did say he was sorry, though. And he did take out the trash. He also pointed out that Ackles never does the dishes. It's just a funny tweet that shows how much like family the cast really are.

11 Who's that creepy guy in a trench coat?

Richard Speight, Jr., has acted on a lot of TV shows, but Supernatural fans know him for his recurring role on the show as the Archangel Gabriel, who will always turn up at least once every season. Speight is a big part of the Supernatural fandom and does a lot with the official Supernatural cons that happen all over the country throughout the year. He is also one of the funniest guys on the planet, and currently has a web series with fellow Supernatural actor, Rob Benedict, called Kings of Con. In this tweet, Speight posted a photo of Collins dressed as his character, just sitting in the green room at a con, asking the question who the weird businessman in the trench coat was.

10 Mommy Life

Fans fell in love with Kim Rhodes from the moment they first set eyes on her Supernatural character, Sheriff Jody Mills, way back in season five. Fortunately, the role became a recurring one and, now, Rhodes, usually gets seen at least once every season. She's also pretty funny, especially when she's just discussing normal life, including what it's like being a parent. This tweet is probably relatable to many parents out there, those who know that sleep is a luxury that you take advantage of every chance you can get. So yeah, she got to the place to pick her daughter up super early, but only because she could catch a few "zzzs" in her car. This tweet is funny, but it also had a lot of moms thinking "same."

9 Pregnancy glow

Although Supernatural eventually killed off Felicia Day's recurring character, Charlie Bradbury, fans continue to love the character, even after death. They also love the actress behind her, who recently shocked the internet by announcing her pregnancy just before the baby was due. Day proved that she had some seriously super stealthy and sneaky skills in hiding her pregnancy for eight months, while doing appearances. But after the announcement, she had some fun with the popular app, Meitu. So she posted her glowing anime-like photo on Twitter and stated that it was just her pregnancy glow. But even funnier was her admitting that she took the picture of herself while she was on the toilet. And she's probably not just joking: Day, if anything, is always herself.

8 Watch out for bears!

Jim Beaver is another Supernatural actor whose character is gone, but definitely not forgotten. He played the iconic Bobby Singer, the man who became mentor and father figure to Sam and Dean. And although Beaver occasionally gets to come back as a ghostly version of Bobby, his time on the show has probably come to an end. That doesn't mean that fans don't still follow him and his career, though. Beaver is pretty active on social media and has often discussed politics, including the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education in the U.S. This photo, taken at the Vancouver airport, is funny because of the mention by DeVos that schools need guns to protect themselves from bears: this is Beaver's way of being both hilarious and political.

7 Sleeping Winchesters

Supernatural fans understand the nicknames that Sam and Dean carry with them. As always, Sam is Moose, while Dean is Squirrel. These nicknames came courtesy of Crowley (Mark Shepard), the current king of hell on the series, but the show's actors use the names off-screen, too. This tweet is just another example of Padalecki and Ackles teasing each other. After Padalecki posted an embarrassing photo of Ackles sleeping in the car on the way to a con, Ackles responded with a tweet of his own, showing "Moose" snoozing, pretty much in the same situation. It's pretty funny that they have such a brotherly relationship both on and off-screen, and it's this kind of relationship that has kept the series going strong throughout its 12 seasons.

6 That's not my real daddy

The Supernatural actors often post photos of their families, including their kids, who they are always proud of. But they also understand that the lives they lead as stars of a long-running TV series, just isn't that normal. The fandom is strong with Supernatural, so not only do the actors have to explain that aspect of fame to their kids, but they also have to try and figure out how to explain some of the weird things that pop up because of their strange celebrity lives. Take for example, this life-size cutout of Padalecki's character on the show. How do you explain to a kid that not everyone has a large cut-out of their dad in the living room? What's even funnier here is the kid trying to wrap his mind around this thing.

5 Halloween fun

Of all the Supernatural actors, we love Collins' sense of humor the most. It's what makes his character, Castiel, a fish out of water (or in this case, an angel out of heaven) so fun to watch. At times, Collins shows us his warped sense of humor, and fortunately, he puts it out there for us on Twitter. Here is Collins during last year's Halloween, wearing what is probably a completely inappropriate costume, which makes it absolutely hilarious. Collins dressed himself up as Roy (from Siegfried & Roy) and his wife was a tiger. If you recall, it wasn't that long ago when Roy got mauled by one of his tigers, so obviously, Collins decided to recreate that horrific scene as a Halloween costume. Yes, it is completely wrong, but also just so right.

4 Don't send flowers

Day is one of those actresses that we can all relate to. We loved her as Charlie on Supernatural, because she portrayed the geek that we all are, the fangirl to many things, who was also incredibly smart. We loved that Charlie eventually became a Hunter in her own right, even though she ended up dead like so many other great female characters on the series. Day often says the things we are all thinking, including here in this tweet that speaks to anyone who doesn't have much luck with plants. She's absolutely right about not sending flowers, because who wants a reminder that they can't even raise a plant right? This is for those of us without green thumbs: it's both funny and relatable.

3 Mistaken for Luke Perry

Timothy Omundson is one funny guy, and sometimes, we forget that he was actually on Supernatural. Omundson was the face of the series' Cain, a Knight of Hell and the son of Adam and Eve. Before he retired for love, Cain was one of the worst demons to ever exist. When he came out of retirement to fight Abaddon, he regained the Mark of Cain, which eventually got handed down to Dean. Omundson wasn't very hilarious in the role, but on Twitter, he's quite the comedian. Anyone familiar with his other roles, including that of King Richard on the short-lived Galavant, knows about his funny bone. Here, he tweets something that may or may not have actually happened, about getting mistaken for Luke Perry and going along with it.

2 Just one of many outtakes

When it comes to outtakes, Supernatural has a boatload of them. These outtakes are from both the series and at cons, or from times when the cast are just hanging out together as friends. This tweet shows just how silly the guys are when cameras aren't rolling. This clip looks like it's possibly something that happened between takes on the series, considering Ackles' wardrobe. Of course, such moments must get recorded for posterity, so Padalecki made sure to get it all on video so that he could post it for all the fans to see, calling it a scene from the local bingo hall. Ackles is hilarious here, just having some fun and goofing around, showing that these are two actors who really enjoy their jobs.

1 Misha's romance novel

The Supernatural actors spend a lot of time live-tweeting episodes, which means that they make a lot of funny comments about their thoughts on each scene. They also share a lot of funny behind-the-scenes stuff during these tweeting sessions, too. Collins, one of the funniest of the cast members, is one of the best to follow because even the most depressing episodes are a laugh-a-thon when he's tweeting them. During one live-tweeting session, Collins made a comment about something happening onscreen, mentioning "Her Majesty's Secret Suckbags," which was in part of the dialogue. Of course, Collins turns it around into something else, stating that it's the title of his next romance novel. Oddly enough, we almost believe him, because that sounds like something he might write.

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