15 Tweets That Will Make You Say, "Really Tho"

Does anyone remember when “really tho” became a thing that everyone said? It seems like it’s been in our vernacular for the longest time now… and we can’t remember a time without it. Perhaps it’s something the internet created; it sounds like it would come from the internet, or at the very least, the same people who created “I literally can’t even.” But anyway, we all know that there are certain moments that always make you say, “really tho.” These are usually moments or things that EVERYONE can understand or relate to. And when you see something and agree with it from the depths of your soul, you can’t help but say or think “really tho.”

15 Thanks, brain

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Really tho. Brain, why you gotta be like this? Why you gotta do this to me? Sleep is precious to us all… and yet we’ve all had moments just like these. You lay down after a long, hard day and can’t wait to drift into a peaceful slumber. You close your eyes, you’re almost there, you’ve almost fallen asleep… when BAM. As if in defiant self-sabotage, your brain reminds you of some huge embarrassment that is totally inconsequential in your life now, and yet it still haunts you to think about. We all have those embarrassing moments that we just can’t shake, and when we think about them, it's hard not to be wide awake and distressed. Why do our brains do this to us? It’s not just not nice!

14 2-5 years experience

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The day has finally come, you walk out of the graduation ceremony with a diploma in hand and you’re ready to take on the real world. And soon after when you start applying for jobs and interviewing with potential employers, you get a quick taste of just how insane the real world can be. The job says “entry-level” and you think: perfect! You get all your information ready, proudly list your college degree and then come to find the job requires an insane amount of experience. How is a job entry-level if you need 2-5 years of experience? How does one acquire that much experience and attend school at the same time? You don’t! It’s madness! Good luck out there, graduate. The world is not a simple place.

13 This is fine

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Buuuuuut really tho. Any adult will tell you that being an adult is kind of the worst. Being a kid, with no responsibilities, is wayyyy better. Being an adult is just a big mess of not having enough money, being way too tired and having way too many things to do. And honestly, who wants that life? We don’t know who signed us up for adulthood, but we’d take back our youths in an instant. And, of course, there are those times where you think adulthood isn’t so bad, things are going your way, and you get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. But then, just as you have some hope, shit hits the fan and you’re left just sitting in the flames as everything burns around you. Just like the “this is fine” dog. This meme is basically the epitome of adulthood.

12 No outside snacks allowed

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Now, don’t get things confused here… we’re not advocating that you sneak candy or food into a movie theater when it’s not allowed. We are not saying that. We are saying that most people can relate to this tweet. Most people (shame on all of you!) have stuffed their jackets full of candy, drinks, chips, literally anything they can fit. If you have a big purse or tote bag, even better—it’s less obvious. Is there a good restaurant near the movie theater? Might be worth bringing in a piece of pizza or a loaf of bread, whatever floats your boat, really. Just be careful, because if you do indulge and go a little overboard you will end up looking like a football player, wearing all his gear, trying to keep warm in winter. But whatever boo, you do you.

11 Problem, not solved

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Seriously though; we’ve so been here. Why does life have to be so hard anyways? But we all know these moments. You have a bunch of problems, and you can solve them, but it’s just so much more effort to actually do it. You’ve sought out all your wisest friends and family, talked to them about your issues, and you’re pretty positive you’ve got the right answers. And yeeeeeeeet… it’s so much easier to complain about how everything sucks then do anything about it. Sometimes, even when you know the answer to the problem, actually solving it is still scary, stressful and a lot of hard work. So why even bother? For all you know, it could still end up terrible! Might as well be like this baby goat. Aren’t we right?

10 Teenage penguin

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Hahaha. This is amazing. It really made us think, too. We’d have to say thoughtfully, “really tho,” because we don’t know that we’ve ever seen a teenage penguin until this very moment. In fact, it doesn’t seem like we ever see the teenage versions of a lot of wild animals. Curious. But back to the penguin. This little guy is so cute and fluffy and yet, he totally embodies that teenage sass and angst. We’ve never seen anything so teenage in our whole lives. The expression on his face? It’s just too perfect. He’s like don’t mess with me, my hormones are raging and you don’t know what you’ll get. Look out everybody, teenage-penguin is going to lock himself in his room and listen to metal.

9 The wrong way to eat cereal

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Everybody knows that there are certain processes that have to be done a certain way. Making a bowl of cereal is one of these processes. Everyone knows that when you make a bowl of cereal, you get the bowl, pour the cereal into it, and then pour the milk. That’s just how it’s done. There are some weirdos out there, though, who don’t know how things are done. These barbarians think it’s okay to POUR THE MILK FIRST. And we gasp in horror and shock. Why on Earth, would you pour the milk first? It just doesn’t make any sense! There are so many reasons why it’s wrong. If you pour the milk first, the cereal is going to splash milk all over the place when you pour it in! If you pour the milk first, it’s hard to assess your cereal to milk ratio. Why do people even do this?! WHY?!

8 Period ads

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Ah, period ads. They’re insane enough to make any woman scream. Why? Because as this tweet points out, they’re so out of touch with reality. Not only do you never have any idea what’s going on in them, but the girls are also always wearing WHITE. We’re sorry, but who wears a pad and white pants? It just doesn’t happen. No one wants to risk that sh*t. No one. We’re not stupid here, people. These commercials must be made by men because they clearly look like they have no idea what having a period is like. Another thing on that point, the people are always so happy. We don’t think anyone is ever that happy on their period. Unless they were afraid it wasn’t coming...

7 Why God, why?

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Gotta agree. We know the ecosystem is complicated and everything has its place...but mosquitoes? Really? What place do they have except to cause terrible things? Not only do they bother and bite you at summer picnics, but they also carry terrible diseases like Malaria, West Nile, Zika and more. What good are they doing for anyone? Seems like they’re just ruining everyone’s lives. Maybe God should have rethought that one. Maybe he should have created another fuzzy wonderful creature that does fabulous things and loves everyone. Unicorns maybe? That would be fun. Literally anything but mosquitoes. And as @Gunther__ says, we’re not trying to tell you how to do your job (we wouldn’t dare) buuuut, we kind of are. Sorry not sorry on this one.

6 Voldetort

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We died laughing when we read this tweet. This is just absolutely perfect. First, how brilliant is it that these people named their tortoise Voldetort? It’s pure genius. So punny... and Voldemort was always compared to a snake, so a tortoise doesn’t seem like such a stress. Second, how hilarious is it that this girl’s mom was too embarrassed to give the veterinarian the tortoise’s real name? And of all names to come up with, she comes up with Susan! Which isn’t even a male name. All the pieces of this one fit together perfectly and it’s epic. All this family needs is an otter named Harry Otter to fight the battle of good vs evil against Voldetort. Now that’s a movie we would see.

5 Shrek's favorite outfit

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So curious about this tweet! Because it’s hilarious and soooo accurate. That outfit looks EXACTLY like the smock-ogre outfit that Shrek wears. It’s like someone took the design directly from the cartoon. The real question though is: why? Why would someone create this? Why would someone want to wear this? It may work for Shrek, but we can’t think of any human that could successfully rock this look. It just doesn’t seem like it would be flattering on anyone. It also looks kind of itchy. We wonder what company thought this smock was a brilliant idea. They might need to fire their designer before he or she rips off Fiona or Lord Farquad’s outfits too. Can you imagine it? A whole chic Shrek clothing line. You know what they say, “there’s a market for everything!”

4 Car dreams

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How our dreams get dashed as we get older. It seems in just the 10 short years between being a teenager and being a mid-20-year-old, a heck of a lot changes, as is evident by this tweet. When you’re a teenager, you think you can do anything. After all, that’s what people tell you. So you have high hopes, a mansion, a Ferrari, a boat. And then as you go through life, go to college, get a job, you realize that those dreams were probably unrealistic... but you still have hope. You downgrade to a BMW instead of a Ferrari. Then, by the time you’re in your mid-20s, you’re an actual adult who has some experience in the world. By that point, you want someone in a relatively nice car to hit you so you can sue them for damages. Yup, that’s where your life is at.

3 I buy horses

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So many follow-up questions. What the heck is going on with this sign? Are we being punk'd? Because this just doesn’t make any sense! First of all, who advertises for buying horses? Second, what is a strange horse? Next, and our personal favorite, “I’ve bought every horse I’ve ever seen.” Somehow that seems both impractical and impossible. And who would do that? Is this sign speaking in some sort of code that we don’t understand? Because it seems utterly ridiculous. And if everything thus far weren’t super strange and confusing, there’s “fast cash” in quotes. Why is that phrase in quotes? How does one get the fast cash? What is this horse-buying person trying to hide?! How does this person even run into that many horses?! Straight-up madness people.

2 So jacked

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Important question: why does Jason Momoa even bother having bodyguards? This guy is not only Aquaman but also Khal Drogo! He could definitely kick anyone’s butt if they got in his way. Alright, it might be a pain for him to get his hands dirty when he’s at premieres and stuff...but he should at least invest in some bodyguards that weigh up to him. Otherwise, they do look like silly little mini-bosses. The bodyguard in the back looks like he barely makes it up to Momoa’s shoulder. We’re sure these guys are perfectly nice guys and perfectly good bodyguards, but this is just a funny picture. At the very least, as Conor said, this is inspiration for all of us to be as amazing as Jason Momoa, so if we become famous, we make our own bodyguards look silly. Life goals.

1 Batman?

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We feel like the majority of tweets with the #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly tag are pretty genius. Occasionally, you’ll see a lame one out there, but on the whole, they’re usually great....like this one. There’s a lot of criticism you could give to Batman and this is a perfect example. Everything in the tweet, is, more or less, accurate. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire. He does use his money to “cosplay,” since he’s dressing as a Bat hero. And in the case of The Dark Knight, he does spend his time beating up the Joker... who is definitely mentally ill. He’s scarily mentally ill. Oh Batman, how we love you so, but we also love to poke fun at some of your more ridiculous elements. But don’t worry, we’ll keep watching you jump off insanely high buildings, create insane inventions in your basement and fight against the depravity of Gotham. As crazy as he can be, you gotta love Batman.

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