15 Twilight Actors Hollywood Refuses To Cast Anymore

Even though the Twilight movies are rarely discussed these days, during its heyday the franchise had millions of outspoken fans. In fact, the Twilight movies managed to bring in more than 1.36 billion dollars at the box office which makes it one of the most successful film franchises of all-time.

Keeping in mind all of Twilight’s success, it is staggering to realize how few of the actors from the series have gone on to receive major roles in the years since its last film was released. In fact, many former actors who played memorable roles in the Twilight franchise appear to be persona non grata in the industry now. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 Twilight actors that Hollywood refuses to cast anymore.

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15 Jamie Campbell Bower Who Played Caius

Via twilightsaga.fandom.com

Cast as Caius, an ancient and ruthless member of the Volturi, Jamie Campbell Bower appeared in three-fifths of the Twilight movies. Seemingly tapped to be a big star at one point, as he also played a lead role in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. As of late Bower has struggled to get major roles. That said, things may turn around for him soon as he set to be a part of a Game of Thrones prequel if things work out.

14 Chaske Spencer Who Played Sam Uley

Via movieplayer.it

Featured in four of the five Twilight films, in those movies Chaske Spencer played Sam Uley, the alpha of a pack of werewolves who also dated Emily Young at one point. Most recently seen in a movie that really made an impact when he was a part of the last Twilight film, since then Spencer’s career has mostly been relegated to small roles in a number of TV shows.

13 Christopher Heyerdahl Who Played Marcus

Via pinterest.de

As an ancient vampire who feels like he has seen in all, Christopher Heyerdahl’s character Marcus, is a member of the Volturi who always seems bored in three-fifths of the Twilight movies. Frequently cast in small projects that most people have never heard of, Heyerdahl hasn’t been a part of anything notable since he had a recurring role in True Blood.

12 Christian Camargo Who Played Eleazar

Via pinterest.ca

Once chosen to be a guard for the powerful vampires known as the Volturi, Elezar then chose to lead their side in order to join the Denali coven. Only a part of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, Christian Camargo had previously made his mark in the show Dexter. These days mostly relegated to small TV roles, Camargo’s talents deserve much more than that.

11 Justin Chon Who Played Eric Yorkie

Via twilightsaga.fandom.com

Cast as a classmate and friend of Twilight lead character Bella, Eric Yorkie was an enjoyable enough character that he appeared in every movie in the franchise. Aside from appearing in a handful of Dr. Ken episodes, the actor who played Yorkie, Justin Chon, only landed one other notable role since his Twilight years, Jeff Chang in 2013’s 21 & Over.

10 Jackson Rathbone Who Played Jasper Hale

Via fanpop.com

Best remembered by film fans as the husband of Alice Cullen, Jackson Rathbone’s character Jasper Hale was a member of this series’ main group of vampires and appeared in all of the movies. Despite landing an important role in a highly successful film franchise, since Twilight, Rathbone’s career has been made up of appearing in projects that flew completely under the radar.

9 Sarah Clarke Who Played Renée Dwyer

Via thinkingofrob.com

Definitely an important person in the Twilight series, Sarah Clarke’s character Renée Dwyer is Bella Swan’s mother and she shows up in the final three movies in the franchise. Previously known for her turn as a dastardly character in the show 24, Clarke is a talented actor but studio casting agents don’t seem to have noticed based on the caliber of roles she has received recently.

8 Rachelle Lefevre Who Played Victoria Sutherland

Via beyondbooks.org.uk

As one of the chief Twilight villains, it was a big deal when Rachelle Lefevre was cast as Victoria Sutherland in the first two films in the series. Unfortunately for Lefevre, Bryce Dallas Howard took over playing Victoria in Eclipse. Also able to land a lead role in Under the Dome, since that series ended in 2015, Lefevre’s career has been on a downward trajectory.

7 Daniel Cudmore Who Played Felix

Via glamourmagazine.co.uk

As a chief member of the Volturi guard, Felix relied on his immense strength to keep the powerful trio safe. Hired to appear in four-fifths of the Twilight movies, Cudmore had previously been part of another popular film franchise, the X-Men series.

Recently chosen to play small roles in a pair of DC TV shows, studio bosses seem to have no interest in Cudmore these days.

6 Cameron Bright Who Played Alec

Via popsugar.com

Also, an actor who was chosen to play a member of the Volturi guard, Cameron Bright’s character Alec was considered to be one of the vampire trio’s most powerful weapons. Also remembered for playing X-Men: The Last Stand’s Leech, Bright’s career has taken a serious hit since then as his last movie came out in 2017 and it failed to find much of an audience.

5 Nikki Reed Who Played Rosalie Hale

Via fanpop.com

Chosen to play a member of Twilight’s main family of vampires, Nikki Reed’s character Rosalie Hale was notable in the movies as she initially didn’t want Bella involved with the Cullens. Quite possibly the most disappointing entry on this list, Reed is a great actor and co-wrote the really well-crafted film Thirteen, but she hasn’t acted on the big or little screen since 2016.

4 Peter Facinelli Who Played Carlisle Cullen

Via latimesblogs.latimes.com

Cast as the leader to the Cullen “family”, Peter Facinelli’s character Carlisle really comes across as a father figure for those in his care which is really impressive given how long they’ve all been alive. The kind of actor that most people would recognize, even if they aren’t sure from where, Facinelli still lands a lot of roles but not in the kind of high profile project Hollywood cares about.

3 Kellan Lutz Who Played Emmett Cullen

Via pinterest.ca

Married to Rosalie Hale in the Twilight movies, Kellan Lutz’s character Emmett Cullen was a consistent supporting figure in the series. Clearly chosen to be the next big thing at one point, Lutz starred in movies like The Legend of Hercules, The Expendables 3, and Immortals. However, since 2014, it is abundantly clear that Lutz no longer is a big deal.

2 Ashley Greene Who Played Alice Cullen

Via MTV.com

Considered by many fans to be the most likable Cullen family member, Ashley Greene did such a great job playing Alice that it is staggering that she hasn’t gone on to be a big star since then. Instead, she took on roles in some failed projects, including the show Rogue and the movie Wish I Was Here, and now she seems to be largely forgotten.

1 Taylor Lautner Who Played Jacob Black

Via cairnspost.com.au

As the only actor who played a member of Twilight’s main love triangle to appear on this list, since Taylor Lautner stopped playing Jacob Black his career prospects have dwindled. Once given the chance to be an action star, his movie Abduction did mediocre business and bombed with critics so that went away.

In fact, since August of 2018 Lautner has been missing in action and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Sources: boxofficemojo.com, newsweek.com

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