15 Twinning Coincidences That Have Us Seeing Glitches In The Matrix

In 1999’s The Matrix, our main hero Neo (Keanu Reaves) learns that he is in fact living in a giant computer simulation. Once he becomes aware of this fact, he learns that the rules of reality can be manipulated. In one such scene, he sees an identical cat walk by twice. His team immediately freaks out and says, “A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.”

Just like in The Matrix, these are pictures of identical looking people in situations that are highly unlikely. So much so that when you see it, you’ll swear you’re in a simulation and someone is hacking the system.

15 Infinite blondes

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If you’ve ever watched The Flash television series, they introduce a popular concept from the comic book world—that of multiple alternate universes existing at the same time. So theoretically, you could run into a different version of yourself from another universe.

But even if that were so, it would be a near statistical impossibility to run into all of the versions of yourself at the same time.

Until this photo. Looks like infinite female blondes in black jacket as far as the eye can see. Ok, were exaggerating, when we say “infinite” we mean “five.” But still, that’s a pretty bizarre thing to see five people looking identical to each other and sitting right in a row on a train. Someone’s manipulating reality pretty hard to make us see random quintuples out in public.

14 Sleepy train triplets

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We’re not sure if the three men in this photo actually look alike because of their facial features, or if they look alike because they share the same exhausted-after-work expression. They also have the same white-collar “high and tight” haircut. Maybe they all work for the same company and it was a looooong day.

Looking at their faces, it’s hard not to empathize with them, though.

In those shirts and ties, it looks like they’re carrying a lot of responsibility. And if they’re taking the train home, it means they took the train to work, too—so they’ve been up since the early hours. But they all look practiced at this. Those faces are so blissful and peaceful—it’s definitely not the first post-work nap they’ve taken home. Shhh. Middle-aged guys recharging.

13 Piano woman

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This is super freaky. It almost looks like she’s in a hall of mirrors, but she’s looking at the back of her own head, so that’s not possible. Instead, what we have here is the remarkable coincidence of three identical-looking women, wearing the same burgundy sweater, registered for the same music class at the same time while sitting right next to each other.

The odds of it are off the chart. Even crazier, they are all tilting their head in the same way as the music professor fills in his notes on the projection screen. Do these women know each other? Do all female pianists own this sweater? It’s hard to look at this and believe your eyes are really telling you the honest truth.

12 Watching yourself walk away

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This is another weird one. It’s almost like we’re watching time displacement, where this woman is watching herself walk down the street in the future. It’s such a specific outfit—this long turquoise dress topped by a dark blue jacket.

But what really puts this “coincidence” over the top is that they are both carrying the same bright red shopping bag. The only difference is the woman further down the street is carrying it in the opposite hand.

Could she actually be in two places at once? Movies from the Back to the Future and Harry Potter series play with this idea a lot. Seems pretty terrifying to us. The last version of ourselves we would want to run into while out on the town is the hungover version from the next morning. Kind of a buzz kill.

11 Subway twins, part 1

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If we really are living in a giant simulation, the programmer that created the subway characters got lazy and started using the same template and behavior models. It’s the kind of thing that gets developers trolled pretty hard in all the video game message boards.

These guys are dressed in exactly the same style striped hoodie, both wearing a baseball cap, and both sleeping in the identical pose. They are not actual twins, but because of the way they are next to each other and their placement, they look like the belong as part of the same set, almost like they’re supposed to be near each other. We should be really careful here—if one gets too far from the other, the universe might explode.

10 Subway twins, part 2

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What are we looking at here? Our minds want to make the conclusion that they must be actual identical twins. But if that’s the case, why are they sitting so far apart from each other? And even if they are identical twins, how remarkable is it that they fall asleep in poses that mirror images of each other?

The clothes are the same, they are both listening to iPods, their arms are both crossed…

It was unusual enough for the guy witnessing it to record it on video. Are these two aware of each other? If one suddenly sees the other, would he think he’s having an out of body experience? We’d like the full story on this, because of those two aren’t related, it’s one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen.

9 Alternate reality booths

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The original poster commented on his image, “each booth is an alternate reality.” Honestly, we couldn’t really argue here. If we were guessing, we would say that each booth has an adult daughter having lunch with her elderly mother. They are all wearing similar clothes, with the ladies with their back to wearing a red top, and the ladies facing us wearing a sea green top.

The only difference is that in the middle booth, the older lady is facing us and the younger woman has her back to us.

The sequence of events for this to happen is just nuts. Three sets of strangers wearing the same outfits go to the same place for lunch, sit next to each other and all get their food at the same time. Somebody is goofing around with the knobs and buttons of reality.

8 Falling down

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It’s hard to tell if these kids actually look like each other with all that winter garb on. But then the inexplicable happens. One kid falls down when he swings to hard with his hockey stick on the puck. Incredible, both kids around him fall down at the same time, even though they weren’t off balance or doing anything particularly fall-worthy at the time. It’s as if the first kid’s impact sent waves of failure across the ice and the two other kids got sucked up into it.

We’ve watched this 20 times in a row and can’t really come with a good explanation for it. Perhaps this kid fell down loudly and the noise startled the other kids so badly they just fell down? The only thing we can confirm is that watching kids fall down over and over never stops being hilarious.

7 Ugly jackets must be cheap

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This one is trippy, too, but we feel there is a likely explanation. It’s our theory, anyway. Often times in smaller towns, like the ones some us grew up in, there are only a few shopping outlets available. Occasionally they will have some kind of ridiculous sale to clear out the old season and bunch of people end up buying the same styled jacket.

So it’s not crazy unusual that two people from the same town would have the same jacket.

What is kind of unusual is for them to both be in the same place at the same time with a very similar hairstyle. From the back they look like twins, but granted, we haven’t seen their faces yet. So maybe just a mild coincidence here. The biggest conclusion really is that ugly jackets must be cheap.

6 Ugly pink shirts must be cheap

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Are these women related? Are they sisters? They have the exact same body type, the same bad posture, similar comfortable shoes and they both wear their purse on the left side of their body. Also, weirdly, their hair looks exactly the same from behind, with an odd little wavy curl descending on the neckline. The photo even catches them mid-stride in the exact same foot position.

It’s the ugliest pink shirt you’ve ever seen and they’re both wearing it. So again, we make the similar conclusion we had about the ugly jacket: ugly pink shirts must be cheap. That still doesn’t excuse buying it though. For them, they think it’s cute. But for us…geez, it’s stinging our eyeballs.

5 London underground

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We wish we had more information on this one, because we would swear these are actual twins. Even if they ARE twins, the similarities are still remarkable. Maybe the one on the foreground is slightly older?

Hard to say with any degree of accuracy, right?

But same blue jacket, same weird haircut, same styled glasses and they are both reading the London Evening Standard with a front page headline about the Queen. If they are in fact strangers that just happened to be sitting next to each other, it's likely that British manners would dictate they not make a big deal and refrain from talking to strangers anyway. That’s funny because if these were young American women, they would already be taking selfies together and posting it for likes on Instagram.

4 Stripes

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In another scene from somewhere in Europe, three women in a bar sit near each other wearing the same shirt with stripes. They all have the same color hair with lengths that are roughly equal to each other.

If we were to bet, we’d say that these were tourists in France that all wanted that weird stereotypical French stripey-shirt you see in all the movies and cartoons. We don’t know if that’s true, though. Maybe these are real French people and those shirts are the actual genuine article and never lost popularity. Maybe those stripey shirts in France are like blue jeans in America. Everyone probably has at least one in his or her closet.

Or maybe this isn’t even France. We made that up, too. Give us a break, when you see three women dressed in the same shirt at a bar, your mind starts grasping at straws.

3 Queen's University

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This is fun—one of the guys is aware of their similarity while the other isn’t aware he’s being recorded. The guy in the foreground gives a dry stare to the camera, as it zooms to the background to give a close up of a guy that looks remarkable similar.

If they’re both going to Queen's University, chances are high people are going to get them mixed up with each other.

Better hope this guy isn’t some kind of miscreant or you're going to get into trouble that you haven’t even earned yet. On the flip side, if you’re the one that’s already the wild child, then you have an innocent sucker to blame it on. Either way, it’s probably best to play out this semester strategically.

2 Fuchsia jacket

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You know, it’s so weird that this bizarre and mousy outfit is the one that that two women decided to wear while they waited for the train today. What is this? It looks like a mom outfit from the late '80s. You’ve got the unkempt mess of dirty blonde hair, a blue shirt, black mom-jeans with comfortable white sneakers. And of course the winning touch—that fuchsia jacket tied around the waist.

There is a subtle difference in that the woman in the background has a blue hoodie, whereas the woman in the foreground has a blue button up shirt. But still, they’re even posing in the same way. And they both appear to be New Balance shoes.

The source says it’s a photo from Vienna, which we’re sorry to say, means lazy American fashion has sadly infected Europe.

1 Weird Al clones

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The original poster said this was a picture of Kenny G and Kenny G and Kenny G and Kenny G. We think it kinda looks like four Weird Als sitting next to each other. One thing we can say for sure—that’s some magnificent curly hair. Looks like a lot of work.

Another great thing about this image is that it’s unisexual. With that hairstyle and from the back, that could be any combination of men and women that happen to have similar hair. Notice they are all sitting near each other. Are they siblings? Close friends? Maybe they’re all going to the same music class, like the piano girls? Impossible to tell. All we have to go on is this photo from the back, so for now these heads will just be curls of mystery.

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