15 Twitter Users Who Live-Tweeted Their Fails

Like just about everybody else in the entire universe, I can’t imagine my life without social media. It’s just become such an integral part of our lives. Whether we’re checking Facebook during our morning commute or Instagramming yet another one of our meals just because, where would we be without these platforms?

I have to admit, though, Twitter is not my favourite form of social media. That super-strict character limit has always been a little too oppressive for me.

As with other areas of life, though, it’s all about doing the very best you can with what you have. Some people are able to work within the system and make their tweets something truly special. Often by accident or at their own expense, but still. Those are usually some of the best. Check out these 15 people who live-tweeted their own (and other people’s) infinitely cringey downfalls.

15 When The Honeymoon Period Ends At The Darn Speed Of Light

Ah, yes. I feel you, friend. I really do. Love is a tricksy business, isn’t it? It can take you to whole new glorious heights of happiness you never thought possible, and it can also dump you way, way down to the bottom of the ocean; where only those super-ugly, lumpen fish David Attenborough tells us about live.

You’ll experience both in the space of about three minutes, some days. Usually after some petty argument about dirty laundry being left NEAR the laundry basket instead of INSIDE it. That’s just the wild and wacky roller coaster that relationships are all about.

There’s no need to tell Tyler here, for he has seen the truth of things, too. You’ve got to be darn careful with these ‘feelings,’ they’re dangerous things.

14 When Your Runescape Account Is Hacked And You Have A Meltdown

If you’ve experienced the raw, unbridled, life-devouring power of World of Warcraft, you’ll know that MMOs are not something to take lightly. These video games can suck you into their vast, fantastic world, to the point that you forget there’s an actual world that you’re living in right now. You’re not really a level 75 warrior with a Sword of +17 Cookie-Baking. Not REALLY.

Runescape is a similar title, an all-consuming prospect that this girl’s brother pumped a decade of his life into. When his account was hacked and held at ransom (yep, that’s an actual thing that happens), then, you can forgive him for feeling a little upset about the whole situation. You can’t forgive him for going into a full-blown 18-year-old tantrum, however. Luckily, his sister was on hand to rightly call him out via live-tweeting.

13 When You're Not Looking For Marriage, But What's Right Below Marriage

If you live in a busy city, or commute often, it’s amazing the kinds of things you can glean. It’s just the occasional snippet of conversation as people pass by, but it’s solid gold at times. A book comprised solely of overheard conversations would be an insta-bestseller, if there’s any justice in this world of ours.

Still, I guess we already have something even better, in the form of live tweets. If you’re lucky enough to be sitting near some drama, at a coffee shop or such, you can catch a full, unabridged version of the same show. Take this guy, who happened to catch an entire breakup unfolding on his roof.

All of this gets me thinking, what exactly is right below marriage? In the relationship hierarchy, I think the step before marriage is 'Couple Who Don’t Hate Each Other's Families And Poop In Front Of Each Other.'

12 When You're A Real Contender For Worst First Date Ever

What exactly makes for a terrible first date? That’s a tough one to answer, because it’s such a deeply personal thing. What’s unbearable, brain-rottingly dull to one person, could be another’s idea of perfect. Not everybody wants to go for a date at a comic bookstore in full Marvel cosplay, but as long as the both of you do, that’s just right. You do you, Thor and Black Widow. Good luck to you both.

Even with all of that said, though, there are some universal no-nos that just about nobody could ever get on board with. Comedian Tim Young was lucky enough to witness this doozy of a Starbucks date, where there was much debate over whether hot beverages should be considered or not. There was also a thumb war.

11 When '20 RTs And I'll Break Into This House' Ends Inevitably And Hilariously

5- When '20 RTs And I'll Break Into This House' Ends Inevitably And Hilariously
Via: oddee.com

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? There are so many times in our lives that we commit to a course of action, and it seems like the greatest idea in the world at the time. That Vanilla Ice lookalike contest you entered in 1998? You won the darn thing, and it was the proudest day of your young life. When mom busts out the video of you covering "Ice Ice Baby" in full costume today, though, it makes you regret all of your life choices.

But this one. This guy. The Internet sees its fair share of foolish criminals getting their comeuppance, but this is on a whole new plane of d-baggery. "20 RTs and I’ll break in"? Come on, guy. This was only ever ending one way.

10 When Your Sushi Date Could Actually Be The Worst After All

You know what? We’re looking at something truly special here. If you thought that the earlier Starbucks date was a hideous debacle (and the thumb war and hot beverages debate suggests that it was), I think we’ve just raised the bar even further. Feast your eyes on this.

As I say, what makes a date truly terrible will be very specific to the people involved. Sometimes, it’s simply the setting; maybe you don’t like the restaurant or activity. When it’s the person themselves, though, that’s essentially the end of things, right then and there.

This eavesdropper brought us the tale of a shocking date at a sushi restaurant, where the guy insisted on being given all manner of exotic fish (because he ‘doesn’t look at menus’ but expects to be given what he asks for anyway), orders for his date and doesn’t even tell her what it is.

9 When You're Stuck On A Flight With The Worst Plane Passenger In This World

Looking at things in a glass half full kind of way, there’s always a silver lining to everything, if you search hard enough. Sometimes, you have to really, really, really want to find it, but it's there.

If you’re going to be stuck on a flight with the most irritating, obnoxious, alcohol-fuelled woman on the planet, then, remember the good news is that you’re Ryan Case. The Modern Family editor is a snark master, and you be darn sure that she had some choice words for the world about her fellow passenger. Lots of them, in fact, as she live-tweeted just about the whole journey.

On the surface, it’s a horror story of rudeness, arrogance, and racial slurs, but when you dig a little deeper… that’s still exactly what it was.

8 When Your Co-Worker Quits Their Job In The Most Savage Fashion

In a lot of ways, leaving a job is a whole lot like a breakup. It’s freaking tough. However amicably the whole thing goes, there are going to be lingering feelings there. The closer you are to your co-workers, the more difficult the whole thing is. You never quite know what you’re going to get, other than a cheesy surprise leaving party that surprises nobody at all.

The whole thing’s an emotional minefield, is what I’m getting at here, and it’s always going to be. The trick is just handling it as best you can. I don’t think the co-worker in this particular series of live-tweets got that memo, sadly. Whether this is simply a sketch courtesy of College Humor or not, it’s a little too real for my liking.

7 When Your Buddy's Marriage Falls Apart In Spectacular Fashion

9- When Your Buddy's Marriage Falls Apart In Spectacular Fashion
Via: uproxx.com

So, yes. As we touched on in that last entry, breakups are some of the most difficult life events we have to go through. If you’d just been casually dating, that’s one thing, and certainly hard enough. But what if you were more invested? What if you were living together? The arrangements you have to make in those sorts of situations make things a billion times harder to handle.

How about if you were married? As a wise man once said (it was Frasier, actually, which I caught during one of the show’s many reruns), divorce is one of life’s most difficult transitions. When it comes barreling at you out of nowhere, it can be completely baffling. This guy did what all BFFs are sworn to do: live-tweet the whole disaster between his buddy and his wife for the Internet to enjoy.

6 When Troye Sivan Is Allergic To Teenagers

10- When Troye Sivan Is Allergic To Teenagers
Via: Pinterest

Like a lot of people, I didn’t have the greatest time at school. It wasn’t the worst time of my life, but it sure wasn’t the best, whatever that old saying may have you believe. As such, I can totally relate to this too. I can relate on a super deep spiritual level. Just ask the oldies of today what teenagers are like. They’ll tell you a thing or two.

Now, you might think that this whole thing’s a little ironic. Australian singer and YouTube star Troye Sivan is, after all, only 22. At the time of tweeting, then, he would have been right in there with teenagers himself. So what was the problem? That’s a tough one to answer, but I’m definitely feeling it nonetheless.

5 When The Woman Sitting In 7A Starts A War With You

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people really, really aren’t amused by delays, are they? I commute quite often, and I’ve been on many a train platform when cancelations and other problems have been announced. This isn’t, of course, what the train operators want either, and it’s entirely beyond everyone’s control. Signal faults, train problems, lack of staff… it doesn’t matter what it is, people are going to kick off about it. And when they do, they kick off hard.

Generally, when people are traveling over the holidays, they have family to visit. Events are planned — all of those sorts of things. The person in this series of live tweets is a big deal, clearly, and this is incredible stuff. You owe it to yourself to check out the whole story, even if the tweeter himself did later admit that the whole thing was a hoax. It’s just perfect.

4 When Things Get A Little Odd At The McDonald’s Drive Thru

12- When Things Get A Little Odd At The McDonald's Drive Thru
Via: chzbgr.com

Ah, McDonald’s. I don’t know what we’d do without you in the wee hours of the morning. You know that feeling you get, when it’s 3:30am and you’ve got an unholy hankering for McNuggets? Nothing else will do, nothing else will touch it or even come close. It’s like that commercial they put out, with the guy hunting around for pickles at silly o’clock in the morning to appease his pregnant partner. These guys sure know their target audience.

Those glorious golden arches may be a lifesaver, but you’ve got to be careful at the drive thru. Bizarre things can happen. In this sorry story, the McDonald’s worker explains that he’s super bummed because he lost his wife. Only for her to jump out at him, and him to declare that he’s found her again.

The two McDonald’s workers in their forties haven’t worked here for years, they explained...

3 When Your Date Should Be Going Terribly, But You Pull It Off Against All Odds

13- When Your Date Should Be Going Terribly, But You Pull It Off Against All Odds
Via: Tumblr

Over the course of this rundown, we’ve seen more than our fair share of disastrous dates. Even if we hadn’t, we know the drill anyway. All too often, these meetings tend to fail for the same reasons. Somebody’s too forward, too cheap, or unpleasant. Maybe they misrepresented themselves on Tinder or elsewhere.

Usually in those situations, they blow their chance, and that’s the end of it. Life always has the potential to surprise you, though, however foregone a conclusion you think it may be.

Take a look at this overheard date, as the guy proudly boasts of the number of women he’s managed to charm on the first date. If that wasn’t bad enough? He’s also married. As a general rule of thumb, that’ll be about the time to run for the door, but apparently not.

2 When You're Just Trying To Be Nice To Wendy's...

I get it, Wendy’s. I totally do. You’re world-renowned for your snarky tweets, silencing even the boldest of would-be roasters. You are always the roaster, never the roast-ee. You just won’t stand for any of that sort of crapola.

So, sure, you’ve got an image to maintain. You don’t want to appear soft, and let Burger King or someone sneak in there and grab your snarky crown. All of that makes perfect sense to me. I’m down with it. Still, though, there’s a line that really shouldn’t be crossed.

You know how Chandler Bing tended to push people away, but getting uncomfortable and sarcastic whenever anyone tried to get close to him? That’s exactly what’s happening here. Sheathe the snark for a while, guys, why don’t you?

1 When Your Call Centre Falls Just A LITTLE Short Of Helping

Oh, yes. Here it is. I’ve saved a real doozy for last. It’s that dreaded first-world problem, the bane of our technologically-based existences: the call centre.

As much as we all love our tablets, PCs, laptops, TVs, TiVo boxes, WiFi, Smartphones etc, they’re going to have technical issues at times. Occasionally, they’ll be ones that can’t even be resolved by the time-honoured 'switch it off and back on' manoeuvre. When all else fails, you’ve got to try a good old-fashioned call centre.

It’s odd how a hotline dedicated to helping us with our tech can be so resolutely unhelpful. Take a look at this husband and wife, who simply wanted to cancel their contract with Virgin Media.Things went south very quickly, and the husband shared their woes for the world to enjoy.

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