15 Ultimate Negan Quotes From The Walking Dead

On April 3, 2016 when Negan stepped out of that trailer, he officially became a part of our lives for better or for worse. From day one, he showed us all just how horrifying he could be. And while he has done and will continue to do unthinkable things, we can also count on him disarming us with his unbelievably charismatic speech. Negan’s one-liners are guaranteed to always be witty. He has comebacks for days, no filter. He says whatever comes to mind. He became the character on The Walking Dead that you hate to love or love to hate. Now whether you hate him or you love him, you have to admit that he's always going to keep you on your toes because you’ll never know what he’s going to say next.

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

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15 After He First Meets Rick And The Group

We finally get to meet Negan in season six episode thirteen of The Walking Dead. And while we learned that at least one of our beloved characters would end up dying, we also discovered just how funny he is. This was the first time we got a taste of Negan’s unforgettable one-liners. We find out throughout season six the kind of damage he has been causing in the apocalypse. He’s been terrorizing our group, and we despise him for it. Or at least, that’s what we think until he starts talking about “pee pee pants city.” Now, we start to figure out that this man who’s been giving our group hell for the past season is kind of funny and now we don’t know what to think.

14 When Negan Meets Father Gabriel

You have to give Negan some credit here, we’ve all thought at one point or another about how creepy Father Gabriel can be at times. In Season 7 Episode 4, Father Gabriel came out of nowhere and that was indeed very weird. Everyone was thinking it, but Negan was just the one who said it out loud. Had any of us been there in that moment we would have without a doubt been freaked out too. What makes this moment even funnier is that big bad Negan seemed genuinely surprised to see Gabriel standing there. He reacted like he had just been scared by one of those “monsters” in a haunted house. This scene was something straight out of a scary movie, and it even had Negan spooked if only for a moment.

13 After He Gets Rick’s Video Camera

This is another one of Negan’s more amusing moments. Of course there’s not going to be a sex tape on the video camera, but because Negan is such a colorful character he gives us this line. He makes us hate him one moment and then the next moment he makes us laugh, which is why some people hate to love him. It’s moments like this where he makes us laugh or smile that makes us wonder if he’s not such a bad guy after all. I mean he can’t be all bad if he makes you smile like a school girl right? But then he kills off our beloved characters and you go right back to hating him. I don’t know about you, but this back and forth thing is making me all kinds of confused about my real feelings!

12 When He Finds Out What’s Actually On The Camera

We all know how much of a badass Rick Grimes can be, but Negan has only every known the sniveling scaredy cat Rick Grimes. Negan jokes about Rick’s man-bush, which brings us some comedic relief (Ricks beard was getting terribly out of hand by the time he reached Alexandria), but he also almost certainly understands in this moment that Rick can one day go back to being the man on the video tape. Negan even said himself that he would be afraid of that man. He says it in a joking manner with a smile on his face, but we know that Negan speaks the truth, so if he said that he would be afraid of that Rick Grimes then he surely meant it.

11 When He Compliments Sasha

Via: AMC

Negan always says what’s on his mind in terms of how he feels about someone. If he likes you, he’ll tell you that. If he’s scared of you, he’ll let you know. If he finds you to be a little bit creepy then he’s not going to keep that a secret from you. That’s why when he tells Sasha that he’s impressed by her we know that he’s not lying. And he shows just how awed he is by telling her that she has “beach ball-size lady nuts.” We’ve come to see just how poetic Negan is throughout this season, and when he uses this vivid language to describe Sasha he is telling us just how useful he thinks she is. Sasha may not care about this compliment, but she should completely believe that he thinks that she is worth having around.

10 When Fat Joseph Brings Him Lucille

Via: AMC

Negan loves Lucille. Simon may be his right hand man, but Lucille is his right hand woman and he treats her as such. If anyone didn’t know that Lucille was a baseball bat, they would probably think that she was a real woman. He talks about her like she’s a living breathing human, but Negan may have taken it a bit too far in this scene. He comically, asks Fat Joseph if he treated Lucille like a lady. He personifies her, and takes it as far as to say that she has a pussy, which is absolutely absurd because it’s a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Negan mentions how ridiculous his statement was, but something tells me that he would be more upset to lose Lucille than he would ever be after losing any of his Saviors.

9 When He Kills Spencer

Via: AMC

Negan is like that guy that you meet who has an arsenal of corny jokes. In this moment, Negan is essentially that guy that’s always telling you jokes that make you roll your eyes because they are just so terribly punny. Negan is undoubtedly one for the witty quips, but of all of the jokes that has told this one has to be the punniest. Had he been that one guy that you can always find at a party who tells these kinds of jokes you might have laughed a little, but since this joke ended up with someone dying it’s not as funny. It’s sad that we had to see another one of the Alexandrians go, but you can at least appreciate this joke for all of its corny glory.

8 When He Sees Carl’s Eye

Via: AMC

Once more Negan never holds his tongue. We hear at an early age that we’re not supposed to gawk at people who may appear different than us. We are taught that it’s not okay to say something bad about people who are scarred or who have a bad injury. If any other person would have seen Carl’s eye they would have tried to look away or try to make him feel like it didn’t look that bad, but not Negan. He let Carl know how disgusting he thought his eye was. He went in on Carl. He even makes it worse by laughing at him while he tells him how horrible his eye looks. He didn’t just say that it looked bad and stop there. He essentially keeps piling on insult after insult until he makes Carl cry.

7 When Carl Threatens Negan

Negan doesn’t take sass from anyone, not even a child, and he wants all of the Alexandrians to know that. He’s not above hurting a child, which is why he makes an example out of Carl. Negan is in charge and everyone had better fall in line from the very young to the very old. This is Negan’s first time in Alexandria so he has to make it very clear that he’s in charge. He’s not going to let anyone threaten him.

Even though Negan is intimidating Carl, he still does it in a comical way. He pairs politeness with vulgarity, which makes for a funny interaction. He may have tried to scare Carl in a Negan-esk way, but at the end of the day his threat was still a threat.

6 When Olivia Says The Alexandrians Are Starving

As far as The Walking Dead villains are concerned, Negan definitely has done the most harm. Not only does he kill innocent people, but he also steals food and other goods from the communities. He has all the power and he could stop there if he wanted, but he continues his terror by poking fun at people like a middle school bully does. Negan is this big-bad villain, but he still can act like a total child when he wants to. You would think that making fun of someone’s weight would be beneath Negan, but clearly it isn’t. This scene is so memorable because you see one of the strongest villains we’ve encountered resort to childlike antics, which is unexpected and gross and awkwardly funny at the same time.

5 When He Wanted To Screw Olivia

Negan takes his juvenile games to the next level by telling Olivia that he wants to screw her. He's already made her cry and now he has the audacity to try and have sex with her. In a normal situation this wouldn’t fly, but since he’s Negan and he gets what he wants and says whatever he wants, he asks anyway. He has to know when he makes the request that she’s not going to take him up on the offer, but he asks it anyway, and it’s hilarious that he tried and got rejected. He plays mind games with people and has sadistic pleasure in watching them squirm. The guy is a textbook sadist and sociopath but he sure keeps us glued to our screens every week.

4 When He Misses Rick

It has only been a couple of days since the horrors of the season premier had taken place, and now Rick is forced to see Negan again. And while Negan doesn’t truly miss Rick, this line plays at the nature of their relationship at that point in time. In that instance, Negan is letting Rick know that he can drop by whenever he wants. In case that point wasn't made clear in 7X01, it’s clear now that Negan has all the power. If he “misses” Rick, or just feels like he wants to stop by he can do just that. He doesn’t need a reason to do it; he does it just because he can. They’re in the stage of their relationship where Rick has given him the keys to his place, and now that Negan has access, he can just take those keys and come and go as he pleases.

3 When Carl Tries To Kill Negan

We have come to know Negan as this terrifying dictator, which is why we know that he could easily bring down his wrath on Carl. All Negan would have to do is snap is fingers and Carl would end up as the next victim. That’s why this quote is so surprising. He doesn’t yell at Carl or reprimand him. He just tells him that he thinks that he’s adorable, and then he also sends a compliment his way by telling him that he’s scared of him. He’s impressed that Carl had enough gall to track Negan down to The Sanctuary so that he could try and kill him. Negan could have easily killed him in this scene, but he honestly enjoys the mind games too much at this point to let him die.

2 After Rick Thanks Him

Negan uses very descriptive imagery here. It’s not good enough for him to just let Rick thank him. No, he has to make sure that he knows how much power he has over him and what better way to do this by adding in a highly sexual reference. Negan wants Rick to know that he will be dominated and submissive  to Negan for the rest of his life. Negan is so perfect with his delivery of these lines that it’s scary. All you have to do is look at Ricks face and you can see the genuine fear in his eyes. In that moment, Negan utterly and completely owns him and that metaphor is the easiest way to make it crystal clear that there is no escape.

1 After He Kills Glenn

Via: AMC

Our hearts broke after Negan took Lucille and hit Glenn in the head with it. Those of us who read the comics knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any less heartbreaking. We all openly wept when Negan took out Glenn, and our lives may never be the same without him in it. However, now that time has passed and the pain has died down some, you can actually take the time to appreciate the pure villainy of this line. Negan describes the scene with such dramatic detail. He could have just said that he killed Glenn, but he took it a step farther by painting a picture. He describes it with the same detail that one might use when depicting a picturesque landscape. He takes pride in his art, and you have to give him credit for how stone cold that man's heart is.


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