15 Unappealing Foods That Actually Taste Amazing

We all have that one particular food we find extremely disgusting to look at, but after having tasted it, our tastebuds tell us that looks can be deceiving after all. Some people even go as far as to closing their eyes when eating something that might look unpleasant, but tastes absolutely delicious. The same can be said for these particular foods since they aren't exactly appealing in the slightest. In fact, some are so disturbing, it is puzzling to think they give off such great taste and flavor.

Recent surveys proved that many people are actually more drawn to food that looks unpleasant because of the chances that it'll end up tasting amazing, and I'm sure that in your case, you've probably been in that situation yourself. You find yourself at a fancy restaurant, questioning yourself why you ordered something you've never heard of before, and quite frankly it looks horrifying, but upon tasting it, you realize it actually isn't that bad. This list gathers 15 different types of food that tend to give off this kind of reaction.

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15 Casseroles

via scoooops.com

Admit it: casseroles are probably one of the most disturbing things you've ever looked at—well, as far as food is concerned. No matter how nice you try to present your casserole, it's still going to look all kinds of weird, and that's mainly due to the fact that all the ingredients we put in this lovely dish usually find themselves scattered all over the place.

You have the noodles mixed with the ham and the broccoli, and everything else is just jammed inside, giving it a rather disturbing finishing touch. But, the majority of people who've tried casserole would agree that despite its odd appearance, it tastes absolutely amazing. It pretty much goes to show that even dishes that look almost unpresentable still taste great.

14 Lentil Soup

via raquelpelzel.com

According to numerous outlets, lentil soup is quite unpopular when it comes to food that looks disgusting yet tastes amazing. Why? Well, it's not hard to see why—its appearance alone isn't that appealing, to say the least. Many would describe it as something you'd usually find in the toilet if you get what we're alluding to. But, as research has proven, lentil soup is really healthy, and when you actually give it a go and taste it, you instantly realize that the taste is rather nice. It tastes so good, you'll be asking for a second bowl in no time. Don't judge a book by its cover food by its appearance.

13 Sausages

via firstwefeast.com

While some might disagree, research shows that an extraordinary amount of people who had never tried sausage before were hesitant to see what it would taste like, having been left disturbed by the way it is presented. It doesn't take a brainiac to understand what these people were getting it. If you have somewhat of a dirty mind, you'll understand why some may have avoided trying a sausage, although, if you're like me, you'd know that there's nothing better than sausages with chips with a little ketchup on top. Yum!

12 Hummus

via thejournal.ie

Throw up! Sorry, but it had to be said. Doesn't hummus resemble something you find yourself looking at when your head is facing the toilet after a hangover? Let's be real here, hummus is not exactly pleasant to look at; it has a rather mushy texture and the fact that it resembles something that we try to avoid after a fun night at a club is rather worrying, don't you think?

Well, with that being said, hummus tastes wonderful; on warm pita bread, it tastes like heaven! Oh, and if you've never tried this before, adding small cucumber slices on top with a pinch of salt gives it all the more flavor. Again, not the most pleasant thing you'd want to look at in the morning because of what it is known to remind you of, but it tastes incredible!

11 Corned Beef

via media.philstar.com

Okay, so this one is quite tricky since everyone has mixed opinions on the way corned beef looks and tastes, but a wide range of people would agree that corned beef, especially the one you find in the can, looks horrifying. Literally horrifying! If you've bought it from a can before, you'd be aware of its rather disturbing texture—oh, and you should hear the sound it makes when taking a scoop out of it; it makes this gooey, mushy sound. But as soon as that spoonful of goodness enters your mouth, you'll find yourself eating the whole can.

And keep in mind that nobody usually eats corned beef from a can like that. You cook it, warm it, mix it with something nice like noodles, or rice—whatever your tastebuds desire at that moment in time. As for its appearance, some say it looks like dog food—just plain, brown and in a blocky form. When all is said and done, once it's cooked and mixed with ingredients and seasoning, it tastes bomb!

10 Mussels

via localwildfoodchallenge.com

Well, they certainly aren’t the most attractive things to look at before carefully deciding on whether they should be put in your mouth or not. But once they’re in, mussels taste absolutely amazing. It’s better to close your eyes when doing so—just so you don’t have to see the actual mussel entering your mouth. Social media users, particularly those using Twitter, said that mussels reminded them of aliens waiting to hatch from their shell, which, in all honesty, has made it even more horrifying to look at, but having tasted it myself, it actually has a rather refreshing texture and flavor.

9 Passion fruit-based foods

via kimminhexim.com

Probably one of the ugliest-looking fruits out there. From the outside, it seems pretty bland, but when slicing this bad boy open, the yellow texture and dark marks can freak anyone out. Giving passion fruit to someone who’s never had it before is a bad idea because they’ll probably think you gave them a piece of fruit from centuries ago that had already expired. Definitely not pleasant looking, but delicious. People don't usually eat passion fruit like that. In fact, it was recently claimed that the majority of people who consume passion fruit usually take it in the form of juice. That way, you don't have to see how disgusting it looks from the inside, I'd assume. 

8 Cottage Cheese

via Healthline.com

Many of us (including me) love adding cottage cheese to our pancakes for that extra fluffiness, but even with it being a constant use in many households, one still can’t get over how nasty it looks. It has all of these odd-looking bits and bobs covered in this white substance, but since it’s healthy and good for you, you’ll just have to suck it up. Besides, it tastes amazing. If you put a little bit of cottage cheese on your hand, you'll see it has a weird texture; a little harder in places than others, which is weird in itself, but that supposedly gives it that extra fluffiness when added to the likes of pancakes and waffles. Again, I should stress that cottage cheese is really good for you, especially if you're a bodybuilder trying to get some good fats inside your body. This would be the right thing to consume.

7 Oatmeal

via thenourishinghome.com

We’ve all had those thoughts about oatmeal, especially when you microwave it. Yikes! A little milk and a little oatmeal in the microwave can certainly make you ask yourself whether you really want your stomach to digest this unpleasant-looking common breakfast meal. Mixing it with a little cinnamon and a little sugar while closing your eyes and eating will do the job just fine. Now that I think of it, doesn't oatmeal kind of remind you of cottage cheese? I mean, it literally has the same texture, not exactly the same taste, but its appearance is quite similar also. 

6 Chili Dogs

via Yelp.com

Ahhh! Yes, Chili dogs are incredibly tasty and filling, but do they have to look so nasty? And if the chili sauce on top of the hot dog wasn’t bad enough in terms of its appearance, try adding melted cheese on its surface. It looks an absolute mess, but you won’t care because the smell alone is breathtaking.

I'm sure that if you were to present this horrifying meal to one of your friends, they'd think that you were trying to pull a prank on them, making it known that a chili dog will not be entering their mouth if it looks that frightening. Unless you're really picky about the way your food looks, seeing it look the way it looks above won't bother you that much because of how amazing you already know it'll taste.

5 Guacamole

via KellyTheKitchenKop.com

If you were to show a bowl of guacamole to a five-year-old, they’d probably confuse it for the insides of an alien—and quite frankly, can you blame them? While the avocado itself looks rather normal, mashing it up and adding tomatoes and other vegetables inside really does give off a weird appearance. Yet still, everyone can’t get enough of guacamole and its deliciousness, particularly when added on a taco.

If you're like me, the appearance of guacamole doesn't really bother you. The smell alone will instantly draw you in, get the crisps out, and take dozens of scoops from the bowl. Before you know it, the whole thing is gone. And another thing to stress is that avocados have essential fats that your body needs, so are you really going to let the appearance of guacamole stand in the way of the nutrients your body is so desperately craving for? I don't think so.

4 Pea Soup

via PopSugar.com

A lot of people commonly mistake pea soup for vomit—and that’s not a joke. It’s even worse when little chicken pieces are added to the soup because it only adds to the appearance of something that had just come out of someone’s mouth. But it’s hard to deny that pea soup isn’t tasty. With some bread by the side, you’ll continue to crave for this dish, no matter how disturbing the soup might look.

I mean, if you've never had pea soup before, just looking at that horrific visual of what you are supposed to put in your mouth is rather terrifying, don't you think? It looks like something an alien would eat at a gathering with all of their alien friends. Okay, I'm over-exaggerating a little bit, but this soup has got to be the one many tend to stay away from—at least those who have never tried it before, and it's all down to the way it looks. It's a shame because they'll never know how good the soup actually tastes when you take away its odd appearance.

3 Lasagna

via CanadianLiving.com

This is a tricky one. We’ve probably all seen lasagna in two ways: looking absolutely delicious and then, depending on who made it, looking less than desirable.

It’s more common for the lasagna to look like a mashup with dozens of ingredients than how it’s usually shown in advertisements. It's actually quite difficult to get lasagna looking perfect, because once it goes in the oven, you don't really have control of the outcome you are bound to be faced with. But all in all, if you can overcome its appearance, you'll be amazed as to how delicious it is.

2 Fesenjan Rice

via Flickr.com

While it looks anything but eatable, trust me when I say that when it's mixed with a reasonably sized portion of rice, it's just like heaven. Many people joke that Fesenjan, an Iranian stew, resembles something they had just let out of their system (if you get where we’re going with this), and yes, there’s no denying that its appearance is horrifying. But at the end of the day, the taste is all that matters, and this stew right here is to die for. This dish reminds a lot of people of something they'd see a dog leaving behind at a nearby park, but upon tasting it, the food—not the dog's droopies—actually tastes really good.

1 Blue Cheese

via finecooks.com

The classic blue cheese. Of course, it had to make the list. Blue cheese is the last thing you want to see on your plate when you are craving food. Not because it tastes bad, but more so because it doesn’t have that appeal as far as appearance is concerned; it doesn’t make you want to rush in to take a huge bite. Delicious? Yes. Hideous to look at? Yep.

Some have said that the blue parts of the cheese give off the idea that it may have already turned bad, and that eating it would pretty much mean you like eating moldy food. Well, that couldn't be further from the truth because it tastes awesome!

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