15 Unbelievable Times Beyoncé Was Fierce AF

If you look up the word "diva" in the dictionary, one of the definitions reads: "a usually glamorous and successful female performer or personality." And we can't think of anyone who better fits that description than Beyoncé, who has shown us just how fierce she is. We saw it when she first rose to fame as lead singer of Destiny's Child. Although her girl group days are now far behind her, Beyoncé still keeps showing us just how savage and awesome she is by being the best that pop music has to offer. But it isn't just in her professional life where this diva shines, she also shows us how fierce she is in her daily life: as a woman, as a mother and as a wife.

15 Pregnancy photo album

Queen Beyoncé could not announce her pregnancy in an ordinary way. No, she decided to do a fantastical photo shoot worthy of the goddess that she is to show the world her pride in her upcoming motherhood. These photos included lots of flowers and light shining down on the reigning female ruler of pop music. She even included her five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, in some of the pictures, who will soon become a big sister. And as expected, Beyoncé's photo shoot took the world by storm, although some people were critical of her showing off her bare pregnant belly. But haters are gonna' hate, right? "We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over,” the singer wrote on her Instagram.

14 The goddess

Being a goddess isn't easy, but looking like one is a piece of cake, at least if you are Beyoncé. And it was her golden goddess-like outfit from this year's Grammy awards that sent the world into a meltdown. Dressed in gold, she looked like a Nubian queen, something directly out of a mythological fairy tale, pregnant belly and all. But if you look closely, this dress is just as fierce as the woman wearing it: subtle details actually show Beyoncé's face on it, done in the style of artist Gustav Klimt. This dress, by designer Peter Dundas, reportedly took a week to embroider and is a work of art that should hang in a museum somewhere to show off its design. And there's only one woman who could ever pull it off, and that's Queen Bey.

13 Her post-Grammy sassy side

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It is no secret that Beyoncé got seriously snubbed at this year's Grammy awards, and it wasn't just her fans that noticed it. Now we're not saying that Adele didn't earn those awards, but we think they could have just as easily gone to Beyoncé's incredible work on her album Lemonade. But that's okay, because Queen Bey isn't worried about such things, although both she and her mother showed off their sassier sides after the awards program was over. While partying after the Grammys, someone snapped a photo of the two flipping the photographer the bird, but we're told it was all in good fun. But we would like to think this is Bey's way of telling the Grammy voters exactly what they thought about the awards snub, too.

12 Country Music Awards

Beyoncé surprised everyone by showing up to this year's Country Music Awards, proving that she can handle any kind of musical style thrown at her, including country. Although the announcement that she would appear on the awards sent social media into a frenzy, Beyoncé did what she does best: she ignored the haters and brought down the house when she performed her song "Daddy's Lessons" with the Dixie Chicks at the show. Being fabulous is how she shut down the critics and Beyoncé did not disappoint. That's how you deal with the negative people: you show them what you're made of, and now we know that Beyoncé is made of fierce. Check out how she slayed the Country Music Awards performance in the above video.

11 Slaying Halloween

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Celebrities love Halloween, and thanks to unlimited budgets and people who can help them put together costumes, they usually do the holiday like nobody else. Beyoncé is no different, but it's likely that she and her family won Halloween last year, because they did a group costume that takes us back to the old school of R&B, Salt 'n Pepa. That's right, Beyoncé, along with her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, and daughter, Blue Ivy, got all dressed up as the '90s rappers and slayed Halloween with a single post on Instagram. And they looked amazing while they did it. We also think it's absolutely adorable that it was a family affair, too, featuring three generations of strong females. Even on Halloween, this woman, and her family, are fierce.

10 Standing with Black Lives Matter at the 2016 VMA's

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Celebrities and politics is always a controversial subject, with many thinking that famous people should keep their mouths shut and just entertain us. But we often forget that celebrities are people, too, and citizens of the countries they inhabit. This gives them the right to speak up about injustices in the world. In fact, many feel it a responsibility to bring awareness about those injustices to the public. Beyoncé is no exception, and took the opportunity to shine a light on the Black Lives Matters movement at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. There, she showed up on the red carpet with Sybrina Fulton, Gwen Carr, Lesley McSpadden, and Wanda Johnson—the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Oscar Grant, those young men killed at the hands of police officers.

9 Helping premature babies with EMBRACE

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Being a huge star means that Beyoncé has a lot of money. And although she probably lives a life of luxury, that doesn't mean that she isn't thinking about those who are less fortunate. In 2014, she donated a whopping $125,000 to Embrace Innovations, a charitable group that designed an infant warmer that works as a low-cost version of an incubator. That device could potentially save thousands of babies' lives in countries such as Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda and Senegal. These are all countries that don't often have access to the large expensive incubators, so these lower cost warmers could save many underweight infants' lives. And now, Embrace Innovations can make many more of them accessible to the world, thanks to Beyoncé's generous donation.

8 Putting a ring on it for her choreographer

"'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it," Beyoncé sings in her hit song, "Single Ladies." Well, the Queen did exactly that, when she helped her choreographer put a ring on his fiancée during a live concert in St. Louis, Mo, just last year. It was during her performance of that song when Beyoncé paused in the middle of her singing and then asked the audience if anyone wanted to join her on stage. Of course, this was a ruse to get choreographer John Silver, who hails from St. Louis, up there with her, where he proposed to her dance captain, Ashley Everett. She, obviously, said "yes," and the two embraced before Beyoncé started singing the song again, with Everett dancing in the background with her shiny new bling.

7 The most Grammy nominated artist in history

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Maybe Queen Bey got the snub at this year's Grammy awards, but she's still a historical figure in that awards' long history. Turns out that after this year, Beyoncé is the most Grammy nominated artist of all time, with a total of 62 nominations throughout her long career. That's a lot! She also has a lot of those pretty little trophies adorning her house, having won a total of 20. So we may feel bad about her losing awards this year, but she's done pretty well, in spite of that. "Artists are feeling emboldened and courageous and just wanting to step out of the predictable boundaries of what they have done. Of course, (Beyoncé) is the poster child for that," said Recording Academy CEO and President Neil Portnow to the Associated Press, as reported by the Telegraph UK.

6 She let her daughter take center stage in her "Formation" video

Although Beyoncé is a star in her own right, her daughter Blue Ivy got a chance to take center stage in one of the singer's most recent music videos, "Formation." In the video, Queen Bey shows us that she's still got the moves (and the outfits) that made us love her in the first place, but she also puts a spotlight on her daughter, who shows us that she's got the same charisma and talent running as her mother through her veins. We often see photos of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy together, but now we've got a music video that shows off the mother and daughter wonder duo. We expect great things from this little girl, who proves in the video that she is just as fierce as her fiery mother.

5 Soul Train 35th birthday party

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When it comes to partying, no one does it like Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z. And birthday parties are the best for the couple. When the singer turned 35 years old, she didn't have a quiet dinner at home with her family. She went all out and hosted a full-on Soul Train dance party that featured guests in a lot of polyester who brought their funkiest moves to the dance floor. Although many of the singer's fans might not remember the '70s and '80s dance show Soul Train, Beyoncé brought the groove back like nobody's business. The party was a who's who of celebrities, too, with those in attendance including Alicia Keys, Usher, Serena Williams, Chance the Rapper, Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jourdan Dunn.

4 That time Taylor swift fangirled over her

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Beyoncé is so awesome and fierce that even other celebrities get googly-eyed over her. That includes pop star Taylor Swift, who went completely gaga when she met Queen Bey. And although the two have now met multiple times, it seems that Swift just can't get enough of the Queen. But who can blame her, right? "Well, I love Beyoncé more than, I mean it's like normal for everyone to love Beyoncé," said Swift at the Brit Awards. "I love her more than the normal amount. I try really hard not to like let [my fandom] get creepy. I just really like channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation." Swift's fangirling over Beyoncé is so well-known that it even became a skit on Saturday Night Live.

3 Ivy Park

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Lots of celebrities have their own clothing lines, but Beyoncé isn't just any old celebrity. When the Queen starts a clothing line, we all want in on a piece of the action. And action is the key word here, because Beyoncé's clothing line, which she released last year, is actually activewear, which means the Queen is now inspiring us to all get off our butts and exercise in her super fierce and very cool clothes. And she looks good modeling them, too. The name of the clothing line is Ivy Park, which makes it even better because she named it after her daughter. Even better, the Ivy Park line is fairly affordable (prices run from $30 to $200 for outfits) and available at Top Shop, Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter.

2 She inspired Morgan Parker's book title

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When you are the queen of all you survey, you are bound to rub off on other people and inspire them. Just call Beyoncé a muse, because she has inspired many others, including people you wouldn't think would find inspiration in a celebrity and pop music icon. When up and coming poet Morgan Parker put together a book, though, many of her poems found inspiration with Beyoncé. Interestingly enough, Parker is the granddaughter of boxer Thomas Parker, so a lot of her work also finds inspiration in boxing: "I think a lot about boxing in terms of the way I play with language and the way poetry allows for that," said Parker to ESPN. "Boxing is closely related to dance, but it is not always beautiful."

1 She inspired a Marvel comic book cover

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Beyoncé isn't a superhero per se, but she might as well be, given her level of ultimate fierceness. And that quality did not get hidden from Marvel, who found inspiration in the Queen and used that for the cover of a Marvel comic book. The artwork by Joe Quinones was for the second issue of America, which features a character named America Chavez, a character who previously appeared in a handful of other Marvel Comics. The exact inspiration comes from Beyoncé's music video for "Formation." We can totally see Queen Bey becoming a superhero, though: can you imagine what her savage costume would look like? There's no wonder that there are also rumors that the superstar is under consideration by Marvel for a major superhero role in the future.

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