15 Uncomfortable Photos That Make Us Want To Set Fire To Our Phones

There is just something about the flaws in people’s actions and in our environments, that make us cringe. It’s not even about being a perfectionist; it’s more about common sense and stupidity. These things have a certain power over us in that they can drive us all crazy. Whether it involves a car parked on a balcony, an elevator in a bathroom stall, or washing a window from outside on a skyscraper, these uncomfortable images will make you want to shout. Nevertheless, I must advise people that as uncomfortable as they may get, just remember, screaming won’t do anything. The people in the pictures can’t hear us and the only person who will suffer will be us (i.e. me losing my voice from yelling). So without much further ado, here are 15 uncomfortable pictures that will leave you screaming at your screen.

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15 Car Parked On A Balcony

What is going on with this picture? There is a car literally parked on this person's balcony. I have legitimately been staring at this picture for the last 30 minutes and I have no clue how they got this car on that balcony. It's actually driving me crazy and I am this close to breaking my computer. It is impossible to fit a car through those windows and it couldn’t have been lowered from the top. There is just no way. Even if you were to somehow figure out how to get the car on the balcony, it doesn’t even matter because that balcony shouldn’t be able to support the weight of the car to begin with. I need to understand how this is even possible! Somebody, please help!

14 Elevator Bathroom Stall

If this picture doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then I don’t know what will. What sort of genius architect/engineer thought that it would be a good idea to combine a bathroom stall with an elevator? I am still having a hard time figuring out if the only way to get into this bathroom is through the elevator, of if this elevator is specific to this stall. Either way, I can’t imagine anyone would feel comfortable using this bathroom. I can’t imagine anyone would feel comfortable using that elevator for that matter either. Imagine the type of conversation that takes place in this elevator. That has to be an awkward elevator ride. “Which floor are you going to?” “The turd floor.”

For all we know, this bathroom is inside of the elevator.

13 Pivot!

Oh no baby, what is you doin'!? That is never going to fit. Anybody who looks at that piece of furniture can clearly tell that there is no possible way on earth that it was gonna fit in the backseat of that car. Moreover, I can’t even believe that this person actually attempted to try to put this in his backseat to begin with. If only this person could have heard me shouting at my screen to him, telling him that in the physical universe we occupy, there is no way that that large piece of furniture will ever fit through that car door. All we really need is Ross from Friends shouting “pivot!” to make this picture complete. Wait a minute, what if this piece of furniture did fit and this is him removing it from his backseat?

Oh my god. I think I need to go lie down.

12 Bleachy O’s.

Mmm… Boy, does that cereal look delicious. I can almost taste it now. Even the picture on the box looks appetizing. The only thing that I don’t quite understand is the name of this cereal. “Bleach” doesn’t sound like the best name for a cereal. Hold on... I don’t think this is a cereal at all. I think it’s actually just bleach. What kind of a sick joke is this?! I was THIS close to wanting to eat bleach just now. Why would someone make bleach look so damn appetizing? Better yet, why would you put a bowl of cereal on the box of this chemical? You are just begging for a lawsuit. I can’t even begin to understand this.

But is it wrong that it still looks delicious?

[Editor's note: Upon further investigation, it seems this is hair dye, not cereal. THE PRODUCT'S NAME IS DECEPTIVE.]

11 The Double Cross

Ah yes, the old double cross. I’m speaking, of course, about the act of deceiving or betraying someone with whom you were supposedly cooperating with. I actually have no idea what is up with this version of the double cross when it comes to this next person’s legs. What I do know is that those legs are leaving me very uncomfortable. What’s really bothering me here is that I can’t put my finger on it... I’ve seen people double cross their legs, but it has never looked like this person’s legs. Is this person actually an alien? I don’t know. But it would provide some answers to all of the questions that I have as a result of this disturbing picture. Maybe this person just really has to use the bathroom?

10 Safety First

You know what they say, “better safe than sorry.” Well, apparently this next person has never heard that saying before. Where do I even begin? Do I start with the fact that this person is wearing a plastic bag over their head to protect their eyes from the sparks coming from the circular saw? Or do I start with how this person is not wearing any gloves while working with a circular saw? I know what you must be thinking, “this guy is probably a professional. He doesn’t need any of that safety garbage.” As if wearing a plastic bag over your head isn’t dumb enough on its own, the bag is most likely interfering with his vision as he is cutting. This picture is just too uncomfortable to look at.

9 Pick Up Truck

I understand that it’s called a pick-up truck, but I just feel like there should be a limit as to what it is allowed to pick up. It looks as if there is more of the car hanging off the truck then there is on the actual flatbed. That is just a recipe for disaster. Let’s not forget that you can kiss that side view mirror goodbye. Also, how did this person even get this car onto their pick-up truck, let alone turn it sideways? Can you even imagine driving behind this person? If this person accelerates, that car is going to fly off. Not to be a Monday morning quarterback, but wouldn’t it have been easy to just tow the car? At least then I would feel a little more comfortable about all of this.

8 Lend A Hand

I don’t understand, what’s so uncomfortable about a person holding a can of soda? There doesn’t seem to be anything inherently wrong with this, right? Wait a minute… Is that person holding the soda can the way I think they’re holding it? Are they holding that soda can with the back of their hand? That is so disgusting that I can actually feel my fingers cramping up and popping out of their sockets just by looking it. Just because you are able to do something, doesn’t mean that you should. For example, holding a soda can with the back of your hand! Okay wow, this is just great — they have officially ruined soda for me. I can never hold or look at a soda can the same way again.

7 Clean Up Aisle 3

I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely cringing at this next picture. I know it’s just an image, but I feel like I am about to watch this person slip and fall at any moment. In case any of you were wondering or if you are unable to see it, this person is not standing on one of the shelves nor is he standing on one of the boxes of liquor. No, this person is literally standing on the actual bottles of alcohol. Now, I don’t know if you have ever seen a wine bottle before, I assume that you have, but they are not designed to support a person standing on them. One wrong move, and that entire shelf is going to come crashing down.

6 This Toothbrush

Nope! Just nope! There isn’t enough gasoline and matches in this world that could get rid of those earwigs. If I were to ever be unlucky enough to find one of those in my toothbrush, I'd b urn the house down. However, not only did this next person find an earwig in their toothbrush, they hit the jackpot and found two! (Allow me to throw up.) Could you just imagine what would have happened had this person not had the foresight to check their toothbrush before they put it in their mouth? (Allow me to throw up again.) I really haven’t felt this uncomfortable in a while. This is just great. Now I have to extensively check my toothbrush every single time before I use it. Ugh, I wish I never saw this.

5 Window Washer

This next picture is really great for those people who are afraid of heights, not unlike myself. This person is literally washing his window with a cloth and a bottle of Windex while hanging outside on the ledge. You know what? That’s not even a ledge. That’s just the indent from the window panel. This guy is hanging so casually from so high up that I can’t help but think that this isn’t his first time doing this. I honestly can’t get over this entire situation. What is this person thinking? He can literally die if he slips! How is somebody taking a picture of this and not trying to get him back inside!? Why am I yelling so much?! How am I more uncomfortable than he is?!

4 Too Many Folders

Ugh, what was person thinking organizing their desktop like this? As someone who prides themselves on being organized, this is making me more uncomfortable than you could ever imagine. What is the reason for doing something like this? There is no way that you could possibly know where each folder is or what each folder is for. It’s too much of a mess. I can only assume that this person organized their desktop to look like this just so that they can make other people cringe. I’m serious. There is no organization and there’s no benefit to doing this, so what other reason could there be to have a desktop like this? At this point, why not just put post-it notes on your screen?

3 Cup Holder


First things first. Is that even a cup holder? I can’t imagine that anyone would design a cup holder to go sideways, but then again, I wouldn’t think that anyone would design an elevator in a bathroom stall, but we all know how that played out. Nevertheless, I really don’t believe that this is a cup holder. So what is it then? And why doesn’t this person put their drink in the actual cup holder? Why does this person insist on making me extremely uncomfortable? That drink looks like it’s about to have the cap fall off and I couldn’t be more anxious right now. I just want the drink to pour out already just so I don’t have to sit on edge. Just spill already!

2 Neck Ache

Ah yes, this is the perfect way to transport a ladder. Why would you attach the ladder to the roof of your car when you can simply just put your neck through the rungs of the ladder? It is so much more convenient this way. If the ladder is on the roof of the car, how could you know if it falls off while you are driving? You wouldn’t be able to see it. This way, you will always know where the ladder is. Granted, your neck will break and you’ll end up killing yourself if you were to ever stop short, but at least you would know that your ladder is safe and sound. Maybe he should try driving while operating a circular saw. That way he could drive and still know that the saw works.

1 Tangled

Untangle your earbuds! Untangle your earbuds! Untangle your earbuds! I don’t care how many times I have to say it! Just do it! This is making me so unbelievably uncomfortable. Judging by the look of how tangled up they are, I’m not sure if this guy has ever untangled his headphones. How lazy can one person be? No one should be comfortable with the fact that their earbud wires are all knotted up. It’s like he doesn’t even care how much this bothers me and anyone else who sees this. And then to make matters about a thousand times worse, the earbud is upside down in his ear! This is killing me. Ugh, I can’t take it anymore! The only solution is I have to find this person and untangle those wires for him.

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