15 Undeniable ‘My Face When’ Moments On Social Media

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15 Undeniable ‘My Face When’ Moments On Social Media

Social media is a glorious commodity, full of friendly and professional connections that allow us to stay in touch, meet new people and share our life events. However, social media also leads to annoying photos of self-absorbed people, too much information shared, creeps, stalking, jealousy-inducing images, drama, hateful comments and getting sucked into holes that make us lose hours of our lives!

Therefore, we can probably all relate to these 15 faces – faces full of expressions and feelings we all experience while scrolling through social media. We get annoyed, we get happy, we get jealous, we get confused, and we keep coming back. We feel like we have to check our sites and immediately clear notifications, rejoicing over new comments and followers…even if they may be mean or weird.

15. We Get It…

Via Planable

We all love checking in on the lives of friends, family, acquaintances, celebrities and even strangers, but it can get quite annoying when people start to document every single aspect of life. Back in the day of MySpace, we weren’t sure what info to share, so after updating our awesome background, rearranging our top friends and taking another quiz, we let the world know when we ate, when we slept and when we were feeling silly. In 2017, those updates have turned into photos of every meal, selfies before every nap and posts that tell every emotion, thought and feeling that is being experienced. We’re glad the world has a place to vent, share and reunite – but we really don’t care about daily trips to Starbucks, new pyjamas or thoughts on what the Starbucks’ barista’s sheets look like.

14. Another Baby?

Via Someecards

The main reason people have social media accounts is so they can keep in touch with people, such as family members who live across the nation, friends who moved across the globe and coworkers/classmates from the past…coworkers/classmates who now suddenly have nine children and post milestones ranging from first steps to first words of each day for every child. That adds up to a lot of pictures of children we’ve never even met!

Thankfully, we can unfollow and unfriend people, and – on the other hand – we can also, thankfully, post whatever we want, all striving for social media balance. The number of pregnancy and birth announcements is shocking, though, and we can’t believe the amount of children some have or the amount of photos they share of said children.

13. Forever Single?

Via Meme Generator

Along with pregnancy announcements come engagement and marriage announcements, too, causing us to wonder…Will we forever be single?

Social media has caused an increase in the creativity of these life events as well, so even if we someday find love, will our proposal stories and wedding days be Instagram-worthy?

Couples share the sweet details of meeting, dating and popping the question. Girls brag about their new bling and tease audience members by saying they said yes to the dress. When the big day arrives, everyone and their dog shares images involving bouquet tosses, first dances, cake, pretty dresses and whatever fun element was thrown in that day (photo booth, sparklers, backyard games and so on).

To those of us who haven’t celebrated these events ourselves yet, we’ll just keep on enjoying social media…and hoping that certain someone will interpret our likes and pokes as flirting.


Via Michael Q Todd

So the benefits of social sites include staying in touch, possibly finding love and access to new people/knowledge/events. The main downside is creepy, to say the least. Without getting into the actual crimes that have taken place online, we can all agree that we have seen and/or experienced mild forms of stalking and bullying; random people add us and immediately try to send us 20 weird messages (“What’s up?” “Want to hang out in real life?” “Was this picture taken at that coffee shop on Third? Live near there?”), OR we just try to share a cute pet photo and have other random people feel the need to be haters (“That’s dumb.” “What a dirty house.” “My cat is cuter.” “No one cares…”). Therefore, block and unfollow people as needed.

11. He Grew Up Nicely…

Via Tenor

One of the craziest and best things to happen on social media happens in the form of stumbling across an old acquaintance. Little Damon was an annoying neighbor. In junior high, he seemed kind of cute – until it was realized that all preteen boys are gross. He was a total tool in high school. After graduation, he disappeared, but now, here he is. On Facebook. Posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (Does he live in California now?). Looking a lot more attractive than he did the last time he was seen (drunk after graduation)…and not wearing a ring or putting an arm around a girl. Friend request: Sent. Relationship status: Single. Hopes of this turning into the greatest kids-grow-up-and-fall-in-love story ever: Highhh.

10. It’s Okay To Stalk A Little – Right?

Via Tenor

While on the topic of attractive old classmates, it makes sense to segue right into stalking (but the normal kind). We have the resources, so it makes sense that we dig a little. We happen to remember the name of our best friend in first grade, find him/her and become Facebook friends. We wonder what happened to our middle school science teacher, so we connect on Twitter and enjoy hearing about his/her grandkids and new business. We regularly check in on ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, roommates and classmates. We hunt down the new people our exes are dating (to see who is hotter), the cousins of our roommates (since we met once) and the ex-best friend of our classmates’ new brother-in-law (since we thought he/she looked fun in a photo, clicked on him/her and ended up having seven mutual friends – even though he/she grew up in Hawaii..? Fun!).

9. What Time Is It?

Via Cressy King Blogspot

Stalking time flies by, and when we decide to check social media for a bit before falling asleep, we suddenly find ourselves in deep holes; seeing what one red notification was all about leads to scrolling through Facebook and getting distracted by new wedding and engagement photos. We wonder if different versions of the wedding pictures were uploaded to Instagram, so we go there and get stuck on a meme-oriented page, liking numerous posts that are just sooo relatable. We see something that reminds us that we had an important email to check and find ourselves deleting Gmail spam from two months ago. Ooo, but this email is about a new blog a friend posted, so we better go view that…and she has a Twitter account for the blog now, so we wind up retweeting recipes from there.

Wait…How is it 3:07 a.m.?! I have to get up for work in two hours! I better set my alarm…Oh, a new Facebook notification!

8. New Year, New Me

Via iFunny

New year, new me…We have all seen it, and some of us have even posted it, jumping on the January 1 bandwagon. What is annoying, though, is seeing how quickly the newness wears off. That girl who posts 18 selfies a day says she will work on not being so vain…yet does so through a series of new pictures of herself. That guy who swears he is changed and leaving behind the cussing, drinking and wild behavior…He is soon hosting a rowdy Super Bowl party full of kegs, strippers and cops. We are all for renewal and resolutions, but we are so over the people who make public pledges then hypocritically seem to forget about posts that are only a bit further down on the page.

7. How Dis Work?

Via Daily Edge

Yes, social media is a constantly evolving thing, but the basic functions are pretty self explanatory: Type your status into the big box, publish it for the world to see and check notifications to see who agrees with you, misses you and so on.

Some people are unsure of how to work these websites and apps, though, and apparently cannot find the help pages or a younger, tech-savvy friend to help them. Therefore, we read about grandparents asking restaurant chains if they can tell their grandkids hi, and we get teenagers who accidentally announce their crushes on the web. We understand technical difficulties, and we know technology and socializing are not for everyone, but please: Proceed on social media with caution!

6. I NEED More Followers!

Via Giphy

Social media is the only place where we get excited about strangers following us. Many of us are guilty of researching the best ways and times to post, taking multiple shots of one item for the best shot, rewording a post numerous times – All for the perfect update that will result in numerous likes, comments, double taps, shares, retweets and new followers.

Even if we don’t post that often, we know it looks weird when someone is following 2,000 people and only has four friends. Therefore, we connect with old acquaintances, like-minded professionals and our favorite bands/brands in order to increase awareness, engagement and followers. And when we see that notification pop up…when we count up all the new activity…and when we see our followers increase…We can’t help but get excited!

5. Do I Look Pretty?

Via Daily Edge

The how-to YouTube videos on contouring. The Kardashian-looking selfies. The actual Kardashians. Our feeds are full of fake-looking people, people who are trying way too hard, people who spend way too much money at Sephora, people who are chasing after fantasies and people who are way too attractive for their own good.

Sure, we all want to look pretty and receive compliments, but where did these faces, makeup methods and expectations come from?? When we are faced with so many tanned selfies a day, our faces sometimes look like Blue Steel models; we try out the duck lips and the Kylie Jenner lip challenge to see if they make us look prettier or if they just make us look as weird as some of the people we scroll right past.

4. Have You Heard The One About The Banana…?

Via Imgflip

What days should we never get on social media? Valentine’s Day (It’s just full of sappy hearts), April Fools’ Day (Everyone gets pregnant and engaged), Mother’s and Father’s Day (We only see photos of moms and dads we don’t know), Fourth of July (When everyone suddenly becomes super patriotic…and drunk), the first day of school (It’s just full of kids sporting new clothes and backpacks) and Christmas (Unless you really care about every gift everyone received).

The viral naturem of social media is part of what makes it so neat…but when a feed is full of the same content, the same news, the same fake news and/or the same jokes, it gets old. This is again where unfollowing and unfriending may come in handy, as well as when social media detox days can take place for us easily annoyed people!

3. I AM Pretty.

Via Gurl

Now, my face when I scroll through my own social media account…That’s a different story. I obviously only post the best photos of the hundreds I take. I crop and edit and apply necessary stickers, filters and captions, in order to share images of my morning shake, updated manicure, date night selfie and weekend lounging – images that will earn tons of attention (which I deserve). I am pretty, my shake looks so good, my nails would make anyone jealous, our date night restaurant is the hottest in town right now, and the way I positioned myself while lounging just happens to show off the new book I’m reading and my new VS sweatpants. I hope everyone notices all of this (and I hope they don’t scroll too far down; I really need to delete my high school pics!)…

2. Dramaaa…!

Via Giphy

Another downside to social media is the drama. Freedom of speech means that people can freely post gory details, false rumors, hateful comments, disgusting images and words that lead to bullying, arguing, lawsuits and in-person fighting. At the surface level, the drama can be sort of entertaining; we would hate to be involved, but when we see someone get offended over something petty and the comments start pouring in, we admit that we anxiously await to see how heated it will get. Unfortunately, so many times, it goes much further than this, and we hate that people get hurt by things that are said and done online. Basic forms of “high-school girl” drama, though (when it is superficial and not hurting anyone), is part of the reason people either love or hate these platforms!

1. I’m Not Jealous…

Via Wattpad

We’ll end on a more positive note…Facebook friends upload albums of summer vacations. Instagram stars post photos of luxurious vacations. And Pinterest is bucket list heaven, full of exotic hotels and faraway destinations that we lust over. Some of us are working hard to save up for dream vacations, but until that day comes, we will continue sitting on our couches, spending our free time in front of the television. We will flip through social accounts and drool over these locales. We will feel slightly jealous (How am I not rich and famous yet??), but we will try to remember to count our lucky stars and be grateful for what we have…even if that isn’t a five-course meal in a villa of Tuscany, watching the sun set over a gorgeous vineyard…

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