15 Undeniable Reasons Daenerys Is Becoming The Mad Queen

There's a pretty wide-ranging belief among the people in Westeros that all of the Targaryens are mad. If we didn't realize this by hearing stories of Aerys, known as the Mad King, and witnessing Viserys' battle with insanity, then we can just look to none other than Daenerys Stormborn.

We know you're probably rooting for the Mother of Dragons, but can you imagine what a rule would be like under her? She's already giving us some pretty major signs that she will end up just like her father, which means Westeros will end up in a pile of rubble before it's all over. We've found some pretty clear indicators that Daenerys is becoming the Mad Queen.

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15 She's riding dragons into warzones to scorch soldiers

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The Targaryens are a dynasty of dragon riders, which means they have a thing for power and fire. Like her father, Daenerys prefers killing her enemies by burning them alive. Hangings are so last winter, amirite? Dany showed us exactly how like Aerys she is by burning thousands of soldiers alive while riding atop her dragon, Drogon. If their murders were necessary, she still could have killed a lot less and then asked for loyalty from everyone who remained. As she found out by requesting allegiance from the few dozen left alive after her assault, a fire-breathing dragon can be a huge motivator. The worst part is that this option is what stopped her from leveling half of King's Landing just to kill the Lannisters and take the throne by force.

14 Daenerys is killing entire families without remorse

There aren't many rules in war, but one of them is that you need powerful families to support you when it's all over. Many of them rule lands with their own armies, which you'll want to call on if you're ever in trouble. So, it seems like bad form to murder an entire dynasty without a second thought. That's just what Daenerys did to the Tarlys by killing Randyll and Dickon. (Sure, Sam is still alive, but he was disinherited and snuck off in the night, so they may not even know where he is.) This isn't the first time a Targaryen has cut down a family tree. Aerys killed Brandon and Rickard Stark, also a father and son, back when he was in power. This seems a little too close to home to be a coincidence.

13 But mass killings are really more her forte

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You can't have much compassion for slave masters. They viewed people as property they could treat as they wished. Their tortures or deaths wouldn't really be much to cry about in any instance. But did they need to be crucified in an eye-for-an-eye tactic? Well, Daenerys definitely thought so. They didn't deserve good things, of course, but she was advised to show some mercy to ensure a more amicable transition. Aerys would probably be proud that she didn't listen and went with brutality. Her decision to go against her enemies using the most barbaric means possible is definitely something her father did on more than one occasion. You can't forget that his own endgame was to basically level King's Landing using wildfire.

12 She's already delivered a pretty chilling picture of her ascent to power

The Mad King was very straightforward about what he wanted to do with his enemies, usually involving some blood and fire. Like his daughter, there's no way to keep up with his body count. It seems like Daenerys is fine with adding even more to her list. When Khal Drogo died, she gave a speech that clearly indicated her plans for taking the Iron Throne, which included killing her enemies and tearing down their castles. This sounds a lot like the descriptions of Aerys in his later days, who often rambled about killing anyone who crossed him (and often went ahead with that threat). It's pretty obvious that Daenerys is on a long descent into becoming yet another villainous monarch. Do we really want someone like this ruling the Seven Kingdoms?

11 Khaleesi is getting annoyed with the concept of peace

This entire season, Daenerys has been at war with how she wants to take power and the best way to actually do it. If she had it her way, Dany would completely decimate the Red Keep and everyone inside of it. The result would be everyone believing she was the same kind of ruler they're used to. All they've known is someone like Cersei who'll level an entire place of worship and kill hundreds of people just to skip a trial and get a little revenge. Does that really concern Daenerys? Only a little, and the concept of staying peaceful is becoming harder for her to control. Tyrion allowing her to level the Lannister army as an appeasement for not letting her destroy King's Landing is proof of that. What happens when there's nothing to keep her under control? She'll finally be just like Aerys.

10 Her choice for Hand of the King

On the surface, you'd think that Tyrion and Tywin Lannister have nothing in common. One of them was a crappy father bent on using whatever means he could to retain power and constantly obsessed with paying off his debts. The other is a reformed alcoholic with great wisdom, but a history of low impulse control. (Remember what happened when he found Shae in his father's bed?) Here's something you may not know: Tywin was Hand to the King under Aerys. He served at the pleasure of the Mad King for two decades. Daenerys choosing Tyrion as her Hand is really just a sign that history is repeating itself. We can't forget that this story ends with a psychopath on the throne who's constantly ordering murders. It doesn't seemed too far-fetched to believe it'll happen under Dany's possible reign, does it?

9 Her growing distrust of Tyrion

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It's becoming very clear that Daenerys is having a lot of trouble trusting Tyrion. She's constantly accusing him of taking his family's side and secretly trying to protect them. Of course, this isn't the case since he has no real connection to Cersei and he can easily protect Jaime, the only person in the family who's ever cared about him. But people descending into madness don't really care about logic. This is yet another case of history repeating itself. Aerys also became very distrustful of Tywin back in the day, but they started out as close friends. Sound familiar to anyone? That fact that Tywin did later betray Aerys probably makes Daenerys even more wary of Tyrion than her father was with his own Hand. Could we be on the brink of Tyrion turning on Dany when he realizes he's actually serving the Mad Queen? Maybe it's Daenerys who has her father's worst traits.

8 Khaleesi's inclination toward incest

There's a theory among the people in Westeros that the Targaryens were all mad because of their incestual relationships. Aerys' wife was actually his sister, Rhaella. They believed in keeping the blood lines pure, which is something actual royalty has done before, so it's got real-life context. Maybe her parents being sister and brother is what's contributing to Daenerys' unbalanced mental health? Maybe that's also why she can build a romantic connection with her nephew. Sure, she doesn't know Jon is related to her yet, but will it change anything when she does? If history is any indicator, it's doubtful. This is just another way she's acting just like Aerys and on her way to becoming the Mad Queen.

7 She'll kill someone who crosses her in a second

Anyone who's spend a modicum of time with Daenerys knows she's someone you don't cross. She's got the air about her that lets you know she'd slash your throat as soon as look at you. If you're with her for more than a few hours, you'll hear the Mother of Dragons threaten to burn people alive. You know who else acted like this? King Aerys. He was constantly killing anyone who crossed him. Varys actually used to get him the names of traitors, so Aerys could neutralize the threat—by burning them alive. It seems like Varys is seeing that same fire, pardon the pun, in Daenerys. She's already burned thousands of soldiers alive and possibly killed the Tarly family legacy, so he's right to worry. Like her father, we doubt Dany will listen to reason.

6 She's all about burning her enemies to the ground

You may remember that Jaime Lannister was often called the King Slayer by Brienne of Tarth before they became friends. That's because he murdered Aerys, a dishonorable act since he was part of the Kingsguard. As the last person to see the king alive, Jaime remembers the last thing he said: "Burn them all." Does that sound like anyone we know? Daenerys seems to say it more and more, which is also history repeating itself. Jaime recalled that Aerys kept repeating those words over and over just before he stabbed the Mad King in the back. In danger of losing his power, Aerys had set up wildfire across King's Landing to take everyone down with him. Since Dany's been trying to level the city with her dragons for weeks, instead of going with the peaceful approach, she's starting to act even more like her father than she realizes. We wouldn't be surprised if she decided to fly off and burn down the Red Keep just for fun.

5 Daenerys refuses to listen to reason anymore

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Our Mad Queen won't tolerate being questioned. Do you remember how she snapped at Tyrion when he accused her of losing her temper? (He defintely wasn't wrong.) As she's shown time and time again, Daenerys is becoming more and more disillusioned with reason from any of her advisers. Pretty soon they'll just be props who she trots out whenever she wants to disagree with someone because she'll just go her own way. In the end, Dany's way is usually the bloodiest way. Her father was also impossible to reason with during his reign. Sure, he seemed to listen to his Hand for a while, but by the end he wouldn't let anyone give him advice. Even when Jaime warned him that Tywin wasn't going to stick with Aerys if it looked like he was losing the Iron Throne, the Mad King didn't listen. It ultimately cost him his life and is the reason Daenerys grew up in hiding.

4 She's close to accepting her father's solution for securing the Iron Throne

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Aerys ascended to the throne after his father's death, so his way there wasn't really paved in blood, but his quest to keep power definitely was. Around he end of his life, when he knew Robert Baratheon was winning the war for the Iron Throne, Aerys ordered his pyromancers to put wildfire all over Kings Landing, from the slums to the Red Keep itself. He planned to blow up the entire city and probably end up dying in the process. He seemed to be ready to die on that throne, as long as no one else sat on it. Daenerys had to work to gain power, and she's doing it by leaving a trail of scorched earth in her wake. She burned people alive, decimated armies and still has plans for more. For Aerys, fire was power, and it's obvious that his daughter believes the same thing.

3 Khaleesi is the manifestation of her father's biggest delusions

Aerys did not have any dragons of his own. By the time he came to rule, the Targaryens no longer had any and they were thought to be a thing of the past. He still felt a pretty powerful connection to them. Aerys thought he would be reborn as a dragon someday. Unless his soul was able to wait around for about 20 years until Daenerys' dragons were born, we doubt that this ever happened. But this did happen for Dany, in a way. To give life to the dragons, she had to walk into Khal Drogo's funeral pyre. When she walked out, Daenerys was reborn as the Mother of Dragons. Sure, she didn't get to become a dragon herself, but we're pretty sure her father wouldn't have scoffed at the prospect of becoming the Father of Dragons. She's living a dream he never thought was possible for himself. They're obviously cut from the same cloth.

2 Dany makes threatening people a habit

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If she's breathing, Daenerys is probably threatening or about to threaten someone. It's what she does and is starting to become what she's known for. During a seemingly civil meeting, she challenges Varys' loyalty almost out of the blue. She eventually threatened to burn him alive if he betrays her. Daenerys makes you wonder if she has a list of names with offenses they could commit that deserve being burned alive. You know who else loved to threaten people? Good ol' King Aerys. He made a habit of threatening people from his iron perch in the Red Keep. Unfortunately for many poor souls, he often carried these threats out. Like her father, Daenerys line for crossing her is vague. Would stepping on her toe be seen as a betrayal? What if you lied and told her you liked her new haircut? Any little thing could get you set on fire by Drogon.

1 She's been unfazed by chaos and murder for a long time

Viserys was a terrible brother. He hit Daenerys and raised his hand to her enough when she was under the protection of the Dothraki that we know he did probably did worse when they were growing up without their parents. Somehow, she still had love for him and even ended up naming one of her dragons after Viserys. But his death was probably the first sign that she wasn't totally sane. When her husband killed her brother right in front of her eyes, she watched and didn't have any sadness over it. That's a little odd for someone who loves her brother so much that she ends up honoring him by naming one of her "children" after him. Daenerys just sort of moved on the next thing. Aerys was very much the same. He'd kill people all day and none of it seemed to phase him. They both thrive in chaos. That means a peaceful world probably won't be enough for Khaleesi. The realm should definitely be worried.

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