15 Undeniable Reasons Paul Abrahamian Deserved To Lose 'Big Brother 19'

Well, Big Brother fans, the seemingly impossible has officially happened. After a dramatic, emotional and fairly predictable summer of Paul Abrahamian absolutely dominating the game and treating his fellow houseguests like his own personal puppets, he lost yet again in a tense and shocking 5-4 vote on finale night. The self-proclaimed "bitter jury" voted Josh Martinez as their winner, and while some fans are furious over this emotion-driven decision, we actually believe the right houseguest was awarded $500,000. Julie Chen always says Big Brother players should "expect the unexpected," but we saw Paul's loss coming from a mile away and have some undeniable reasons for why he absolutely deserved to come up just short of the big prize for the second summer in a row!

15 Paul returned to the game courtesy of a twist

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There's nothing wrong with veterans returning to the game of Big Brother... so long as it's in an all-star season! Big Brother 7 was nothing but returnees, and it made for an absolutely amazing season filled with great gameplay and fan-favorite houseguests. But vets and newcomers simply shouldn't be mixed. When they were in season 14, veteran and consensus "best player of all time" Dan Gheesling made it to the finals. When vets got to play last summer, Nicole Franzel won the $500k. This year, a twist helped Paul re-enter the house... but you could hardly even call it a twist. Press a button and win $25,000? Of course someone was going to do it! Even if half the houseguests didn't immediately jump on this opportunity, the producers would have found some way to bring Paul back in. They all worked hard to get cast and make it onto the show, and Paul was simply gifted his key to the game this summer.

14 The friendship bracelet twist granted him immediate allies

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In past seasons when veterans were thrown back into the game, they were immediate targets for the rest of the house. Paul likely would have been too (by more than just Cody) if Big Brother didn't do the "friendship bracelet" twist. Everyone immediately had to suck up to Paul and pledge loyalty to last summer's finalist in hopes that he'd give them a bracelet and thus grant them safety from the first eviction. Paul was able to use the connections the friendship bracelets helped him make to turn almost the entire house into a herd of sheep that he was then able to control for nearly the entire summer. He kept them safe in the beginning, so they felt some sort of bizarre obligation to keep him safe all the way until finale night! No other player in the game had an advantage that significant.

13 The Den of Temptation gave Paul three weeks of safety

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While Paul, a self-proclaimed snake, was able to charm almost every single player this season, he never managed to pull one over on Cody. The former Marine was onto Paul's tricks from the moment the veteran stepped into the house, and he tried to rally his short-lived "showmance alliance" against him. Even though his allies didn't support making a move against Paul, Cody won Head of Household and nominated Paul for eviction anyway because he trusted his gut and knew Paul would be a huge threat in the game if allowed to stay in it. Paul might have (and should have) gone home right then and there, but the Den of Temptation twist gave Paul the "pendant of protection," which granted him safety for a ridiculous three weeks. Sorry, what?! Those three weeks of safety gave Paul the chance to hook his claws into the entire house. Sure, the Den of Temptation also gave select other popular players some advantages in the game, but nothing was even close to being as significant as the reward gifted to Paul.

12 Paul used Josh to bully all of his enemies

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Some fans will argue that the winner of Big Brother 19, Josh Martinez, was the true bully of this summer. He repeatedly harassed Jessica and Cody, he banged pots and pans at Mark while singing the tune to "Send In The Clowns" (isn't singing supposed to be outlawed in the BB house?!), and he basically acted like an immature teenager any time someone went against him or his friends. So why would we be more upset with Paul than we are with Josh over all the bullying that happened this summer? Well, because everything Josh did was at Paul's command. Paul encouraged all of his allies to bully and try to trigger his enemies in the game, and the newbies felt like their cruel and hateful actions must be acceptable if a veteran is asking them to act that way! All of the other houseguests were just acting emotionally, but Paul's bullying and behind-the-scenes puppeteering was calculated and unquestionably intentional. He can't feign ignorance or immaturity like the others.

11 Paul failed to actually make a close ally

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Julie Chen repeatedly gave Paul props for being the number three in several different two-person alliances, but this isn't actually a sign of skill... it's proof of the weakness of Paul's social game. Most of the Big Brother greats were able to make incredibly close bonds with another houseguest which helped them take their respective seasons. Dan Gheesling might not have been able to win his first season without Memphis. Dr. Will Kirby needed his Chilltown buddy, Mike Boogie, to win his first season... and Boogie needed Will to win All-Stars. Hayden Moss had the Brigade and Britney to help him make it to the finals, and all of them liked him enough to crown him the season's champion. Sure, Paul had numerous allies, but there was never a player who he was fully aligned with or loyal to the entire summer. Even though he claims to be all about "friendship," Paul's only true friend in the game was himself and once several jury members realized that their friendship with Paul was just an act, they pledged to vote against him in the end. Jury management and ensuring people aren't bitter toward you are huge parts of the game, and Paul definitely failed in that aspect.

10 He lied to his "friends" right up until their eviction

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Jason and Alex always trusted Paul with their lives in the game and thought the veteran truly valued them as friends, but Paul orchestrated their evictions behind the scenes. The cowboy and the gamer might have respected this game move... if Paul actually gave them a heads up before their elimination and gave them a chance to get some closure before being completely blindsided! Instead, he lied to them right until the moment Julie asked them to leave the house, turning his allies into his biggest haters and most bitter jurors. Did he really think Alex and Jason would stay loyal to him after they compared notes and realized just how shady he'd been toward them?! If he had only told Jalex the truth—that he needed them gone because he didn't think he could beat them in the end—they might have understood and voted for him to win the game.

9 Paul needlessly continued to lie in his goodbye messages

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Houseguests, goodbye messages are your way to genuinely apologize to the jury and let them know exactly why you voted them out of the game. Use them wisely! Josh used his goodbye messages correctly, and that's why he was this season's deserving winner. He couldn't risk telling the jury before their evictions about Paul's puppeteering or his and Christmas' alliance with the veteran, so he used these videos to clear things up and express his regret. Meanwhile, Paul just continued to play dumb and lie to his evicted "friends" in hopes that they wouldn't talk in the jury house and figure out just how fake he was. There's nothing wrong with controlling other houseguests and orchestrating evictions... but if that's how you're going to play the game, you have to own up to it. Otherwise, you come off as heartless and conniving, and no one will want you to win $500,000!

8 Paul was loved by the unlikable "Maven"

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Matt and Raven basically had no purpose in the Big Brother house this summer outside of being numbers for Paul. When Paul planned their evictions, they held no ill will toward him, and in fact were his biggest fans in the jury house. You'd think that having loyal friends like that in jury would be a good thing... but everyone else in jury absolutely hated Maven and refused to agree with any of their opinions! Who can really blame them? Matt just sat there eating cereal all summer instead of playing the game, and Raven somehow considered herself a "puppetmaster" despite never winning anything or influencing any events in the house—when those two are your biggest champions, you should know you're in for a rocky jury vote!

7 He had no emotions in a very emotional season

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We might have witnessed more crying in Big Brother 19 than we saw in the first 18 seasons of the show combined! This was an incredibly emotional summer, with constant bullying resulting in one self-eviction and plenty of tears (from some pretty large men, no less). Even though Paul orchestrated most of the drama, he never really joined in on it. While everyone else was screaming and yelling and expressing remorse on eviction night, he stayed cold and distant, always planning out his next move. It's crazy to think that someone could actually be less likable than Josh (who was basically a loud and obnoxious crybaby most of the season), but Paul somehow managed it. At the end of the season, Paul at least started to pretend to care about his "friends" and shed some fake tears, but we'll never forget Josh's shocked face when Paul went from crying to smirking at the drop of a hat.

6 His coldness kept him from truly understanding his fellow HGs

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All summer, fans expressed outrage on Twitter over the incredible number of competitions that were used in both this season and Big Brother 18. Those repeat competitions gave Paul a clear advantage, and we were absolutely livid when we saw that part three of the final HoH was the same one Paul competed in last season. Unfortunately for Paul, though, he didn't spend much time this summer actually getting to know his fellow houseguests and that proved to be his downfall. When asked to complete statements made by the members of jury, Paul was utterly clueless and his loss in this challenge allowed Josh to control the veteran's ultimate fate in the game. Paul seriously lucked out when Josh shockingly took him to the finals anyway.

5 Paul didn't own up to his game to the jury in the finale

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Most fans stood up and applauded Elena when she opened up the jury question segment with a brutal attack on Paul and the way he played the game this summer. Elena and her fellow jurors wanted to know why the veteran used bullying as a strategy in the house, but instead of owning up to his role in all the cruelty in the house, Paul looked like a deer in headlights and pretended that he had no clue what she was talking about. He went on to completely lie and claim that he actually discouraged the bullying and that he frequently tried to befriend and help the players who were bullied. Um, no. Almost all of his answers to the jury's questions were blatant lies, which did nothing to help his case with the players who were already bitter toward him.

4 Paul failed to act humble when Josh gave his answers

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As if his horrible answers to the jury questions weren't enough to hurt his game, Paul acted like a complete jerk anytime Josh was talking to the jury on finale night. He continued to shake his head during Josh's answers, pointed to himself to take credit for the moves Josh claimed that he made on his own and coldly pulled away any time Josh tried to hug him or hold his hand. Paul knew he was coming off as unsympathetic and it was clear that the jury was angry with him, but instead of showing emotion like Josh kept doing, he acted even colder and more distant than he had all season. Maybe if Paul was able to read the room and pretend to be genuine for a change, he could have swayed one juror (and that's all he needed... one more vote) to change their mind about him.

3 Paul shamed Josh for being honest to evicted players

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When Julie showed Paul and the rest of the houseguests Josh's goodbye messages to Jason, Alex and Kevin, Paul was absolutely livid. He had pretended to have no clue what happened to his "friends" when they were evicted, but here Josh was, telling them the truth and totally exposing his game the moment they stepped out of the house! A good Big Brother player would have respected Josh's smart game move here, but Paul called Josh a coward for simply being honest with the jury. Maybe now that the votes have been revealed, Paul will realize that he was the coward for never owning up to his game, and that Josh was merely doing exactly what someone should do if they want evicted players to award them half a million dollars!

2 Paul didn't watch his first season, so he made the same mistake

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Paul lost last season on a 5-4 vote. He had an entire year to figure out why and to determine how to avoid losing in that same heartbreaking manner, and if he couldn't on his own... all he had to do was go online and watch Big Brother 18! For some reason, Paul refused to watch his first season back (a fact which he admitted several times on the live feeds), even after he found out he was going to re-enter the house this summer. Maybe if he'd taken the time to actually be a fan of the show and watch it, he'd realize the importance of earning the respect of the house, the producers and the audience. Maybe he'd recognize that sometimes it's not the puppetmaster who wins, but the person who is able to put threats in the jury house without burning bridges or making enemies—that's how Nicole beat him! He basically had a guidebook on how to fix his flaws and perfect his game, but he didn't even bother to use it.

1 After losing twice, he STILL has no regrets!

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When Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby and Survivor great Rob Cesternino interviewed Paul after the show's finale, they both wanted to know if Paul was aware of the flaws in his game. Sadly, he wasn't self-aware enough to recognize that he was too cold and heartless this summer or that the jury's bitterness toward him was justified. He still had no clue how he possibly could have lost to Josh, and repeatedly said that he had virtually no regrets in the game. If he were to go back and play the game for a third time, he'd do everything the exact same way. Sorry, Paul fans, but that's just not a winner's mentality. You're supposed to learn from your mistakes, but Paul never will. He wore the same exact shirt he lost in last year, lost by the same exact vote count as last year and is as unapologetic and clueless as he was last year. When he got back on Instagram after losing Big Brother yet againhe harshly posted "don't waste your time talking sh*t, because I literally never cared." Sounds like a deserving loser to us.

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