15 Undeniable Times JD Was The Best Thing About 'Scrubs'

Who would have believed that it has been 16 years since Scrubs first hit our screens, and when we first met JD and his fellow junior doctors? Over the next nine years we were treated to more jokes than we could handle and—because the sitcom is set in a hospital—tears in equal measure. We have been with the doctors of Sacred Heart from their first day to their last, and boy did they have some fun along the way. But the stand out character had to be JD. Yes he was a bit of a dork, but no one’s perfect, and sometimes is nice to know that we aren’t the only ones struggling our way through life. Here is a look at what made JD the star of Scrubs.

15 When he wasn’t embarrassed by his choice in drinks

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Who decided that drinking beer signified manliness? Despite there being logical reason for beer to be anyone's drink of choice it always cause a stir if men decide to go off-piste with their drink order. They can just about get away with a glass of red wine with a meal, but if they start going down the white of even rosé line, then the teasing will kick off. But JD is comfortable with his manliness and knows that what he drinks doesn’t make him any less of a man, meaning he is proud to order appletinis when partying the night away with his co-workers. And why not? It’s nice to be able to feel fancy—especially when you’ve been working hard in your scrubs all day.

14 When he thought Elliott was the one

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It’s not just women that can be hopeless romantics. JD is here to show that men are in just as much need of love and affection as women. For JD, the object of his affection was Elliot, an obsession that continued through the show’s run. The pair first met in the pilot episode where JD is introduced to one of his fellow medical residents, and he was immediately hooked. Like a little lost puppy, he followed Elliot around Sacred Heart, mesmerised by her. In an attempt to woo Elliot, JD runs up the stairs; unfortunately he doesn’t appear to have been keeping up with his cardio. But this setback doesn’t stop him pursuing her through every method he can think off, with some hilarious consequences.

13 When he wasn’t afraid of showing his feelings

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JD is not afraid to get into touch with his emotions, or to tell the world what he is feeling and to have a good cry. Like many of JDs favourite pastimes, crying is something that is often associated with women and synonymous with weakness or femininity. These stereotypes have obviously had an impact on the male species; according to a study conducted in 2015 by a tear researcher, women cry an average of 30-64 times year while men only have a good old cry between six and 17 times a year. We have to guess that this survey wasn’t conducted near Sacred Heart, because of the amount of tears JD sheds in every episode of the show, the results would have become decidedly skewed.

12 When he knew he has fabulous hair

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Who can blame JD for being obsessed with his hair? He does have some impressively luscious locks, though maybe not quite as impressive as Dr Cox’s bouncing curls. Problems arise, though, when JD decides to start driving his scooter to work and, safety conscious guy that he is, he has to wear a helmet over his beautiful hair. But it was the hairmet to the rescue, a device that allows the user to stay safe while retaining the structural integrity of their coiffured hair. The arrival of this new addition to Dr Dorian’s wardrobe is not something Perry approves of, and which cues a barrage of girl’s names as insults. But JD doesn’t care, and you wouldn’t either if you had hair as fabulous as his.

11 When he brought back the Kangol

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Who knew Kangols could be brought back into fashion? But then JD does have a way of pulling off even the craziest of styles; we don’t think any of us can forget the time he ended up on a date in a red crop top. But sometimes a daring clothing choice can pay off. The aforementioned hat appears in the episode "My Princess" in which we see the cast of Scrubs take part in a fairy-tale. The unlikely narrator of this tale is Dr Cox who, having become a father, has taken to reading fairy tales in the evening. This hilarious tale sees the medical staff take on the traditional roles of princes and princesses. Unfortunate for JD, who is stuck with the role of the village idiot.

10 When he couldn’t handle criticism

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Yet again, JD is spilling out his feelings for all to see. But words really can be harsher weapons than they seem. Plus, we suppose, with all those doctors around, a physical injury could be solved rather quickly. This episode's emotional outburst comes after a rather impressive burn from Jordon who, in "My Half Acre," suggests that JD’s recent lack of luck with the ladies is due to "two good reasons: his face and his personality." Man, that woman is ruthless. As ever, JD tries to remain strong and to pursue the latest lady in his life, Julie, with a little help from Elliot. Word to the wise: don’t take dating advice from your ex—even if you have by some miracle managed to stay friends with them.

9 When he dared to question the Janitor’s sanity

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The janitor took an instant dislike to JD. When they first met, JD rather foolishly decided to spark up some friendly chit-chat with the janitor, offering him some advice on what might be stuck in a broken door. This leads to the janitor believing that JD has broken the door on purpose to ruin his day, and from this day on, JD was never free from the grief. The janitor, whose mental state has been questionable on many occasions, took to rather extreme lengths to get his revenge on the junior doctor. His pranks ranged from mocking him in a water tower to feeding him laxative-laden pie. Rather bravely, on this is one occasion JD stood his ground and dared to question the janitor’s mental state, which remains a mystery.

8 When he was Dr. Cox’s biggest fan

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Dr. Cox might not be happy about it, but JD looks up to him like a god. Rather than being happy to have a young medical student around him, making him feel like he has a purpose in life and that he is a great inspiration, Dr. Cox instead decides to mock JD at every turn. But the constant use of girl’s names as insults doesn't get JD down; he still aspires to be just like Perry. Something he takes to a whole other level when he swaps his usual baggy scrubs for tight T-shirt exactly the same as his idol's, a fashion decision that does not go unnoticed by Dr. Cox—who is not impressed. Don’t listen to him, JD, we think you look awesome in your tiny tee.

7 When he didn’t know what to do in awkward situations

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We’ve all been there: Whether it be a meeting with the boss or an ex, some situation are just plain awkward. These things all seem so simple in our heads, where we can easily handle even the scariest of confrontations with elegance and dignity. The reality is a far less dignified spectacle. Like many of us, JD gets flustered when he is confronted by aggressive people, especially people of the opposite sex, and becomes inclined to blurt out the first thing that comes into his head. Please note that however stressed you may be, however much you feel like you must say or doing anything to make the situation less awkward, do not shout out "banana hammock." You have been warned: choose your words wisely.

6 When he was into rap music

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Rap music isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some people, though, can't get enough of it. Eyebrows tend to raise now and then when someone you wouldn't expect claims to be a big fan of the genre, despite sounding as if they're trying way too hard to sound cool. But JD is back to throw his love for rap music in the face of stereotypes; this kid is unstoppable. Even his best bud Turk struggles to handle the whirling mess that is JD's mind, and has to remind him to, as he says "Dude, be whiter." But we know these guys love each other, even if Turk is actually cool and JD is more of a little girl dreaming of unicorns and rappers. Don’t let the world tell you how to live, JD; if you want to rap then rap away.

5 When he wore jewellery from a cereal box

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Thought the prizes inside cereal boxes were just for children? Then think again. Dr. Dorian doesn’t let his age stand in the way of an opportunity to wear a super cool piece of jewellery. In "My Porcelain God," we find JD lost in one of his flashbacks after Elliot asks about JD and Turk’s best moment. He fondly looks back at the day when they did the unthinkable and found a double prize in their cereal box. Even more worryingly, the pair decides to wear the rings, and even have them on while doing their rather serious job. You might be thinking that prizes only come in children’s cereal, but when you’ve worked a double shift in the ICU, you are free to eat whatever you want.

4 When he dealt Sean with burns at every available opportunity

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It’s tough having to see your ex every day at work, especially when you are clearly as in love with them as JD is with Elliot. Harder still is when that ex moves on and you have to sit and watch the one you are supposed to be with be happy with someone else. The someone else in question here? Sean. Now, the best thing to do in this situation is to be a grown up—this person is never going to be your best friend, but you can at least be polite to them. Rather than doing this, JD’s emotions get the better of him, once again, and he is unable to hide his hatred for Shaun. The result is JD serving up serious burns to Sean.

3 When he sang in the bath

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Lots of people are embarrassed to admit that they sing in the shower, but apparently over half of us are guilty of belting out a tune in the shower. A survey conducted by Westin in 2014 confirmed that 60 percent of people enjoy a good sing song in the shower. It isn’t known why people feel this is the best place to sing; perhaps the tiles provide the ideal acoustics or maybe it is just the only place people feel they can indulge their guilty pleasure. But JD has cranked things up to another level of embarrassment, once again, and enjoys singing in the bath along with bubbles, pink towel and a vast array of lotions and potions. He must smell beautiful, even if he doesn't sound that way when the notes come out.

2 When he said the first thing that came into his head

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There are some together people who have a filtration process between their brain and their mouth, meaning that careful consideration is made about what thought to vocalise. We guess the filter is broken in JD's brain. Either that or he is just happy to ignore it and share all his inner thoughts with the world—even if they do get some rather startled reactions. In "My Jiggly Ball," JD tells his best bud Turk that he would make a pretty girl. Wow, it’s a good thing that their friendship is as rock solid as it is because that is a daring remark to make to a fellow man. But we all know that, no matter what crazy things JD says, these guys will be best friends forever.

1 When he loved unicorns

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JD has never been shy to admit that he loves unicorns, despite the suggestions from haters that these magical creatures don’t really exist. But come on, how could a person be so evil as to think that a unicorn isn’t real? Why else would there be pictures of them?! And how else would everyone automatically know something is a unicorn upon seeing an image of it? In the aptly titled episode "My Unicorn," JD takes his love of unicorns to another level and brings his own unicorn emblazoned notebook to work. It's a move that does not go unnoticed by Dr. Cox, who is quick to question why a grown man is carrying a notebook with a unicorn on it. Well, the answer is simple, if you ask JD. It's a horse, and it's majestic.

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