15 Unflattering Pics Of Celebs Who Tried Sporting A New Look

We've all been there — trying to change our appearance, whether it be after a bad breakup or just a spur of the moment thing. Besides, rocking the same look all the time is boring and considering that we do actually only live once, why not be brave and try out some new things? Which is exactly what the celebs on today's list thought, and well, not to spoil too much, but it didn't end that well for them. Yup, today we are going to talk about some pretty bad celebrity transformations that will forever serve us as an example of what NOT to do. From Hollywood stars like Anne Hathaway and Bradley Cooper, to singers Rihanna and Katy Perry, and to everyone's favorite reality television star Kim Kardashian — we've got them all.

So without further ado, here they are — 15 celebs who tried sporting a new look and they probably regretted it.

15 Let's Start Off With Scarlett Johansson's Attempt At Bringing The Mullet Back 

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The '80s called and they want their mullet back! Seriously though, what was actress Scarlett Johansson thinking when she decided to rock this rather unusual hairstyle? The diva can pull off both, short and long hair, but unfortunately not at the same time. Luckily, this phase didn't last for too long.

14 Robert Pattinson Took "Trying Something New" To A Whole New Level

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When actor Robert Pattinson showed up at a red carpet rocking this new hairstyle we're pretty sure everyone's heads turned. After all, the patch of hair left on the back of his head is not something you see every day, and while it is surely debatable if it's a top or a flop — we have to give it to the star, it is definitely creative!

13 And Who Could Forget When Christina Aguilera Pretty Much Found Inspo In A Scarecrow

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Christina Aguilera was the ultimate cutesy girl next door until, well... this happened. As the young star was getting older she decided to get more experimental with her look and the first stage of that was this very makeup-heavy and extremely curly look. Let's just say it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

12 David Beckham And Cornrows Weren't A Good Idea Either

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Football legend David Beckham is not only known for his playing skills, but also his ridiculously good looks. And while he has great hair most of the time, the cornrows are certainly something he should have skipped. Luckily, David came to his senses and is currently back to his good hair days.

11 And Here's Proof That Rihanna Can Pull Off Almost Anything — But Not This

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Singer Rihanna is known for her amazing style and the fact that she can pretty much make a garbage bag look like fashion, yet somehow she didn't manage to convince us that the mullet deserves a comeback. We do, however, admire the singer's bravery because constantly changing your look and redefining your style is not something everyone is capable of doing.

10 Bradley Cooper's Mustache Is Certainly Ruining Our Lives

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Hollywood star Bradley Cooper recently got rid of most of his beard except for a very '80s-looking mustache that is giving us major uncle vibes — and no one should think of Bradley as their uncle. Hopefully, the star will come to his senses soon and go back to growing the beard we all are used to and love on him.

9 And Anne Hathaway Should Never Not Be A Brunette

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While there are stars like Rihanna who can pretty much pull off any hair color, there are stars like Anne Hathaway who should probably stick to what their hair color naturally is. Now, we're not saying that Anne looks absolutely horrible with platinum blonde hair, but we are saying that brown tones are what 100% suits the actress the best — so why experiment?

8 Here's Brad Pitt Proving That Not Everyone Looks Better With A Beard

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While most of us agree that a good majority of male celebs do look better with a beard — Brad Pitt is here to prove us wrong. Now we're not saying that Brad doesn't look good with any beard, but he definitely doesn't look good with a rugged beard like the one above.

7 And Katy Perry Rocking A Bleached Pixie That Really Wasn't Necessary

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Another female celeb who should stick to darker hair colors, as well as longer hair, is Katy Perry. The singer, who is nowadays rocking a cute bob, went from having long dark locks to a super short platinum pixie hair cut and honestly, we're glad she isn't rocking it anymore.

6 Justin Bieber's Style Has Definitely Seen Better Days, Too

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Singer Justin Bieber evolved from cute teen heartthrob to homeless-looking singer and we think we speak for everyone when we say we're not feeling it. Hopefully, the star will get around soon and try to clean up a bit more — after all, there is a limit to how baggy one's clothing can be.

5 And Nobody Ever Asked For Zooey Deschanel Without Bangs

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We thought we'd always be able to recognize Zooey Deschanel, but once the actress started sporting long, side-swept bangs we honestly couldn't believe it was her. Not only does it change her whole look, but we're also not sure it's for the better. Some people were just born to rock blunt bangs, and Zooey is definitely one of them!

4 Here's Shia LaBeouf Rocking A Rat's Tail Because He Can

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Anyone who's a Shia LaBeouf fan knows that we can expect anything from the actor, but even the most loyal fans probably didn't see this hairstyle coming. We're not even sure what to call it, because it's certainly an upgrade for your average mullet. One thing we do know is that it serves as an example of what not to do to your hair.

3 And We Love Kesha, But Brown Hair And Bangs Just Can't Beat The Purple

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Kesha was always known for her wild looks and messy hair, so when the singer started rocking a boring brunette look with bangs saying that we were disappointed would be an understatement. While it doesn't necessarily look bad on the singer, we can without a doubt say that it does not beat her iconic lavender hair. Nothing ever will!

2 Josh Duhamel Should Consider Firing His Hairstylist

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When we used to think of Josh Duhamel we didn't really imagine him with any bad hairstyles. That was until we saw these pics of the actor rocking a cut that should honestly just be forbidden already. And whoever suggested he cut his hair like this should certainly get fired!

1 And Lastly, Kim Kardashian Hopefully Learned To Never Bleach Her Eyebrows Again

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To wrap our list up we decided to include pics of reality television star and trendsetter Kim Kardashian. At one point Kim decided to bleach her eyebrows because fashion has no boundaries, right? Wrong! Let's just say we're pretty sure that was a look the star won't ever go back to.

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