15 Unforgivable Inconsistencies In 'The Bachelor' We Just Can't Get Over

The Bachelor is one of the most beloved and longest running reality TV series of our time. It's a show where a group of single, hopeful women more or less compete for a shot at love with whatever eligible bachelor the season has to offer. The popularity of The Bachelor franchise has been somewhat of a mystery. Do we really like watching a bunch of women pine for one man, or is it more like a car crash in that it's so awful (yet interesting) that we can't look away? Whatever the reason, The Bachelor has had millions of fans hooked for years, and while we love the drama, there's a lot of things about the show that make us want to pull our hair out. Sure, in a show like this there's bound to be a lot of things that don't make any sense, but it doesn't make it any less annoying. Here are 15 inconsistencies in The Bachelor that we just can't get over.

15 The Rose Ceremony Happening At The Beginning Of The Episode

There are many things about The Bachelor that leave us wondering and wanting more, but at the very least they always satisfied us with the highly-anticipated rose ceremony at the end of every episode. We all held our breath along with the contestants to see who would get a rose and who would have to make that awkward exit where even the girls who say they didn't want to cry end up crying. It was everything we wanted and everything we waited for, until The Bachelor decided to flip the script and started baiting us with rose ceremonies at the BEGINNING of every episode. We no longer got the closure we needed every week, and were forced to wait until next week to see who went home. Whether it's for ratings or shock value, we're not sure, but it has seriously annoyed The Bachelor fanbase.

14 When The Girls Genuinely Get Upset That He Has "Feelings For Another Girl"

After 21 seasons, you'd think we all kind of know how this plays out by now. One man dates dozens of women in the hopes of narrowing it down to one at the end. But until the end, he has to figure out his feelings and basically go through his own personal NFL draft to figure out which girl is the best fit for him. The contestants are more than aware of this, and even if they weren't, it becomes obvious pretty quick. They go on group dates together, watch him hug and kiss other women, yet for some reason, the girls are all still very confused as to why the Bachelor won't treat them like the only girl in the world. You might be on the wrong show if you're looking for a guy to give you all of his attention.

13 How They Kind Of Just Leave Contestants All Over The Place

The Bachelor is definitely not short on dramatics, but one of the most ridiculous parts of the show is how they deal with the girls' rejection. To be fair, this is definitely for dramatic effect, but it's annoying and strange all the same. It's gotta be pretty awkward filming those scenes where the girls are supposed to sadly look off into the distance and pretend to contemplate their lives after rejection. Take, for instance, when Chris left Ashely and Kelsey behind to sit in the Badlands while he flew off in seemingly the only helicopter available. Even for an over-dramatized reality TV show, this is pretty unrealistic. Did they come back for the girls with the helicopter? Did they let them duke it out Survivor style on the beach? These scenes are just so awkward and forced, cringe isn't even a strong enough word.

12 When The Bachelor And Contestants Say "I'm Not Here For Fame"

One of the most repeated lines in the history of The Bachelor is, "I'm not here for the wrong reasons." A surprising amount of people have to remind us that they are, in fact, on this show for the sole purpose of love and have zero interest in fame or fortune. We hear sob stories of past loves lost or maybe no love in their past at all, and how all the Bachelor and contestants really want is to find somebody to spend the rest of their lives with. This may have been true when the show first started, but at this point we find it REALLY hard to believe that everyone isn't in this for a little bit of fame. As the years go on, we seem to get more contestants who have done acting/modeling/TV jobs in the past, and less everyday, normal people. I guess that's bound to happen when you're casting one of the most watched shows on TV.

11 Everyone Is Still Hopeful For Love, Even With The Bachelor's Horrible Track Record

For being a show that's supposed to help you find a "forever" kind of love, The Bachelor definitely doesn't have the best track record. Of the 21 seasons, only four couples have made it, and that's counting Nick and Vanessa who are very new lovers; as well as Ben and Lauren who haven't yet married and are supposedly on the rocks at the moment. So, in reality we have TWO relationships that actually ended in marriage and kids. The Bachelorette has a better track record than The Bachelor, but neither are good enough to run home about. This makes the show all the more difficult to watch, because as we root for our favorites and cheer when he picks the girl at the end, there's that nagging voice inside of us saying, "It doesn't matter who he picks, it won't last anyway!" So... what even is the point of this show again?

10 The Fact That The Bachelor Doesn't Mess Up Names More Often

Are these girls wearing secret name tags that we can't see, or do the producers remind the Bachelor before every date "Okay, this one is Ashely, not Kristy, the next one is Kristy, then comes Jenny." To be fair, it's a lot to remember, on top of the fact that this has got to be an overwhelming experience as it is. Fans know all too well the feeling of watching these women (who often blend together), yelling at our TVs wondering if we're even rooting for the same girl we were rooting for in the beginning of the episode, because honestly we can't keep them all straight. I could have SWORN that Raven professed her love to Nick creepily early in the most recent season of The Bachelor, but then towards the end, she did it again like it was the first time. Did I misremember? Did they hope we would forget? Either way, we're pretty surprised that more "Jesse" incidents don't happen at the rose ceremonies.

9 When Contestants Express Their Relationship Concerns To Other Contestants

It's hard being a Bachelor contestant. Without contact to the outside world, you've really only got so many options while living in the Bachelor mansion. And those options are basically either befriending the crew or befriending the other girls that your hopefully soon-to-be fiancé is currently dating. It's a pretty awkward situation, and we get that the girls form close friendships—which is great—but what we still can't get over is how cringe-inducing it is when they complain to each other about their "relationship" concerns. We watch one girl cry and say "I just don't know how he feels about me, I thought we had something special" while another girl sits right there with a look on her face that says "Yeah, same here." #Awkward

8 When The Hometown Dates Don't Even Happen At The Contestants Homes

When we found this one out, it was definitely a let down. Apparently when the Bachelor goes to visit the hometowns and families of his final girls, we may not be getting the real glimpse into the contestant's world that we think we are. In fact, it's basically mandatory that the family meeting portion of the hometown dates take place in the house of the richest relative. As if enough isn't already done to keep this unrealistic fantasy world alive, the Bachelor doesn't even get to see how his possible future fiancé actually grew up. Of course this isn't true in EVERY instance, but how are the fans supposed to decipher? This leaves us wondering, hometown after hometown, if we're actually seeing the contestant's home, or if this is some mansion of a rich uncle who she only sees on holidays.

7 All The Serious Relationship Issues Are Put On The Back-Burner

For a show that expects its participants to find love in a relatively short amount of time, you'd think more of these people would cut to the chase. But instead, we see the same thing unfold every season: the serious relationship issues like kids, values, where they're going to live, etc...are usually put on the back-burner. When those issues finally do arise, it's usually at the very end of the season when everyone is in too deep. That or the girl ends up getting sent home for being too honest because she freaked out the guy who just wants to keep living in his easy world of beautiful women and vacation dates. It definitely is easy to get caught up in The Bachelor world, but the people on this show would all benefit from remembering that this fairy-tale like state of their relationship will soon be over, and they should probably actually discuss what happens outside of endless hot tubs and helicopters.

6 A Lot Of The Contestants Seem To Be Less Than "Qualified"

As far as we recall, not only was the Bachelor originally meant to be a man worthy of these women's time, but the contestants themselves were supposed to be suitable matches as well. Slowly but surely it's becoming more clear that this show has turned into a free for all where any and everything goes, and it no longer seems to matter whether you're at a good place in life or not. Take, for example, all of the contestants who apparently don't have enough going on in their lives to merit an actual job title. So we get things like "free spirit" or "Bachelor fan" and are left to wonder what the hell it is these people actually do in life or bring to the table in general. The more this show goes on, the more and more it seems to stray from all of the original rules - which you actually might need to make something this crazy actually work.

5 The Bachelor Gets Paid, But The Contestants Don't

Good for the Bachelor, we suppose, but the girls don't have the luxury of resting easy once they've gone into debt and have to take on two extra jobs just to make up for being on this show. One thing that totally irks us about The Bachelor is that while the Bachelor himself still enjoys the same flow of income he's used to while enjoying this new group of women, the contestants don't get paid a thing for being on the show while fighting for one guy. Sure, we could say this avoids the fame and money hungry people from auditioning (which, as we've explored, still happens anyways), but in reality, it just seems like a slap in the face to the girls. If they're lucky, they get some attention and money for appearances after the fact, but it really adds on to the sadness considering a lot of these girls get rejected AND lose tons of money.

4 The Bachelor Has A Stylist And, Again, The Girls Don't

Seriously, consider taking months off of work—possibly even quitting a job—and on top of all that, having to come up with fresh and new fancy looks for every rose ceremony? These girls get the short end of the stick, that's for sure. We could praise The Bachelor for "keeping it real" and letting the girls do everything for themselves to show the Bachelor and America who they really are, but we would be kidding ourselves. As soon as we remember that the Bachelor himself has a stylist and gets paid, it's hard not to hate the process just a little. ABC could definitely afford to give these girls some sort of clothing allowance; considering they're meant to look TV ready 24/7. Let's just say, being broke and going on The Bachelor is not an option.

3 Chris Harrison In General

We love Chris Harrison, but who is he? What does he do? He's kind of a glorified host, a man of few words who has so much material to work with that it doesn't matter what he says. There is something about his long staying power on The Bachelor, along with his little side comments and perfect timing, that makes him feel like a true constant on the show. He even gets to know the returning cast; becoming especially familiar recently with Nick's story after being there with him through The Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise, and finally, The Bachelor. As accepted as his presence has become, he is pretty much only there for show and doesn't do much of consequence. It's also been said that he doesn't really write the fantasy suite notes, which isn't TOO surprising.

2 The Amount Of Women Who Profess Their Love After A Couple Of Dates

Love is a strong word, like THE strongest word when it comes to this kind of relationship, but it definitely isn't something you can know after a few dates. Obviously one of the biggest problems in The Bachelor world is the expectation that people are going to find a husband or wife, a forever kind of love after only a handful of dates and quick moments together. Everyone involved has to sort of stretch their emotions and their minds to try to make it work. But even so, saying you love someone, or even that you're falling in love with someone after a month or two is pretty drastic. But hey, who knows. Maybe the whole "love at first sight" or "soul mate" thing is really happening here.

1 When The Bachelors Are Total Tools (Which Is Often)

I don't think Juan Pablo needs an introduction to most Bachelor fans. Other than one of the most notorious and hated Bachelors of all time, take a second to really consider how awful a lot of these guys are. Maybe we're being too judgmental for someone who signed up to do something like this, but there have definitely been better Bachelors than others. The people who cast this show know by now how to pick them, and it leaves us wondering if they're purposely casting total douche bags sometimes. It definitely makes for good reality TV, but it completely sucks for the girls who wasted their time. The Bachelors started out better and slowly declined, much like a lot of things in this show. Please give us better next time, Chris Harrison!

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