15 Unforgivable People Who Don’t Deserve To Have A Phone

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15 Unforgivable People Who Don’t Deserve To Have A Phone

Having a cell phone nowadays is as common as anything else someone might possess. In fact, anything technological is popular in any given person’s life and in 2017, no one bats an eye at it. Now, that’s not to say that every person who has a cell phone is good at using it for the right reason. It could be a generational gap our parents seem to have or it could be sheer idiocy that people can’t quite get around. No matter what type of new technology advance the world throws at us, there will always be a large group of people who don’t use it the way it should be used.

This phenomena could probably be left undiscussed but how fun would that be? Even though we might not roll our eyes at these “types” of people in our life, we can all laugh and then roll our eyes at the 15 photos below. Oh, you say you don’t know someone who shouldn’t have a phone? Well then, sit back and learn a thing or two because you, friend, are probably one of these people.

15. What? How? Huh?

And, finally, because of stuff like this: | 26 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Phones

Via: buzzfeed.com

When we are out in public, there’s nothing more annoying than people entertaining themselves with their cell phones. We’ve all been there and done that, but we don’t necessarily notice until we see others committing this crime. People being on their phone when they should be enjoying face-to-face conversations is a natural thing these days and we guess it’s something to be embraced; but this photo above… is not.

We get it, older people didn’t grow up with cell phones, but this is unforgivable. While it is an honest mistake, we still don’t quite understand how this woman doesn’t know which side to is the right side to use. Maybe she’s had one too many Long Islands to tell the difference or maybe, she just doesn’t get the logistics of a smart phone.

14. Figuring out what is most important

Via: pinterest.com

Everything about this photo is wrong and we really hope that’s not an actual, live baby with this woman. When people become parents, we would think that figuring out what is most important is easy. Newly acclaimed responsibilities are tough to handle and everybody learns and realizes things differently; but we’d like to think that a phone call doesn’t come before caring for their child. Each parent learns at different speeds and some people are just natural at it—but this woman is not one of them.

This just goes to show that some people can’t handle the responsibility of two seemingly important things at the same time. We are glad this was caught on camera and hope this woman saw this picture as well.

13. Get with the times, Mom!

Via: buzzfeed.com

None of us are getting any younger and while we are in fact all aging, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the celebrity news that is constantly evolving and changing. But if anyone in Hollywood is visibly recognizable to most people, it’s Queen Britney Spears. This might not be the best picture of her, but it definitely isn’t King Jong Il. We’d like to say mom’s was a pretty good guess, but it really wasn’t.

To top it off, this person’s mom definitely made things a bit too uncomfortable for her kid by the terrible auto-correct fail she endured. While the actual situation is completely innocent, it sure doesn’t seem that way. We love our parents and they do a lot of us, but come on mom. It’s Britney Spears!

12. Save the turtles!

snapchat fails 5

Via: blazepress.com

We get it; when people use social media platforms like Snapchat, they are trying to get a laugh or two out of their friends by sharing a seemingly innocent Snapchat. But in this case, this is on another level and quite unforgivable. In all of our lives, we’ve all done dumb things we regret later and for this person, this will probably be one of them. This poor turtle is just slowly moseying along and it then gets picked up by a terrifying human being. Before it knows it, it is smoking on a cancer stick involuntarily. In this case, to each their own, but leave the turtles alone!

We hope this person got the backlash they deserved. Then, we hope they were virtually shamed into feeling guilty about what they displayed for their social media friends to see.

11. This has gone too far

Via: sliptalk.com

Selfies are all the rage these days. They are so popular that an actual selfie stick was invented and produced for easier access to limitless duck faces and peace signs. While it is a great invention for selfie lovers, it’s just not good enough for others. Take the girl up above for example.

She’s just casually relaxing in a *public* place and she decides to take a selfie. There’s really nothing wrong with that, right? Sure but in this case, there kind of is. This is a prime example of when some people have taken their selfie obsession to the next level. We’d say go for it in the comfort of her own home, but some people would think this woman is in fact crazy if they were to pass her by.

10. The brain is used for thinking

They don’t understand how phones work: | 27 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn't Be Allowed To Text:

Via: pinterest.com

If we were to think about our worst nightmares, two of them would probably be losing or breaking our phone. While it would be quite nice to forget about our technological obsession for a while, we’d probably come to our senses pretty quick and remember it’s not with us or working properly. Not only are phones basically our lifeline to the outside world, they’re is also very expensive devices. So when something like this does happen to our phone, we aren’t really in the right might set to think about things that should make common sense.

Again, parents and their technology: the two mix like oil and vinegar. But this mother’s dilemma kind of sets her back a few more notches. Hmm, how is your child really actually sure you are sending text messages from the next room? We don’t know either.

9. Hate when this happens

WOW! Ive been using this new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! I lost like 26 pounds,Check out the image to see the website, autocorrect

Via: fuautocorrect.com















First dates can be nerve-wracking and when it’s a blind date, people don’t ever know what they are in for. So when this person is a bit paranoid about their upcoming meet-up, we completely understand why. After all, people are sketchy and no one wants to end up on an episode of Disappeared, right? So when this person expresses their feelings before going on this blind-date, they don’t hold anything back. But after they received a text message back, they probably wished they would have held back a bit. Turns out their friend was actually their blind date and thankfully, they weren’t interested in killing them.

If there is a silver lining to any of this, it’s that if these two people end up together, they will have an excellent story to tell their children and anyone else who will listen. Who knows, it may work in their favor.

8. Now isn’t the time for a selfie

Via: pinterest.com

When we get into our cars, it’s always in the back of our mind that there is a possibility we may get into a crash. Now, it’s not like we are constantly thinking about something like this because that would drive us crazy; but there is always a possibility. Unfortunately for this poor woman, this became a reality. There isn’t a clear answer as to who was at fault but by the looks of the picture above, we may have an idea.

Hopefully most of us haven’t have the trauma of getting into a crash, but we’d like to think our phone wouldn’t be on our mind if so—especially if we had a broken rib or two. This just goes to show that some of us (ahem, her) need some space from our phones and maybe to think about other things for a while, like getting better.

7. Here’s the thing about forgotten phones…

Via: nowaygirl.com

Another mother bites the dust… for our comic relief. This could literally happen to anyone, but it’s funnier that an innocent mother looking out for her kid is behind this. When we forget our phone somewhere, we aren’t really pleased with ourselves. In fact, we probably feel a bit naked and long for the minute when we can see it again. Hopefully, someone like our mother finds it and places it in a safe spot for us to retrieve it; but we don’t really know about this situation.

When this woman figures out that she won’t get a response back, she may feel a little silly. Not only is she virtually talking to herself, but she also doesn’t understand that texting won’t get her anywhere. While this is more funny than unbelievable, it still deserve a shake of our heads.

6. This is not a joke

Via: smosh.com

There are some things we joke about that ride the line of appropriate and inappropriate and this one definitely falls into the inappropriate pile. With all that is going on in the world, we don’t need anyone being the boy who cried wolf. These things actually happen everyday and to joke about them is well, quite unbelievable. We get that they were trying to get a response out of their friend but they could have done it several other ways. This jokester needs a swift smack to the head.

We all know someone who takes things a bit too far for a laugh or two and this person is definitely a great example of that. Next time maybe this person should call their friend instead of scaring them.

5. When it’s James and not Jared

Via: mobilelikez.com

While this whole situation is quite unforgivable in many ways, it is also cringe-worthy to the fullest potential. This happened because of karma and for James’s sake, we are glad he found out about his significant other’s antics simply by her not paying attention. This is what happens when you fool around on your loving boyfriend or girlfriend and don’t check who you are texting. Yikes.

This is quite the sticky situation and we wonder what happened next. Did this person end up texting this Jared character or did they hide under a rock for a while until the dust settled? We’ll never know even though we secretly want to know. Either way, they got what they deserved by not paying attention and being a jerk.

4. This girl is committed

Via: kappit.com

We don’t even really know what to say about this picture because frankly, this is utterly unbelievable. We probably know someone who is a snoop when it comes to other peoples’ phones but nothing is worth concealing like that. This woman could have stomped on her phone, she could have thrown her phone against a wall, but she swallowed it instead. We aren’t sure what was going through her mind for her to come to this decision, but it wasn’t a very smart one.

Whatever was on her phone must have been pretty bad and if we really think about it, how does this even happen? How does someone successfully swallow their phone? This girl, apparently. Call her crazy or call her brilliant, she might be both.

3. Collateral damage or bust

Via: providr.com

This text message would be pretty traumatizing if it came from one of our parents and we would probably freak out. In this case though, the kid will keep a secret for a hefty fee. While the situation is quite sad, the kid thought on their feet and demanded collateral to keep a secret. No one wants to know that their mother or father is cheating but when in doubt, demand your wish list and more.

We’re thinking that this mom won’t ever hear the end of this situation but for her sake, she better pay up so her husband doesn’t find out. This situation is a mess, but at least the kid got something out of it, right?

2. The most gullible award goes to…

Via: doseoffunny.com

Once upon a time, we heard of the the old “phone-in-rice” trick. If it’s wet, put it in rice and overnight the rice soaks all the water up and hopefully the phone is salvageable. We aren’t so sure this trick ever worked, but we all tried it and hoped for the best. While there are tips and tricks for wet phones, there isn’t a do-it-yourself charging trick for your phone… yet. Apparently, though, people are trying certain things out so other people don’t end up with the same fate.

Putting anything electronic in a microwave just seems like a bad idea—and we’d think that everyone would know that. But just like everything else, people keep doing dumb things and we keep having the chance to make fun of them for it. Case in point? Never try “charging” a phone in the microwave because a hot phone isn’t a good phone. Beyond that, a busted, hot phone is never good either.

1. Just, no

Via: themetapicture.com

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, weird inventions like this come to light. We can deal with people and headsets in public, but we can’t quite get past this. Whenever new and inventive technological accessories comes out, they are usually for our benefit, making for easy accessibility, but this is neither. This brings us all back to the ’90s when cell phones were bulky and hard to deal with. Anyone who buys something like the receiver above is not only unbelievable, but obnoxious as well.

This entire scene makes us shake our heads and wonder what they will come up with next. There is no rhyme or reason for something like this to surface and anyone who actually uses their hard-earned money to purchase it doesn’t deserve to own a phone.

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