15 Unforgivable Tweets That Make The World A Worse Place

It's probably a given that we have all hopped on one of our social media accounts and came across questionable posts. Not the posts that leave you confused in an understandable way, but a sort of confused where you are afraid for humanity. You may be confused or slightly frustrated at the sheer stupidity and lack of maturity that some people display on the internet for all the world to see and wonder why. Is it for attention? Is it to get a rise out of people or are there actually human beings that strive to make the world a worse place to live?

You decide for yourself, but the next 15 photos are proof that some people just don't understand the basics when it comes to life and we are quite scared for their well-being as well as their future. At the same time, their questionable antics are hilarious to witness and we hope there are years worth of peoples' assumptions and opinions ahead.

15 Meh, this isn't quite how the world works

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We are happy other people celebrate Earth and feel blessed to be on it, but we also think this woman needs to brush up on her history lessons. Nothing too specific, just that the Earth has been around for way longer despite the fact it was 2014 when she tweeted this. We don't necessarily think she has to believe everything she's probably learned in school, but we'd like to think everyone knows that Earth is way older than what this woman thinks.

At the same time, if we were her, we'd want to know the facts of something like this instead of potentially getting called out on Twitter. Heck, we also wouldn't want to be in an article like this because of our ignorance; but her obliviousness is our entertainment.

14 When understanding women is hard

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It's a known fact that men don't know or don't want to know about what a female goes through on a daily or monthly basis with their bodies. Some men prefer to be oblivious, while others paint a picture as to what they think they know and roll with it. For example, all men know that a woman has her "time of the month," but they probably don't ask too many questions after that. When they were younger, they learned about the birds and the bees, but probably weren't taught too much about, well, this. Don't get us wrong, we know there are men out there with a head full of knowledge; but to be honest, the tweet above kind of advertises the average man's thought process.

Back in the day, things were more simple in a lot of ways; but homeboy has it all wrong about menstruation and pollution. While both aren't enjoyable, there is no proof that they have anything in common. Hopefully someone brought him up to speed.

13 Just... yikes

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We have all probably had something called "word vomit" before and after spewing a sentence or two out, we realize how wrong our words sounded. Word vomit feels uncontrollable, but afterwards, we usually feel bad. Now that social media is a constant in a lot of our lives, we see this type of thing on the internet, too. But, instead of word vomit, it's typing vomit and apparently everyone isn't aware that they do it. We'd like to think that before sending that tweet, people would take a second to think about what they are about to put into the virtual atmosphere; but naw, the woman above didn't have time for that.

This one isn't particularly funny; it's more alarming that someone would even think to put something this offensive out in the public for everyone to see. What we do find a bit funny is that we aren't very surprised at the obnoxious statement we see before us. Not good.

12 Oh baby, baby

Via: buzzfeed.com

Please tell us that this girl isn't for real. Life is hard and sometimes, things are hard to comprehend; but this is middle school stuff right here. We may have not remembered everything our teachers taught us, but we are pretty sure everyone remembers this part of class. What this girl also failed to remember is that the internet is filled with millions upon millions of answers to questions and what does she do? She goes on Twitter and expects someone to honestly answer this.

Sigh, we miss the days where we had to either keep these thoughts to ourselves or ask them in person and get ridiculed by our friends. Sometimes using our brains is hard, but this type of question is hard to forgive.

11 When spelling words correctly is key

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When we first saw this tweet, we all probably read it the way it was intended to be read. Then, we looked it over again and realized that something is quite wrong with this picture. We get that this Twitter user is trying to be sweet and call out her bae, but sometimes, misspelling words and not catching the embarrassing mistake can be quite regretful. We get it, no one is perfect and mistakes happen, but we kind of feel like this tweet can resonate with how the world is handling things right now.

How so? We as people just say things and don't even know our crappy (get it?) mistakes until we are told about them. Hopefully this person got called out and revised her tweet.

10 Why would anyone post this? WHY?!

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There are people in the world who are content with just living their lives and staying out of the spotlight. There are also people who crave attention and think that they will calm that need by posting silly things like the tweet above. We aren't really sure why this guy felt the need to post this, but it's also questionable that he would think that ebola and grandma have anything to do with each other.

Again, this tweet is hilarious not for the content, but for how out of touch with reality some people can really be. We're sure other people had the nerve to call him our for his antics. At the same time, we hope that the two retweets and one favorite tweet was as a joke and not realization by others as well.

9 When two Leo's collide

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We really want to believe that this woman is joking, but sadly, she probably isn't. We don't have to be fans of either Leonardo's to know that this tweet is wrong on so many levels. As well as levels, generations and a handful of centuries as well. While both of the Leos in question are famous, they couldn't be more different from each other. In fact, the only similarities between the two would be their first name and the fact that DiCaprio played a character in the beloved film, Titanic who could draw and had some artistic talent.

We also wish that people had this type of basic knowledge; but once again, we are let down. If Leonardo da Vinci knew of this tweet, he'd probably roll over in his grave—both because of the technological advances we've made and because of the mistaken identity between himself and Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, on the other hand, would probably ask to portray him in a movie and win yet another well-deserved award.

8 Get it together

Via: dumbesttweetsever.com

Math is hard and if it isn't hard for you, congrats, you are above the odds. Most of us can probably agree that math was our least favorite subject in school. It was boring, there were way too many formulas and really, we low-key knew we'd never have to use that stuff when we got older because, technology. But what we do and should know is basic math to get us through the day. If we even listened for a millisecond in math class, we would know that the tweet above is kind of offensive. Why? Because if we were this person's past math teacher, we would feel ashamed.

We can laugh now when we see this, but we are a little afraid for this guy and his future endeavors.

7 When looks are deceiving

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When we pick fast food restaurants as a means to feed ourselves, we don't have very high expectations. Not that fast food isn't delicious, but that it is what it is: food that is fast. At the same time, fast food joints should deliver friendly service and correct orders, like any other place. Once again, no one is perfect and sometimes, things get screwed up and we just have to roll with it.

But in this case, this Twitter user doesn't really understand that their complaint isn't valid at all. No one wants to have an allergic reaction to things, but before complaining, at least take a step back and think things through. Hopefully Burger King's social media rep had a bit of sass and clapped back the right way.

6 Shallowness and ice cream

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First of all, it seems like we need to remind people that those of us who have limitations on food don't choose that life, it chooses us. Not being able to have dairy wouldn't be fun, but if we had to give it up to live a functioning life, we would do it. So while we understand it would be be a bit difficult at times to date someone who cannot have certain food, it certainly doesn't make them a boring or bad  person. It seems like this guy above not only has very high expectations, but also cannot spell when it comes to his Twitter rant.

If you were to really look at the post, what is "lack toe tolerance" anyways? It doesn't really matter; what matters is that this guy up above blows it by making himself look like a fool by completely forgetting how to spell, let alone pronounce part of his post. We wish we got to be the person who called him out.

5 Another one bites the dust

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What? Why? How does this woman not realize what she is about to do to herself? We would like to think that her Twitter followers would tell her what she did, but then again, it doesn't look like she learned her lesson the first time and needs another reminder. We all get excited when we get a new credit card in the mail; but with today's generation, everything needs to be documented to prove that it actually happened.

This just goes to show how desperate we've become to tell anyone and everyone what we do with our lives from a day-to-day basis. Sometimes, we might not even realize we are doing it; like this woman. Also, sorry to break it to ya bae, but that design isn't that cute.

4 Your argument is null

Via: dumbesttweets.com

These days, it seems like everyone thinks they should pipe up about every topic, whether they actually know what they are talking about or not. Don't get us wrong, we are all for exercising your right to free speech, but when it comes to people not knowing what they are talking about, that's a whole different story. In fact, this isn't a valid argument whatsoever and it seems like a personal problem more than anything.

We doubt this person thought this whole situation through and hopefully they got an earful after posting this. If Cal were to stop and think about how dumb he sounds, he would probably understand how the rest of the universe sees this tweet. Closed-minded, unaware and clearly he hasn't explored his apps on his phone much. But also a little funny because who cares what he thinks about an app?

3 Responsibility is hard

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We may not like to admit it now but when we were younger, we probably were low-key obsessed of the brain-cell reducing show, Jersey Shore. We knew the show wasn't good but somehow, we kept on giving it an audience and watching it. We watched it to feel better about our lives or maybe, we actually thought their lives were pretty sweet. Either way, we can probably recognize now that the people on the show were there for attention and free drinks and made names for themselves in the process.

While this tweet is funny on account of Snooki being absolutely crazy and hilarious on the show, it's also kind of shows a telltale sign of how people handle things in life. Spring break= everything, apparently.

2 Get with the times

Via: smosh.com

If we were to think of one of the most powerful people on this planet, it would be the President of the United States. Some may beg to differ, but whoever gets that title is known worldwide from the moment of presidency and on. He or she is an important figure and you don't even have to open a magazine or newspaper to know the name of someone like this.

So when this woman decides to hop on Twitter and asks this question, she's bound to get crap from her followers for the rest of her life... and rightfully so. Again, someone must be living under a rock to know the first and last name of someone like this and there is no if, ands or buts about it.

1 New account, who dis?

Via: smosh.com

And finally we've arrived at this gem of a tweet. It's not offensive, it's not shocking, it's just... there. We'd expect this tweet from our Grandma Helen or our crazy Uncle Buzz, but not a millennial. We get it, thinking is hard once in a while and sleep deprivation alone can keep us from thinking clearly, but this tweet is proof that there is no hope. If we need to explain, it's already too late; but just for those of us that don't jive with social media, this explanation is for you.

For one to see someone's posts, one has to be signed up and logged in themselves to have that access. Homeboy didn't think this one through but really, we doubt this has been the first tweet like this.

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