15 Unique Glasses To Liven Up Your Summer Cocktails

School is almost out, the sun is shining, and the heat is starting to escalate. Get those flip flop's ready because summer is literally around the corner! And we all know what summer is known as: backyard season! Which means endless BBQ's, parties, outdoor games, and, of course, sipping on delicious cocktails. For all of you looking for something a bit more unique and fun to hold your summer cocktail, take a look at these 15 awesome glasses!

15 Pineapple tumbler

Via: uncommongoods.com

Is there anything more summer than the pineapple?! Well, the watermelon, maybe, but this unique pineapple tumbler is perfect for all your summer cocktails, especially the ones you want to keep chilled. You can also use the removable top as a base to give your drink some added height. Buy now on Uncommongoods.com.

14 Beer can glasses

Via: etsy.com

I absolutely love these beer can glasses. Not only are they unique, but they're sturdy and perfect for any outdoor BBQ or game night! These are currently on sale at Etsy for only $28.

13 Just breathe

Via: etsy.com

This awesome mason jar glass is perfect for when you need an additional reminder to relax and just breathe, and of course, enjoy summer! Just $10 on Etsy.

12 Diamonds

Via: amazon.com

Diamonds are a girls best friend, or so we have been told for the last 60+ years. And in this case, YES! These diamond glass tumblers are sure to be your next summer BFF! Just $29.00 for the set and you can own these.

11 Gin & tonic

Via: uncommongoods.com

If gin & tonic is your thang then you cannot miss these unique drinking glasses! They're especially handy when you want to be reminded of how to make the perfect gin & tonic! Buy these now on Uncommongoods.com.

10 Glass milk bottles

Via: amazon.com

These glass milk bottles are perfect for any and all occasions. I think they would be perfect while drinking some homemade sangria. Just $12.00 for a set of 6! You can't beat that! Buy now on Amazon.

9 Mixtape glasses

Via: uncommongoods.com

I am in love with these glasses! Not only are they super unique, but they also include a wax pencil that can be used to customize your glass with your name or favorite band! Perfect for your next outdoor summer BBQ! Buy them now on Uncommongoods.com.

8 It's all good

Via: amazon.com

These glasses are perfect for the wine-o in your life. And if that's you, you go girl! Another added bonus: these glasses are unbreakable. So, bring on the wine happy! Buy your set (of four) on Amazon now, for only $16.99!

7 Chalkboard

Via: amazon.com

These amazing glasses are perfect for your next get-together! Whether you want to write out the name of the drinks, or have people mark their glass, you can't go wrong with these chalkboard glasses! Set of four for only $18.92 on Amazon!

6 BenShot Original

Via: amazon.com

Perfect for all of you outdoor hunting or shooting enthusiasts, this handmade product is made by BenShot and features a real bullet. This glass will sure to be the talk of the party! Buy yours now for only $15 on Amazon!

5 Skull beer glass

Via: amazon

If you're looking for a unique drinking glass for summer, look no further! This glass skull drinking glass is only $12.50 and can be found on Amazon.

4 Bicycle tumblers

Via: uncommongoods.com

These unique and colorful glass tumblers are perfect for your next party or outdoor get-together! You can find these on Uncommongoods.com.

3 Margarita glassware

Via: uncommongoods.com

If you live and breathe margaritas, then you NEED these glasses in your life! Designed by Alyson Thomas on Uncommongoods.com, these diagram glasses give you the perfect outline on how to make the perfect margarita. Now, go get the limes and get started!

2 Lab cocktails

Via: uncommongoods.com

Talk about a unique and one-of-a-kind cocktail party! This lab cocktail set is perfect for the science enthusiast in your life. Only $45 from Uncommongoods.com!

1 Aluminum glasses

Via: etsy.com

If you're into simple and classy, then look no further because these hammer-pressed aluminum glasses are beautiful! Only $8.74 each on Etsy! Hurry because there are only a few left in stock!

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