15 Unique Wedding Themes For Your Big Day

Whether you're a man or a woman, a wedding is one of the most special days of your life. Sure, women tend to make a greater fuss over weddings (and even that's slowly been changing), but men? Be honest: weddings give you the heebie-jeebies as well! And even though it's just a one day show, it is loaded with pompous celebrations, laughter, decorations, food, and lots and lots of wine.

Of course, when you see the photos later on, a strong sense of nostalgia will hit you. Your wedding day is full of sweet memories. So, how can you make that day even more memorable? Definitely by taking the route that no one has taken: adopting a unique wedding theme. Confused about what theme you should focus on? Don't worry! Here are 15 unique wedding themes for your big day.

15 A horror wedding

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If you are a serious lover of everything that is horror, then you should absolutely opt for this theme. You can either visit a few old, yet well-maintained castles for the venue or you can even erect a castle set of your own. But the latter would be more expensive than conducting the ceremony in a real castle. Also, the right ambiance of ghosts, ghoul, and horror can be created only with a real castle. You can enhance the atmosphere by opting for skull-shaped accessories such as rings, necklaces and bracelets, skull decorated cake, pitch black wine bottles with skull key-chains, skull-shaped wine glasses, and chairs that resemble gravestones. The dinner table can also be decorated in hues of black and white with eerie-looking candles.

14 Winter wonderland

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Now, this sounds exciting, right? A snow theme is way too magical to not go for it. You would be very lucky if you choose a snow-capped mountain, or if it really snows on your wedding day. Or, you can opt for a wooden house and decorate it with artificial snow. For food and drink, you can serve hot chocolate, piping hot soups in mini white mugs, chocolate lava cake, and a baked cheese appetizer. The perfect suit for the groom would be the very classic black and white blazer with a bow tie. For the bride, the white flowing gown can be bedazzled with silver stones and curly frills, if the typical white gown is too boring or cold to wear. The podium for reception can be also decorated with white roses to bring the day to winter wonderland perfection.

13 Carnival wedding

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Probably the most colorful wedding you'll ever see, if you're really obsessed with carnivals, circuses, amusement parks, fun city games, and so on, you should really go in for this theme. Since this should be a colorful wedding, you will need lots of balloons and confetti, for the decorations. The flowers used should also be different colors—the brighter the better. You can open a candy store at a corner with free provision of candy canes, candies, toffees, and chocolates. You can also tell your guests to come in psychedelic circus wear to add a zing to the environment (but of course, this is optional).

Just make sure of one thing: for the venue, you must choose a banquet hall that has a bright or pastel tone to it. Black doesn't really set the tone for "circus," does it?

12 Harry Potter wedding

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Who doesn't like Harry Potter?! Now, just imagine: a dream wedding, completely themed around the beloved Harry Potter. I know, ideas can overflow from your mind. You can have a big sorting hat set up in corner of the banquet hall. Then, you can distribute handmade wands to each of your guests. You can design the cake entirely based on the books or come up with some other crazy idea. One more brilliant idea is to serve wine in potion-like bottles. What about having a small reading session? Each one reads their favorite paragraph from their favorite Harry Potter book. And instead of a banquet hall, you can even use a Hogwarts-themed building. The options are only as limited as your creativity (or your ability to Google Harry Potter-themed wedding ideas).

Either way, it's an excellent way to have a blast with the people you love by honoring your special day with your favorite book of all time.

11 Wiccan Handfasting

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Are you fascinated by witchcraft? Then you must try out this amazing theme. In this handfasting, you can dress up like witches. Wiccan-themed cakes are also all the rage in these themed weddings nowadays. It would be better if you chose a castle as your venue as it can boost the Wiccan atmosphere. Also, you can opt for a red wine collection and serve them in goblets. Another specialty of this wedding is the broomstick jumping ceremony, which is almost considered as a ritual. You can even opt for expert Wiccans to preside over the wedding procedures. Even though you can experiment with different colors, it is highly recommended that you stick to black or red. You can provide some herbs for your guests if you need a true-blue Wiccan wedding.

10 Nature-themed wedding

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This one's for all the environmentalists and vegans out there!

With singsong birds chirping around you and the dense evergreen trees providing shade and comfort, you get to exchange your vows in a completely natural and beautiful surrounding. If you're a nature lover, you can find a beautiful woodland forest. You can either go in for an open space wedding or pitch a stretched tent that can accommodate guests. To give guests a taste of nature, include a buffet with various salads, nutritious dishes, and lots of greens.

You can also add a tint of green to all your accessories to show off your love for Mother Nature! Wedding cards can also be distributed in the form of papyrus leaves or green leaves. You can even go for a wood cabin or treehouse to stay over for the night. Additionally, you can conduct a campfire and a dance floor for the guests.

9 Cinderella-themed wedding

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Disney weddings have become common nowadays with Cinderella still being a popular one, so much so that most girls dream of having this themed wedding. There are a number of ideas for this wedding theme. First and foremost, the bride can have the classic blue ball gown as her wedding dress and the groom can choose any blazer or classic tuxedo. Of course, the ornaments of the bride can either be silver, platinum or white gold, and a tiara can be the cherry on top of the cake. And what about the shoes? Hell, yeah! You can definitely buy glass shoes for the ceremony. Furthermore, the cake can be designed in the shape of a carriage with lots of frosting in it.

8 Sexy goth wedding theme

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You might be scared at the title, but hear us out, will ya? For a goth-themed wedding, you can choose the venue to either be a hotel or a banquet hall. The specialty of this wedding lies in the costume, reception, and the décor. You can opt for an entire skull-shaped cake. The makeup of the bride and even the groom can be done gothic if you so choose. You can also take a few photographs in a cemetery nearby to enhance the environment of horror. Pep up the atmosphere by having some Halloween-themed baked goodies, masquerade masks, pumpkin candles, eerie goblets, black lanterns hanging from the walls, and Victorian-style dinner arrangement for the guests. You can also install a medium sized snow globe with two dressed skeletons dancing inside. Those willing to experiment can take this one on as a challenge to bring sexy back to goth!

7 A justice lover theme

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If you hail from a military family or you are a lawyer who loves justice to the core, then this one's for you. Not only is a courthouse wedding super affordable, but you can also easily make it a memorable celebration. You can wear anything as your wedding dress—yes, it can range from being simple to an expensive gown. One of the advantages of a courthouse wedding is that you'll most likely have leftover money in the budget to afford professional photos that will last forever. This type of wedding suits people who don't want to invite too many guests and for those who want their privacy.

6 Victorian-themed wedding

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This is for all those who love everything antique, vintage, and classical. Magnificence is the only word to describe this type of wedding. From the floor length wedding gown to the hat of the groom, everything spells elegance. Also, the entire décor of the wedding should be luxurious; it should spew richness with every look of it. Victorian weddings can take place in any church or a Victorian-styled house. The bridal bouquet and the floral arrangement can be a mix of roses, hyacinths, daisies, and tulips. You can go for a white cream cake topped with rose frosting. The dinner table arrangement should be fantastic enough to fit royal guests and wine should be served in high-end glasses or goblets.

5 Tranquil buddhist wedding

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This is a simple wedding theme that can appeal to those who follow Buddhist philosophies, which is mostly about love, compassion, kindness, generosity, respect, happiness, protection, and purity. Meaning: there are usually no predefined ceremonies in Buddhist weddings. You can use Buddhist symbols, infuse meditation in your ceremony, and hire a Buddhist priest to take over the marriage proceedings. The traditional wedding colors in this type of wedding are saffron, red, brown, crimson, gold, and yellow. It is highly recommended that you don't select a complete white gown and do try to use minimal accessories.

4 Movie-themed wedding

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Now, this sounds so cool, especially if you're a movie lover (and aren't we all?) Just imagine: your wedding can actually be turned into a stage play. Awesome, right? Well, you can opt for this wedding if you're an acting buff or love going to theatres. You can select any drama theater you want and design it with sparkling decorations. You can hang a huge chandelier in the middle of the hall and make it even more grand. Your wedding cards can be quiet creative—similar to the flyers that you receive for an upcoming play. Furthermore, you can deck out your wedding gown with stones or crystals to make it look elegant.

3 Classical art wedding

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This one's strictly for those who find beauty in the works of yore and for those who gag at the sight of modern art.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Pablo Picasso on your wedding day. Art combined with aestheticism is the best word that can describe this wedding. Choose some non-profile art gallery so that the budget doesn't burn a hole in your pocket and there are no extra taxes levied on you. For the right ambiance, you can go in for soft music to be played via gramophone, cake designed in the shape of a Mona Lisa painting, a full quartet band, and lighting soft pastel candles. You can even make space for a small bar counter that can provide various kinds of imported wine. Furthermore, you can have a painting corner where guests can unleash their creativity.

2 Star Wars wedding

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If you're a hardcore fan of Star Wars, why not theme your wedding around it? Gone are the days where nerds are looked down upon—we now live in the age of the geek! But, care should be taken when you opt for this theme, as it must be lively and engaging and not turn into a kid's party (ugh!). The best thing to include in this wedding is the provision of lightsabers for your guests. The interior decor should have hordes of star confetti to give the venue an ethereal feel of Star Wars. Your wedding dress can be as quirky as you want—there is no restriction in a wedding that is supposed to be fun all over. Use flowers of bright colors to enhance the jovial atmosphere.

1 A marine-life/aquatic-themed wedding

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With aquatic life and deep blue water surrounding you, who wouldn't want this wedding? Fish can have a calming effect on you and your guests. An aquarium symbolizes serenity. Just delve in the uniqueness of this wedding by opting for a deep blue or cobalt colored wedding gown. The groom can also go in for a tuxedo that has shades of blue in it. Accessories can be made of either silver or white gold. And what's the dinner menu without an exotic spread of seafood? You can also opt for a calm karaoke night in the aquarium. Additionally, you can have an information corner, which can provide guests tidbits about fishes during their free time.

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