15 Unreal Things Caught On Security Cams On Cruises

With so much isolation surrounding a single cruise ship, it is understandable as to why people sometimes push the boundaries during their excursions.

People get out onto the high seas, with nothing around them but water for hundreds of miles, and suddenly they think that they are genuinely free. With so much isolation surrounding a single cruise ship, it is understandable as to why people sometimes push the boundaries during their excursions.

What people quickly forget is that cruise ships have security cameras pretty much everywhere that is not a private passenger cabin. Compound that kind of heavy monitoring with personal technology, and it's a wonder that there is any privacy on these luxury ships.

These fifteen folks learned fast that cruise ship cameras can catch just about everything.

15 Bon Voyage Suckers

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To miss your cruise ship departure is a royal pain in the rear. Just about no one can argue against that. One couple had salt rubbed into their travel wound when they found themselves stranded at a scheduled port. A  cruise ship member bid farewell to the folks left behind with a giant hand. Talk about missing an empathy chip.

14 Clean-Up In Aisle Four

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Oh man, we are going to need a broom and a mop. The Royal Carribean cruise ship Anthem of the Seas had a whole lot of damage control to tend to after being battered by some serious sea waves. Check out the state of the kitchen! We feel sorry for the crew members who had to wake up to this.

13 Coming In Hot

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This cruise ship attempted to dock in an Italian port but failed miserably. Multiple people were injured when the boat crashed into the dock unexpectedly. The entire fiasco was caught on camera by some nearby pedestrians. We hope that they got their money refunded in the least!

12 Scariest Sights In All The Land

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Imagine being out at sea and seeing this sight through your cabin window. Hundreds of cruise lovers caught a glimpse of a raging winter storm when their ship took on the torrential waves that the winter months bring. One passenger managed to catch the scary scene on film so that the entire internet world could be terrified along with them. Maybe stick to summer months when considering booking a cruise.

11 For Real Though. What Is Wrong With You?

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This guy set out to get caught on camera as he did something entirely reckless and downright stupid. Nick Naydev thought it a genius plan to hurl his body from the 11th-floor balcony of a Royal Caribean cruise ship all for some social media publicity. He had no idea the waters he jumped into were infested with sharks, and he would have to find his way home after being banned from the cruise line for life.

10 Trash Overboard

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This cruise ship worker was caught on camera hurling trash directly into the ocean waters. Yeah, we are pretty sure that move is a big no-no. Videos were taken of the not-so-environmentally conscious act, and eventually, footage ended up all over the internet. Not so great for the seas nor for this cruise line's business.

9 Boo!

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Security cameras on one seafaring vessel caught what appeared to be a paranormal figure wandering the ship's corridors. Could ocean-loving ghosts be enjoying worldly travel via seaways? Maybe. We aren't about to book a ticket anytime soon and find out though. This sight would send us screaming for a dinghy.

8 Shaking Her Groove Thing

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This cruise lover also appears to be a lover of booze and dancing. All of these things combined made for some serious entertainment at the inebriated passenger's expense. She treated fellow seafarers to a free show when she shook her groove thing for all of the ship's travelers. Some people can not handle all of that vacation freedom.

7 And These Two Grandparents Are Going To Have Some Explaining To Do

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Oh man, Grandma and Grandpa sure are having the time of their lives on their vacation cruise. The fun is going to come to a screeching halt once they get home and realize that the ship's cameras caught their suggestive dancing. Their children and grandkids will never be able to look at them in the same way.

6 This Is Going To End Badly

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Not Kate Winslet. Not a movie set. Not a smart choice to make. Girl, move away from the bannister. Cruises are for fun in the sun, not for making dangerous and possibly life-ending choices. We do not trust your balance nor your judgment. Please move to solid flooring before throwing another pose out there.

5 Fight Club On The High Seas

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Last year a Carnival Cruise ship found itself in choppy waters and NOT because of inclement weather. A family of 23 persons engaged in ruckus behavior spanning several parts of the luxury ship. Security tried to intervene, but cameras found the staff perhaps going a bit "overboard." (See what we did there!)

4 All Eyes On Deck

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While traveling via cruise ships, it's essential to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Once you leave an island paradise and reboard the ship, anything left behind is likely gone for good. These unsuspecting travelers had no clue that they were getting pickpocketed while they dined.

3 Cameras Where They Shouldn't Be

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One Florida couple had their privacy impeded on in a significant way when they discovered a hidden camera in the cabin of their cruise ship. It's pretty much every traveler's worst nightmare: to have someone peeking in on you without your permission. After much inspection, the camera was deemed out of use, but it's still unnerving to think of someone spying on you.

2 Crimes Take Place

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Cruise ships are just as dangerous as any other vacation destination, and perhaps even more so since people tend to think of them as safer, because of their isolation. More than one unthinkable crime has taken place on cruise ships by crew members or by other passengers. Keep your eyes open at all times, people!

1 The Biggest Parties Take Place Below Deck

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The cruise ship crew might look straight and narrow while they work their shift, but once they are off the clock, they party hard. Many former workers shared their sordid tales of parties that took place below the main floor. We can not imagine enduring a hangover while on a giant ship!

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