15 Upsetting 'Harry Potter' Tumblr Posts That Leave Us Lying Awake At Night

Ah, the magic that is Harry Potter! Capturing the fancy of every fantasy-loving kid and adult that's a kid at heart, this J. K. Rowling book series made a successful transition to the theaters, to the delight of all Potterheads. It chronicles the life of the young wizard, Harry Potter, and has become an all-time favorite that tickles the imagination and warms the heart.

Yes, the power of imagination and the strength of the heart. From surviving Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to slaying a Basilisk, to conquering Wizarding Wars, to defeating the archenemy Voldemort—the Harry Potter books and movies never cease to redefine the magic of it all every single time.

But in the heart of every Harry Potter lover lurks some thought waiting to be expressed or some emotion waiting to be freed. And in these pages, we find some of the most thought-provoking declarations, tales and confessions—from the odd to the admirable—that can leave us lying awake at night.

15 Tragedy at 21

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A week prior to the attack that led to the death of Harry Potter’s young parents, James and Lily, Dumbledore suggested that the Potters protect their home by using the Fidelius Charm. The Charm’s secret keeper was James’ best friend, Sirius Black, who instead told the family to use Peter Pettigrew who, in fact, was a servant of Voldemort who betrayed them. Sirius—who discovered the deaths of James and Lily and saw Harry in his crib—was framed for the murder, sent to Azkaban and escaped 12 years later. Through all these events, what could have been going through Sirius Black’s head? What could he have felt in the deepest core of his being? This Potterhead attempts (quite successfully) to paint a picture of what it could have been like to be Sirius Black.

14 Inseparable Fred and George

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Just how close were George and Fred Weasley as brothers? They weren’t just siblings; they were twins whose lives were connected to each other’s. It’s no surprise why George found it incredibly hard to accept Fred’s death at the Battle of Hogwarts. Imagine having a twin—a second version of yourself—and being with him day in and day out. And then imagine losing him just like that. It was utterly hard for Fred to accept. Even Molly Weasley, the twins’ mother, feared seeing George suffer the same fate. This fear was actually manifested by a boggart, whom the Weasley matriarch fought against. It took the form of dead bodies of her family members—including George and Fred together. Yes, one of the twins simply could not be without the other, as this Potterhead affirms—not even in Molly’s worst nightmares.

13 Nobody hugged Harry—until Molly

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Harry Potter was only 15 months old when his parents were killed, leaving him with little memory of them. When he was sent to his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia Dursley, he was never loved and cared for. In fact, Harry felt like an outsider—until age 11, when Molly Weasley welcomed him into her home upon setting foot on Hogwarts. The pure-blood witch treated her like a son and loved him like one. She showed him warmth and kindness, gave him presents and hugged him for the first time since his parents’ death. Wait…what? How could Harry not know how it was to be in someone’s warm embrace since he was about two? How could anyone survive being in a house with an aunt and uncle as family and never experience a hug? This Potterhead thinks that is just so wrong, as do we.

12 The despicable Dursleys

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What could be sadder and more upsetting than a beloved book or movie protagonist being driven to a life of suffering? Take the case of the young Harry Potter who, upon becoming an orphan after Voldemort’s murder of his parents, was sent to his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. Loyal Harry Potter fans and followers couldn’t, for the life of them, understand how and why Harry—the kind and affectionate nephew—was seen as an unlovable addition to the household who languished under the stairs in a little cupboard. They insist that because Harry didn’t deserve being hated (and definitely not by the only family he had left), the Dursleys should answer for their offenses against the young boy. And why not put together an extensive list of all those and pray that this call for justice wouldn’t fall on deaf ears? Well, this Potterhead did just that!

11 George Weasley and the Mirror of Erised

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It’s hard not to feel sorry for George Weasley when, in the Battle of the Seven Potters, Severus Snape accidentally hit him upon casting Sectumsempra at a Death Eater. It was a mistake that cost him George’s ear, which didn’t grow back. In spite of this misfortune, George remained as cheerful and optimistic as he had always been. He would jokingly refer to himself as "holey" and thought that having one less ear would easily separate him from his twin brother, Fred. Of course, losing one’s ear is terrible, but this was nothing compared to the other thing he lost—Fred. So imagine him possibly looking into the Mirror of Erised and seeing only himself, not realizing the reflection still has his two ears—which means the reflection is actually Fred. Isn’t that bittersweet?

10 Just to hear their voices

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A Dementor, the guard of Azkaban prison, fed on positive emotions and human happiness, while causing its victim to look back at their worst moment. When Harry was attacked by these dark creatures, he would hear his mother's voice, as well as his dad’s, echo inside his head and almost getting louder each time. It was the moment of Voldemort's attack and the very time of his parents’ deaths that he was able to relive. It was painful for Harry to recall, but it enabled him to hear their precious voices. If you were him, would you give in to a Dementor and allow yourself to be attacked—if it were the only time you’d truly feel as if your were parents alive? This Potterhead believes this moment was worth pondering on.

9 A best friend’s memory

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When Lord Voldemort killed James Potter and his wife Lily, there was one friend who took the news really hard—Remus Lupin. Having been friends with James and Sirius Black at Hogwarts, they were inseparable. Remus loved James as his best friend and was thankful for his friendship. It meant the world to him as he was a lonely man who only had his friends to turn to. While he was miserable over James’ death, his other best friend, Sirius, was sent to prison in Azkaban for betraying James. Imagine that, as Remus was trying to live with these thoughts in his head for over a decade, he suddenly comes face to face with Harry—whose resemblance to Remus' deceased best friend was uncanny. This was one of the defining moments in the series—and these Potterheads think so, too.

8 Molly’s love for Harry

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Molly Weasley’s love for Harry was like no other. She was not related to him but she cared for the young wizard as his own. She made sure he was fed and felt happy being in their home. As an orphan who spent most of his growing years with his unloving Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, Harry could not have felt more relieved to have Mrs. Weasley give him motherly love. She made sure Harry was guided and accepted as a child, not as a famous wizard who was bound to a mission. Wasn’t it heartwarming that she gave Harry his first ever Christmas present? And isn’t it wonderful that Mrs. Weasley would spend a sleepless night trying to give Harry his first-ever Christmas present? This Potterhead couldn’t get enough of the idea!

7 Snape’s creepy love for Lily

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Whether or not Snape had true love for Lily is the topic of heated Potterhead debates. Many fans would do their homework to prove that James was an arrogant prick in his youth who picked on Snape and annoyed Lily, but eventually proved he deserved her. Others go the distance to argue that it was Snape who, despite the fact that being around Death Eaters was his idea of meaningful friendships, showed Lily a love that was very intense. And all things considered, she would have been better off with him. Still, for some people, there is nothing romantic about Snape and Lily’s relationship; it’s creepy in fact, according to this Potterhead. This discussion continues to this day, as fans relive one of the series’ most debated plots…always.

6 “I saw myself in him.”

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Draco Malfoy’s deleted scene in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 generated quite a buzz within the fandom—and for all the right reasons. More than anything, it could have shown that Draco, a pure-blood wizard, son of a Death Eater and arguably Harry’s biggest rival, was not exactly a bad guy through-and-through. In the scene that producers decided to take out (which, by the way, was also in the books), Draco decided to get in the way of Harry and Lord Voldemort in an epic confrontation and tossed his wand to Harry to help him defeat the enemy. Fans are upset that Draco was robbed of what could have been his redemptive arc. And some take it personally, such as this Potterhead, who admits to channeling the inner Draco.

5 Their first and final days

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For the fans and spectators alike, watching Harry Potter is like keeping track of the lives of people you adore under a microscope that, in this case, are the movie cameras. You’ve grown to love them all, particularly the three kids who sparked your love for reading and made you believe in the magic as a young kid. Growing up, you had your issues and so did Harry, Ron and Hermione. You watched these three characters grow up before your eyes, as you also discovered more of yourself. You were there to witness the many changes and challenges they went through. They are the reflection of you! And it’s no surprise the final days of filming the book series were the most emotional, but the most fulfilling at the same time.

4 Got bullied for shipping Romione

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There are many fans of Ron Weasley and Hermione, and why not? Several fan-fictions are dedicated to them because they have been through hell and high water as best friends, along with Harry. And don’t they look good together? You’d think that’s alright; everyone is entitled to their opinion and no one can take that away from them. It’s called respect for what others think and feel about who should be paired with whom. Think it’s this blissful paradise in the Harry Potter fandom? Sorry to burst your bubble; this Romione fan learned the opposite the hard way. And sadly, it had irreversibly painful consequences, at least for this Potterhead.

3 Voldemort’s enchanting scribbles

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Ever hated a character so much, you wish they would just vanish from the movie? That’s how a lot of fans in the Harry Potter universe feel about Lord Voldemort, the evil wizard whom Harry is destined to vanquish. Not only is he Harry’s archenemy, but he is every Potterhead's worst nightmare as he is out to make life difficult for Harry, starting with the murder of his parents. His constant attempt to eliminate the prophesied hero is upsetting, too! But did you know that even the most malevolent guy in the series can soften the heart of those who have grown to hate him? Through his fine handwriting, that’s how! It’s so beautiful, it makes you doubt which side you’re on—which makes you wonder: perhaps He Who Must Not Be Named did cast a spell on this Potterhead!

2 Ignoring Rowling’s words and imagining things

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Harry Potter fans couldn’t be happier that British author J.K. Rowling gave life to their magical fantasies. Kids, tweens, teens and even grown-ups couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest release. Rowling has a massive global fan base that rakes in billions of dollars for the Harry Potter franchise. These fans are so enthralled by her piece, they couldn’t get enough of it until the very end! But just as with any story idea, there are those who believe the series of events could have gone better. They play it in their heads over and over: Harry’s parents actually surviving, Harry and Hermione marrying and other events that just didn’t happen—because Rowling said otherwise. The best remedy? Ignore the author and use your imagination instead.

1 What will the mystical mirror reveal?

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One of Harry Potter’s awesome finds in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the Mirror of Erised. First shown in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, it was a splendid work of art framed in gold, standing on clawed feet and was the height of the ceiling. The Erised Mirror has the words, "I show not your face but your heart's desire" engraved on it, only backwards. Standing in front of the Erised Mirror, Harry saw his mom, Lily, and his dad, James—revealing his deepest, greatest desire to be with his family. Watching Harry Potter face a mirror reflecting the desires of his heart, this Potterhead wonders what it would have been like to fill his shoes and discover a deep longing for something or someone, even for that brief moment.

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