15 Valentine's Day Stories That Prove It's The Lamest Holiday Ever

If you're in a perfect relationship with someone who gives you nice gifts and takes you out to a fancy restaurant every Valentine's Day, then it's probably one of your favorite holidays. For the rest of us, however, it's the absolute worst!

More often than not, we're let down by the complete lack of effort our significant others put into the "special" day, or we find ourselves single and devouring an entire box of chocolates (which we bought for ourselves) alone while all of our friends and family are out on romantic dates. We always thought we were alone in our dislike for Saint Valentine and his frustrating holiday, but these Valentine's Day horror stories prove that it's the worst day of the year.

15 Not quite what she expected

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The girl who made this hilariously depressing Whisper confession thought she was in for an amazing Valentine's Day. Her boyfriend told her they had a "fancy dinner reservation," so she gave herself a Prom-level makeover and threw on her nicest dress.

She had no idea that her boyfriend's idea of a nice restaurant was McDonald's, or that he'd show up for their Valentine's date in jeans and a t-shirt!

We're pretty sure McDonald's doesn't even take reservations, so we'd bet that he lied about the date plans and tried to make reservations at the very last minute. When every nice restaurant in town turned out to be booked, he gave up and treated (at least, we hope he paid!) his girl to some chicken nuggets.

14 Is he wrong, though?

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Being single every year on Valentine's Day is bad enough... but things become significantly more depressing and embarrassing when everyone around you seems to notice that you're forever alone! For 10 years in a row, this girl's boss has scheduled her to work on February 14 since he knows she doesn't have any plans for the holiday. We don't know what's worse—the fact that her boss has assumed every year for an entire decade that she didn't have any dating prospects, or the fact that he was actually right in that assumption. Either way, we feel for this lonely girl. At least she gets to spend the day making money (which she can use to buy discounted chocolate on February 15) instead of spending it on someone she doesn't really care about.

13 Boyfriend of the Year

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We're not big fans of Valentine's Day, but February 15 is one of our favorite days of the year... because stores sell all of their leftover chocolates and candy for half the price! One particularly cheap boyfriend tried taking advantage of post-Valentine's discounts, and waited until the day after the holiday to give his girl her gift.

He bought some dead roses that were on clearance, and picked her up a box of reduced-price candy.

That's already a very inconsiderate and pathetic present, but he made things even worse by asking her to pay for half of the candy! Who does that?! Thank goodness she wrote "my bf at the time" in her Whisper, because we would have lost it if we found out she was still dating this loser.

12 Thanks, Mom

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It can be pretty awkward when you get your boyfriend something really nice for Valentine's Day, only to find out that he completely forgot about the holiday and didn't get you anything. It's even more uncomfortable when your mother anticipates your boyfriend's forgetfulness and buys him a gift to give to you. This mother deserves some credit for being thoughtful enough to do this, but no girl wants to find out that her Valentine's gift was actually purchased by her mom. The boyfriend should have turned down the mom's gift and just ran to the nearest gas station to buy her daughter some flowers or chocolates. Those might not be overly personal or expensive gifts, but at least they don't scream "your mom cares way more about you than I do."

11 Redefining "lovesick"

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This girl's boyfriend did everything right, but sometimes, bad things happen to good people. She was suffering from a pretty bad stomach bug on Valentine's Day, and instead of spending the day apart from each other, he went to her house with some chicken noodle soup and tried to make her feel better.

She appreciated the thoughtful gesture, but she was too sick to properly express her thanks... in fact, she was so sick, she threw up all over him!

Puking all over your incredibly sweet boyfriend on what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year might actually be worse than spending the holiday sick and alone in bed. We're sure this traumatic experience ruined Valentine's Day for both of them forever.

10 Worst way to end things

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This girl was having the perfect Valentine's Day. Her fiancé treated her to a nice dinner, he took her back to where they had their first date, and he capped the romantic evening off by giving her a bouquet of beautiful flowers. It seemed like the kind of date you only see in a Hollywood rom-com, but out of nowhere, the night turned into a horror flick with an M. Night Shyamalan-level twist.

The Whisper confessor's fiancé called off the engagement.

Why on Earth did he put so much effort into the Valentine's date if he didn't want to be with her anymore?! It doesn't make any sense to us at all, and if we're this confused, we can't even imagine how the woman in this story felt when her fiancé flipped her entire world upside-down.

9 This guy's face deserves to be slapped

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It takes a lot of courage to ask your crush to be your Valentine, especially if you have no idea how he feels about you before asking. This brave girl mustered up the confidence to give the guy she'd liked for ages a box of chocolates and ask him to be her Valentine's Day date, but his response was worse than she ever could have imagined. He completely shut her down and called her ugly... before taking the chocolates and leaving! He could have just said "no thank you" and went on his way, but he insulted her appearance and still took her gift. We don't typically condone violence, but this guy deserves a slap in the fact! As awful as this experience had to have been, she may have dodged a bullet here—he definitely isn't Valentine's Day date material.

8 No sense of humor

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We all want to be with someone who can make us laugh, so it's important to find someone who shares your sense of humor. This girl thought she could win over her crush with a cute joke, so she gave him a Valentine's Day card which asked if she could touch his butt.

Most guys would appreciate the compliment (and Finding Nemo reference), but her lame crush simply looked at her like she was crazy and walked away.

She was left feeling super embarrassed, and we're sure things between her and the guy she liked were uncomfortable for several weeks after this awkward incident. It's situations like these that keep us from ever asking anyone to be our Valentine—we'd rather spend the holiday alone than potentially experience this level of humiliation.

7 Friend zone

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There's nothing worse than being stuck in the friend zone with the person you believe to be your soulmate. Once your crush decides you're more like a sibling than a potential dating option, there's basically nothing you can do to change his mind. This tragically friend-zoned girl seems to have accepted the fact that she's never going to be with her crush, and spent her entire Valentine's Day helping the love of her life get ready to take someone else on a romantic date instead of trying to make plans of her own. If we were in her shoes, we would have discretely sabotaged his date so he'd come home early and spend the evening with us... but it's probably for the best that she's not as diabolical as we are.

6 Fake secret admirer

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We have always tried to just ignore Valentine's Day, but middle schools and high schools go out of their way to make forgetting the holiday exists absolutely impossible. For some stupid reason, most schools sell carnations every February 14 which students can buy and have delivered to their crushes, a tradition which inevitably leads to popular or happily taken teenagers walking around with beautiful bouquets while the lonely and unloved girls have to roam the halls without even a single flower. In this Whisper confession, one girl admitted she actually bought a flower for herself, so she could tell her friends that she too had a secret admirer. It's a tragically pathetic move, but we can't actually blame her for resorting to it. We can't all be as well-liked as Mean Girls' Glen Coco.

5 Ménage à trois

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While a lot of high schoolers wait until Prom night to have s*x for the first time, this teenager and her boyfriend were hoping to celebrate Valentine's Day by losing their V-cards to each other. Right as they were about to start getting down and dirty, however, an unexpected third party showed up to ruin their plans—the boyfriend's other girlfriend! Was he expecting her to show up and hoping for a threeway, or were all three individuals completely thrown off by this startling turn of events? Either way, what was supposed to be a romantic and unforgettable evening was completely ruined, and this Whisper confessor will probably never be able to enjoy Valentine's Day (or trust future boyfriends) for the rest of her life.

4 At least she cares?

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Not all mothers give their daughters gifts on Valentine's Day, so this girl should feel honored that her mom loves her enough to buy her something every February 14. On the other hand, she should also feel pretty embarrassed that her mom knows how desperately lonely she is and gave her a vibrator as a present!

Giving someone a v-brator is basically the same as saying "I know you're going to be single for a very long time, so here's something that will help lessen your never-ending loneliness."

Sure, she'll probably put the awkward gift to good use... but that doesn't make it any less humiliating to receive! Next time, the mom should just keep things simple and give her daughter some chocolates or a few roses.

3 Date thief

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This guy had his heart in the right place, but he clearly didn't put enough thought into his romantic Valentine's Day gesture. He sent his longtime crush a gift, but instead of writing his whole name on the card, he only put the first letter of his first name.

He hoped that would be enough to help her figure out who the Valentine's gram was from, but it clearly wasn't—she asked someone with the same initials if he sent the gram, and that other dude seemingly took the credit!

They started dating soon after, much to the true sender's dismay. Guys, if you're going to do something sweet for the girl you like, you should probably make sure she knows you're the one who did it.

2 Long distance Valentine

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Some couples are inexplicably able to make them work, but long distance relationships are undeniably awful every day of the year. Sure, you still get to technically "be with" the person you care about... but you don't actually get to be with them! When all of your friends are off on romantic Valentine's dates, the most people in long distance relationships can really hope for is a nice Skype session with their significant other. This girl told her boyfriend not to send her flowers or chocolates because all she wanted was a video chat date with him, but he wasn't even willing to give her that—he was too busy playing video games! Dude, Skype dates don't cost you anything and they don't even have to be too time-consuming. If you're not willing to take a few minutes out of your day on Valentine's Day for your girlfriend, stop wasting her time and just end things.

1 Horrible timing

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There are so many days every year when guys are expected to buy romantic and expensive gifts for their significant other. You have to buy her something nice for Christmas, for her birthday, for New Year's, for Valentine's Day, on the anniversary of your first date/kiss/engagement/wedding... it's just too much!

The boyfriend in this Whisper story tried to cheat and combine two special occasions to reduce the amount of gifts he'd have to give every year.

He proposed to his girl on Valentine's Day... even though the holiday fell on the day after her papa's funeral! She wasn't exactly in the mood to stop mourning and celebrate an engagement, so she unsurprisingly shot him down. We can't blame her—that was some horrible timing.

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