15 Viral Moments That Stole The Thunder From Meghan And Harry's Royal Wedding

Now that all of the hype surrounding the lead up the royal wedding has come to a halt, it's time to look back and reminisce about the beautiful ceremony. Sure, there are plenty of important things happening in the world we should all be paying attention to, but we can care about that and get sucked into the royal wedding.

It was signified a lot more than Meghan Markle marrying one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet, Prince Harry. It showed a lot of progress. Not only is Meghan three years older than Harry but she was also divorced before, an actress, biracial and an American. Regardless of her not ticking the boxes of a British girl from an aristocratic family, she managed to capture Harry's heart and ours.

There was a lot of speculation and rumors surrounding the big day, but when it finally arrived, there were still some surprises and moments we could not anticipate. From the dress that Meghan wore to the guests at the wedding and Harry's reaction to his bride, there were plenty of sweet and surprising moments at the royal wedding.

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15 Meghan’s Givenchy dress has a 16-foot veil

The millions of people watching the royal wedding as it aired on Saturday waited with anticipation to see what dress and designer Meghan Markle would select for her big day. While all sorts of rumours circulated, in the end, Meghan stepped out in a Givenchy dress, which was designed by British designer Clare Waight Keller. Keller is the first female at the helm of the famous French brand and was on-site the day of the wedding to make sure that everything looked picture perfect.

According to Elle Magazine, the dress was made out of “triple silk organza, featured an open bateau neckline with three-quarter-length sleeves.” The bride looked stunning, but as far as the internet goes, there were naysayers who thought the dress was too simple and ill-fitted. Regardless of the opinion of people who obviously have no fashion sense, this was the exact look that Meghan was aiming for. Kensington Palace released a press release saying that she chose to work with Keller due to, “her timeless and elegant aesthetic, impeccable tailoring, and relaxed demeanor.”

Meghan also topped the look off with a tiara (we’ll get to the details on that a little later) and a 16-foot veil that featured flowers on it that were representative of the 53 countries belonging to the commonwealth. The veil featured everything from English roses for England to black orchids for Belize.

14 Meghan chose to walk solo halfway down the aisle

Whether it is because the now Duchess of Sussex is a proud feminist or because her father, Thomas Markle, could not make her big day, we're not sure, but Meghan decided to walk about halfway down the aisle on her own. Of course, after finishing her solo walk, she was greeted by now father-in-law, Prince Charles. He agreed (happily, it seemed) to walk her down the aisle on his son's wedding day.

According to People Magazine, the decision to have Prince Charles walk her down the aisle was a rather last-minute occurrence, as Thomas Markle kept changing his mind about his attendance. He went from him saying he would not go, as he did not want to embarrass the royal family or Meghan any further after his paparazzi mishap, to saying he wanted to go to but couldn’t due to recent a heart attack and surgery.

Earlier last week, it was revealed that Thomas Markle had been paid by a paparazzi photographer to stage photos of himself preparing for the royal wedding.

Her father claimed he did not cash-in on all of the reported $100,000 that was paid for the pictures and that he merely did it take to improve his public persona ahead of the wedding. Despite the mishap, it was reported Meghan still wanted him to attend, but then Thomas revealed that he had a heart attack not too long ago and would require surgery. He then revealed that he would still like to attend and then a day later said he could not, which resulted in Meghan asking Prince Charles.

13 Prince Harry’s sweet reaction

Via: elle.com

We can only imagine what an emotional day it was for Prince Harry. He finally found a woman he loves enough to spend the rest of his wife, but it was a moment he couldn't share with his mother, the late Princess Diana. Although we are almost certain most people know this already, his mother died in a car accident back in 1997 when he was just 12 years old. So, when Prince Harry saw his soon-to-be-wife Meghan Markle walking down the aisle, he couldn’t help but stare in awe and shed a tear.

According to Elle, Prince Harry also broke custom by turning away from the altar to look at his bride. It is common practice in a royal wedding to continue to look at the altar even when your bride is walking toward it. Then, when Meghan reached him at the top of the aisle, he could not resist from telling her how she looked and how he felt. Prince Harry, sweetly whispered, “You look amazing." He followed that up by saying, “I’m so lucky.” At this, Meghan shyly giggled and smiled before turning to face the priest. There were also memes circulating where it appeared that Prince Harry said something a little more cheeky to Meghan, but that has not really been confirmed.

12 Kate Middleton's major case of side-eye

Via: aol.com

Believe it or not, one of the most shared moments following the royal ceremony was not about Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle but had something to do with Kate Middleton. And no, it was not about her fashion choice time around. Rather, people were talking about the expression on her face. According to Aol, Kate Middleton fueled royal feud rumors by giving Prince Charles’ wife Camilla Parker Bowles a major case of side-eye. During the part of the ceremony where U.S reverend, Michael Curry, was making his moving speech about love, the Old Testament and even slavery, Camilla looked at Kate. She either whispered something to her or provided her with a look that warranted this reaction.

It was unclear what the exact exchange was, as Camilla was wearing a hat, but whatever it was, it did not seem to go over too well with Kate.

You can tell by the disapproving glance she's bestowing on her mother-in-law. Onlookers have claimed that it looked like an intense moment shared between the royals. While at first people were giving Kate slack for reacting like that to the reverend’s speech, upon further investigation, people started to think that the look was intended strictly for Camilla. People were also criticizing Camilla online for appearing to laugh during the reverend's speech, so perhaps that is what Kate was offering her side-eye for.

11 The empty seat wasn't for Princess Diana

When looking at one of the front row’s during the royal wedding, it appeared that there was an empty seat left deliberately next to Prince William. Rumors quickly began swirling online that the seat was left to honor Princess Diana. However, as time went on another reason surfaced, despite how sweet and sentimental the first reason may have been.

According to Time Magazine, it turns out the empty seat was simply left that way to offer the perfect view to Queen Elizabeth. She's is the longest-reigning monarch and paid for the wedding, so of course she'd get the best seat in the house. In fact, the only reason Queen Elizabeth did not have anyone sitting in front of her during Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 is because she was already sitting in the front row. In this particular chapel, however, the Queen had a better vantage point if she were sat slightly elevated. Despite the great view, there were memes created out of the expression that Queen Elizabeth had on her face at one point, as she looked entirely displeased. We suppose we have to take into consideration that the Queen is in her '90s and perhaps was just caught in a brief moment, just as Kate Middleton was with her side-eye.

10 Meghan’s mother was her only family member in attendance

Although Meghan Markle had her television family at the wedding, AKA all of her closest Suits castmates, the only person in attendance from her biological family was her mother. Doria Ragland, who lives in Los Angeles, flew out a few days before the wedding to spend the night at a nearby hotel with Meghan and then accompanied her to the church. According to Harper's Bazaar, there were rumors swirling that Doria would walk Meghan down the aisle, but as mentioned above, Prince Charles ended up having the honor.

As the wedding was aired live and as photos started to surface, plenty of people online were commending Doria for having to sit by herself at her daughter's wedding with no family to celebrate with her.

Prince Harry’s family sat along one of the aisles and Doria sat across from them by herself. After the ceremony, people began to tweet their admiration of Doria saying things like, “Beautifully [sic] dressed Doria sitting alone in such a beautiful historical moment shows strength, & grace that must be an inspiration to Meghan. This is the reality of many single parents." According to sources cited in Harper's Bazaar, Meghan and Harry played a big part in the seating arrangement, so that would have likely been a choice that they made. Nevertheless, Doria handled it with grace as she sat teary-eyed in the front row, wearing a pastel green Oscar De La Renta dress.

9 The bishop read his sermon on an iPad

Via: bustle.com

For all those that tuned into the royal wedding and for those that just caught up over the excessive Instagram posts this weekend, you may have seen a mention or two of the bishop's speech during the royal wedding. According to Express, Rev. Michael Bruce Curry flew in from Chicago to address the crowd with a powerful sermon.

The Reverend used his worldwide platform to not only reiterate how powerful love is but to also speak about slavery and quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. When quoting Martin Luther King, the Rev. Curry said, “We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love. And when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world," he said. "Love is the only way. There's power in love. Don't underestimate it. Don't even over-sentimentalize it. There's power, power in love."

In addition to shaking up some of the other speeches undoubtedly heard at the royal weddings, he also did something else that was new for such a ceremony—he read his speech of an iPad. While giving his powerful and energetic speech, he also drew some meme-worthy reactions from the crowd. From the Kate Middleton glance that was given to Camilla Parker Bowles to Zara Tindall, the daughter of Princess Anne, whose mouth dropped at one point. For the most part, many of the guests could be seen smirking, such as soccer star David Beckham.

8 Pippa Middleton's dress looked familiar

Plenty of guests at the royal wedding turned heads for their outfits, but perhaps no one so as much as Kate Middleton’s younger sister Pippa. She showed up to the ceremony with her husband of one year, James Matthews, in a colour that appeared to be a good fit for the day, but not in the most original print. According to People Magazine, Pippa was wearing a “Hepburn” silk dress by the Fold, but it did not necessarily have the reaction that she was going for. Instead of being praised for looking like the picture of perfection as she was at sister Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William, she became the focus of one too many memes.

People were quick to draw comparisons online between Pippa’s dress and a can of Arizona Iced Tea.

In particular, people thought that she looked like the green tea with ginseng and honey can. You know, the mint-colored one with the pink flowers? If you didn’t see the comparisons before, perhaps that helped a little bit. Despite looking a little too similar to a can of iced tea, Pippa did seem to pick up on the whole “green” memo as both Queen Elizabeth and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland were dressed in green.

7 Princess Charlotte stole the show

It appears that as much as people were interested in watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their big day, there was just as much interest surrounding Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Prince Charlotte was one of Meghan Markle’s bridesmaids and, according to Good Housekeeping, wore a Givenchy dress to match Meghan’s, which was also designed by Clare Waight Keller. Charlotte also wore white leather Aquazurra shoes, which she cheekily showed off while on the steps of the chapel, holding her mom hand. Charlotte also had a flower crown and bouquet, which matched Meghan’s and included the favorite flowers of her grandmother, Princess Diana.

In addition to being all around adorable and nailing the royal wave, Charlotte also showed off a cheeky side of herself that she may have inherited from her Uncle Harry. Just as Harry was captured as a child on a number of occasions showing his tongue to the paparazzi, Charlotte took a page from his book and did the same thing. While Charlotte may be outgoing even in front of the cameras, her older brother, Prince George, was having none of it. It appears that Prince George is rather shy, as he tried to avoid the cameras altogether by hiding behind his father. Prince George donned an outfit that matched his dad and uncle for the joyous occasion.

6 Meghan wore a tiara dating back to 1893

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did shy away from some of the traditions held previously by the royal family at weddings, there was one tradition that she stuck by—wearing a tiara. Of course, in true royal fashion it was no ordinary tiara. According to People Magazine, Meghan wore a tiara that belonged to Queen Mary.

The diamond bandeau tiara was created in 1932 and “features diamonds set in platinum” and “a center detachable brooch made of ten diamonds dating back to 1893.”

The magazine quoted Kensington palace as saying, “The tiara is formed as a flexible band of eleven sectors, pierced with interlaced ovals and pave set with large and small brilliant diamonds.” The bandeau was initially presented to Princess Mary upon marrying Prince George, who eventually became King George V. Queen Elizabeth’s sister Princess Margaret was photographed wearing it to events numerous times. On her wedding day, Meghan made it her own by styling her hair and veil around it for the ceremony. Meghan had her hair in an updo and attached her 16-foot-long veil to the back of it. While royal watchers had predicted that Meghan would wear the Queen Mother’s Strathmore Rose tiara initially, it turned out that the Queen decided to lend her this one for the occasion instead.

5 Two of Harry’s ex-girlfriends attended the wedding

Call us immature, but we do not think we would be inviting any of our exes to our wedding. But we suppose when you are a royal, you play by a different set of rules. Both Chelsy Davy and actress Cressida Bonas arrived at the wedding practically side by side. According to Refinery29, Chelsy was widely considered to be Harry’s first love after they met in boarding school and were in an on and off relationship from 2004 to 2011. Apparently, Chelsy didn't want to live her life under the scrutiny the royal family faces and the two amicably parted ways. Chelsy even said that they would always remain friends and based on the royal wedding, it seems that way.

Although, some onlookers noticed that some of her expressions may not have matched up to her words, resulting in her being at the center of some memes over the weekend. In one of the meme’s, the photo of Chelsy above is featured and captioned with, “When you realize it should have been you.”

The other former leading lady in attendance was Cressida Bonas who, according to The Sun, dated Harry for two years between 2012 and 2014 after his cousin Princess Eugenie introduced them. It was also rumored that Cressida could not keep up with the interest and attention surrounding her relationship with Harry. Both girls seemed in good spirits as they arrived the day of the wedding and it has been said that Meghan even broke royal protocol and hugged Chelsy, who she reportedly doesn't even know very well.

4 Princess Diana was honored in more ways than one

If there was one thing that was incredibly important to Prince Harry on his wedding day, it was to honor his mother, the late Princess Diana  According to People Magazine, Princess Diana may be gone after her tragic car accident in 1997, but she is most definitely not forgotten by her sons.

From a floral arrangement to a hymn played at the ceremony, a ring and a couch, there were a number of things paying homage to Diana’s memory.

One of the ways that the couple paid tribute was by playing a hymn called "Guide Me, O Thy Great Redeemer," which was also played at Princess Diana’s funeral. Another way in which they paid tribute was with Meghan’s bouquet, which had Diana’s favorite flowers in it, Forget-Me-Nots. It was reported that Harry hand-selected these flowers from a private garden in their home at Kensington Palace for his bride to carry on their special day.

The couple also had a unique floral display installed at St. George’s Chapel at the time of the ceremony, which featured branches of birch, hornbeam and beech, as well as other flowers that Diana loved. The arrangement also included peonies, foxgloves and white garden roses. After the ceremony, Meghan also changed into a custom Stella McCartney gown and donned with it a ring that once belonged to Princess Diana. And in the official wedding portrait, Harry was photographed sitting on a green couch that Diana once sat on with him for an official photo while holding him as an infant.

3 Kate wore an outfit she's been seen in before

During the royal wedding, one thing that stood out on Kate Middleton, other than her stern side-eye that she apparently threw at Camilla Parker Bowles, was her choice in dress. While some pulled out all of the stops to attend the royal wedding with custom-made dresses and never before worn pieces, Kate decided to wear something that she has been seen in before.

Except she has not just been photographed wearing it once or twice before but three times.

According to OK Magazine, Kate has previously worn the pale lemon-colored Alexander Mcqueen dress. Although Kate changed up the outfit by accompanying it with a Phillip Treacy hat and shoes by Jimmy Choo, some spectators were quick to point out that she was creating a fashion faux pas by not only rewearing an outfit but also by wearing an outfit that looked cream-like. However, Kensington Palace quickly cleared this misconception up by telling people that the dress was pale lemon. And fans online started to defend Kate’s decision by saying that she likely re-wore the same dress once again so as not to take the attention away from her future sister-in-law.

People started to praise her instead by saying how thoughtful it was of her to wear the same dress for a fourth time so that photographers would have nothing new to shoot and could focus in their entirety on the bride. Kate had previously worn this dress to Princess Charlotte’s christening and on two other occasions.

2 The guest list was full of A-list celebrities

Perhaps we would not expect anything less than a celebrity guest list at the royal wedding, but Meghan and Prince Harry’s list was a lot more star-studded than we imagined. From Elton John to Oprah, Serena Williams, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham and the whole cast of Suits, there were plenty of famous faces in the crowd. Of course, all of the celebrities turned heads for not only being famous but also putting their best fashion foot forward.

Unsurprisingly, David Beckham gained a lot of attention looking all dapper in his suit; so much so that there was a slew of memes floating around afterward. One of the memes was an image of Beckham with the caption saying that you can’t invite someone looking as good as Beckham to your own wedding. Then, there was Oprah, who looked incredible but later revealed that she almost had a fashion faux pas. According to Time, as Oprah tried on her dress she realized that the shade was too beige and would almost look white in photos. Not allowing a little mishap to hinder the experience, Oprah quickly reached out to Stella McCartney’s team who were able to whip up an equally beautiful replacement dress in a more fitting shade of pink. Oprah posted on her Instagram saying, “I would like to thank the Stella McCartney team for working all night long to get this dress finished” under a photo of herself from the royal wedding.

1 The reception was a lot more relaxed

After the royal wedding came to a beautiful end with the happy couple kissing on the steps of the palace and then riding through the streets of London waving at fans, it was time for the reception. As noted above, Meghan Markle changed into a custom Stella McCartney dress and donned Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring.

Meghan and Harry stepped outside hand in hand after the outfit change and hopped into a silver blue 1968 Jaguar.

According to People Magazinethe license on the car fittingly showed the date of their wedding. While there was no publicity inside of the reception, rumor has it that the affair, which was hosted by Prince Charles and Frogmore House, was a lot more relaxed. Although some of the 600 guests from the ceremony were snubbed, like Meghan’s Suits cast mates and Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends. Nevertheless, the environment at the party was said to have been laid-back and fun, with Meghan and Harry having their first dance to Whitney Houston's beloved classic "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." The happy couple did something of a jive to the song, which it was followed by cheeky speeches from both Prince William and Prince Charles. Harry also gave a speech, where he noted how Meghan handled everything with such grace. It was also rumored that Meghan danced with George Clooney while another royal snubbed him—Sarah, the Duchess of Ferguson.

References: People, Harpers Bazaar, Time, Elle, Express, Good Housekeeping, Refinery, The Sun

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