15 The Walking Dead Characters Who Went Absolutely Nowhere

In a world in which the vast majority of humanity have lost their lives long ago, being able to find people to spend your time with and fight alongside should be a gigantic deal. Despite that fact, these days many of The Walking Dead scenes feature a slew of human extras in the background.

Given the fact that The Walking Dead only bothers to identify so many characters, you would think that everyone who gets dialogue in several scenes would serve some purpose. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case as time and time again, the show has allowed fans to get to know a character on a surface level only for them to disappear before doing anything of note. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 The Walking Dead characters that went absolutely nowhere.

15 Bob Stookey

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Back when Bob Stookey first showed up in The Walking Dead, it seemed like he was being set up to be a part of some interesting moments. After all, he was a recovering alcoholic whose addiction threatened to put him and others at risk. Instead, that aspect of his character was quickly dropped; he briefly got involved with Sasha, and then he lost his life.

14 Caesar Martinez

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As one of The Governor’s most trusted allies early on, Caesar Martinez should have been an interesting character who met an epic end. Instead, he is a lackey and when he eventually is given a group of his own to lead, he comes to the aid of the Governor once again only for his former master to feed him to walkers.

13 Axel

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One of several characters that were introduced when the group took over a prison, the fact that Axel survived alongside a group of hardened criminals gave him some potential. Of course, any interest viewers might have had in learning more about this overall friendly Southerner was wasted as he was taken out by The Governor before long.

12 Tyreese Williams

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If you are anything like us, you heard about how badass Tyreese Williams was in the comics beforehand and were really excited when his character was introduced on the show. Unfortunately, even though he moved the show’s storylines forward on a number of occasions and the actor who played him was fantastic, Tyreese never lived up to those expectations.

11 Jimmy

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So useless that we would totally understand if the average fan of The Walking Dead had totally forgotten him, the only thing that Jimmy ever really did was destroy Dale’s RV and then die. Aside from that, he regularly could be seen in the background of scenes, he seemed like a nice guy, and he got along well with Carl when he was still a kid.

10 Spencer Monroe

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Initially set up to be a consistent thorn in Rick’s side, Spencer Monroe seemed to have no business taking on any kind of leadership role but he was determined to do so. Eventually, the leader of an attempted rebellion, that failed completely and after that Negan took out this completely ineffectual character.

9 Jacqui

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One of the original members of The Walking Dead’s core group of survivors, early on Jacqui was used as a glorified extra in several scenes that involved important characters. Largely seen completing chores, the most interesting thing Jacqui ever did was essentially take her own life by knowingly staying in a building that was set to explode.

8 Amy

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Mainly remembered as the sister of Andrea, who herself isn’t an overly popular character, Amy was a part of the show’s core group for a pretty short period of time. Eventually bitten by the walker that got into Dale’s RV, it was emotional when a zombified Amy had to be taken out by her sister but beyond that, her character did nothing of note.

7 Ron and Sam Anderson

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In this entry, we’re giving you two useless characters for the price of one. A pair of severely damaged youngsters who could have added something new to the show, seeing kids cope in the zombie apocalypse with an abusive father had some potential. Instead, the only lasting effect they had on the show before their antics made them walker fodder was Carl’s eye.

6 Beth Greene

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One of several Greene family members that were a part of The Walking Dead’s cast for a long time, Beth Greene was once considered to be one of the show’s main characters. Despite that, all the character ever did was serve as the sidekick to more important members of the show’s main group and when she finally got a storyline of her own, it led to her demise.

5 Abraham Ford

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Almost always used as the main group’s muscle, Abraham Ford could always be depended upon in a battle. Also notable for his relationships with Rosita and Eugene, from time to time the show would try to give his character something to do. However, it was very telling that many people were relieved at first when Negan took him out.

4 Denise Cloyd

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Don’t get us wrong, we really liked Denise Cloyd during her brief time on the show. Briefly romantically involved with Tara and thrust into the role of town doctor despite her fears, both storylines seemed to have lots of potential going forward. All of that went exactly nowhere, however, as she suddenly lost her life.

3 Olivia

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Most notable for her time watching over the group’s weapons and food, at one point Olivia clearly was trying to become closer with Rick. Despite that, she joined a rebellion against his leadership that failed and she was so unimportant that everyone seemed to instantly forget she was involved. Eventually taken out by The Whisperers, we can’t imagine any fans cared about her departure.

2 Noah

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Introduced when Beth found herself stranded in a hospital run by dangerous people, when Noah tried to help her it seemed like he was being set up as a long-running character. Instead, after appearing in only five episodes and taking part in a largely unpopular storyline, Noah got caught by a horde of walkers that took his life. Damn it, The Walking Dead, Noah should have been allowed to be awesome.

1 Jessie Anderson

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Seemingly introduced as a new love interest for Rick during his time in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Jessie Anderson had a great deal of chemistry with the show’s main character. Unfortunately, after the show delved into lots of unnecessary drama that had to do with her husband and kids, Jessie was devoured by walkers.

Sources: walkingdead.fandom.com

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