15 Wardrobe Choices That Have Us Pushing These People Back Into The Changing Room

I love shopping online for clothes! But I'm also really iffy about spending a lot of money for things that I'll wear. If I can save some cash and still look like I'm decently dressed, I'm totally down. Although, shopping for clothes online has the major drawback of not being able to try on the clothes beforehand.

While I've never actually been burned by this, I've heard many a story of people ordering stuff from China only to find that their clothes wouldn't even fit their child, much less themselves. Sometimes, sizing isn't even the issue. Sometimes what we order doesn't even remotely look like what we thought we were ordering.

Other times, there's just no excuse and we had a lapse in judgement for when we picked out clothes, online or not. Whatever the reason is, here are 15 times our outfits just didn't work out how we wanted them to.

15 Plastic's Not Fantastic

Oh man. It's really hard to find something good to say about that dress. It's not quite the right colour and the skirt part looks like those plastic produce bags that someone could get at Walmart. I'm no seamstress but I'm pretty sure that if I was given about $15 for the thrift store, I could probably recreate the dress we see on the right.

There's just some stuff that we shouldn't buy online, and prom dresses are one of those things. Honestly, I wouldn't even buy accessories for prom online either. It's a lot better to have no accessories than to wear dinky ones that don't even try to look like they cost more than they really were.

There's always an exception, though. If the dress has an exceptionally simple design - as in there's no beading or large amounts of tulle or other sheer material - buying online from overseas might be worth a shot. Then again, for a day as special as prom, I'd rather just pay a little extra cash to have some peace of mind. I wouldn't want to hardcore panic over not having a dress to wear because the one I ordered online turned out to be a flop. Better luck next time, I guess? But if ever I end up wanting a plastic bag ridden dress, hit me up (kidding)!

14 Why the long... legs?

Now that I've looked at it a little longer, this jumpsuit wouldn't be so bad, I think, on someone else. Unless this lady is looking to generate mass amounts of static electricity, I would be looking to return this little number. I guess she could roll up the legs of the jumpsuit, but I'm not so sure that'd a good look.

It really does suck, though, when the clothes on a model don't look quite the same on our own bodies. I've learned this the hard way. There are a couple of shirts in my closet that are lying there forgotten in a mound because they don't actually look good on me. In my defense, they were pretty cute on the rack.

I feel for this girl about the pant legs being too long. I have length problems with a lot of clothes. Either way, too long or waaay too short. Those cute shorts? Borderline inappropriate for me. Maxi dresses? Dragging on the floor and a tripping hazard. Jumpsuits look like something on the long side, so I'd probably caution against not trying them on before buying them. A couple of minutes here could save someone from looking like they're drowning in too much fabric.

13 I can't bear this

via reddit

Oh my goodness. Even if I had that kind of money to drop on clothes, I would definitely not buy that jacket. I really hope that they came to their senses and didn't end up buying it. Listen, dude. I like bears as much as the next person, but I don't think I need them attached to me all day, y'know? Honestly, it looks like that jacket might be good for carrying small animals if you can take the bears out. But even if you could use it as a way to carry your cat, there's no denying that this jacket is eye-searingly bright and that pattern is just plain awful.

Like, it's on par with awful bus seat designs.

Also, if I was going to be paying £290 for a jacket, I'd expect the dang thing to be full length. My chest and shoulders aren't the only parts of me that get cold, you know! I've never really liked half jackets to begin with. This is really weird but I get stomach aches if my stomach gets cold. I'd actually rather have my stomach covered than my shoulders. Anyways, I really hope those comments on her feed were telling her to not buy it.

12 A hole new level of bad

Dude, you don't even need to try these on to know that they're not going to work. I've heard of distressed jeans, but these jeans are at a level of "do not resuscitate." The jeans aren't even as bad as the shirt!  The sad thing is, I've actually seen people wear these types of clothes unironically.

I'm pretty sure that if you want some hole-y clothing, you can just take a shirt that you got from the thrift store and ask your dog/cat to go to town on it. It'll at least be one of a kind that way! Also you wouldn't have to spend, like, fifty dollars on a shirt where basically 80 percent of it is missing.

Another thing: how do you even wash these? I can't imagine throwing them into a washer and dryer because then all the holes would probably combine into one giant hole. At that point, it'd be even more unwearable. The only other option is dry cleaning, but do you really want to shell out money to clean clothes that already look like they're on their last leg? I didn't think so. Be a real friend, don't even let your friends go near the dressing room with these in hand.

11 A little short on shorts

Via Reddit

Listen, I understand that sometimes it gets really hot outside. At anything above 20 degrees Celsius in the full sun, your legs are going to be baking inside your pant legs like corn dogs. Be kind to your legs! Let them breathe! Granted, they'll crisp up in the sun if you wear shorts too if you don't wear sunscreen. Shameless plug - wear sunscreen if you don't want crispy legs! But for this guy, those shorts seem a little...well, too short and a little too tight. Your clothes shouldn't be like sausage casing. Unless that's what you want, I guess.

But man, is that ever going to be uncomfortable for you.

I speak from experience - wearing high waisted pants that dig into your stomach all day is not worth the discomfort. His shirt with the ripped off arm sleeves probably isn't helping his look either. The colour doesn't even match with the shorts, and you can see the frayed arm hole edges from a mile away. Frayed edges are never a good look. All I can remember from fashion class is that frayed edges are basically the devil. Maybe try sizing up a little for those shorts or just don't rip the sleeves off your shirt.

10  More patterns isn't always better

I'll admit I've never been one for patterns. I'm pretty much a no print person, judging from the heaps of clothing in my closet I can side eye from here. Nothing wrong with prints/patterns, they're just not for me. That being said, I don't think they're working out for the guy in this picture. Plaid I'm already a little eh about, but it wouldn't be fair to say his outfit is bad just because of the plaid.

I'm more concerned about the wavy rainbow business happening on his sweater being combined with the plaid. I can't take my eyes off of it and not in a good way. I'm definitely no fashion expert, let me put it out there. There's a lot of days I just wear sweats and go out bare faced. But generally speaking, from what I've heard, it's better to wear a solid shirt with a patterned one rather than doubling up on the patterns.

Heck, even his socks have patterns! I'm all for cool socks, but there's a time and place for them and it's definitely not in this outfit. Someone please guide this poor soul back to the dressing room! And give him some clothes that aren't patterned.

9 There's something fishy about this

I'm normally pretty unconcerned about shoes. I think I only actually have about 3 or 4 pairs, honestly. I pretty much just hope that people look at my shirt or pants and never make it down to my shoes. Not that my shoes are bad or anything, but I really don't bother too hard with trying to make them match my outfit. These shoes, though... I'm not sure if they would be a good part of any outfit. Heck, even if you bought these online, there's no way that this was a case of "hahaha you're going to get a shoddy replica instead of what's in the picture.'

No, somebody out there thought, "Hey, I want fish on my feet."

Why on Earth would they think that? Don't ask me, I've never worn fish shoes. If you wanted to let your feet breathe, sandals would have worked okay. I'd even excuse sandals and socks at this point! I guess this could be a statement piece? I'm not sure being thought of as a person who wears fish on their feet first and foremost is a great first impression. Sure, you'll be remembered but you're on your own after that.

8 Comfy but ugly

Okay, this picture is pretty cute. I love a good dog in a background photo. I don't get the whole outfit here but we do get to see the leggings and boots. The boots I'm fine with, they're nothing outrageous. A safe choice. The leggings I'm not quite feeling. They kind of look like a Persian rug, but in a bad way. Like a knock off Persian rug turned into pants.

I can kind of give a soft pass on this one if they're just lounging around at home but if they're going out, then definitely not. I just wonder if people go out specifically to buy not-so-pretty clothes for at home wear. I sure hope that all that clothing isn't full priced, if this is the case.

If I'm going to be exclusively at home in a particular set of clothes, then sure, they can be the ugliest thing to grace this planet. All that really matters is that they're comfy. I'm not the boss of anyone, though. More power to you if you actually have the confidence to wear anything you want out in public. I just think that some people should really stop to rethink their fashion choices.

7 I have no words

I'm all for wearing merchandise with your favourite characters or shows on them. Sometimes, collaborations between different brands can be great, but whatever happened on this particular shirt, I'm not living for it. Okay, I might be a little biased because I'm sick of seeing these goddamn Minions everywhere. They were cute at first but I'm read to to move onto bigger and way better things. I'm also really not sure that Dragon Ball and Minions are good things to mix together. I'm fairly certain that the two target demographics are pretty dang different.

This shirt really screams bad knock off.

Regardless of all that, I'm really having a hard time finding something nice to say about this shirt. Something about it just makes me "NOPE" with all my being. I'm not sure you could even pay me to wear that shirt. Okay, that's a lie. But you get what I mean. Maybe if you turned this shirt inside out, you could pretend it was a normal black shirt. That might be the only way to save this shirt, honestly. Don't let your friends go outside like this! Lock them in the dressing room if you have to! Literally just do whatever it takes.

6 Listen to your parents

Well, my dude, I've got some bad news for you. Your dad is absolutely correct. Dads are known for wearing questionable shirts. I guess when you get to that age, you have other things to worry about that aren't concerned with whatever print is on your shirt. That's kind of their aesthetic, along with cargo shorts and nondescript running shoes. Not exactly fashion experts, but acceptably dressed.

So you know when even your dad starts roasting you over your shirt, then you've probably made a bad fashion decision. Of course, that doesn't mean that every time someone says your clothes are ugly you have to believe them. It's not a phase, mom! All joking aside, though, people have different tastes and that's what makes fashion so fun and interesting.

But when your shirt looks like grandma's baking oven mitts, you need to take a step back. Even grandma's baking mitts aren't going to protect you from being roasted by the people around you. Overall, it's not the worst look I've seen in my life but I'd still change it up. Even the clearance rack at the grocery store has seen better pieces than this. Trust me, I'm the queen of the clearance rack.

5 This sweater is making me sweat

Via reddit

Oh wow. That's one Frankenstein of a sweater. I'm actually kind of impressed by how they got all those designs and textures into the same sweater. Nevertheless, the end result is really a disaster. I'm almost certain that a potato sack would look better than this. At least a potato sack is uniform in colour! The only way I'd even contemplate wearing that sweater is if it was -30 degrees Celsius (-22 in Fahrenheit) outside and I wasn't going to be taking off my jacket anyway. He's got a shirt on underneath it, so it must be okay for layering.

This sweater reminds me of a shirt I used to really hate.

It wasn't really all that bad in hindsight but it was a red shirt with a bunch of different coloured shapes and text that didn't really make sense. Like think 'potato sun reach sky' level of doesn't make sense. But someone I knew thought it was really neat so I guess what I'm saying here is people can find just about anything to look good. Judging from where he posted that picture, he probably already knew that sweater wasn't pretty. I sincerely hope he didn't step out of the house in it, lest he be mistaken for a car rag.

4 I wish I could say that this blue me away

I'm wondering, why was this dress in her wardrobe anyway? The material looks like the same stuff that blankets are made of. Blankets for children. That would probably be pretty comfy, but either way it isn't the best pattern for a fashion statement.  I'm really getting weird fabric store material vibes here. Like, have you seen the bolts of fabric with the shirtless construction workers? No?

It might be for the best you didn't but this kind of material feels like it goes in the same lane. I love unicorns as much as the next person but not enough to have them on a dress. Maybe this unicorn and lion fabric would be better suited for a shirt. Or better yet, pajamas, since you don't have to go outside in those.

Oh wait. I think that's the United Kingdom's coat of arms. I've never actually been sure what a coat of arms is really for but they look neat. I can say with some certainty that I've never seen one printed on a dress before. Probably for a good reason? It's a pretty creative idea, but I just don't think it panned out for her.

3  Shower curtain much?

Actually, though, her dress really does like a shower curtain I used to have. I've never really gone for good designs on shower curtains, I mean it's not like you're looking at them for more than an hour each day, right? I get wanting to stand out from other people but all this dress is making me think about is why that pattern? The two white figures in the center on the black apron looking part are freaking me out a little. Don't they look like they're plotting something?

I could swear that I've seen them in my nightmares.

While we're talking about creepy, the smiling face with a rope around its neck above the apron shaped bit is just as creepy, if not worse. I guess the apron is actually the sweatshirt of the creepy smiling face with a rope. Am I just being too much of a weenie here? Does anyone else think its creepy? It's fine and all to want to be creative but there's really just too much going on with her dress here. Less is more as they always say. I think just the colorful triangles on a white background would have made for a pretty okay dress. The cartoonish figures should have probably stayed on the drawing board.

2 Not all changes are an improvement

I'm pretty sure that the point of Crocs was to wear them in hot weather or basically have them be "breathable" for your feet. Adding a fur layer seems very counter intuitive. It's no secret that a lot of people hate on Crocs (and for good reason, they look absolutely silly), and there's really no way of making them better. I mean, sure, people like fuzzy lining in slippers, but Crocs are not slippers! They aren't fooling anybody!

I could easily get slippers that don't have holes in the top and aren't made of a weird plastic-y material. Does anyone out there actually find Crocs comfortable, since they're definitely not fashionable?

I'd like to have a word with the store stocker who thought it would be a good idea to stock fuzzy lined Crocs much less stock multiple pairs of these shoes. They need to go into the dressing room and try them on and ask themselves if this was a good life decision. Is there really that much of a demand for these? I feel like these are pretty much destined for the clearance bin. For anyone who would consider buying these: put your card down. Don't do it!

1 Jacket and pants combined into one

To be fair, I don't think she bought this jacket with the intention of liking it. But I checked the site where they're selling these and they're still for sale, so someone out there must like them. I have no idea why, though. With sleeves that long, how are you going to hold anything? If you're saying 'why not just roll them up?' then that defeats the purpose of having this insanely expensive jean jacket. Drowning in fabric has never been my favourite look, as you know by now.

Don't get me wrong, it's great for when you're at home and ready to sleep, but not so much when you're out and about and need to actually do things.

Also, I can imagine those sleeves getting grimy pretty fast from being dragged about everywhere. Gross! I'll admit, smacking people with those sleeves seems like it'd be fun, though. It'd be the only joy that this jacket would bring me if I owned one. For $417, we could get many, many jean jackets that are better suited for everyday life wear. Or you know, other clothes that don't have ridiculously long sleeves. In the end, people can wear what they want but some choices are just better than others.

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