15 Ways Moms Are Still Driving With Their Newborns (Doctors Say To Stop)

Moms can put it off if they want, but someday they will all have to do it for the first time –they will have to drive a car with their baby. Whether it is just a quick ride to a clinic for a baby checkup or a road trip out of town to visit the grandparents, it's always a stressful event for a mom that makes her ask a lot of questions and think over all the dangerous situations that can possibly happen on the road.

Sure, there're quite a few things that can go wrong on the road, but moms can avoid them if they do everything right. Let's learn from the mistakes of others and see what mistakes moms make when they drive with their baby to ensure that we don't repeat them!

15 They Don't Install The Car Seat Correctly In The First Place

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It's important to take the installation of a car seat seriously because otherwise, it can carry a risk for your baby. Besides, keep in mind that the fire department will often want to check if you've installed it properly.

So before putting your baby into the seat, WebMD advises ensuring that you've followed the instructions carefully. Place it in the middle of the back seat. For a newborn, it should face the rear. Never carry your infant on your lap when in the car and never put them in the front seat.

14 They Don't Ensure The Baby's Safety

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You should also remember to check that the seat you're using is safe. According to WebMD, you should always use "a federally approved car safety seat." When purchasing it, check the expiration date and ensure that it's new.

It's also important to never use a car seat that has been used before because it can be too worn out and, if it's been in a collision before, it causes extra risk for your kid.

13 Poop Blowout In A Car Seat Is Possible And You Have To Be Ready

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First of all, babies poop. And second of all, sometimes they poop... unexpectedly. So it's not uncommon for parents to fear that a poop blowout can happen while the baby's in their car seat. Stip Savvy says it might actually be a reasonable fear...

What can we say? Well, *sheet* happens, so parents should always be ready to deal with the poopy situation in their car and have everything they need for it.

12 Forgetting Something Small But Important At Home Is A Pain

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If you're a new parent and it's your first car ride with a baby (heck, even if you're not a newbie and it's your 10th or 100th ride), you can forget to take something small but important with you. Like, a diaper rash cream, or wet wipes, or an extra pack of clothes that you might unexpectedly need.

After all, a mom needs to keep a lot of things on her mind and it's easy to forget some of them. To avoid such a situation, follow the advice of Mom365 and turn into a pro strategist.

11 The Baby Cries Because They Think You're Too Far

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Sometimes we're actually close, but our babies think that we're not. Mom 365 warns that it can happen in the car, when you have to drive, while your infant, according to the regulations, has to be in the back seat. The baby might be unable to see you and think that mommy's too far away, which will cause them to cry.

To avoid it, either give a piece of your clothing to your baby so they can feel your smell nearby or just ask someone else to drive you both.

10 A Mom Can Get Distracted While Driving

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As per Park Slope Parents, when you need to drive a car with your baby in the back seat, it's rather easy to become distracted. After all, it's just a little kid and they don't understand that you should be focused on the road. They might be crying, demanding your attention, wanting you to talk to them, sing to them... you name it.

But you, as an adult, should remember that it's safer if your attention isn't on them, but on the road. We shouldn't explain why, should we?

9 Car Rides With Babies Get Way Too Long

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Even a short car ride with a baby can be unexpectedly long. After all, it's possible that you will have to take a break at some point to calm your crying baby down or to change their nappy.

Trip Savvy offers two options to consider in this case. First, leave way beforehand. And second, don't plan to arrive at your destination at a specific time. If someone's waiting for you there, tell them that they should be flexible and ready for you to come late.

8 You Aren't Ready For Dangerous Drivers

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Even if a mom knows exactly what she has to do while driving a car with her baby, if she's ready for everything and has all the supplies she might need, there's still something else that can make her worry. This something else, according to Mother and Baby, is other drivers on the road.

It's obvious that other drivers can be dangerous and it means that when you have a baby on board, you have to be even more attentive than when you're alone in the car.

7 The Car Is Either Freezing Or Stuffy

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It's hard for some parents to decide how to dress their baby in the car. Should it be the way you'd dress them for a walk? Or not?

In fact, specialists on Mother and Baby say that you shouldn't overdress your baby in the car so that they don't get too warm. Just dress them in whatever they'd wear indoors. It can be a vest or a babygro. In winter, add a cardigan, but avoid gloves or a hat. Keep the heating or air conditioning at room temperature, and it'll be fine.

6 Sleeping In The Car Seat Isn't As Safe As You Think

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When you're driving, it's best if your baby sleeps in the car seat. In this case, you won't have to watch them too much and won't be too distracted. Meanwhile, your little one will be comfortable. So it's a win-win situation.

But as soon as you get out of the car, take your baby out. According to Mother.ly, infants shouldn't stay in the car seats for longer than an hour and they should never nap in there outside the car because of the risk of decreased oxygen levels.

5 The Baby Can't Manage The Distance (And Neither Can You)

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If you fear that your baby won't like riding long distances in the car, you're right. After all, their attention span is still small and they won't have the patience for a long trip. So if you have a long distance to cover, specialists on Mother and Baby advise to break it into manageable segments and take frequent breaks. It won't only make things easier for your baby, but it'll also be good for you.

4 They Can Have Motion Sickness, Which Means... Yuk

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Thinking about your baby getting motion sickness on the way, you probably imagine your car covered with vomit from top to bottom. But it doesn't have to happen.

According to Travel Mamas, you can learn the signs of an approaching bout and slow down to prevent motion sickness. Besides, if your little one is prone to getting nauseous in the car, you can definitely be prepared. Just keep a small bucket handy and use it whenever needed.

3 The Baby Will Be Bored And Cry A River

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Sometimes babies cry because they need something, but sometimes they do because they're just bored. It can happen in the car if you have to drive and there is no one to distract your baby.

Of course, if you're alone with the baby in the car, it's best if they just fall asleep. But if they don't, you have to be ready to deal with it on your own. So better listen to the advice of Travel Mamas and take someone else with you.

2 If You Panic, Driving Becomes Nearly Impossible

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In this situation, you can panic. "What am I going to do, if I have to drive my car, but my baby's crying?"

Of course, it's hard (or even impossible) to keep driving if your baby's restless. So, as per Trip Savvy, the best and the safest thing to do in this case is to stop the car and do whatever you have to do to soothe the little one. And only then can you put them back into the car seat and keep on driving.

1 The Baby Uses Toys Or Food As Projectiles

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It's always a good idea to distract your baby in the car, but it's a bad idea to do it by giving them toys to play with on their own. After all, anything that gets into the baby's hands can turn into a projectile that will be thrown at a driver's head or somewhere else, where it can cause a dangerous situation. Specialists on Mom 365 say that the same can happen with their water bottle, or pretty much anything else.

So unless there's someone else in the back seat with your baby, don't give them anything they can throw.

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