15 Ways To Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

Centuries ago, people worshiped cats—and they haven't forgotten that. We don't treat them like gods these days, at least, not in the way that the ancient Egyptians did. But then again, we kind of do. After all, you can't even go near the internet without running into a cat meme. We may not offer burnt sacrifices to our cats, but we do buy them expensive canned foods, and describe them as our "fur babies" to family and friends.

Cats aren't the royalty they used to be, but they've still got it pretty good. Here are 15 ways you can make your home more cat-friendly, which should make your high horse-riding kitty pretty darn happy.

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15 Cat Exercise Wheel

Indoor cats don't get move as much as outdoor cats. Even though we all love a fat, lazy kitty, it's not healthy for them to lounge around all the time with no exercise. Get your cat on a fitness program—one of these cat wheels should do the trick. Now, if only there was a way to get this thing to power your TV . . .

14 Cat Enclosure

If you're lucky enough to have a backyard space, and you know how to handle power tools, you can try your hand at building a cat enclosure. Your cats will love spending time outside in the sun, and it will allow them to burn off some of their energy!

13 Indoor Cat-friendly Garden

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If you're an apartment dweller with an inside cat, this is something you have to do. A cat friendly garden is an easy way to make your home more cat-friendly. Plants like catnip and cat grass are simple to grow in small pots, and your cat will enjoy having some greenery around.

12 Cat Shelves

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When you're not using your cats, store them on a handy cat shelf! Just kidding. But cats really do love being up, so installing a cat shelf like this one makes sense.

11 Hidden Litter Box

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You love your cat, but you don't want your her litter box to be the focal point of your living room. Keep that unpleasant-but-necessary box out of sight by hiding it in a stylish cabinet, like this one.

10 Scratching Post

This DIY multicolored scratching post is an easy project to tackle this weekend. Your cat (and you) will enjoy sharpening her nails on this much more than she does on the legs of your couch.

9 Cat Hammocks

After a long day of sleeping, your cat is going to need to take a nap. A hammock like this can easily be placed under a side table, and it gives your cat a fun place to hang out.

8 Window Perches

Speaking of fun places to hang out, this window perch comes to mind. If you've got a cat-sized basket and some spare rope, there's nothing stopping you from taking on this DIY. It's a fun way to make you home more cat-friendly.

7 Window Bird Feeder

This cat friendly home upgrade is for the birds! Your cat will enjoy bird-watching, without actually bird-catching. And, the birds will enjoy filling up on the seeds, and not being caught by your cat.

6 Shedding Brush

Cat hair has a way of getting all over the place: on your clothes, on your furniture, in your food. Combing your kitties with a handy dandy shedding comb should solve that problem—at least, to some extent—and your cats will love the extra attention!

5 Litter Scoop with Bag

Ugh. Cleaning out the litter box. Cats really don't appreciate the lengths we go to for them. Make the best of a bad situation with one of these litter scoopers. It bags the clumps you pick up, so all you have to do is toss it in the garbage. No muss, no fuss.

4 Interior Cat Door

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If you have cats and dogs living inside, you know how hectic it can get. Sometimes your cats want to run off and hide, but you might have trouble letting the cats into your bedroom without having the dogs get in, too. Save yourself some trouble by installing an interior cat door. Your cats will be able to move to a quiet room, your dogs won't be able to follow, and you won't have to pause Game of Thrones.

3 Cat Caves

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Much like the rest of us, your cat would love to have a cave to hide in. That's why, if you want to make your home even more cat-friendly, you have to get one of these cat caves. They're dark and comfy. They look great. So great, in fact, that we wish these things came in a size big enough for people to fit into.

2 Breakaway Collar

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The fashion conscious kitty always stays on top of the latest fashion trends when it comes to collars. The safety conscious cat lover always makes sure their kitty steps out in a breakaway collar like this one, which is easy to get off in an emergency.

1 Interactive Toys

The song was only partially right. It's actually cats just want to have fun. Toys and games are like a scratching post for your cat's brain. They keep them sharp and smart—not to mention busy. And when your cats are preoccupied with interactive puzzles, like this DIY toy, they'll stay out of trouble!

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