15 Wedding Cakes That Were Anything But Traditional

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life, which is why the bride and groom spend so much time and money ensuring that it's a day to remember. But because there is so much planning involved in this celebration, it makes it easy for something to go wrong. Whether it’s a flower girl having a tantrum in the middle of the ceremony, a wedding dress disaster, or a wedding cake fail. (warning: don't let your cousin create your cake for free, it's not going to be pretty.º

Wedding cakes are meant to be one of the centerpieces of a wedding, but some couple's got a cake that was anything but traditional (some may even go so far as to call them hideous). Whether this was down to personal preference or the baker's own failure, below are 15 wedding cakes that are going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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15 Surely Those Aren’t Live Fish I See?

Via Pinterest

Not all couples want a traditional white wedding cake with three tiers, and these days you don’t have to. There are so many beautiful designs and talented bakers out there that you can choose the cake of your dreams; unless it’s this one, then please just don’t do it.

This couple appears to be fans of the ocean and wanted this to be represented by their wedding cake, and the baker did a pretty good job, until you look closer and notice that the four champagne flutes connecting the two tiers are filled with live fish. You really have to wish that someone told this couple to tone it down because no wedding guest wants to eat a cake that has had live fish swimming on it!

There is non-traditional, and then there is hideous, and you have to be the judge of which category this cake gets placed into.

14 They Succeeded In Making ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ Weird

Via JustSomething

When you stand up in front of your family and friends, and swear to be with each other “from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part” most people just take the death part as being forever, and dwell on it too much. They definitely don’t make a morbid wedding cake in tribute to this.

Then again, whoever this wedding cake belongs to is not like most people, because they decided that a gruesome cake complete with fingers and eyeballs, would be perfect for their big day. Unless it's Halloween, do you really want to be crunching on jelly eyeballs and fondant fingers? There is a time and place for everything, and this was neither the time nor the place, no matter how twisted their sense of humor is.

13 It’s Your Wedding Day, Not Bathtime

Via Fooyoh

Weddings are meant to be a celebration of love and romance, but I'm not sure that comes to mind when you look at this cake?

I get that everyone has different tastes, but it’s confusing to me why someone would want a gigantic pink cake with black and pink spots on it… but that’s not even the worst part, what is, are those awful rubber duckies (you know the ones kids take baths with) on the top of it. I’m not a fan of figurines on cakes on a good day, but you have to wonder what was so special about these ducks that the couple thought it was a good idea to incorporate them on their wedding day.

Are they still desperately trying to cling to their childhoods?

Are they opting for a playful cake which is coming off as scary? There are so many questions about this cake that unfortunately we don't have the answers to!

12 I Donut Even Know What To Say About This One

Via LaughingSquid

There’s non-traditional and then there’s ugly, and I don’t think I have to go into too much detail about which category this cake falls into.

In recent years couple’s have chosen to forgo traditional wedding cakes and opt for donuts or brownies instead, and the end result can actually be pretty cute (not to mention it works out to be a lot cheaper). The problem with this cake is it seems that this couple was very indecisive because instead of choosing one or the other, they decided to combine both. And the only question I really have after seeing the end result is why would you want to create a donut bride and groom on top of your wedding cake? It's not cute, it's creepy.

I donut about you, but this cake and it’s awkward donut people are driving me crazy, and not in a good way.

11 When Traditional Meets Kitsch

Via CakeWrecks

Less is more for most things, meaning rather than overdoing something, opt to tone it down instead.

However, this couple clearly didn't get that memo because for their wedding they wanted to go big, really big, and that sadly translated into kitsch, very kitsch.

This cake is one of the most confusing wedding cakes I’ve ever seen because there is just so much going on. Firstly, instead of one cake with multiple tiers, this couple decided to go for six small cakes (that’s if I’ve counted them correctly) and what better way to join then than with bridges, waterfalls, and a big disco platform. Actually no, that's a terrible idea!

But at least this couple didn't go completely crazy and pick a cake that also light ups, oh wait, what?!

10 Yikes! It Looks Like They Draped The Cake In Curtains

Via Cakewrecks

Why the heck would you want an orange wedding cake? This is the thought I’m left with after seeing this orange creation, that, and wowthe fondant needs some serious work because it looks as though the cake has been wrapped in my granny’s curtains, or slapped with a wet magazine because those smudgy bits of icing are awful.

What theme the couple was trying to go for here is lost on me, or it could simply be that orange is the bride's favorite color. But despite the (lack of) theme and the bright tone, that's sadly not the only thing that's wrong with this cake, there's also that issue on the left-hand corner of the bottom cake because it really looks as though the fondant has already started to melt away. And even the cake stand doesn’t compliment this design.

9 Who Said A Wedding Cake Had To Be...Cake?!

Via Incredible Things

On their wedding day, the happy bride and groom usually end up cutting a wedding cake, but for some people there doesn’t have to be a cake at all because

what’s better than stacked burgers? I’ll tell you, nothing,

at least not for this couple who have decided that instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a cake that guests will only eat a few bites of, they would offer them cheeseburgers. And if you’re trying to cut costs, this is a pretty smart move.

I'm more of a sweet than a savory person, but you have to give this couple 10 out of 10 for creativity. That, and at least those four tiers of burgers look delicious, not like so many of the cakes which have found their way onto this list.

8 It’s Their Weeding, Apparently

Via Pinterest

It’s your wedding day, congratulations… or wait, shall we make that your weeding day instead? This cake is proof that some of the biggest wedding cake fails happen when the baker is in desperate need of a spelling lesson.

The design of this cake is simple and while it’s not traditional in the sense that it’s not your typical tiered design, it isn't loud and out there like so many others on this list. The couple did want something rather elegant, but what they got was a baker who couldn't spell, and a cake that everyone wants to take a photo of (because they couldn't help laughing).  Imagine paying hundreds of dollars for a cake that arrives on your big day with a glaringly obvious mistake? If I was the bride I'd be shedding a few tears!

7 Having A Wedding Cake Of Yourself Is A New Low

Via JustABasketCaseEvents

A couple's wedding day is all about them and their love, but if I'm being honest, it's usually more about the bride than the groom. However, I think this couple took that idea way too far when they decided to get a cake made in the bride's likeness.

It’s surprisingly well-executed and you have to admit it probably cost them a fortune,

but how vain do you have to be to want a wedding cake in your likeness?

Also, please note that the groom didn’t get a wedding cake made of himself, which makes it even more awkward.

But the best thing about this photo is not the cake itself, but how unimpressed the bride looks by it. Was she hoping it was going to be even bigger? Or is she afraid to cut it because it looks so much like her?

6 Why Pay For A Wedding Dress And A Cake?

Via New York Daily News

Weddings are costly, and apart from the reception venue, two of the biggest costs come in the form of the bride’s dress and the wedding cake. So, to save money, why not just combine them?

I’ll tell you why not, because there will be no magic moment of walking down the aisle and the bride will be left standing in a corner the whole evening while hungry guests cut around her... The good news is that this dress, created by Lukka Sigurdardottir, appears to be more a concept piece than an actual wedding dress. That said, even as just a cake, I hate it. Who wants to have a model standing there all day, sweating into the cake? And don't even get me started on how she intends to get out of it if nature calls and she finds herself needing the toilet!

5 The Whole Marriage Is A Trap Joke Is Getting Old

Via Pinterest

There is an age-old joke that when a man finally decides to settle down and marry, his life is over and he has become trapped, and this cake definitely plays into that. There’s just one thing about that concept: it’s not really funny as a wedding cake, but rather extremely tacky.

Despite the fact that this cake is clearly well made and has a professional feel to it, the message they are trying to get across is the real problem.

I hope that this couple are hunting enthusiasts because that would make their choice of cake design a little more understandable, and even though it’s great to have a sense of humor going into your marriage, is your wedding cake really the place to share it?!

4 Say Hello To This Intergalactic Failure

Via Humormeetscomics

Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises in the world, and if this was a birthday cake, I would completely get behind it because themed cakes can be really cool, especially if you’re under the age of 10! What’s not a great idea is when you decide that your wedding cake is going to be Star Wars-themed, and it turns out like this.

You can see various figures from the popular film series featured on the cake, and then at the top is Princess Leia and Han Solo, who are meant to represent the bride and groom. And a bonus figure, Tinker Bell, is marrying them.

From the table decor, we can see that this couple was so passionate about their cake that they modeled the rest of their decor around this blue color, and it's so absurd that it's amusing.

3 They Must Really Love Yellow, And Lopsided Cakes

Via Oddities123

Most brides and grooms tend to go for a white cake for their wedding day, but this couple decided to go big or go home and opted for a gigantic yellow cake, complete with green trims and an odd placement of flowers.

This cake is definitely an attention grabber, but maybe for the wrong reasons.

If it had been executed properly, it possibly wouldn’t have been too bad, especially if it’s a spring wedding, but the fact that the cake is so horribly lopsided and looks as though it was smashed slightly—and then recovered with bright fondant—is the real problem!

Let this be a warning to all couples out there thinking of letting their friend's friend or aunt twice removed, bake their cake for free. Don't do it, it's going to end up looking like this!

2 Your Wedding Day Is Not The Time To Fight Dragons

Via Pinterest

This cake is very well done, so this is one time that the blame doesn’t fall on the baker but rather the couple who decided to go with such an absurd theme on their big day. As you can see, the actual cake looks to be a tower or a castle, and the figures on top of the cake are wearing their wedding outfits. But then there is a massive orange dragon engulfing the cake and when you look closer those little figures are brandishing swords.

Yes, a wedding is meant to be a fairytale moment for the bride and groom, but perhaps this couple took that a little too literally. Still, unlike so many of the other cakes on this list, this is one that I wouldn't be afraid to eat because it doesn't look as though it's filled with cat hair (refer to the entry above if you're confused).

1 What They Got, Vs. What They Asked For

Via The FooYoh

The image on the right is what the cake was meant to look like, and the cake on the left is what the couple got for their money.

Although three tires wouldn’t be your traditional choice for a wedding cake, you still expect that if you are paying good money, you're going to get something that closely resembles what you had in mind. But this baker got that so wrong. The best part is that the top tier is a completely different color to the bottom two, so it’s as though the baker ran out of purple food coloring and decided to go with a brownish-grey color instead.

If these images teach us anything, it’s that you should think long and hard about the person you want to bake your cake and remember there’s a reason the really good cakes don’t come cheap.

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