15 Weird AF Google Street Views That Are Totally Bananas

Google Street View is like many things we have these days in the digital age. It's both very cool, and very potentially creepy. It’s cool because you can literally see anywhere in the world by the specific street address. And it’s super creepy for, you know, those very same reasons. One specific phenomena that came from the advent of Google Street View, especially as it became more advanced, is that those little Google cars with the panoramic cameras (which is how they get those street view shots, by the way) pick up a whole lot of stuff. Some of that stuff is perfectly mundane: just a regular view of the street. Some of that stuff, however, is people acting truly bananas, either on purpose to show off for the Google Street View cams, or just because they were acting bananas anyway and happened to get caught in the act. So below are 15 of those truly ridiculous times. 

15 Uhm...Sir?

Apparently, this is a shot from Google Street View in Southwestern Australia, where people are apparently not shy about getting or being downright bizarre. So, what exactly do we have here? Here’s a guy, and he’s in full professional biking gear a la Lance Armstrong, and he’s on one of those old timey bicycles. Okay. Now...what is he towing behind him? Because from here it kind of looks like a tiny wagon that is specifically outfitted for his bike, in which sits a...penguin? A stuffed penguin. Does this biker have some sort of regular penguin-required business to attend to so frequently that he needs his own little side car? What in the world is this man doing with a penguin in Southwestern Australia, and where are these two going? A picture is worth a thousand words, but I’d say this Google Street View asks about a million more questions than it answers. Perhaps the world will never know...

14 A Glitch In The Matrix?

Yet another thing that Google Street View manages to do, in all of its efforts to creep on the entire world with its cameras, is to capture some eerie scenes. Like, really eerie. Take, for example, these two seemingly identically dressed twins walking alone along a deserted beach. There’s nothing that these twins are actively doing that makes this Street View shot creepy. They’re not like, brandishing knives or killing kids or anything like that. But the sheer uncanny valley-esque nature of two identical people walking side by side, as if they were carbon copies of one another, is very creepy. It’s like, what are you two plotting? What’s about to happen? Why are you coming so close? And if you don’t believe me, then go ask those two twin girls from that hallway scene in The Shining if they’d like to play with you, forever and ever and ever. Yeah, I didn't think so.

13 Precious Cargo?

As I just mentioned, sometimes the things Google Street View picks up are just plain creepy. This is an example that potentially takes that creep factor to the next level. We have what appears to be a motionless female body just right out there in the back of a pickup truck. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and would also have to assume that if someone was going to murder someone else, the place they would stash the body would be somewhere other than just right out there in the open, in the back of their truck, but you can never be too sure.

That’s the thing about Google Street View: there are no real answers here, only really suspicious looking shots of girls lying in the back of pickup trucks and the very concerned people who wind up seeing said shots. Here’s hoping it was just an unfortunate angle and not a very clumsy murderer.

12 Yogi Is Not Messing Around

Okay, I know people out in the country go hard, but this is some next level type stuff. This Google Street View shot from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee seems to have captured a guy just squaring off against a bear, getting ready to straight up fight it. What I'm wondering is, is this a random bear? Does this guy know the bear? Is he playing with the bear or about to go into heavy duty man-on-bear battle? Does he realize that it’s not exactly easy to win a fight against a bear, and that maybe he should come at this with a little less confidence if he wants to keep his face, arms, legs, and life? Also, was he already shirtless or did he tear his shirt off in order to psych himself out for a very mismatched fight with a giant grizzly bear? Maybe this is what some people in the south do for fun. I'm not too sure, but I'm glad it was caught on camera. 

11 A Full Moon Rises

One thing Google Street View seems to be very good at, is catching people in various states of undressing. Sometimes that is unintentional on the part of both the Google Street View operator and the person caught scantily clad, but sometimes, it is definitely and authoritatively a statement. Some people write novels, and some people make art, and some people stage elaborate demonstrations, but this guy seems to have figured out his own way to make an indelible mark on the world by seeing the Google Street View car and jumping on the opportunity to immortalize himself and his fully bared badonk-a-donk for all of Google-able eternity. You almost can’t even blame him. I mean, Google is basically offering him a chance to moon the entire world, and you expect him not to take it? I think not. Certainly a man of such enterprise and worldliness would not pass up such a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

10 Nightmare Time

So, what we seem to have here is the back alley trashcan where they throw out the extra parts from a factory that just straight up produces nightmares. What is going on with these human-ish figures? Can you imagine just walking along, minding your own business, and suddenly it looks like a bunch of people have been murdered and thrown into the trash? That is going to straight up mess up your day. Even just looking at this picture long enough will straight up mess up your day. And although it’s clear these aren’t actually people (I think...or rather, I very much hope), you kind of feel bad for them, all rejected and thrown in the trash like that. We still care about you, horribly creepy paper mache, mummy creatures! Everybody’s got to have some love in their lives, and these dudes are no exception. Thank you, Google Street View, for reminding us about the important things.

9 Letting It All Hang Out

As previously explored in entry number 11 on this list, in which I discussed the man who came, saw, and conquered (by which I mean, was in the street, spotted the Google Street View car, and promptly dropped trout), Google Street View seems to have a certain effect on all different sorts of people. Namely, it causes them to immediately want to stop wearing the clothes that they were wearing and share their magnificent body parts with the world. This woman seems to have been no match for the apparently irresistible urge to flash the Google Street View car, and therefore to flash the world. To be fair, she really looks like she’s having a great time. Maybe it’s the emoji pasties that were placed over her in post-production, but the whole scene looks straight up jolly. It kind of makes you think, what would happen if you were the sort of person who saw an internationally projected camera and thought, “I’M GONNA FLASH THAT IMMEDIATELY.”

8 Canada Is Canada

Oh, Canada, our friendly, civilized, super polite neighbors to the North. Americans like to harp on Canada (probably because we are jealous of their actual functioning health care system and their fine AF Prime Minister, but I digress), and stereotype them as Labatt Blue drinking, hockey obsessed, maple-leaf toting, moose-riding silly folk. However, sometimes, Canada kind of decides to lean into the stereotypes, because after all, they really are not at all that bad as far as stereotypes go, and hey, maybe they really do love all that stuff. What of it? In this Google Street View shot taken in the lands of the icy north, Canadians gathered to let their maple leaf flag and embraced their identities for all the world to see. Good for you, Canadians. You go play some hockey, even though it’s a sport that involves lots of bashing into walls and black eyes. You drink that Labatt, and you go ahead eat that local maple syrup. I salute you.

7 Did Someone Call For Jerry Springer?

There’s another thing that tends to show up on Google Street View which, when you think about it, kind of seems inevitable. People, who are sometimes basic AF tend to fight. There are fights going on all over the world pretty much at any given time, and sometimes those fights are in public. It would therefore follow that some of those basic, public, knock down drag out fights would be captured by the all-seeing, ever-roving eye of Google Street View. This is one of those fights captured by the said all-seeing, ever-roving GSV eye. The thing that makes this fight (which has apparently gone straight up physical) so especially basic is that it is taking place in front of what seems to be a school. In the best case scenario, those are school kids who don’t know how to use their words. Hopefully it isn’t two moms who couldn’t keep their hands to themselves during pick up time.

6 What...Just...What?

We’ve seen some pretty weird, funny, and general shook-inducing things on Google Street View so far, but this is perhaps the most bizarre thing I’ve got to offer. This is, simply put, a giant freaking chicken, and it was apparently captured by Google Street View in a private backyard of a property at 192 Sampsonia Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are so many questions here that I don't even know where to start. What in the world are these people doing with a giant—and I mean GIANT—chicken in their backyard? What compelled them to put it there? Are the neighbors at least curious as to why there’s suddenly a massive chicken present when they’re walking their dog down the street? What in the world is going on in Pittsburgh?! Are the Pittsburgh-ians okay? I have attempted to find answers to these longing questions and the many other questions this Google Street View capture has brought up, but to no avail.

5 The Creepiest Gang In Town

This, shall we say...interesting scene, was picked up by Google Street View, and simply begs the question: WHAT? Did this group, apparently comprised of a werewolf, a Freddy Kruger in overalls, a Scream mask guy, and a blurry faced man, all gather to stand halfway in the middle of a highway in the middle of the desert on their own? Were they anticipating the Google Street View car, so they got all dressed up for the occasion, or is this just kind of what a run of the mill, average Tuesday afternoon looks like for them? We’re especially curious about their aim here. If these dudes are carjackers, I’d say they are probably pretty successful. If they came at my car, I’d throw the keys at them and run for dear life pretty much immediately. This band of weirdos have NOPE written all over them to anyone with any sense.

4 Santa's Off The Clock

Sometimes, the stuff Google Street View captures is just pure gold, and that’s certainly the case with this slice of life right here. I love the look on the face of this off-the-clock Santa. You can basically hear him saying, “Yeah, well, I might be ruining the Christmas dreams and beliefs of countless children right now, but Santa’s reindeer shed is in the shop and he’s got three bus transfers to make before he gets home, so the kids are just going to have to deal.” World weariness is not the first thing you think of when you think of Santa, but hey, maybe it should be. The dude is basically a work horse. You think all those elves run themselves? No sir. Santa’s got an entire world to provide with presents on a single freaking night. A whole world full of expectant kids! Talk about pressure. No wonder he looks so tired.


Okay, this screen shot has me genuinely concerned for the folks driving Google Street View cars. Apparently, a certain someone in Villaviceneo Meta, Columbia is not really a fan of Google’s attempt to capture the whole world from street level, and has responded accordingly. However, where others might decide to have some words with the Google Street View operator expressing their displeasure, or even just do what some folks on this list have done and treat them to a good old flashing, the guy pictured here has decided to go full on Rambo and pull out his "piece" to let bullets do the talking. To him, I would say, calm down, my dude. There were plenty of steps between zero and straight up shooting the Google Street View guy that don’t involve guns or potential homicide. Maybe take some deep breaths, work on your communication skills, and try reaching out next time...

2 One Of These Things Seems Out Of Place...

Do you happen to remember that kids song for teaching patterns to children? The one that went, “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong”? Welp, that song definitely applies to what was captured by Google Street View in this picture. Apparently, while going about its daily work of catching the street and all of its glory near the intersection of Valmont Road and 30th Street in Boulder, Colorado, the Google Street View camera happened to spot something...interesting, and stripped, and carnivorous. That’s right, it looks like a tiger has escaped from the zoo and is now just casually walking around Boulder like he owns the place. Later research proved that the tiger actually wasn’t real, and was in fact made of fiberglass by a furniture and craft store as a decoration, but still, that’s a sure way to give a Google Street View guy a scare.

1 Casual Cockfighting

In the United States, when we think of cockfighting (the act of having two trained fighting roosters fight each other to the death while onlookers bet on the outcome), we think of shady basements, underground rooms, and definitely illegal actions. However, that is apparently not at all the case in other countries, specifically, as this Google Street View capture shows, in Peru. This group of cockfighting fans are just kind of casually watching this stuff go down in what seems to be someone’s backyard in Lima. So, I guess, thank you so much, Google Street View, for once again opening our eyes to the world and its many adventures, in this case with straight up chicken annihilation in mind. What ever in the world would we do without you?

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