15 Weird & Incredible Ways People Have Found Their Soulmates

Let's face it, dating is not easy. We've all heard (and experienced) horror stories about the trials and tribulations of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Despite how difficult the dating world is, if we're lucky, we often find a good significant other.

When it comes to love, people believe in all sorts of things. Some people believe in fate, or soul mates, and some people even claim that they took one look at a certain person and knew that they would end up together for the rest of their lives. Whether you believe in love at first sight or simply enjoy reading stories about how couples met, you'll fall head-over-heels for our list of the 15 incredible ways people have found their soulmate.

And yes, we are calling them soulmates, because how else could they have ended up so serendipitously? Talk about true love!

15 Love On The High Seas

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A Swedish sailor named Ake Viking was lonely, so one night he decided to write a letter that he titled “To Someone Beautiful and Far Away.” Once he was done, he put it in a bottle and tossed it overboard in the hopes fate would help him find the love of his life.

Common sense would dictate that it would’ve been destroyed in the ocean or washed up adrift on some lonely piece of land, but what happened was definitely worthy of a plot in a romance flick.

Two years later, Ake received a reply from a young Sicilian girl named Paolina. She admitted that she didn’t consider herself to be beautiful, but she found the bottle and was so charmed by his letter that she just HAD to reply. The two began writing letters to one another and hit off to the point that three years later, Ake decided to move to Sicily in order to be with Paolina.

14 Love At First Flight


Marsha Bobb had a date with destiny when she walked down the aisles of an American Airlines flight from Jamaica to Miami in 2005 and saw that Lenny Spence was sitting in her window seat.

At first, she was NOT happy that someone had taken her spot as she was forced to sit in the open center seat, but they started talking and she realized Lenny was actually a decent fellow. Lenny, on the other hand, took one look at Marsha and instantly fell head-over-heels in love with her.

From 2005 until 2008, Marsha and Lenny would chat for hours on end. Sadly, they lost touch with one another until 2010, when Lenny found Marsha on Facebook and sent her a message. They started talking again, and eventually started a relationship. Marsha, who was originally from Toronto, moved to Florida to be with Lenny. Now they are happily married and are the proud parents of two children.

13 Facebook Plays Cupid

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Back before Facebook was the social media giant we know and love today, a man named Schuyler Benson of Arkansas tried to log into the website on his flip phone. If you remember flip phones, then you remember why we all gladly switched to smartphones: it was a HUGE pain in the a** to access the internet on a flip phone.

Of course, the damn phone glitched and Schuyler accidentally accessed the account of a woman named Celeste Zendler, who lived in Colorado. Poor Schuyler had no idea WTF to do, as Facebook wouldn’t let him log out of the stranger’s account. Thankfully, he was finally able to log out after he sent Celeste a friend request.

After the embarrassing glitch, Schuyler and Celeste began to talk online. In 2013, they met in person and as the fates would have it, they fell in love. The couple got engaged, moved to South Carolina and got married last year. Who knew Facebook was romantic enough to play Cupid?!

12 A Text Leads To Romance


Kasey Bergh had been divorced for six years when she accidentally sent a text message to a stranger in June 2012 while she was in Denver working on a project for Nestle-Purina and attempted to connect with other employees while she waited for her co-worker to arrive.

Sadly, Kasey didn’t meet up with her fellow Nestle employees, but her text made its way to Henry Glendening, who was stuck in an unhappy relationship and a dead-end job. Instead of ignoring the text message, he responded to Kasey and let her vent about how frustrated she was to be stuck in Denver and unable to work on her project.

They hit it off, and for a week they chatted through text message and recommended movies, books and films. Kasey admitted that she was 30 years older than Henry, but that didn’t stop them from eventually falling in love and starting a relationship. After all, age ain’t nothing but a number!

11 Even In The Darkest Hour, There Is Still Hope

On March 29, 2012 Brandi Kaufman, her 18-year-old sister Stephanie and Stephanie’s pal Savannah Pierce decided to get some pizza. Brandi had a bad feeling about the car, which her mother had bought used, but Stephanie assured her big sister that it was safe.

Unfortunately, their car slammed into an embarkment and slid 15 feet off of the road. Tragically, Savannah was killed on impact and Stephanie was rushed to the hospital, but later passed away.

A fire fighter named Dustin Blair helped save Brandi, who was stuck in the car. She was taken to the hospital, but had no memory of the accident and was devastated when she found out that her little sister had passed.

Dustin couldn’t get Brandi out of his head, and he went to visit her when she was in the hospital. Five months later, after she had recovered, Brandi walked into the fire department and shook the hands of the men who had helped save her life.

Brandi and Dustin also reconnected four months later when her cousin invited her to go out with her BF and his friend. The two hit it off, and Dustin eventually proposed.

10 A Match Made In The Hospital

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Danny Robinson and his mother appeared on a radio show to share his story about being diagnosed with lgA nephropathy (an inflammatory kidney disease) and it just happened that Ashley McIntyre, who was Danny’s age, overheard her mother and her grandmother talking about the young man’s tale.

Ashley and Danny shared the same blood type, and she decided to donate her kidney to him because she felt compassion for the young man. She reached out to the radio show host and managed to get in touch with his mother. Thankfully, Ashley was a perfect match and was able to be a donor.

Danny’s mother knew instantly that her son was going to fall in love with Ashley and as it turns out, mother definitely knows best.

The two families became very close, and after the transplant surgery, Danny asked Ashley to be his girlfriend. The happy couple also celebrated the birth of their first child.

9 Romeo And Juliet Meet Online

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Internet dating is all the rage right now, but back in the late ‘90s, it was pretty unheard of to meet your soulmate online. After all, there were so many warnings about creepers in the AOL chats and all of us ‘90s kids were admonished by concerned parents to never share their real name or address with strangers they were chatting with online.

Well, when Reddit user Petvetbr was a young man, he met his wife online and caused some Romeo and Juliet-esque shenanigans:

Met my wife online when I was 20, she was 17. This was 1998, so it was based only on a short text and some very low-resolution photos. We started exchanging emails, met couple of times and started dating 2 months later.

Her father did not like the way things where going and 2 months after that said to her to break up with me. She said no, and left to live with me.

We are still together and going strong after all this time and I never found someone who I feel so at ease to be with as her.

Thankfully, Petvetbr’s story ended on a better note than Shakespeare’s famous play!

8 Precognition: Bringing Couples Together Since 2009

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In 2009, single artist Chloe Mayo painted a picture that appeared to show the young woman canoodling with a handsome man with dark hair and a beard.

She thought nothing of it until she joined an online dating site and began chatting with a guy named Michael Goeman. When they met, Chloe freaked out because Michael was pretty much the spitting image of the man she’d painted and hid it under the bed so the resemblance wouldn’t scare the bejeezus out of her new boyfriend.

After a few more dates, Chloe ‘fessed up to Michael about the painting and how the man in the piece looks exactly like him. Thankfully, Michael took it all in stride and didn’t run screaming into the night or make any X-Files jokes.

Eventually, Michael proposed to Chloe when they were on vacation in France and they now live happily in England, with the artist’s psychic-inspired painting hanging proudly in their living room.

7 Ahh, Young Love

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We’ve all heard stories of high school sweethearts who wind up falling in love and staying together for the rest of their lives, but Drawingonmyhands’ tale is the real deal:

I knew immediately. I was just a freshman in high school, and he was a sophomore. Our biology teacher assigned us new seats for the month, and I sat across from him. I could not stop staring and I couldn't figure out why. He left that class next semester, and I still thought about him all the time. Then he ended up in my physics class the next year, and then he started hanging out with my group of friends.

It was like every crush I had felt before was stupid, silly and immature. This was a draw, like a magnet. This was the real deal. We've been together for 3 1/2 years and are engaged.

Now THAT is a soulmate story someone should base a Young Adult novel on!

6 Love At First Deposit

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People have met their significant others in strange places, but NOTHING beats how Sylentskye met their soulmate while working at a credit union:

In high school I worked for a credit union as a teller. This guy would come in with a bunch of checks from his family business to deposit. I hated it when he would come to my window because for some reason I would always mess up while adding the checks and I HATE feeling stupid. Anytime I saw him enter, I would either go slower on a transaction or speed up to space him out to another teller. He would let people go ahead of him so he still ended up at my window.

Fast forward to my senior year, we had painting class together. Turned out he was a really nice guy! We had a lot of the same interests and after I started getting to know him, the light bulb just came on in my head. I found out later that he had a huge crush on me for a long time, and that's why he always used to find a way to go to my window at work.

We ended up going to college with the same major, decided if our relationship could make it through that, we would start our "grown-up" life together. We got married in the year following our graduation, had a child the year after that, and have been enjoying our little family ever since.

5 Tour Guide Romance

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We’ve all seen cheesy films such as High School Musical where the two leads fall in love after getting involved in musical theater, but Momentsinthecity’s story of meeting their significant other while taking a tour of the theater department is a new twist:

I had just moved to a new high school, and was interested in getting involved in theater. He gave me a tour on my first day of 10th Grade, and we probably didn’t speak much after that.

Fast forward to January. I was cast as the lead in the spring musical while he worked lights and set. I had become close with his best friend through theater, and so we all began to spend time together as a group. We started seeing each other in March, with ZERO expectations or intentions of it becoming a long-term thing.

Spent the next year and a half as high school sweethearts, sneaking to each other’s houses, proms and graduations. Went to colleges six hours away and did long distance the entire time.

Moved in together May of 2014, and unfortunately, I had to relocate this past July for a job.

I don't know if there was ever a singular moment where I knew. But watching the two of us grow into the adults that we are is truly remarkable. In all honesty, both of us went though some pretty rough sh*t in high school, and I can say that having him in my life saved me. We're six years in...but he's definitely the one.

4 Cheesy Paperweights Bring People Together

It’s always nice to woo a date with thoughtful gifts, but Georgiepies12 won over their significant other with a paperweight:

I'd met him at my then job. It used to be that if you messed your time up by your computer shutting down or some such, you would e-mail him with your time fixes. I had assumed he was some cranky nerd in back, so I would write these stupid e-mails with Dungeons and Dragons references in them, and make jokes that weren't funny but definitely nerdy. I mentioned that I'd never seen him before to my supervisor and she said "Oh well. He's tall, I think. Shaves his head like Mr. Clean. He has this... well.... I think it's a birthmark.... " This was what I had to go on.

He walked by like a week later from the other side of our 300-agent call center and I excitedly shouted out his name and introduced myself.

So I had actually thought he was computer savvy and tried to pioneer a new version of the "mix tape." I put together this flash drive with a numbered word document for what order to open the attachments in and it had like, pictures and music and word files and stuff. He didn't even have a computer at home! Total misfire.

So, I was out and about one day, and stopped into this little witchcraft shop to waste time after work. There on the table was this little glass clementine paperweight. I picked it up to see how heavy it was and if it felt nice in hand and saw it was marked only $2.50. I immediately bought it for him on a total whim and then wrote down something silly like "I saw this and I thought of you because like this paperweight you brighten my day, you're nice to look at, and you hold things down (a reference to the fact that he was a supervisor, but not my own)."

When I gave it to him, he said that I should give him my phone number so he could call me, and he started to call every night. This paperweight is still on display in our living room. I moved in about a month later, and we were married in a year and a half. We're just about to celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary, and the very next day, our daughter will turn one.

3 Marching Into Romance

College can be a great way to meet the love of your life, and Princessameterasu’s tale of how they met their future husband proves that you never know who you’ll meet when you sign up for activities such as marching band or football:

I'll give the condensed version because it is a rather long story. We're in college marching band. He's my section leader. One day at a football game, everything kind of clicks. Then there is a plate of cookies and a clothes iron involved. We start to talk more and more, and we eventually start dating. This leads to him telling me he loves me after two days of dating. That's when I think about him really seriously. I also realize then that I love him too. We independently decide we want to marry each other that night, but don't tell the other for a while. Seven months later we're married.

2 Workplace Romance

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There’s always the cheesy cliché in movies about two people meeting each other and realizing that it is love at first sight. However, World’s_Best_Coffee turned that trope on its head after they saw their now significant-other appearing in a commercial:

I was working at a small television station doing video editing. At the time, I had a rather large television screen in my office for viewing work and checking to make sure placement for text wouldn't clip the bottom or side of the screen.

My producer comes in and throws me a tape, telling me to update a spot for a client group. I capture the video and load it into Final Cut, select the timeline and go to get some water. When I come back the most beautiful woman I have ever seen is on my television screen smiling at me in a frozen grin. I can't get over how pretty she is.

I edit the spot, and ask my producer the next morning about her. Apparently she's a new intern our parent company has working right up the block. I found an excuse to over there and introduce myself.

She's asleep in the next room right now. Our sixth wedding anniversary was in October and our youngest turned seventh months old yesterday. It's working out pretty well.

1 A Teacher Brought These Two Together

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It’s always annoying when people try to set us up on blind dates, especially if we’re not always interested. However, 524038-2 eventually learned that being forced to work with someone you hate could have a happy ending:

I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but in 7th grade there was this boy that I HATED because all my friends liked him and he kind of "stole" my friends. I was 13, he was 12. Kid drama.

Teacher put us in a group together because she knew I hated him. Figured that meant we'd work well together cause we wouldn't spend time chatting.

It's been five years, we're 18 now, he's about to graduate high school, I'm headed to college, and he moved three hours away but we're still going strong. Look at us, Ms. Byrd. Look at what you have done!

I know it wasn't what you were looking for because five years isn't that long, and we won't know if we're soulmates until we're happily together at 50, but, for what it's worth.

TL;DR: Teacher forced us to work together, caused us to date, it's lasted 5 years and going strong.

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