15 Weird Things Guys Thought Were Attractive 10 Years Ago (But Not Today)

If there's anything we've learned with age, it's that a lot can change over time. Trends come and go, only to replace themselves some few years later. What was once deemed *cool* in the '70s is now seen as retro. However, with '90s kids being adults now (shuddering at the thought), it's fun to look back at all of the trends we used to think were so cool in the 2008-2009 era, but are now seen as cringeworthy.

For starters, as soon as Brtiney Spears started wearing those matching velour jumpsuits, women everywhere ran to the nearest Juicy store to fit in with the Queen of Pop. And let's not forget Avril's grunge phase; we all wanted pin-straight hair after the "Complicated" singer took center stage.

While our fashion sure has changed since the early 2000s, we're still seeing bits and pieces on today's fashion magazines, thanks to these stars. But if we asked the guys what they thought of this prime time in trends, they'd shake their heads and say "Thank you, next."

15 Androgyny


So, The Spice Girls broke up in 1998 but that doesn't mean their fashion choices and music and didn't live on. Thanks to BAMFs like Sporty Spice, she gave women the green light to be as sporty as they wanted to be. Who says women need to be in baby doll dresses all the time? Men were also digging the sporty vibe—and still very much do in 2019—but we found a way to make Sporty Spice's iconic sports ware a little chicer nowadays.

14 Being A Homemaker


There was a time where men were the breadwinners and women were the homemakers. Men worked the 9-5 job and would come home to a warm dinner on the table, thanks to their wife who stayed home all day tending to the kids and home. While that might have been the goal back in the 2000s (thanks to most backward-thinking parents and grandparents), The Transformed Housewife states that men in 2019 like a woman who is dedicated reaching their professional goals. Plus, life is pretty expensive these days so all the help that a household can get is appreciated.

13 Sweatbands


Avril Lavigne released "Complicated" back in 2002 and she was immediately everyone's favorite disturber next to Pink. She was unapologetically herself, wearing men's ties and sweatbands around her wrists. Now, at the time, no one cared that sweatbands were for sweating, we all just thought it was part of the look. Nowadays, if you're seen wearing sweatbands when you're not being active, Bleacher Report thinks you should throw them away.

12 Moccasin Boots


Ah, the classic moccasin boot. Everyone was wearing these bad boys. Whether they were tall or short, celebs of all walks of life were wearing these and we were trying to catch up. Considering the Kardashians wore these boots a lot, many of us women were trying to be on-brand. According to Style Caster, though, on par with wedges, moccasin boots should be laid to rest in 2008-2009. RIP.

11 Ed Hardy Everything

US Magazine

Ed Hardy was LIFE back in the mid-2000s. Paris Hilton wore Ed Hardy all the time, Ashton Kutcher wore those Ed Hardy trucker hats, Ed Hardy even made t-shirt dresses for kinds of occasions! Ed Hardy was everywhere and we couldn't escape from his graphics. Fast-forwarding to 2019, LA Review of Books noted that many men hate the brand, but adore the man behind the look. Regardless, anyone who wears Ed Hardy shirts today would get a raised eyebrow.

10 The Kardashian Contour


Whether the Kardashians really did invent the "contour" or not is up for debate, but after they showed their fans their unique way of making themselves look the way they do, everyone was on the contour bandwaggon. It seemed so effortless when they did it—and we were all infatuated—but when everyone else jumped on the bandwaggon, it wasn't so flawless. Get the Gloss even found out that men today dislike when a woman's contour gets all over their shirt and makes them look different than they are naturally.

9 Jeggings


Jeggings were life! With the look of denim and the feel of a legging, jeggings were a woman's best friend. They could finally dress up while feeling dressed-down. It was an awesome time to be alive. Men even loved how the "jeans" fit our bodies so snug. Unfortunately, over time these jeggings were no longer chic. In fact, Glamour even noted how men used to adore jeggings but the times have changed; just stick to leggings without the denim look.

8 Lobster Claws

The Telegraph

First of all, I had no idea "lobster claws" was the name of this *lewk* but here we are. Lady Gaga made lobster claws her jam after pairing them with many of her interesting red carpet looks. And since you can't really argue with high fashion, we all rolled with this un-walkable shoe even if they did look kind of cool. In 2019, however, this shoe is anything but cute.

7 Being A Mean Girl


Being the cute, mean girl in high school was all the rage. Non-popular girls feared mean girls while every dude fawned after them. They were pretty and usually pretty advanced, which made most men hoping for at least a look from them. And while mean girl favorites like Rachel McAdams's Regina George and Megan Fox's Carla Santini in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen were cool in the early 2000s, they're anything but cool now. Being picked on is no longer seen as cute in 2019, thankfully.

6 The Jersey Shore Look

Elite Daily

Taking off exactly 10 years ago in 2009, MTV's Jersey Shore was on everyone's TV screens. This group of misfits was so unhinged and unlike anything we've ever seen before. From the spray tans, the laundry, the style... New Jersey had never been popular. And while men seem to love a solid tan and a woman who looks after herself, this style is too tacky in the future.

5 Logos, Logos, Logos


Designer logos were everything to a young fashionista! From Dior to Louis Vuitton, one logo wasn't enough — we needed at least 100. And while many purses still have logos all over them today, you won't find too many jackets like Mariah Carey's anymore. Esquire even found out women hated these logos on men and vice versa. Is it time we retire the look of the logo?

4 Spray Tans


Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Tara Reed... if you didn't have a spray tan, were you even alive? If you weren't raking in the cash in the early 2000s, then people opted for the more dangerous tanning beds, but it didn't matter how you were tan; you just had to be tan! And even though we all appreciate being bronzed, men still don't understand the constant need to be fake tan, according to Daily Edge.

3 Low Rise Jeans


What a crazy world we live in. Nowadays, it's all about the high-waisted jeans. They're fitted, they lift our bum, and they hold us in. But back in the 2008 era, low-rise jeans were life. If your jeans weren't falling down when you picked something up off the floor, then they weren't low enough. In fact, if your undies showed when you were walking then you were on the right track. People today, however, loathe low-rise jeans. They may leave little to the imagination but they're just too low in 2019.

2 Velvet Tracksuits


All hail Britney! She did it all: the velour jumpsuits, the thick highlighted hair, the spray tan, the tacky extensions — we all wanted to be Britney. This picture should honestly be framed in every woman's closet. Ah, the memories. However, the same look in 2019 would not be so longed after. The Telegraph even asked men what trend they disliked, and lo and behold we were given the velour tracksuit.

1 Chunky Highlights

New Beauty

Kelly Clarkson's chunky highlights were a breath of fresh air in the Idol days. It gave women everywhere the chance to show off their individual style through color. And although every woman and teenage girl seemed to have these chunky highlights, some men didn't understand them. Highlights used to be done to look natural, but that wasn't the point of interest in this golden era.

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