15 Weirdest Episodes of 'Supernatural' That Will Make Even The Biggest Fan Say, "WTF?"

Supernatural can get a little weird sometimes. Which is to be expected, I think. Considering it's a show about two brothers who hunt monsters, demons, and any other paranormal creature anyone could ever dream of, things are bound to get a little weird sometimes. And not in the "weird monster" way, either. It's scary sometimes and it can be really funny too, but there are times when it's just plain ridiculous. Some of the things that happen will make even the most dedicated Supernatural watcher stop their Netflix binge and say, "WTF?" Not that even the most absurd plots can stop a lot of SPN super fans from watching every episode.

Get ready to say, "WTF?" while you check out this list of 15 of the weirdest episodes of Supernatural ever.

15 Mystery Spot

Have you ever seen the movie Christmas Everyday? Or Groundhog Day (if you're not a big fan of holiday movies)? Basically, the idea is that the main character wakes up every day and relives the same day over and over and over. Season 3, episode 11 of Supernatural is an episode called "Mystery Spot" and the premise is basically the exact same as Christmas Everyday or Groundhog Day. Each day, Sam and Dean wake up and Sam relives the same day over and over. This sounds really great, right? Yeah, not so much because it happens to be the day that his brother, Dean, dies.

This "repeat the same day" trope shows up in a lot of things, not even just Supernatural and the movies I mentioned. But, it's a common one in paranormal and scifi shows because it just works. It's the strangest thing that could possibly happen.

14 A Very Supernatural Christmas

Every show needs a Christmas episode, right? It's basically a rule of TV. I feel like every show needs a Christmas episode and maybe a musical episode. If it's a high school show, they also need a prom episode. Take notes, TV producers, I'm giving out some valuable tips right now!

Season 3, episode 8 of Supernatural fulfilled one of those unwritten laws of TV. "A Very Supernatural Christmas" was obviously their Christmas episode and they did it in a way that only Supernatural could. Sam and Dean are faced with a pretty interesting monster to hunt: evil Santa. Yep, people disappear into their chimneys and Sam and Dean decide that since it's Christmas time, it must be the work of an evil version of good old Saint Nick. It only gets stranger from there.

13 Dog Dean Afternoon

Five episodes into season nine of Supernatural, Dean turns into a dog. Kind of. He starts to bark at the mailman, stick his head out of windows, talk to animals, and generally act like a dog. But in a human body, so it's especially weird because he's not even actually transformed into a dog. While the whole "human-turned-into-an-animal" trope has been done many times, it's never been done so bizarrely as when Dean turned into a dog-person.

If that's not strange enough, the episode also features a cowboy with a snake tongue, a dog murder witness, and Sam rubbing a dog's belly to get information. Some people say the writers ran out of ideas for this episode, but I think this was brilliant. Run out of ideas more, please.

12 Fallen Idols

The only thing you really need to know about this episode is that Paris Hilton was a guest star. Yes, the Paris Hilton. 2009 was quite a year in the pop culture world, people. It starts with the guy who had James Dean's car being found dead, Sam is attacked by the ghost of Gandhi, and Paris Hilton actually turns out to be a pagan god in disguise. What? Exactly. It was crazy, but it was actually a pretty fun episode. Definitely one of the weirder ones from start to finish, though.

I love that they had James Dean's car in this because in real life, it supposedly really is cursed. Since his death, James Dean's Porsche 550 Spyder has had quite a story surrounding it. Each person who bought the car or pieces of it met a terrible death and eventually, the car disappeared entirely. It hasn't been seen since and people believe that it really is cursed.

11 Changing Channels

In what may be the most hilariously strange episode of Supernatural, the brothers find themselves, well, in other shows. A Trickster puts them into a series of different TV shows, including a medical show called Dr. Sexy M.D., a Japanese gameshow, a sitcom, and a commercial. Dr. Sexy, M.D., a show that seems like it's essentially Grey's Anatomy, has been referenced before in the show. In another episode, an author mentioned that show's popularity is why his books went out of print. Plus, it's a show Dean is a big fan of.

The genre-switching is pretty weird, but it actually works well in this episode. It especially works since it's part of the trickster messing with them and not just the episode being a different genre for the episode for fun.

10 Live Free Or Twihard

After seven girls in their late teens are found dead, Sam and Dean go to Illinois to investigate what's going on. They go to the home of the latest victim to see if they can find any clues and noticed that she was extremely into vampires. Her room is full of memorabilia from recent vampire books, movies, and TV shows. They find her laptop and manage to get into it with her password which was "Pattinson." You can see where this is going, right? Right? This episode is so 2010 it's ridiculous. They look through Kristen's Internet history and notice she had been talking to someone online who claimed to be a real vampire and had plans to go meet him. Turns out, it's a group of vampires targeting human fans of vampires. #Shocking.

9 Hunteri Heroici

Remember in cartoons when people would die in really silly ways? Like being crushed by an anvil or they'd run off a cliff and be standing on air for a second before they realized they had run right off the edge of the cliff? When I was a kid, I thought that stuff was hilarious. Seriously, just comedy gold. "Hunter Heroici," the eighth episode of the eighth season of Supernatural plays on the rules of cartoon deaths in a kind of scary and gruesome way while still being pretty funny.

The reveal of who was behind it all was the best part. As if the rest of the episode wasn't ridiculous enough, finding out who was behind all the cartoon-like deaths made it even sillier and better. Fred, an elder psychokinetic, had lost control of his powers and really loved cartoons. Talk about strange.

8 Larp And The Real Girl

Sorry to all the LARPers out there, but it can be a little bit weird sometimes. LARP starts for "live action role-play," and it's essentially where people wear costumes and act out what their character is doing, as opposed to writing it or playing a tabletop game like Dungeons & Dragons. If you enjoy doing it, go on with it and have fun. I'm not here to judge.

Despite Supernatural not casting such a nice light on LARPing - as they try to make it look a little nerdy in this episode, it was still a fun one. When people in the LARP community start dying, Sam and Dean go to investigate. They get really into a LARP game called, "Moondoor" during their investigation which just makes the episode even better and more ridiculous.

7 Bad Day At Black Rock

"Bad Day at Black Rock" is the third episode of the third season of Supernatural and was named after a 1955 movie about a man who goes to an isolated desert town in search of someone. In the Supernatural episode by that name, Sam finds a lucky rabbit's foot and his luck changes. At first, for the better, but then it brings them a bit of bad luck. The episode follows the two of them through Sam's string of good luck as people try to steal the rabbit's foot away from them. When Sam finally loses the foot, his luck turns back around and becomes bad again. The worst part is he loses his shoe, in what many Supernatural fans refer to as the cutest moment in the episode. Maybe even the entire series.

6 The French Mistake

Some shows break the fourth wall. You know in House of Cards when Frank turns to the camera and says something to the viewer so that he can express his thoughts without the other characters knowing what he's doing? That's breaking the fourth wall. He's acknowledging that it's a show and that there's someone watching, if only for a couple lines before he goes back to talking to everyone else on the show. When Supernatural had a fourth wall break, they just jumped right through the wall and shattered it like a piece of fake glass.

In "The French Mistake," Sam and Dean go to an alternate universe where they're actually named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and they're filming a TV show called Supernatural.

5 Ghostfacers

Can I just admit something? I love ghost hunting shows. Especially Ghost Adventures. I almost met Zak and the rest of the crew once, but I left the store literally five minutes before they walked in. Do you know how mad I was at myself for not wandering the aisles one more time when I saw my cousin post a picture with them on Instagram by the coffee stand? Very.

Maybe it's my soft spot for those shows, but "Ghostfacers" was one of the most brilliant episodes of Supernatural, in my opinion. After they bump into a couple of amateur ghost hunters who are filming the pilot for their new show, Ghostfacers, Sam and Dean find themselves in the middle of an episode of reality TV.

4 The Real Ghostbusters

Sam and Dean get a text message from Chuck telling them to go to a hotel. When they get there, they find out that the hotel is hosting a Supernatural (the book series in the show) fan convention and the text message was actually not from Chuck at all. Instead, it was from their overbearing super-fan, Becky Rosen. At the convention, they meet a lot of Sam and Dean cosplayers who are partaking in a fake ghost hunt as one of the convention's activities. Unfortunately, things go a little awry when a convention goer is hurt by a real ghost and Sam and Dean have to investigate to find out what's going on.

Episodes about the Supernatural fandom and that feature Becky, or "samlicker81" as she goes by online, are all hilarious.

3 The Monster At The End Of This Book

Supernatural breaks the fourth wall in various ways quite a bit. Sometimes it's just an outward break and other times, it's a little more subtle and is worked into the plot of the episode. In season four in "The Monster at the End of This Book," Sam and Dean learn about the Supernatural book series. The series is about two brothers, named Sam and Dean, who are hunters. Yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

In the episode, which shares a name with a Sesame Street book, they learn a lot about fandoms. They learn all about "Sam girls" and "Dean girls," fans of the show who have chosen their preference between the brothers, slash fan fiction, and all about the other things the Supernatural fandom loves.

2 Monster Movie

"Monster Movie" isn't really a weird episode due to the content as much as the style. And it's really not so weird as it is just different from the rest of the series. In a really good way, honestly. First of all, the entire episode is in black and white. While the rest of the series is in color, like other modern shows and movies, this one is all in a very vintage inspired black and white. To add to the vintage feeling of the show, the villain in it is a vampire who is very Dracula-esque. The entire thing just feels like an old horror movie from back in the day, but still has the general feel of an episode of Supernatural. It manages to blend the two of them together quite nicely.

1 It's A Terrible Life

In season four, episode seventeen, Sam and Dean aren't Sam and Dean. Well, they are. But they're not Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester. Instead, they're Sam Wesson and Dean Smith. Confused? This episode is one where they're out of character, but it's still very much an episode of Supernatural. While it takes them out of their usual realm and gives them new lives, it still has the creepy deaths and mysterious events that other episodes have.

Sam Wesson and Dean Smith don't know each other, but they do work together. At a company where employees are all starting to kill themselves. It's definitely one of the stranger episodes of the show, but it's a fun one anyway. Episodes like this set in a weird alternate universe. Or when they play other people are always great, even if it is strange until you realize what's going on.

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