15 Weirdest People On The Subway That Make Us Question Everything

Getting from one place to another is something that we cannot avoid. Actually, we can be absolutely sure that transporting ourselves from one place to another is an activity that will last until we die. Yes people, because even when we die, we still need to find the way to get to the cemetery. Ughh… We literally lose so much time walking to places, waiting for the bus, riding a bike, going through annoying airport routines and, yes my friends, using the subway. To be honest, the subway is possibly my favorite of all the above mentioned. It’s fast, and you get to avoid traffic. Yay! But even though avoiding traffic is enough of a reason to love the subway, the wide range of random things that you can find in a wagon makes this trivial activity into something absolutely hilarious.

15 The One Station Meal

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Routine can be complicated. We all have experienced how it feels to be utterly submerged and rushed. Sometimes 24 hours is not enough time in the day to get everything done. I mean, most of the times we are completely absorbed by our jobs, and having time for stuff just seems impossible. And I’m not even talking about your social life. I’m talking about basic stuff like making yourself a nice homemade meal. Well, life can be hard but it seems that this woman has everything under control. I mean, I can't blame her. I’ve been literally starving inside the train with my bag full of groceries. So, why not save some time and start cooking before heading home! Yeah, that girl is a real go-getter!

14 Sometimes They Just Want To Be Normal

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Being a Superhero is like being a famous celebrity. I mean, everyone is expecting so much out of you. From the outside it can look pretty cool, but come on, could you imagine having the huge responsibility of defeating every possible person that comes your way when you just want to Netflix and chill? Ughhh, that is probably my worst nightmare. Plus, remember that most superheroes have normal jobs! It’s crazy! Poor people, they never get a time for themselves. I know you think this picture is weird is AF, but think about it. For several years The Power Rangers were extremely busy defeating weirdly dressed evil people, and I guess now that they are retired, they just want to hang around like normal people.

13 Parenthood

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I guess is never the right time to become a mom or a dad. It’s just something that people learn when they find themselves in that situation of, you know, having a tiny baby to suddenly look after. Sounds scary, right? Have you ever seen that kind of parent that make everything looks super easy? I mean, their kids are always happy and clean. When I meet parents like these, they always leave me thinking that parenthood is just a piece of cake. Well, I have this picture to prove you that is a completely lie. This is so wrong it’s actually funny. Although I’m sure this baby was totally okay, it looks like the man didn’t care at all. I guess we are nobody to judge, but come on, it looks like the man forgot he was carrying his own baby.

12 Toys are awesome (When You're A Kid)

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Sometimes we find weird things at the subway, sometimes we find retired super heroes, but sometimes we get sweet stuff. But when was the last time you saw a full grown holding a stuffed tiger in front of you? That guy has to be one of the weirdest person spotted in the subway, right? So strange. Imagine that you are going home after a terrible day at work. You are feeling like the most miserable person in the world, you’re starving and you also know there is absolutely nothing in the fridge. You just want to die, and all of a sudden you realize that the passenger sitting just in front of you might have an even crazier life. Well, I guess nobody has a perfect life. Every day is a struggle, but sometimes we need to stay positive, and realise our miserable lives are not really that bad!

11  Nothing To Hide

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Failing in life can be a matter of perspectives. You know, sometimes the glass is half full, sometimes is half empty, right? What do you think about this one? Some would say this person is a total failure, but some others would think just the opposite. I mean, first thing first. This man has (literally) the balls to be hanging around all naked. He wants to get rid of all his clothes while having a nice beer on the way home. Not a big deal. Put it that way, I guess we all should give the man some credit. I haven’t heard about any naked person that has gone so far without actually getting caught by the police! Maybe taking the subway naked is like swimming naked. You know, something you need to experience at least once in your life.

10 She’s Just A Rockstar

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Grandmas are known for being terrible drivers. When they get a car, we know that everyone should fear for their lives. I mean, like storms and drunk people, grandparents are just another dangerous factor if you are behind the wheel. Anyway, this granny here is just killing it. I guess it’s true that the older, the wiser. She has the coolest granny vehicle, and she’s also teaching everyone how to use two different types of transport at the same time. Sounds like the future, right? I wonder if she was on her way to the church when she realized that traffic was really bad. Or she was probably only showing us that no one in this world could even imagine being as cool as her. I think both theories are possible.

9 I Want A Pony

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Remember when you were a kid and you wanted a pony so much? Yeah, me too. Those were the days! Well, even when most of the people don’t really fulfill the pony desire, there are some lucky ones that actually own ponies. What can be cooler than that? Absolutely no pet can compete with having a goddamn pony! Wouldn’t this make your day? I mean, imagine it’s 8:00 am, you are on your way to school, and you find this pretty thing in the subway! Aww, so sweet! Let’s admit it, it’s cute AF when you see a dog in the subway, but it’s just a dream come true when there is a pony involved! You know, some people take their bikes, some grannies like to take their cars, but who actually takes their little pony with them?

8 Everyday Tools

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Daily tasks can be complex. Getting from a place to another sometimes is easy, but some other times it's just difficult. I mean, it’s so annoying when the bus just won’t come, or when  it's raining down so hard that you can’t leave. Also, it's terrible when the subway is incredibly busy, right? And when that happens, you need to figure out a way to fit no matter what. I really think that in the modern world, the subway is absolutely the only place where humans show their survival instinct. Don’t you think? Just a smart human being can get through those journeys. And this girl proves that she really is smart AF. This cannot be very stylish, but sure gets the work done. Not fancy at all, but definitely useful.

7 Pikhandchu

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I laughed so much with this one. Can you imagine having to take the subway while wearing one of those? God, that surely can be dangerous. Also, probably pretty annoying for everyone else if the subway happens to be very busy. Imagine it’s summer, everyone is just sweating profusely everywhere and the wagon is completely full of people. Then, a random Pikachu appears on the scene! What a nightmare, right? Well, if you think that would be a horrible situation for you, imagine what would it be for our weird Pikachu. I cannot help feeling a bit bad whenever I see people wearing these things. I mean, clearly they weren’t thinking about becoming giant cartoon characters when they were little kids. Oh, childhood!

6 Santa, The Rest Of The Year

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Have you ever thought about what Santa’s activities are the rest of the year? I mean, when we are small, we have lots of holidays and life is amazing. Then we grow up just to find out that life is not that great, and our vacations start becoming shorter and shorter. That’s life, we cannot do anything about it. Sad. But what happens to those vip’s like Santa? I mean, he is huge. He is more than a celebrity. The guy almost owns Christmas! There is no other like Santa, and we love him because he gave us so many cool gifts. Well, most of the times he did, right? Anyway, we know December is a busy month for him, but what happens the other 11 months. Well, now you know. Santa is wild!

5 Seriously?

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Wow, this is just beyond everything I’ve seen inside the subway. I mean, sometimes you get to see funny old people, sometimes you find retired superheroes, sometimes you spot pretty things like ponies, but there is a time in life when you get to see a man wearing this. Uhmmm, interesting. To be honest, I’ve always encouraged people to wear whatever the f**ck they want. That is actually a right that all the people living in this world should have. No matter if you are a boy, a girl, or even if you seem too old for some stuff. Well, at least that’s my opinion most of the times. However, I’m not sure how am I feeling after seeing this picture. It’s just a bit disturbing. And I don’t think the top is really the problem, but the nipples! Oh man, why is he rubbing his nipples in front of everyone?

4 The Evil Passenger

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Halloween is a great season. Perhaps the best, I would say. I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t love Halloween. I mean, it’s great! How could you hate this time of the year? You get all the candies you want, and you are also allowed to dress however you want. Halloween customs are amazing. Some people really create incredible things, and we should give them the credit they deserve. But what happens when you find one of this mind-blowing customs in an entirely unexpected situation? I mean, imagine if it’s just a normal day, and this thing appears in front of you. I’m sure I would totally freak out! I don’t know who took this picture, but I am happy they weren’t alone with this weirdo. That’d be scary!

3 Never Skip Breakfast

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Life is a rush. There is never enough time to achieve everything that society demands. Yeah, it is incredibly sad and frustrating, but you know what? We need to learn to live like this. We need to learn how to enjoy life even when the world is never pleased with anything we are doing. It doesn’t really matter if we are doing things the right way or the wrong way. We won't ever be able to please everyone. So why don’t start not giving a f***ck. Yeah, we all should be more like this guy. I mean, he certainly looks strange doing this inside the subway, but what the hell? He’s not doing anything bad. He’s just having a bowl of cereal. What can be less harmful than cereal? Absolutely nothing!

2 The Selfish Passenger

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Ughhh, I totally hate when guys do this. So if you are reading this, and you happen to be a male, please take note. I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but please men out there, don’t act like you were the only human beings with legs. Got it? I mean, look at these poor girls. They look so uncomfortable. Come on, this man spreading his legs like this is so unnecessary. And it’s not even about women, men, and their biological differences. It’s just common sense and basic education, right? Public places are PUBLIC, they are free to all, and that means only one thing, that you are not alone. So please, next time you’re not at home, remember that most probably you will be surrounded by some other people that might need some personal space.

1 All Super Heroes Just Want To Be Normal

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Well, it seems that superheroes are just tired of their extreme lives. I mean, among so many things, being a superhero means that you won’t need to get a metro card ever in your life. If you cannot fly, you will definitely have a superhero friend that does, and they can give you a lift, right? So, when I see this I don’t really know what to think. What’s happening with the super hero calling? Are they not interested in saving the world anymore? Are they already aware that they cannot really do anything against global warming? It’s just disappointing to see them failing in life like everyone else! Please, someone tell Spiderman we still need him! (Especially if we are talking about the Tobey Maguire Spiderman).

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