15 Weirdest Places People Have Found And Caught Pokemon

As Pokémon GO has calmly swept over the phones of people all over the globe, people are truly being brought together by the innovative virtual reality app. Not only does the new app encourage people to leave the comfort of their homes to find Pokémon, collect Pokéballs and eggs at the many Pokéstops, and fertilize these eggs with their steps, it encourages them to take to the media to share their stories. As the virtual reality app uses the camera function of any smartphone to depict Pokémon as if they are in our own world, this feature has led to some pretty entertaining situations.

As the app continues to gain popularity, not only are people bonding over the struggles associated with the app, like the servers being almost constantly down, but over each unique place they locate and catch Pokémon. As more and more photos pour in each day of people's wild Pokémon adventures, we've curated a list of the weirdest places people have caught Pokémon with the beloved app for the time being.

15 On top of one of this drum-line's instruments

via: instagram

As described in the world of Pokémon narrative, these cool creatures are quite intelligent, and have all kinds of impressive capabilities. The classic Pokémon, Charmander, proved this claim to completely true when he showed up one of this university's drums. He most likely heard the drum-line practicing before and decided he wanted to learn to play the instrument himself. While those sharp claws may be a little dangerous on the delicate surface of the drum, his tough dinosaur-like feet are probably perfect for stomping away to the beat. No wonder Professor Willow would want to study this little guy, he's a musical prodigy in the making. Guess the creators over at Nintendo can add "musical-type" to their Pokedex.

14 At this guy's local pizza joint

via: twitter

Is it just us, or does the look on this Krabby's face make he seem like it actually wouldn't mind being given the sweet release of death by being cooked and put on a pizza? Found at this guy's local pizza chain, the pizza definitely does not seem to be the only thing on the menu. This weird set of circumstances raises the question: to catch or to eat? On the one hand, this wild-eyed creature definitely does seem to be trying to convey some kind of message with his eyes, although whether that message is "eat me, please," or "move and you're dead," we can't exactly be certain. On the other hand, the sign advertising the Mediterranean Vegetarian pizza could be sending a subliminal message that crabs are friends, not food. Either way, this digitally-simulated Krabby would certainly give the term "mock crab" a whole new meaning if it were a food item after all.

13 Hitching a ride on this dog

via: instagram

You would think that of all the Pokémon, one that looks a whole lot like a super-bunny (despite its species technically being identified as a Poison Pin Pokémon) with probably magnificent hops wouldn't have any personal quarrels with getting from one place to another all on its own. Clearly that is not the case. Exhibited by this cheeky Nidoran, given the choice between riding a dog and hopping somewhere herself, she will always choose the dog. It's no wonder her final evolution is called Nidoqueen, what with the way she has this dog waiting on her hand and foot. We'll hold ourselves back before we judge her too severely, due to that poisonous horn she's got pointing right at us, or anyone on Instagram who dares to mess with her for that matter.

12 On the Walk of Fame

via: thewrap.com

Seriously though, what's more fitting than Meowth of all Pokémon hopping along next to Danny Devito's star on the Walk of Fame? They're both short, stout, and arguably quite funny, in a dopey kind of way. Honestly, Meowth may as well have been voiced by the "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" star when the cherished TV series was still a thing that aired weekly. It's also extremely fitting that Meowth would want to be spotted in Hollywood, considering what a big diva he is. Now all the lucky person who caught this Meowth has to do is locate Team Rocket to keep the snarkiest of all the world's Pokémon in check.

11 On Souljaboy's watch

via: instagram

Who knew Pikachus could also be an ice-type Pokémon! Seriously, talk about ice on hip-hop artist Souljaboy's wrist – it's no wonder he decided to snap a pic for all of Instagram to see. A cute little guy like Pikachu just so happens to be a great excuse to tastefully show off your new bling (note for future reference, thank you Souljaboy). If only we could all be caught and pampered by Souljaboy by just randomly showing up in his life, life could be so much easier. Unfortunately, when Pikachu shows up on the intimate location that is Souljaboy's wrist it's considered "cute" and "exciting," but if we showed up, we would be "criminals" and would be berated on how we "need to reevaluate our life choices." Oh well, live and learn, and more props to Pikachu for accomplishing such a feat at the end of it all.

10 Jamming out at this concert

via: instagram

Already accessorized with a fun noise-making rattle, it's no wonder Ekans was the Pokémon to who happened to show up to this Instagram user's concert! Not only did she show up, we'd definitely categorize what this sassy snake is doing under a form of crowd-surfing (*google searches: is crowd-slithering a thing?*). It looks like this concert was pretty much made for an Ekans, considering even the lighting vaguely matches her simple colouration. One can't help but speculate over what kind of music the performers at this concert were playing, in order to get a better read on what kind of gal this Ekans is. Is she a Pop diva? A metalhead? Maybe even one of the few fans of the very underground music genre of Crunkcore? We may never know, but what we do know is that this Ekans definitely was having a good time before getting caught.

9 Taking over this baseball game

via: linkingday

Krabby makes a triumphant return to the weird Pokémon sighting scene in a much less apparently-masochistic way with his obvious reign over this game of baseball. This image is giving off some pretty serious King Kong vibes, only in this version King Krab has taken over. Hopefully if he actually is a giant player on one of the two teams, the opposing team know how to aim to a set of pincers rather than a hand. He certainly is stealing the show, even if he wasn't intended to be at said show in the first place, with a body size even bigger than the big screen displaying ads and information. Maybe this would be a great time to call up Spongebob character, Mr. Krabs, and inform him that he might want to take on Krabby as a Krusty Krab spokesperson (correction: spokescrab).

8 Invading this guy's microwave

via: instagram

This story tells itself as we can glimpse the can of Campbell's soup in the corner of this image, waiting oh so patiently to have its temperature raised to warming perfection. Only one thing stands in the way of this man and his soup: a tiny, yet very angry-looking Weedle. If only this troubled Instagram user posted a follow-up so us, dedicated viewers, could find out whether he ever actually got to eat his soup. Maybe he hasn't because this vicious Weedle got to him. Who knew Weedles were such mischievous little creatures, that would go as far as getting in a microwave to stop a guy from eating some soup? It's just soup, Weedle, there's really no need to feel threatened.

7 On the way to Flavortown

via: twitter

If you love the celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, as much as we do you can probably tell how uncanny the resemblance is in this incredibly apt comparison. For those who don't know, Guy Fieri has become somewhat of a caricature of himself in recent years, with many memes, joke, and even mock fan pages surfacing on all kinds of social media platforms (see: @Fierifanpage on Twitter for some great memes and Fieri-related humour). His signature look is a short-sleeved button-down shirt with a flame pattern encompassing it, as well as frosted tips, and sunglasses resting on the back of his head.

While we'll just have to assume there are some sunglasses on the back of Magmar's oddly shaped head, the rest of the description fits this Pokémon perfectly, down to the flames that could only ever be mistaken for frosted tips protruding from his head. After this analysis, it's no question that the bus this Pokémon was located on is headed to Flavortown.

6 At this guy's kickback

via: twitter

As this Twitter user has made clear, there's no better way to liven up your kickback than to invite a friendly little Pokémon. His "boy," Oddish, must sure know how to knock some drinks back if both those bottles he's posing with are meant to be just for him, but we won't judge. What we really want to know is how exactly an Oddish ingests alcohol. Yes, he has a mouth, but he's also a grass-type (as well as poison-type, don't worry, we didn't forget), so does this mean his friend Joel has to pour the alcohol on his grass-covered to soak it all up? We're asking the real questions here, so Joel, if you're seeing this, please disclose how your pal Oddish eventually went from sober to "lit."

5 Blending in at the lake

via: instagram

As spotted by Instagram user "himynameistl," Pokémon are trying to blend in with other creatures similar to them now that they've been introduced to our world. While the animal pictured is a swan, rather than a goose, this Psyduck doesn't seem to mind as long as it's at least part of the bird family. That classic vacant stare we've grown to love about this interesting Pokeéon could be psychokinetically drawing the swan closer and closer toward him, or maybe even the unknowing Instagram user for punishment, as he had obviously ruined the two birds' intimate moment of friendship. Too bad a picture tells a thousand words, but can only disclose one moment in time. We'll just have to use our imaginations to resolve the end to this lovely story of bonding and adventure.

4 Blocking this girl's computer key

via: twitter

Don't you just hate it when you go to type an important document and that mischievous bugger that goes by the name of Weedle gets in the way? Well, this girl hates it too, or at least we assume she does aside from the fact she called the small 'Hair Bug Pokémon' a Caterpie, but don't worry – this Alex Hirsch person she's tweeting at corrected her harmless mistake immediately. Name technicalities aside, let's get to the point of yet another Weedle getting in the way of people finishing what they originally set out to do. He's so inconsiderately sitting on the frequently used comma key, which happens to also be where the less than symbol is located. While one might think the blocking of the less than symbol isn't a big deal, we must remind you that this symbol is absolutely required in the forming of the classic <3 emoticon. How will poor Adrianna express her love now? Well, this Weedle has made sure she'll never figure that out.

3 Luring this guy into a white van

via: twitter

The very same Alex Hirsch who corrected the Twitter user from our last Weedle-featuring entry seems to have his own Pokémon-related problems to deal with. While we would have never originally expected this adorable pink-hued Pokémon to be extremely questionable, upon reevaluation of those giant round eyes and knowing smile, we can see why this Twitter user was a tad wary of this Jigglypuff's motives. Since she already looks a good bit like a piece of candy, all she needs is her appearance and some charm to get vulnerable Pokémon GO players to get in her unmarked van so she can execute whatever plan she has. Maybe since she's a fairy-type, she's enchanted the van so it's similar to the entrance to Narnia, but with it's untrustworthy appearance, only the brave may enter. We'll have to ask Alex Hirsch for his input to confirm this theory.

2 On this toilet

via: dailymail.uk

It's official, nowhere is safe from the disturbances of Pokémon – not even the most private place on Earth: your toilet. This Twitter user went into their bathroom expecting a quick trip, only to be entered into a face-off with a Squirtle who looks like he means business. Squirtle might actually be the victim in this situation though, since it looks like he was just trying his best to fit his small body over the toilet without making a mess. Who can blame him either? He's probably too short to even reach the door handle to lock the door behind him. Hopefully this Squirtle explained himself in this awkward situation so the aforementioned face-off did not ensure. After all, who could harm that cute turtle face?

1 On this guy's stove at the wrong time

via: twitter

From the forlorn glance at the skillet of eggs to the angry look at the Pokémon GO player himself, this set of images alone takes the cake for best images of Pokémon located using the app. On top of that, the Twitter user who posted the photo-set also had the most perfect commentary to accompany the perfectly times photos. Based on this Pidgey's look in the second photo, we'd say apologize first, then catch. There's only so much this guy can do to make reparations for cooking what could have been some of Pidgey's unborn brother and sisters.

This tiny bird species of Pokémon gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "wrong place at the wrong time," considering he not only showed up in time to see eggs cooking right in front of him, but decided to stand on a stove while it was on, and everyone knows that entire surface is hot when in use. It's honestly surprising Pidgey even stayed long enough to give his best glare while exposing his toes to that much heat. We commend you, Pidgey, and on behalf of Twitter user, adrian, we're sorry about the eggs.

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