15 “When You See It” Photos That Will Absolutely Floor You

15 “When You See It” Photos That Will Absolutely Floor You

Now that we have smartphones that take photos of pretty much everything in our lives, we spend a lot of time taking photos of, well, pretty much everything in our lives. From snapping selfies, capturing what we had for dinner and taking funny cat photos, we can’t stop taking pictures. Sometimes, though, the photos that we take turn up something that we might have missed while we were taking them. Sometimes those things are background people and¬†things with just the perfect timing. Sometimes those things include the creepy and unexplained. So we scoured the internet looking for photos that will freak you out, make you laugh and/or get you thinking seriously deep thoughts. Here are some of the best photos we could find. When you see it…

15. This house has a bat infestation

Via ebaumsworld.com

We know this room. We’ve seen this room. This is the den of a nerd who loves video games, comic books and all things geeky. We certainly won’t judge, especially if he’s got a good collection of DC Comics collectible figures and a stack of New 52 Superman titles. But there is something else to this photo that will also please comic book geeks very much. In fact, we bet comic book geeks will see the hidden thing right away. Look at the doorway: there’s Batman hanging upside down from one of those gravity boots contraptions. This is so perfect in its geeky glory that we cannot help but love it. So this is what the Caped Crusader gets up to on his days off.

14. What’s that in the dark?

Via: lifebuzz.com

Isn’t camping fun? It’s a way to get in touch with nature, go spelunking in caves, climb mountains and spend time hobnobbing with trees, rocks and lakes. This couple certainly had a good day in the woods. Look at how happy they are. They’re just relaxing from a busy day with their dog in the forest, unaware that there’s a danger that lurks in the dark. Do you see it yet? Look in the upper right hand corner. There is a pair of eyes staring back at you, eyes that seem to belong to something predatory, like a bear or a wolf. And it looks like it’s just about to pounce on the happy couple and eat them. Sure, it’s probably just a second dog, but when you first see it, that’s not what you’ll think.

13. Not alone

Via: buzzfeed.com

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to look at the creepy, macabre and bizarre. We love a good spooky photo, especially one that doesn’t jump out at you right away. Because when you’re staring at a picture like this, and then you finally see a face pop out of the woodwork, it’s bound to give you a good fright, followed by chills that run up and down your spine. So do you see why this photo is so terrifying? Look to the very right edge of the photo: do you see it? There’s a spooky face staring back at you, maybe from beyond the grave. So whoever snapped this thought they were just getting a creepy photo of a dilapidated room, but they actually captured something far more horrifying.

12. Obedience school

Via: boredpanda.com

College is a time for kids to become adults and begin to learn about the real world around them, all the while learning more about art, math, science and other subjects that will help them become successful humans. College also teaches kids discipline, making them responsible for their own decisions, including a responsibility to get to class on time. We suppose you could refer to college as a sort of obedience school. Look closer at this photo and you’ll see a student that doesn’t quite fit with the others. It seems that the family pet (we’ll call him Rover) decided it was time to get a higher education, too. What’s really funny about this photo, though, is that Rover seems to have a better attention span than the students around him.

11. Look under the family

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

Look at this perfectly normal family, all piled on the couch, smiling for the camera. But it seems that maybe one member is missing, but where could that person be? Look closer and you just might see that additional family member peeking out from underneath the others. That’s right: look under the smiling people. When you see it, you might jump out of your skin, but there’s nothing to fear. It just seems that everyone decided to pile on this poor person for the annual family photo. Ouch. That’s what happens when you have a house full of people and you try to curl up with a fluffy blanket on the couch by yourself. You wake up with a lot of weight on your shoulders, and your arms and your legs.

10. Reflection

Via: weheartit.com

We count on mirrors to tell us the truth, or at least a mirrored version of it. When we look in the mirror, we see our reflections, and a lot of what we see ends up becoming the perspective from which we see ourselves. So here’s a girl standing in front of a mirror. Now look closer at her reflection. It’s not really a reflection at all, is it? In fact, it’s a creepy reproduction of the girl standing in front of the mirror. We should see her back in that mirror, not her front, right? We’re not sure what sort of trickery this is, but in a world of Photoshop, some sort of image manipulation is probably at play here. But even knowing that doesn’t make it any less weird.

9. Who needs pants?

Via: runt-of-the-web.com

We love photos that accidentally show a little more of what’s going on behind-the-scenes, especially if it’s something funny. This guy thought he would have someone take a really good photo of him all dressed up in his nicest suit. And it’s true, he looks suave. Except that he forgot one important thing. Do you see it? Look at his reflection in the mirror behind him: that gives away his biggest secret. That’s right. He’s not wearing pants! This is probably a good example of why you should probably not take photos around mirrors when you’re only dressed from the waist up. But we’re so glad that this young man shared this photo, because, let’s face it, it’s hilarious. Dude, where are your pants?

8. Drop trouble

Via: heavy.com

It’s back to school season and that means that kids are joining sports teams and getting fired up for¬†extracurricular activities. These boys are all ready to start a season of what seems like soccer, and are all dressed up in their team jerseys and shorts and ready to have a winning season. But if you look closer, you’ll see one boy is winning more than the rest. Look at the legs of the boy on the far left in the back: you’ll see a pair of jeans wrapped around his ankles. That’s right, for some reason, this kid decided to drop his pants in the middle of the team photo. What makes it funny is that you don’t even notice it at first (and it’s likely the photographer didn’t notice either).

7. What’s going on down there?

Via smosh.com

What’s more romantic than a photo taken by the Seine River in Paris (or at least we think this is Paris)? Absolutely nothing, right? This girl thought to ask someone to take her picture as she posed by a very scenic riverbank, with the world just busily going on around her. But Paris is the city of love, and if you look closer, you’ll see a whole lot of love going on below where the girl is posing. Do you see it? In the middle of the photo, right under one of the lampposts is a couple engaging in some lovemaking, right there on the banks of the river. Meanwhile, no one seems to notice a thing at all. But once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

6. Where’s the baby?

Via facebook.com

Grocery shopping is always stressful for adults, especially for parents, who have to figure out how to get everything on their list, as well as keep track of a kid (or several) while doing so. Parenting is a challenge, after all, and keeping up with children is a full-time job. Usually, the kid actually sits in the kid seat in the grocery basket, but in this case, the kid sort of got drowned in all the groceries and ended up at the bottom of the cart. Do you see it? And the kids’ clothes make it blend in so well that there’s probably a very worried mom racing all around the store looking for her baby, who got trapped underneath the potato chips and soda.

5. We’ll have what he’s having

Via: awesomeinventions.com

We’re not sure why this guy looks so surly as he holds a bowl of something we think is edible, but his face speaks volumes about his feelings on the matter. Perhaps he’s giving the evil eye to anyone who would take his bowl away from him, but the greatest threat to what he’s holding isn’t something he is even aware of. Look closer and you’ll see that someone else has a great interest in what’s going on in that bowl. Do you see the big black cat just over his shoulder with the large eyes wondering if there’s anything in that bowl for it? Or maybe the cat is as shocked as the guy is at whatever is going on around them. Whatever the case, it’s funny.

4. What’s that smell?

Via: coed.com

Working with kids and animals are the things that actors and models generally want to avoid (or so the old saying goes). It seems that this is probably the case with anyone, though, because kids and animals always do the darnedest things. And sometimes, those things are really gross. Look at the proud dad here, holding up his son in the mirror while Mom smiles in the background and takes a photo. Except what’s going on behind (literally behind) the scenes is a little disgusting. Don’t look for it unless you’ve got a strong stomach, though, because if you look closer, you’ll see poop running out of the little guy’s pants. Gross! What’s even more hilarious, though, is that Mom and Dad are completely oblivious.

3. The girl with three legs

Via: memebase.cheezburger.com

This is just a pretty girl posing for a photo, right? There’s nothing to see here, or is there? Actually, if you stare at this picture long enough, you will eventually realize that something seems off, but what is it? Now count her legs: one, two, three. Three? Wait, what? How does she have three legs? What is wrong with her? Yes, that’s what you’ll see when you look really closely at this image, and we’re not entirely sure how the photographer pulled this off. The third leg does definitely seem to belong to her, but it’s the rest of the vase she’s holding down by her right hip. At least, we’re pretty sure it is, otherwise this girl belongs in the circus freak show.

2. If you say his name three times

Via: pleated-jeans.com

This is just a regular street photo of the outside of a bar/restaurant, isn’t it? There are people on the street just walking by, completely oblivious to the world around them. In the window of the restaurant is a solitary figure, who seems kind of lonely just sitting there by himself. Except that if you take a closer look, you realize this is actually someone dressed up like Beetlejuice. Now we’re not entirely sure who said his name three times to bring him into the real world, but we kind of feel sorry for him just sitting there by himself with no Lydia to entertain him. So what’s the story here? Why is Beetlejuice just sitting in this bar? Is he taking a break between hauntings?

1. This home office is a cat-astrophe

Via: smosh.com

Offices all look pretty much the same. You’ve got your desk, computer, phone and all sorts of accessories that make up the bulk of your work day. There are usually cords going all around and underneath the desk, and there’s a chair where you spend a lot of your time wishing it were Friday at 5 p.m. But this office has a little something extra. Look closely at the computer chair and you’ll see the cutest little office worker you’ve ever seen. See the small orange kitten in the chair? When you see the furry secret that this photo holds, you’ll certainly say “awww” and who could blame you? This office is a cat-astrophe and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We vote office cat, for the win.

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