15 'Whisper' Confessions That Prove No One Knows How To Adult

Being an adult is a rough ride. One day, you're just a kid and you don't have any real responsibilities and then it seems like out of nowhere, you're an adult and you're expected to be a responsible human who knows how to run your own life. Umm, nope. Unfortunately, that's not always the case! Even people who seem like they have everything together can struggle with having to deal with all the responsibilities adults come with. We don't blame them, it's hard to not just want to curl up under the blankets and take a nap instead of cleaning or going to work. Luckily, we don't have to feel like we're alone when we're being bad adults!

Users of the Whisper app are totally there with us with their confessions about adulting wins and fails. Keep reading to check out 15 Whisper confessions about being a grown up that will make any adult say, "Same."

15 Move Over, Candy Crush

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Seriously, what is it about having serious functional apps on our phones that makes us all feel like such good adults? I know it's just my bank's app, but having it on my home screen so I can check my balance every now and then (instead of just winging it and hoping I never get declined when I'm buying junk food) makes me feel like I have my life together. Maybe the next step will be having an actual budget and eating like a functioning adult. Probably not, but let me dream here! The next row of apps are all for various fast food places so I can get coupons and order without having to talk to another person, but still. Those serious adult apps above the childish ones count for something, right?

14 Taking Small Steps

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Okay, wait. Before we congratulate this Whisper user on their amazing feat of adulthood, we have some more questions. Eating a full dinner is great and all — and we're super proud that they ate dinner instead of, you know, just hanging out in their room watching Netflix and forgetting to eat for hours and hours. But there's a pretty important detail they left out here. What did they eat for dinner? Because it's a lot less impressive if the answer is that they just ate some Doritos or ordered takeout. Yes, that's dinner, but it's not a fully balanced meal. It's not like they cooked it themselves. I'm pretty sure any adulthood points you gain by eating dinner are immediately removed if it wasn't something that you actually cooked.

13 Seriously, Come Get Them

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"An adultier adult," is a totally perfect explanation for what a lot of us need sometimes. I'm sure we've all had one of those moments where we don't know how to do something or just plain old don't want to do it. We kind of just stand there and wish there was another "adulty" adult who could do it for us or explain how. Just like this Whisper user who needed someone to come take all their responsibilities away from them completely. Who gave us all of these? I don't remember asking to be in charge of my own life and, let's be real, if I did, then I didn't really mean it. Adulthood didn't come with a receipt, but sometimes I'd still like to return it for a while, please!

12 Yes, Please

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Seriously, this is my life all the time. I know I have things I should be doing, but somehow I forget about them and end up just watching people's travel vlogs or looking at pictures of places I want to visit. The next thing I know, it's been hours and I haven't gotten anything done. Um, whoops? It's not my fault, I swear! Other places just look so much more appealing than any of the errands I know I need to be running. Like, my laundry is on my floor and needs to be picked up or thrown into the washing machine, but this person took a really cool video of their vacation to Greece. Guess which one is going to win... If you guessed my laundry, you're much more responsible than I am and have way too much faith in me!

11 Who Decided That?!

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Seriously, who else thinks this is super weird? Who approved this? Whoever approved this standard, someone please stop letting them make decisions. It seems really strange to us that one day, we suddenly become an adult and people now expect us to have our lives together. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Who else remembers growing up and thinking people in their 20's or 30's were so grown up? And now, we're all expected to be grown up and it seems so far off. I'm not sure who decided this was okay, but we definitely need a word with them because they were wrong. Although some people have their sh*t together at 9 years old, other people still have no idea what to do with their lives until they're way into adulthood. Either way, it's totally fine. There is no perfect timeframe for someone's life.

10 Time For A New Show

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Have you ever had so much work or responsibilities that you decided to climb onto the couch, turn on Netflix, and start a new TV show instead? There's no need to lie or be ashamed, I'm sure we've all been there at least once or twice. And I'm also sure that we've all found some amazing new TV shows while we were supposed to be doing other stuff. When you find a show with several seasons and a good 10 or 14 episodes per season, it's hard to get off the couch and go do what you need to do. Honestly, we think that's pretty worth it (well, sometimes). It's definitely important to have a balance in your life when it comes to getting things done as a proper adult, and having fun with things that aren't mandatory.

9 The Best Workout Plan Ever

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If running away from responsibilities burned calories (like this Whisper user so brilliantly mentioned), I can honestly say I would work out so much more. Then, I'd have a new problem. Instead of never getting anything done, I'd just go workout by running away from my growing to-do list. Hey, at least then I'd be in shape! Working out and taking care of your health is totally a responsible adult thing to do, right? So this would kind of actually be a responsible adult thing to do! Now all we need is for the universe to make this a thing that actually happens and we'll totally be set. Until then, running from our responsibilities is only going to burn one thing: the time we could be spending on getting everything done.

8 Ugh, Growing Up

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A lot of things about growing up and being an adult can be rough. You have to pay bills, you have to go to work, you can't just nap in the middle of the afternoon for no reason anymore... The list goes on and on, and honestly, as nice as it is to be independent and do your own thing, it can get pretty frustrating. These are the kinds of things us adults are trying to run away from — but can't. Bills, playdates, work — they never seem to leave us alone. We totally get the frustration, but there are other things about growing up that can suck even more. Like this Whisper user pointed out, your body can change and not be tolerant of certain foods after a while. Hello, heartburn after pizza!

7 Making Tough Choices

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Yes. Every day. We all know how important it is to eat a balanced diet, right? We've all seen the food pyramid, we've all heard about how it's important to get in all your servings of fruits and vegetables every day... But come on. Where's the pizza? The burgers? What about the chicken strips? Being an adult and having to be in charge of your own food and making good decisions about what to eat is seriously no fun! We know, we know. it's important to eat good food and take care of your body. But junk food just tastes so much better. And it's so much more fun to hang out on the couch than to go to the gym. Not being able to eat a steady diet of pizza and donuts might be one of the hardest parts of being a responsible adult.

6 I'll Be In The Fort

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Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up for a second there! A pillow fort? This just took avoiding responsibilities to a whole new level. Seriously, when was the last time any of us made a fort out of pillows and blankets? Unless you're super lucky, we're gonna guess it was probably a pretty long time ago. When you grow up, you tend to get rid of some of those fun things that used to be normal parts of your life. Hanging out in a blanket fort is one of them! Getting into a blanket fort as an adult would be even better, though. Just get a pizza, turn on some Netflix, and climb on in. Everything is even more fun when there's a glass of white wine involved as well. Hmm, it looks like I just got plans for the next time I have a free day!

5 Whoops!

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Although this article is more on the comical side, not every person is a bad adult because of former bad decisions or just pure laziness. Some people are just not good people. But at least some of them are self-aware about their traits, like this Whisper user. No matter how in control of your life and responsibilities you are, if you're generally rude to others, you can probably work on that side of yourself a bit more. At the end of the day, most of the people you know are adults, and we're all in this together. So why be rude and heartless? Although it's important to remember to balance relaxation (and taking care of yourself), with getting things done and being responsible, it's also wise to not ignore your social life. Being a good person is just as important as being a responsible person! It's definitely not easy to balance all of that, but it can be done.

4 Close Enough?

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There's one major upside to being an adult. Well, okay, there are a lot of great things about being grown up. But one of the smaller things that's really great about being a grown up is the fact that you get to eat whatever you want and do whatever you want. To a certain extent, of course. Even if there's something you should be doing, if it's not too urgent, you can always just blow it off until the next day and eat some pizza or some cake instead. Although it's important to get all of your important responsibilities done, it's cool to be able to treat yourself however and whenever you want once they're done.

Adulting can be hard, so it's nice we have food and wine outlets at our disposal.

3 The Little Things In Life

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Sometimes, it's the little things that really make you feel like you've got your life together. Whether those little things are paying your bills on time or wearing a bra and underwear that match — we totally see nothing wrong with celebrating the little wins in life. Adulthood can be stressful and it's a good idea to be proud of yourself for those small accomplishments. That doesn't mean you should always pat yourself on the back just because you wore clean, matching socks twice in one week, but you know what we mean. Although jokes and funny Whisper confessions about being a bad adult are hilarious, it's important to keep a balance between being a little bit of a mess and being responsible! You'll be glad you did.

2 These Priorities

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I'm glad this person has some comical priorities, but they also need to prioritize their grammar. Holyyyy. Some people just kind of live life and go with the flow without a plan at all. While we're all really jealous of the people who live their lives like this and can still function as a person, most of us need some kind of structured plan to our lives or we're not gonna be having a very good time. While most people would consider having their priorities in order and being a responsible adult something like doing the laundry, paying taxes, and going to work, this Whisper user has a different idea. Their idea is one that we can pretty much all agree is a much better way to live. More functional? Probably not. But there's nothing wrong with taking a day off and eating some chicken nuggets every once in awhile.

1 Decisions, Decisions

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This is my other adulthood struggle every day. Not necessarily with plants and crystals, but I'm sure everyone has felt this way towards something they really like. It's like, you get paid and then you have to decide if you want to be responsible and go buy some vegetables or buy some crystals, video games, shoes, or whatever else you would rather be spending all your money on. The responsible money choices never win with me, which is pretty sad. I always just tell myself I'll be more responsible next time, but unfortunately, that "next time" doesn't come around as often as it should. Why waste money on boring old bills when I can enjoy myself with a night out on the town? (Or just a sh*t load of pizza and rented movies.)

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