15 Wildest 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Moments

When the Guardians of the Galaxy was released in 2014, no one quite knew what to expect. These were characters who even the most die-hard comic books fans weren’t completely familiar with. Why would Marvel decide to create a movie with such an obscure group of heroes? We mean, come on, there’s a talking raccoon in the movie. As the film rolled on, it suddenly became clear. The Guardians were fun, but more importantly than that, they were funny!

While being funny is great, this is still a Marvel movie that needed to provide some epic moments to appease a wide audience. The Guardians of the Galaxy did just that, while also managing to change the way people viewed the superhero movie genre along the way. Here are the wildest Guardians of the Galaxy moments to get you pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

15 When Rocket Raccoon got a little too drunk

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Far be it from us to judge someone for getting a little emotional and/or angry when they get a bit drunk, but it’s another thing entirely when your start threatening your friend/teammate with a giant space gun.

Though Rocket’s backstory is a bit unclear, the metal implants in his back and the fact that he’s a talking raccoon tells us that he’s been through some pretty rough stuff in his life. Naturally, that makes him a bit sensitive, especially when you start calling him names like “freak” and “rodent.” Luckily for Drax, Star Lord was close enough to mediate their drunken dispute, helping him avoid the wrath of Rocket Raccoon’s giant space gun. Well, at least for the next 10 to 15 minutes or so.

14 When we learned who abducted Peter Quill

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The abduction of Peter Quill in the opening moments of Guardians of the Galaxy left the audience with some seriously burning questions. Specifically, who abducted Peter Quill, and why the heck did they do it? Well, we got one half of those questions answered when we learned that it was Yondu and his group of Ravagers who decided abducted young Star Lord.

Being brought up among a group of thieves, smugglers and pirates probably isn’t the best environment to spend your adolescence in, but hey, how else would you get a Star Lord without a little bit of Ravager influence? Honestly, Peter was just lucky that they didn’t eat him. While we aren’t sure why the Ravagers decided to abduct Peter, this is probably a question best left answered by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

13 When Thanos revealed his plans

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For someone who has been an omnipresent force in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the first Iron Man movie, audiences haven’t learned too much about the mad titan, Thanos. That is, until his brief appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy. To put it simply, Thanos runs @#&! in the Marvel Universe, and he’s after one thing (well, six to be exact): Infinity Stones. With all six Infinity Stones, Thanos would wield a power that is unmatched by anyone in the entire universe, so it only makes sense that he would send every minion in his arsenal to help gather them. We mean, it’s not like he’s going to get off his floating throne and gather them himself. It’s only a matter of time (May 14, 2018, to be exact) before Thanos starts throwing his weight around the Marvel Universe in a big way.

12 When The Collector showed off his collection

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If you called someone a collector on Earth, you’d expect them to collect books, snow globes or hell, maybe even spoons. But this is space, and space is a pretty freaky place. That’s why it’s not so surprising that when the Guardians of the Galaxy brought one of the highly sought after Infinity Stones to The Collector, Taneleer Tivan, they are met with some pretty weird stuff. There is a dog in a space suit named Cosmo, a Chitauri soldier and even a drunk duck named Howard. Needless to say, his collection is a bit different than most people's. What kind of impact the Collector will have on the Guardians going forward remains to be seen, but he sure seemed pretty interested in Groot…

11 When Groot proved he was the strong, silent type

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Who would have guessed that the biggest standout of The Guardians of the Galaxy film would be a tree that only speaks three words? Groot is like a big wooden puppy dog, but he just happens to take orders from a talking raccoon. Okay, this is getting a little weird now. Despite Groot’s innocent appearance, he definitely has a dark side that you wouldn’t want to cross. On more than a few occasions, Groot has taken out countless scores of Kyln prisoners and Thanos minions, only to turn around and give an innocent smile to his partners. While Groot might not be the most talkative member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, he’s quite possibly the most dangerous...annnnd maybe even the cutest. Deadly combo.

10 When their meeting got a little out of hand

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Even the greatest teams have disagreements, and if you happen to be a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, well, you tend to have A LOT of disagreements. When the Guardians had to devise a plan of attack to challenge Ronin the Accuser, everyone was more than a little skeptical about Star Lord’s proposed “plan.” Heck, Rocket Raccoon basically laughed his tail off at the idea. To wrangle all these—and we’ll try to put it nicely here—“unique” personalities, Peter Quill had his work cut out for him, to say the least. Eventually, though, the Guardians of the Galaxy put their differences aside for the slim chance of defeating Ronin and getting the Infinity Stone back into better (or at least less crazy) hands.

9 When Star Lord danced through the ruins

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What does it sound like when millions of people simultaneously fall in love with a character? Well, apparently it sounds a lot like “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone. As soon as Star Lord clicked play on his primitive cassette player, the type of movie the Guardians of the Galaxy was became clear.

For most people, searching through the dark, dank ruins of an ancient civilization would be a bit stressful, but most people aren’t Star Lord. The dancing, the music, and even the use of an alien rat creature as a microphone all set the tone for the movie, and Marvel couldn’t have done a better job. From that point on, the audience knew they were in for a wild space adventure, only this time it was going to be presented with its tongue in its cheek.

8 When Drax the Destroyer lived up to his name

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Every great team of galaxy explorers needs a little bit of muscle. Ideally, you would want your muscle to be a bit more stable than Drax the Destroyer, but hey, you have to take what you can get in these situations. Recruiting Drax to be a part of the Guardians was, at first, difficult to say the least, but his deep blood lust for revenge against Thanos eventually won out. Though Drax’s alignment with the Guardians was purely for his own desire for revenge, the destroyer eventually warmed up to the rest of his teammates. Drax’s formidable fighting skills are essential to the guardians, and without him, our heroes might still be locked up in the Kyln prison with that weird guy with the metal leg.

7 When Star Lord proved he was a real hero

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Before Star Lord was a part of the Guardians, he had pretty much decided to fly solo (aside from the random women you might find in his space ship on any given day). Somewhere along the way, though, Star Lord started surrounding himself with some people he actually kind of liked—namely, Gamora.

When her adopted sister Nebula destroys Gamora’s ship, she is violently ejected into the emptiness of space, and left unable to breathe. Luckily for Gamora, her new friend Star Lord decided to risk his own life for the slim chance of saving hers. (What a swell guy!) Star Lord removes his helmet and places it on Gamora, and in that moment he truly became a hero for the first time in his life.

6 When Groot sacrificed himself…kinda

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Groot often takes a backseat in the decision-making process of his Guardians teammates. That’s not so hard to understand considering the fact that his vocabulary is—to put it nicely—a bit lacking. Eventually, Groot would have his time to shine in the direst of moments for the team. As the destroyed ship the Guardians were aboard plummeted towards the ground, it was Groot’s idea to create a barrier to soften the impact for his friends, effectively saving all of their lives. Unfortunately, though, using his body as a barrier to soften the impact cost Groot his body. Lucky for Groot—and all of his adoring fans—this sacrifice only made him more endearing as a character, and not just because he grew back as an adorable baby twig.

5 When they had an epic meet-cute

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Every superhero team has to come together in some way, and it only seems fitting that the Guardians of the Galaxy would come together in an epic fight and chase scene on the beautiful planet of Xandar. Among the happy and peaceful people of Xandar, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Star Lord look a bit out of place (you can say that again), and this is only furthered when they start shooting giant space guns and jumping off of buildings. Though this epic meeting was abbreviated, it set the stage for the dynamic that this off kilter team would share going forward. It would have been nice for the Guardians to meet on better terms, but hey, that just wouldn’t be the Guardians' style.

4 When they escaped the Kyln

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Escaping from a prison is no easy task, but escaping from a prison run by the Nova corps is a whole different story. This prison, appropriately named the Kyln, isn’t just your run of the mill state pen. In fact, it contains some of the most dangerous alien criminals in the galaxy. No wonder the Guardians of the Galaxy ended up there...

Despite how tightly run the Kyln is, it proved to be no match for Groot, Gamora, Drax, Star Lord and…a metal leg? Metal leg aside, this escape scene was a highlight of the movie, and the first time the Guardians showed some real teamwork. You have to feel bad for the prisoners and Nova corps officers who had to be taken out to make this break out possible. Oh, and of course that poor guy hobbling around without his metal leg.

3 When they stood together in epic fashion

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As the roster of the Guardians of the Galaxy grew, it became more and more questionable as to how well this team could actually work together when the going started getting tough. After several drunken squabbles, some pretty insensitive name-calling and even some intense threatening with a giant space gun, the team held itself together (if only by a thread). Turns out they could not only work together, they could also manage to contain one of the six most powerful Infinity Stones in the entire galaxy with their bare hands. As the Guardians joined hands, the incredible power of the Infinity Stone spread through each of their bodies, allowing the good guys to reclaim the power Thanos sought for at least a little bit longer.

2 When Star Lord solved a problem with a dance-off

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We knew from the second the Guardians of the Galaxy begrudgingly became a team, they were going to handle things a bit differently than their Marvel Cinematic Universe cohorts. When you’re up against Ronin the Accuser, you might think that coming to blows would be the only way to reclaim the precious Infinity Stone. Well, Star Lord took a different approach, much to the audiences (and Ronin’s) surprise.

“It’s a dance off, bro,” said Star Lord as he thrusted his hips in inspired Kevin Bacon fashion. While Star Lord’s dance moves were great, they weren’t going to defeat Ronin on their own. Luckily, though, they managed to distract him long enough for Rocket to get a quick shot in and knock the Infinity Stone free. Maybe Iron Man or Captain America will take note and challenge Thanos to a dance off? Okay, that probably won’t happen, but we can dream, right?

1 When Baby Groot got in on the dancing

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After Groot’s selfless sacrifice that left the hard-nosed Rocket Raccoon in tears, no one could believe that this beloved character was actually gone. Luckily, that pain didn’t have to last too long, because Rocket was able to replant Groot with what little twigs that remained, somehow making him even ridiculously cuter in the process. Oh, and that adorable potted plant dances? Well, consider us sold.

Dancing baby Groot left a giant grin on the face of everyone walking out of theaters, and we can’t wait to see that little baby tree grow up into the troublesome toddler he appears to be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It’s just too bad that Drax never got the chance to see Groot’s dancing for himself.

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