15 Witty Protest Signs That Will Make You LOL

Protests have become increasingly popular in recent times, with controversial elections and controversial political happenings becoming more prevalent with each passing day. Protests are normally ways for people to express their opinions and feelings in a way that does not physically harm anyone, but they can swerve into other territories as well. For example, protests can become opportunities for protesters to use their comedic chops to express themselves.

Recently, the Women's March was one of the most attended protests in the history of the world. People from not only the United States, but also other countries over seas took part in the protests. This led to people of all ages from all backgrounds joining together to protest something they felt strongly about—a nice moment for those that believe in the cause.

However, our favorite were the signs people held. People got so creative with their signs that we could not help but laugh. Signs ranging from having nothing to do with the cause, to being so savage we can't help but have our mouths hanging wide open, to signs that are so perfectly fitting and hilarious we can't help but share them with you so you can experience the same fits of laughter. Without further adieu, here is 15 protest signs that we promise you will not be able to stop laughing at.

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15 Generally Displeased

Sometimes signs are so specific that they carry a tremendous amount of humor with them, but that's not the only way to prove your point and/or make people laugh. This sign takes the complete opposite approach, saying "I am generally displeased with the current state of affairs." The sign works so well because it is so incredibly vague, yet leaves zero uncertainty on what it's about. To the sign holder, we assume that they have so many things they disagree with that they cannot turn their anger into a quickly written sign. Instead, they must cover everything, all the wrongs they feel have happened, and the best way to do that is to express general displeasure and anger towards what's currently going on. It's so vague, yet that's what makes it so fitting and so wonderful. A+ for creativity, even though it does not actually say much at all. We love that!

14 Things Are Not Good

Wait! When we say things are not good, we do not mean "The Things." The Things is great! Great website, you should definitely check it out and give it a read! Okay, now that I'm done my promotional duties, this sign takes the same approach as the previous sign. Rather than targeting any specific happening or going on about a specific complaint, the sign targets generally what's going on, and expresses their displeasure towards it all. "this is very bad" says the sign. Sure, it doesn't say much, but it definitely tells the point it wants to tell. Things are not looking good, according to the sign holder, but to us, the sign itself is looking great. We aren't left with any uncertainty, but we are left laughing!

13 London Agrees

The United States and Britain have not always had the best relationship, but currently the two countries get along quite well. With that, Britain held some of their own protests against what they believed to be injustices in America that would impact them as well. You've seen the previous signs expressing vague discomfort with the respective situations, well, in London they picked up right where the Americans left off. "Quite Annoyed" reads the sign, a quiet, yet, sure sign that expresses the holder's feeling about the current events. We can't get enough of these signs that don't say much - yet manage to say everything they need to at the same time! It's a skill to be able to say so much in so little words.

12 Signs Don't HAVE To Make Sense

Okay, we admit this is not exactly a protest sign, but we had to include it anyway. Everyone knows that Guy Fieri is essentially the king of memes, so his inclusion in the protest signs is so perfectly fitting. A sign promoting Fieri's food was found among the thousands of signs protesting for the Women's March, serving as a hilarious break from what was going on. While that doesn't mean we needed a break from the protest, it was so funny to see this sign as the lone outcast among the rest. And hey, it was good marketing if you ask us! Is anyone else suddenly hungry? We might want to take a break to grab some lunch. If you ask me, this sign (and sign holder) has done it's job.

11 Everyone's In On It

Not everyone believes in bringing signs places. At sporting events it is often considered annoying, as it can block the views of the people around you. Still, some situations call for signs, even from the people who do not normally choose to bring signs where they go. At this protest, one man brought a sign explaining he's "not usually a sign guy" but also expressed how he felt that he needed to bring one by brilliantly writing "but jeez." The sign captured the chaos that was going around, how he felt he needed to bring a sign because of it, and also provided the humor of being original and outlandish compared to the usual, case specific signs. It's another creative sign that manages to joke about signs themselves, while still telling a point! This guy is our hero.

10 Kids Want To Have Fun Too

Adults aren't the only ones who go to protests. Kids have not only taken to joining their parents and/or loved ones at protests, but also have brought their own signs to the events as well. Kids love to be creative and love to express themselves through art and writing, so it's no surprise that some of the best signs came from kids. This happens to be an older kid, who makes a brilliant point while still at a young age. Our favorite part is that the kid appears to be talking down to the people he is protesting, despite having much less education and knowledge. It shows that he means business, won't be condescended to, and is willing to fight for what he believes in without fear. It's powerful, but it's also a savage owning of the people he's protesting.

9 Kids Can Spell, Too!

Oh man, this one is perfect. Erin, an 11 year old, certainly had her own opinion about her new president. It's remarkable to see kids at such young ages taking stances against people in such high power, but it's more amazing to us to see how creative they are in doing so. Erin wrote, "Trump is a racist, sexist, dicktator." The word "dictator" is clearly spelled wrong for good reason, but Erin even acknowledges that with a zinger that brings tears to our eyes as we laugh. "Mom says my spelling is fine." It perfectly shows how families are coming together, and how serious people are about what they are protesting. Most importantly, though, it's one heck of a sign from a comedic standpoint. Erin earned viral fame for good reason!

8 The Younger, The More Comedic

There's nothing kids love more than nap time, but that doesn't mean they can't be politically savvy as well. This youngster joined in the march on Saturday, carrying a sign that showed what he was all about. "I heart naps but I stay woke." Woke is a term meaning in tune with current events around the world, and this child is showing that yes, he may sleep a lot, but he still knows what's going on, and he's not going to be stopped either. It's such a funny sign because the kid is not someone you'd ever expect to be at a protest, and his sign essentially recognizes that and responds to it. He won't be stopped, even if he does have to take a nap every now and then. (Okay, can we jus take a moment to appreciate how adorable this little guy is on top of it!?)

7 Not Quite What We're Going For

When children join in on protests, they may not quite fully understand what the meaning behind a protest is. You can't expect every kid to carry a sign with great meaning. Kids want to stand up for what they believe in just as much as adults want to. So this child at the Women's March proudly boasted his sign expressing his love for trains. Listen, it may not have captured what was going on at the event he was at, but trains need support too! And we can't help but think this child was happy with expressing himself through the sign, and marching along people also holding signs. At the same time, it's a funny outcast that we love! Just look at his long stance! He's truly passionate about sharing his love of trains.

6 Can A Baby Help Us Out Here?

Alright, we recognize that the signs are becoming decreasingly expressive, but as the tweeter of this sign shows, there may be way more going on here than meets the naked eye. Are we sure this sign filled with scribbles and uncertainty isn't telling us a more powerful story? Are we sure this baby isn't telling us a message that would make us proud? We can't be, and this baby even protesting is a message worth making our hearts sing. The tweet complements the sign in a wonderful way, and a fun game is trying to figure out what the kid might be saying. Give it a try! The kid deserves all of the praise and appreciation he/she gets! C'mon, little guy, what are you trying to say? Are there any artists out there who can try and depict this piece of art?

5 The Famous Are In On It

Sir Ian McKellen joined in on the protests, bringing a homemade sign that we can't appreciate enough. McKellen poked fun at a popular Internet meme staring his friend Sir Patrick Stewart, showing Stewart grabbing his head in shame. McKellen's sign represents his uneasiness with what has happened, but also shows the comedic chops that has helped him have such a tremendous career to this point. McKellen's sign is widely considered one of the funniest signs in recent times, and the caption "IAN MCKELLEN IS A LEGEND" is one that we can't help but agree with! These protests have proved many amazing things, and one of them is how savvy and creative our marchers are! Do you know long it would take for me to come up with a profound, yet, witty protest sign?

4 Dogs Have Feelings Too

Rather than pointing to any of these specific signs, we are more laughing at the overall concept here. These dogs are very upset with the current events, and they want you to know it! Dogs have never been too political, but we love that they joined in on the protest game. The more the merrier, and captions like "Good Boys Against Misogyny" show that dogs may just be as woke as the kid who likes to take naps. We're relieved to know we live in a world where dogs can use their freedom of speech (freedom to bark?) as well, and we find the signs mixed with the innocent little doggy faces to be preciously hilarious. I'm telling you, people these days are incredible. Why make yourself a sign when you can make  your dog one too?

3 Paul Blart: Protest Cop

Paul Blart: Mall Cop has become somewhat of a meme in recent years thanks to how ridiculous of a movie it was, and how ridiculously funny Kevin James is in his silly role as Paul Blart. Paul Blart: Mall Cop failed to get good reviews, however, as funny as it is - it's still not your prototypical "good" movie. That being said, Paul Blart: Mall Cop came through for us one more time, as this brilliant woman used the movie's reviews on popular movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes, to compare it to the reviews of our president. It's a brilliant concept executed to perfection, as we now know that he does not rank as highly as Paul Blart. And while we love Paul Blart, we can't stop laughing at using him as a comparison to the president.

2 The Introverts Are Out

via Facebook

You know things are bad when the people that almost exclusively stay inside are out braving the cold to hold protest their rights with their signs. As an introvert, I can tell you that this protester must have been super dedicated to the cause! The sign reads "So bad, even introverts are here!" It's a little self-aware zinger with a twist of humor directed at what's going on, but also expresses the anger that comes along with your typical protest sign. What we love about this one is that it shows what so many at the protests were thinking and feeling. It's relatable AF, yet also a humorous sign. Hopefully she didn't regret going out, because we certainly appreciate what she brought to the protests! Introverts unite!

1 Spongebob For The Win

Listen, if you bring a sign referencing Spongebob and still manage to capture what your protest is all about, you win the top spot in our books. The sign reads "Ravioli, ravioli, give me the birth controli" a brilliant way of displaying the anger against what is currently happening with birth control and Planned Parenthood. The drawing of Spongebob and Mr. Krabs, reminiscent of the Spongebob episode the pair are featured in, drives home the point of the sign in a humorous way. We can't stop laughing at this one, and we agree with the tweeter who said "I don't know her, but I'll die for her right now." With a sign like that, who couldn't agree with that assessment? Protests or not, keep these signs coming!

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