15 Women Who’ve Already Made Too Many Mistakes This Year

Mistakes are a funny thing because when we look back on things we did when we were younger, we're immediately going to blush... and wish that we could forget all about it. But when we see mistakes that total and complete strangers have made, well, we find it hard not to think that it's hilarious (while being glad that we didn't make those same mistakes ourselves).

The year isn't over yet and we still have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to look forward to. So let's take a look at some mistakes that have been made in the past year that are wildly entertaining... and make us feel like we're not alone in doing or saying the wrong thing from time to time.

Here are 15 women who've already made too many mistakes this year.

15 Oops, I Lost My Eyelashes

via Buzzfeed

Those of us who have been blessed with long, gorgeous eyelashes can't relate to this example of a mistake made this year. The rest of us, however, are nodding because we swear by eyelash curlers and/or fake eyelashes.

We're also super glad that we didn't do this, because... ouch. That can't be very pleasant.

14 Backseat Beauty Products

via Buzzfeed and Pinterest

The photo on the left is what the backseat of a cab looked like because a girl's makeup totally and completely rubbed off.

If we've ever gone to sleep with our makeup still on (no matter how many times our moms told us not to do this...), we can relate. But this is definitely more intense than that. What happened? Did this girl fall asleep or something? So wild.

13 This Line Isn't Moving... Oh Wait...

via Bored Panda

This is a mistake that we have all made at one point or another, right? Sometimes a mannequin really does seem super real and we do a double-take when looking at it.

We wonder how long it took for this woman to realize that she wasn't actually standing in line (or at least a line that was going to move)?

12 Now That's Just Weird

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There are many relationship mistakes that you can make. You can get caught staring at someone else too long when on a date, you can forget your anniversary, you can upset the other person.

Would you make this woman's mistake of saying that the family dog is her husband's girlfriend? What does this even mean?!

11 Just Buy The Tampons Yourself

via Buzzfeed

It's definitely a mistake to ask your boyfriend to buy you some feminine products, at least judging by this example. We bet the girlfriend regretted this a lot.

While it's totally hilarious that this guy honestly thought that tampons were lemon or lime flavored, it's also proof that you just have to do these things yourself.

10 What A Great Concert...

via Bored Panda and Pinterest

There's nothing better than going to a concert where you get to see your favorite band play. And there's nothing worse than realizing that, oops, you bought the wrong tickets and now you're in an awkward position.

We bet that this girl won't make that mistake again and will always double-check the spelling of whatever event she's paying for.

9 Hey, Steve

via Pinterest, Bored Panda and Unsplash

This girl made the huge mistake of thinking that her neighbor's first name was Steve when it's Brian and his dog is the one who is Steve.

This is not only so funny but also so relatable because, let's be real, we all love dogs so much. We can see ourselves making the same mistake.

8 Hugs Or Crackers (AKA The Same Thing)

via Pinterest, Buzzfeed, and Unsplash

This girl made the mistake of caring more about her crackers that she was enjoying for a nice snack than hugging her friend.

While some people can relate to this because they're not big on physical affection either, the rest of us are big huggers and can't understand it at all. To each their own, right?

7 Stop Saying 'I'm Fine'

via Justviral.net and Pinterest

Social media can be so entertaining... and can show us so many hilarious mistakes, too. One girl tweeted that she said it was "fine" to not have ice cream her younger brother said he searched the Internet "and it says when girls say they're fine they're not."

Allowing your younger bro to talk about a huge cliche? Definitely a big mistake.

6 Coffee Or Tea?

via Buzzfeed and Pinterest

Okay, now this is the best thing ever. We can't understand why someone would want to swap these canisters out when there is literally no reason to.

It's equally adorable and a big mistake that we can't believe someone made this year... but again, it's pretty cute. And now we're craving a hot cup of coffee.

5 Not The Most Stylish Leggings Ever

via Bored Panda and Pinterest

Bored Panda notes that these leggings look like "bruises" and we'd have to agree for sure.

They're not the most fashionable leggings in the world... and besides how weird they look, they're the kind of purple that remind us of Barney. Not a great look. We'll stick to plain black leggings, thank you.

4 Moms Can Totally Relate

via Buzzfeed

Did you ever take your mom's lipstick or eyeshadow and smear it all over your face? So many of us have done this, so we get why this little girl took her mom's makeup.

This mom joked about leaving her toddler to her own devices for just a few moments, and while this was definitely a mistake made this year, it's also so cute that we're so happy to have heard about it.

3 Why?!

via Seventeen

Now for a celebrity who we'd have to say made a mistake... According to Seventeen, Kris Jenner put this photo of her and Gordon Ramsey online and she Photoshopped her face so she looked younger.

This looks awkward and super obvious, and we really don't see the reason for it. She looks so great all the time.

2 No Thanks

via Seventeen

Selena Gomez made her face look totally different by doing a really tight ponytail, and we have to count this as another mistake that has been made.

Every fan wants their favorite celebrity to be real. We don't want someone to pretend that they look different than they actually do.

1 Chili And A Resume: Totally The Same Thing

via Metro, Bored Panda, and Unsplash

Mmm, chili... That's what this girl must have been thinking because she e-mailed a chili recipe when she meant to send her resume. Talk about a big mistake that has been made in the past year...

Hey, maybe the potential employer is a Jamie Oliver fan and total foodie so she still got the job?

Sources: Boredpanda.com, Buzzfeed.com, Seventeen.com

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