15 Of The Worst Package Delivery Horror Stories

Nowadays, online ordering is more popular than ever, with many more shoppers turning to the Internet in record numbers instead of waiting in those long lines at Target and Walmart and then lugging their purchases up the stairs to their apartment. With all those orders getting placed online, there are a lot of packages going through the postal service, as well as through other delivery companies. And the high volume of packages out there often means that stuff gets damaged, lost and stolen. Sometimes, it's the delivery service that's at fault, but sometimes it's something else. Whatever the case, there is often a good story, which is what we're sharing here.

15 Mailbox, trash can, same thing

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Sometimes the package delivery experience is so bad that it goes viral and ends up on major news websites. That's what happened here when Chris Burden came home with a note from the package delivery service telling him that his package was in the "bin." For those not familiar with that British term, that means the package got left in the trash bin. Like, the package got thrown out with the trash. It's probably a good thing that it wasn't trash pick-up day, too. But who actually thought that was a good idea? Yeah, it's a hidden location, but what kind of thinking made the delivery person do that? It would've been easier to just leave a note for the homeowners to pick it up at the post office or something.

14 Just throw it in the general vicinity

We get it. Sometimes delivering packages to homes and specific addresses is difficult. Sometimes it's just way more work than necessary. Sometimes it's just nice to get the package in the general vicinity of the house or its front door. This video is definitely from someone who believes that because the idea is to throw the package at the door and hope it lands somewhere close by. Maybe this mail carrier has an issue with climbing three stairs. Whatever the case, this is seriously not okay. What if there were glass in that package or something fragile? But it does explain why some packages arrive on our doorsteps damaged. Still... wow. We only hope that this video went to her supervisor with a complaint.

13 Just following instructions

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When you order a package, you often have the opportunity to leave specific instructions about where you want it left. This gives you some control over how it gets delivered, right? You might think so, but sometimes those instructions just mean that they are carried out in a literal fashion. Granted, the person who ordered something this large and then leaving instructions to leave it under the doormat is probably at fault here. But that's exactly what they got: a large package under a doormat. In this case, one cannot help but admire the snarky delivery person who followed orders to the letter. Well done. In this case, this is almost a best package delivery story that we have shared (maybe not so much for the person receiving it, though).

12 Safely hidden

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The thing about receiving packages is that they often just get left out where everyone can see them. This is okay if someone is home to retrieve the package quickly, but it usually happens when everyone is out of the house and the package just sits there, begging someone to steal it. That's especially true if you ordered something expensive, like a new TV or smartphone. It seems that, at least in this case, the delivery person understands that because they did their best to put the package in a place where it is most hidden: in the bushes. And they were even nice enough to leave a note for the customer letting them know that the package is in the bushes. Getting it out of the bushes, though? That's a whole other issue.

11 They don't knock ... ever

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In the past, the delivery person would always knock on the door before delivering a package so that they could hand it over to someone inside a house. But that changed at some point and it soon became a game of knock, leave the package on the doorstep and then run away as quickly as possible. Eventually, though, the knocking even stopped and packages just get left outside without any kind of notice. But here's the thing: if you leave a note asking the delivery person to knock, shouldn't they do that? It doesn't take but two seconds to knock on a door. Instead, though, in this case, the delivery person completely ignored the note and left a note on the note that no one was home to receive the package. Wow.

10 Trapped

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We get that delivery people want to make sure that packages are very secure. They have to put the boxes in a dry place, away from the elements, if they can, as well as in a place where they don't blow away if it gets really windy. This is exactly just such an example of that: this package isn't going anywhere: it's as secure as it could possibly be. There's just one problem: the people inside the apartment are also not going anyway because the package is securely stuck under the doorknob, which they now can't turn to exit the building. They are trapped until someone comes and removes that box out of the way. But at least that package is safe and secure, right?

9 Check under your car

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Sometimes we think delivery people just like to get creative in hiding our packages so that you can't find them and no one can steal them. It's almost as if they want to mess with the people they deliver to, just because they get bored just dropping packages off at people's front doors. In this case, the package went under the car, which is probably pretty safe and would definitely prevent theft. Because who would look under a car for a package from Amazon? Here's the thing, though: the person getting the package also didn't think to look under the car for a package, but fortunately, found it right before running over it. But this is definitely an example of an epic package delivery fail.

8 In the toilet

In another major package delivery fail story, this delivery person actually wrote down that a package got left in a toilet. As if that were literally something that seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe the delivery person was drunk? We don't know the full story, but the person looking for this package got the note, so knew where to look, but probably wondered just exactly what was going on in the first place that anyone would believe leaving a package in a toilet was a good idea. And then there was the awkward moment when that person had to fish their package out of the toilet. The slip says "something for you," but doesn't indicate that it's more of a surprise than originally intended.

7 It's like Tetris

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We're pretty sure that the people who deliver packages are really good at Tetris. They not only have to get all those boxes stacked just so to fit them all in their trucks, but they also have to deliver them and place them in places where they don't stick out enough for thieves to find them and run off with them. This is definitely some next-level Tetris delivery skills, although it's likely that the person receiving the package had to probably use some tools to retrieve it from its hiding spot. According to the Reddit thread, the package was actually additional glass for that broken window and how perfect is that? It almost installed itself. Well done, delivery person. That's how you fix a broken window.

6 Delivery phobia

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Delivery people are just like you and me. They have hopes and dreams. They have nightmares and fears. They have things that they love and things that they hate. They even have phobias. But what happens when their job forces them to face one of their biggest fears? Perhaps a psychologist would tell such a person to face it and follow through, but this delivery person would have none of that. Instead, they decided to get perfectly honest on the slip: they're afraid of iron steps and they're not afraid to admit it. If this isn't a headdesk kind of moment for the person receiving the package, we don't know what is. But we also think this delivery person might want to look into a new line of work.

5 Handled with do not care

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We have all received at least one package mangled by whatever processes that it goes through to get from Point A to Point B. Usually, the damage is just to the box, although sometimes the contents get affected, too. That usually results in a complaint to wherever the package came from, although it's truly the package delivery service that's usually at fault. We've already seen how they throw packages around. And this package has definitely been thrown around, as well as dropped from a really tall building. And yet, the delivery service left it on the customer's doorstep anyway, although the box was unrecognizable and its contents were left in pieces. This is probably one of the worst of the worst kind of package delivery fails ever.

4 Didn't order that

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So this doesn't have much to do with the actual package delivery, as the packing itself. Some packages get put together by hand, carefully with lots of tape. Some get packaged by machines. Some packages, like this one, include a special gift, although this is definitely not what this person ordered. Somehow, a spider got caught in the packing tape, so when the package arrived, there was a spider greeting the person receiving the package right there on top. Most people don't really like spiders, so this probably was not a very happy surprise, although we would hope that the arachnid was long dead before getting dropped on someone's doorstep. But again, this is definitely not what we ordered: send it back! Send it back and kill it!

3 Empty promises

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In another case of mangled packages, sometimes whatever is in the package doesn't actually make its way to you, although the packaging does. What's interesting here is that when this thing got weighed, didn't anyone notice that it lost weight on its journey from Point A to Point B? Didn't anyone notice it was a little light? Actually, didn't anyone notice that it was actually just open and that there was nothing inside the envelope? Instead, though, in true package delivery fashion, someone delivered that package exactly like that, knowing full well that whatever was once inside was now long gone. That takes some guts, obviously, but we can only imagine how angry the person receiving the package ended up getting: we would have been furious.

2 Did they drop it in the ocean first?

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This package almost looks like it was some kind of test subject, put through the wringer to see what packages could actually go through before getting completely damaged. Not only does it seem like someone dropped this thing in the ocean and left it there for a few days, but it also seems like some sharks got their teeth into it before someone fished it out. However, the perky delivery service decided it was still something they wished to deliver, regardless of the fact that it's proof that they handled the package with very little care. And the person who received it like this was not happy at all and had some choice words about the package delivery service for their gall in delivering such a mangled mess to them.

1 Delivery fail

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Sometimes it's not the actual delivery of the package that leaves us wondering if delivery services are just complete jokes. Sometimes it's other situations that leave us knowing that delivery services are often complete jokes. We get it: delivery people work hard, spend a lot of time lifting heavy objects and have a lot on their minds as they drive through cities delivering things to other people. But this delivery person totally failed in their job because they just sort of left a package sitting on the back of their truck. Now, they're driving through traffic with that package there, a package that will probably fall off and end up run over and crushed. Someone is going to get left wondering why their "out for delivery" package never arrived. This is why.

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