15 Wrestlers Blacklisted From WWE

Since being founded in 1952, WWE has featured hundreds of Superstars on their roster. Some have had careers stretching over decades and others only had a cup of coffee with the promotion. While some have become World Champions, others only had one match with the company and were quickly forgotten. However, others left an even larger impression on WWE - they were blacklisted from the company.

Some transgressions - either inside or outside of the ring - were strong enough to get some wrestlers banned from ever appearing with WWE again. The wrestling business is big, but it is a tight-knit group that does not forget when they are wronged. Some wrestlers are able to come back from this, but there are some who will never appear with the largest wrestling promotion again. Here are 15 Wrestlers Blacklisted From WWE:

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15 Chris Jericho

Despite having one of the most decorated WWE resumes, the likelihood of Chris Jericho being welcomed back with open arms is getting smaller by the day. While Jericho is one of the most well-respected wrestlers, his signing with rival company AEW cannot sit well with Vince McMahon.

Since leaving WWE, Jericho has been careful not to badmouth the company directly. However, he does speak his mind frequently on his podcast, Talk is Jericho. He often mentions how creatively stifled he felt in the company, which may hurt his chances of every returning.

14 Vince Russo

While Vince Russo may have been behind some of WWE's success in the Attitude Era, his comments afterwards have shut the door to returning to WWE. Russo has been very vocal about how he feels about the current WWE product , consistently bashing it on Twitter as often as he can.

If Russo did not burn his bridges in WWE when he left for rival WCW in 2000, he certainly has over the past few years. Sorry bro, but McMahon has moved on from needing Russo by his side.

13 Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes' success following leaving WWE in 2016 has paved a road for many former WWE wrestlers. When fans heard that he had requested his own release, many thought that he would fall flat on his face. Well, following multiple World Championship reigns and being at the helm of his own company, Rhodes has become a symbol of success.

However, that success has come at a price. While AEW is currently not considered competition for WWE, Vince McMahon certainly cannot appreciate their presence. Should AEW come close to hurting WWE, Rhodes will find himself on the blacklist very quickly.

12 Sexy Star

Professional wrestlers put their lives and bodies in the hands of those that they get into the ring with. In order to achieve success in the ring, all the wrestlers need to trust one another. Once that trust is broken, it is impossible to gain it back, which is what Sexy Star knows all too well.

Despite having formidable talent, Sexy Star has crossed the line by intentionally hurting her opponents in the ring. The most infamous incident occurred in 2017 when Sexy Star legitimately tried to break Rosemary's arm during a AAA show. Once it turned out to be legitimate, there was no chance that WWE would ever want her on their roster.

11 Scott Steiner

To this day, if someone mentions Vince McMahon or WWE to Scott Steiner, he cannot help but cut a promo on how much he despises them. Following two stints with the company in separate decades, Steiner has never had a good thing to say about them.

Even recently, Steiner was asked if he would entertain an entry into WWE's Hall of Fame, after which he went on a tirade about how much he hates the company. Well, following outbursts like this it is becoming much less likely that Big Poppa Pump would ever receive an induction anyways.

10 Alberto Del Rio

If one wrestler has developed a reputation for having a poor attitude, it is Alberto Del Rio. While he has received accolades for his wrestling ability throughout the world, he has burned just as many bridges. His attitude has cost him a lot of bookings and money over the years, and this is likely not a chance WWE would take again.

Following releasing him once for "unprofessional conduct" behind the scenes, Del Rio was brought back in 2015, but he quickly excused himself after he did not feel he was used properly. Following this, Del Rio will likely never be welcomed back to WWE.

9 Ryback

Ever hear the saying "do not bite the hand that feeds"? Well, if Ryback did then he just became too hungry to care (maybe that is why he always shouted "feed me more"). When Ryback asked for his release from WWE in 2016, fans were not very bothered by his departure. However, his continued bashing of the WWE product afterwards has raised some eyebrows.

Despite getting his start with the company, Ryback has been very vocal about how unhappy he was with the company, and has even revealed some behind the scenes secrets. These types of things ensure that Ryback will never be fed by WWE again.

8 Colt Cabana

Despite being an incredibly popular wrestler on the independent circuit, "Boom Boom" Colt Cabana spent one evening which blacklisted him from the company forever. Following a short stint on television as Scotty Goldman in 2008, Cabana was released from the company.

While upsetting, he made lemonade out of lemons and has become a mainstay on the independent circuit. However, it was his infamous Art of Wrestling podcast with CM Punk which ensured he would never return. This podcast revealed a lot of WWE's dirty laundry, and it had Cabana's name all over it.

7 Melina

Following a near-ten year career in WWE, Melina was released in 2011. With five Women's Championship reigns over the years, it seemed that she was a valuable asset for the company. However, behind the scenes antics led to her career in WWE being cut short.

Following numerous feuds with other women on the roster, as well as an affair with a fellow wrestler, Melina was released and blacklisted from the company for many years. Perhaps her recent appearance on Raw Reunion may be a changing of the tide, but she was not allowed in for many years.

6 Nailz

Nailz is the kind of wrestler who took "Don't cross the boss" to a whole new level. While others at work have been upset with their boss over their pay before, Nailz tried to do something about it.

Following receiving what he considered to be a low pay day, Nailz cornered Vince McMahon in his office and proceeded to choke him until he agreed to more money. Thankfully, other members of the locker room were able to break it up, but it ensured that Nailz was removed promptly - and forever - from the WWE locker room.

5 Juventud Guerrera

While wrestling is not a competitive sport and made for entertainment, some wrestlers get to the point where they believe their own hype. Considering that Juventud Guerrera is known to speak about himself in the third person, he is certainly one of those wrestlers.

Following a short stint in WWE, Guerrera was siad to be insufferable backstage. Many wrestlers could not stand to be near him as his poor attitude put others in a bad mood. After using several banned moves in WWE and being uncooperative in the ring, WWE released him. Considering this reputation, it is no surprise that he has never been invited back.

4 New Jack

With WWE's move to a PG-oriented product, the hard-hitting style from the 1990s has not had a place in WWE since. While there have been some showings of hardcore wrestling over the years, it is certainly not he norm for the company. This means that wrestlers who focus on that style of wrestling do not have a place with them, particularly the most violent wrestler on the planet.

New Jack is well-known for being one of the most dangerous wrestlers inside of the ring, and that is something WWE has actively distanced themselves from. Following across his career, WWE has never approached New Jack for a contact, and likely never will.

3 Sunny

While some consider her to be the first WWE Diva, new fans only know her for her transgressions outside of the ring. Tammy "Sunny" Lynn Sytch was in the spotlight of WWE for years, but her personal demons outside of the ring have burned her bridges back to the company.

Following her WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2011, Sytch has not made any appearances for WWE outside of news headlines. Whether it was Sunny reportedly selling her Hall of Fame ring or WWE no longer sponsoring her rehab, there have been very few happy headlines about her.

2 Tony Schiavone

"That's gonna put some butts in seats". Those are words that cost Tony Schiavone from ever appearing on WWE programming for the rest of his career. As the voice of WCW Monday Nitro through the Monday Night Wars, Schiavone was heard shamelessly shilling WCW's product each week. He was also known for bashing WWE on air through the broadcast as well.

With his name (and voice) being associated with a program whose goal was to defeat Vince McMahon, it is no surprise that his contract was never picked up by WWE following WCW's closure. Perhaps when he does it will be considered the "greatest night in the history of our sport".

1 Abraham Washington

Even though he was not in WWE for very long, Abraham Washington certainly left a black mark during his time on WWE programming. Washington was given a live microphone during broadcasts of RAW, and it turned out to be his undoing.

Washington made an off-the-cuff comment to the crowd which was considered widely inappropriate. WWE apologized publicly for his actions and he was released shortly afterwards. WWE was smart to distance themselves from the situation quickly, and did not blink an eye about blacklisting Washington from WWE.

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