15 Wrestlers We Totally Forgot Passed Away

For one reason or another, we forgot some of these wrestlers passed away. At times, WWE refuses to discuss a wrestler's passing – a lot of that has to do with the cause of death. For those that took their own lives, it is probable that WWE won’t cover their passing too much, given that they cater to a PG audience. That might be the prime reason as to why we don’t hear WWE paying homage to some of the deceased on this list.

Some also fell out of favor with WWE. They became lesser-known deaths, though they still deserve a tribute for their hard work with the company.

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15 Big Daddy V

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Some fans might’ve forgotten, but the big man sadly passed away in 2014 at the age of 43. He was a lower card player during most of his WWE career, though he was always entertaining especially given his unique look.

His career highlight took place in 1995 winning the King of the Ring tournament, though he fell short of a WWE Championship victory shortly after.

14 Balls Mahoney

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We lost the ECW legend back in 2016 due to a heart attack, one he sustained in his own home.

His WWE run never really took off, though he became a fan favorite in the ‘90s with ECW – due to his ruthless and hardcore style. Given the not so PG nature of his gimmick, a Hall Of Fame nod seems unlikely.

13 Nicole Bass

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Bass could’ve been something special with WWE, especially given her overpowering look. This would not come to fruition and instead, she was quickly out the door because of various backstage controversies.

She made a name for herself on platforms like The Howard Stern Show. Though behind the scenes, Bass suffered from addiction issues. This would lead to her sad passing due to a stroke in 2017.

12 Pink The Clown

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We’re all well aware of Doink’s passing. However, lots of fans missed Pink The Clown’s passing at the age of 39 back in December of 2012, according to Wrestler Deaths.

Pink had a number of health issues he was battling behind the scenes. He was an underrated part of Doink’s act back in the ‘90s.

11 Matt Cappotelli

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This one really hurts the soul as former Tough Enough favorite Matt Cappotelli sadly passed away last summer at the age of 38.

Matt had lots of health struggles, most notably a brain tumor. He loved pro wrestling and continued on till 2013, serving as a trainer down in OVW.

10 Steve Williams

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WWE at one point had major plans for Steve Williams – he had the potential to enter the upper card scene. However, a loss in the Brawl For All Tournament damaged his credibility (also considering he had a background in MMA, he was considered a favorite in the tournament), he was never able to rebound despite some inconsistent pushes.

He passed away in 2009 at the age of 49.

9 Chavo Classic

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Who can forget Chavo Classic winning the Cruiserweight Title over on SmackDown!? Had he not missed so many house shows, maybe he would’ve endured a lengthier run with the company.

He passed away in 2017 and WWE acknowledged his passing. Here's to hoping Chavo can settle his differences with WWE – paying homage to his late family members.

8 Test

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He was once labeled as a potential WWE Title holder. In fact, Stephanie made her debut with the company as a way to elevate Test into the upper card. As we all know, that didn’t happen and Stephanie was the one to thrive.

He passed away far too soon at the age of 33 because of an overdose. He was out of the business at that point with a plan to change fields.

7 King Kong Bundy

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This is the most recent deceased wrestler on the list – he just passed away in March at the age of 63. WWE honored his career with tribute footage. He was a valuable villain for the company, especially during the ‘80s.

Bundy enjoyed time in the entertainment field as well, not to mention working a bit of stand-up comedy.

6 Sean O’Haire

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Similarly to Test earlier in the article, O’Haire had big-time potential at one point, especially with WCW.

During the merger, he joined WWE, though success was quite limited. O’Haire would later join both the world of MMA and kickboxing, though he struggled to gain noteworthy success in any of those fields. He lost his life in the fall of 2014 at the age of 43.

5 Chris Kanyon

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He had all the tools to thrive; a great look and a charming charisma. He would even enjoy brief success with WWE at the US Champion during the Alliance angle.

Once he retired from the industry, Kanyon struggled in his personal life. Sadly, he took his own life in 2010 at the age of 40 (from an apparent overdose).

4 Crash Holly

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WWE rarely makes any reference to Crash Holly and that might be due to the fact that he took his own life. In truth, Crash was a fun character during the Attitude Era and one that the fans embraced, especially during his journey in the Hardcore Division.

Looking at the 24/7 Championship nowadays, we can’t help but think of Crash’s days with the Hardcore Title.

3 Mike Awesome

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WWE doesn’t make much mention of Mike Awesome, either (again, the cause of death isn’t something WWE wants its fans to know about, especially the younger generations). We lost Awesome more than a decade ago at the age of 42.

He was an underrated wrestler and one that could have really thrived with WCW, had he been booked properly.

2 Lance Cade

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We lost Cade far too early from an overdose back in 2010. He was still in his 20s at that point.

His best moments with WWE took place as a tag team wrestler alongside Trevor Murdoch. Big things were expected of Cade as a solo talent – though that really never panned out, a lot of that had to do with health concerns.

1 Rosey

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Due to heart failure, we lost a member of the Anoa’i family, Rosey. He was only 47. The gut-wrenching part is that he left behind three children.

He was a fan favorite during his time with WWE, particularly joining forces alongside The Hurricane. At the Royal Rumble, Hurricane embraced Roman with an emotional hug, both had Rosey in mind, without a doubt.

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