15 WTF Reddit Threads That Will Make You Say “LOL”

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15 WTF Reddit Threads That Will Make You Say “LOL”

Reddit came onto the scene in 2005 when two people, Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, joined a program called the Y-Combinator that helped startups get off the ground. The site began with just a few threads and options to vote whether a photo or discussion was interesting or not. Condé Nast saw its potential and offered to buy it. Suddenly, Alexis and Steve were really, really rich.

Since those early days, the news aggregation and discussion site has taken off to unimaginable heights. People spend hours on the site to look for interesting or weird conversations, make new friends and basically waste time online. It would take years to rifle through all of the threads, but we did look through as many as possible to find some of the more interesting, oddest, weirdest, craziest threads that exist on the site. Get your popcorn ready, folks, because you’re in for a wild ride into the world of Reddit.

15. The Button that could have ended it all

Via: reddit.com

Someone on Reddit created a countdown Button that would clock how many Reddit users existed on the site at the time. According to Mashable, the r/button thread was some sort of April Fool’s prank that took the internet by storm. Pressing the Button came with some rules: Only Reddit users who had created accounts before April 1, 2015 would even be able to press the Button, and it would reset the timer every time it was pressed. It drove Redditors crazy because they had no idea what it all meant or what it would do if they pressed it more than once (which was against the rules). It was later revealed that “the prank” was nothing more than a social experiment from the administrators, and we’d all been played.

14. Caught with Gak in his pants

Via: reddit.com

On another thread, people revealed the weirdest and most embarrassing things that their parents had caught them doing. This particular post really wins on weirdness. Do you remember that colorful goopy stuff called Gak? Well, apparently, young boys would put it down their pants because they liked the way it felt. That’s definitely stranger than the kids who ate paste. His mother must’ve been so resigned at the strangeness of what her son was doing that she decided to never speak of it again. But that moment still blazes in his memory as a beacon of shame. Children are very curious by nature, so that means that weird ideas will pop into their little minds. And their experiments can be rather questionable. This is such a one.

13. Passing the time at the baggage claim

Via: reddit.com

Of all the stupid things to do at baggage claim, riding on the conveyor belt tops the list. You could get seriously hurt if you don’t get off the conveyor in time. Well, this couple took it all a step further by doing some acrobatics. The guy was lying down on his back with his feet in the air, while the girl balances across his feet in a Superman flying pose. Other people at the airport find it very amusing, and the couple seem to have really good balance. Some of the comments that ensue in the thread are really funny. They joked that she was screaming for help from being so high up. Another person joked that he was screaming for help because his knees were going to give out.

12. Plungers to guard the bike lane from interloping cars

Via: reddit.com

In this discussion under r/mildlyinteresting, someone posted a photo of plungers that had been glued all along a bike lane on the road. People must have been driving too much into the bike lane, which is dangerous for both bicyclists and cars (but mostly for the bicyclists), and someone took matters into their own hands. Redditors had plenty of questions, though. Think about what kind of order this mysterious person had to make to get that many plungers. Then all of the work that went into gluing them along the bike lane. Someone was very dedicated. Cool fact: The unit “gross” refers to 144 of something (or 12 dozen). So, when someone joked that the plunger shopper bought 144 of them and another person called it gross, that’s what they meant.

11. Robots rising in a particularly interesting subreddit just for bots

Via: reddit.com

The rise of the artificially intelligent robots is already among us! Reddit created an experimental thread that lets the bots converse with each other, and the dialogue turns out to be extremely natural and realistic. You’ll find discussions on dating, music, movies, TV and more. The conversations don’t ALWAYS make sense, of course; but you’d be surprised to see how many normal-sounding things these bots will say. Bots have already taken over part of the internet. There are bots on many social media platforms, bots that write data-heavy news articles, bots that handle your calendars or your messaging. And these bots are trying to learn how to have human conversations. They sound drunk as hell majority of the time, though. No actual humans are allowed to post in this thread r/SubredditSimulator because the bots need to learn our customs all on their own.

10. The thread about the reptile that went for the whole pizza instead of just a single slice

Via: canva.com

In the subreddit r/instant_regret, you’ll find gems like this one: “Feeding the beach reptile pizza.” A young boy decided to share his pizza with an iguana, but the little reptile had other plans. He walks around the boy’s beach chair before he jumps into the boy’s lap where the entire pizza is located. The iguana didn’t want just a piece of pizza. Oh, no, he wanted the whole pizza pie. Don’t hold back on him. That’s rude. Inviting him to dinner but only feeding him scraps! The boy was incredibly surprised and jumped, causing the pizza box to slide toward the sandy beach. Commenters in the thread then had a lively discussion on pizza and the effects of eating too much of it. So, now we’re just really hungry.

9. Don’t sit on airbags, duh

Via: reddit.com

With the advent of the internet, people had a new way to share the stupid things that they do. Airbags work by filling up with gas at about 150-250 miles per hour. Your body isn’t supposed to hit the bag until it starts to deflate because the surface will be way too hard and cause some internal damage to your organs.Well, some guy decided to try sitting on an airbag before it deploys. The airbag pushed him into the air from its intense force and threw him down like a rag doll. People commenting in the thread could almost feel the pain that this guy must be suffering after doing something like that. He probably bruised his butt and maybe even his back after being flung into the air when that airbag deployed.

8. This sounds about right for rent in NYC (and other large cities)

Via: reddit.com

It’s no secret that rent in some cities can be ridiculous. Landlords jack up the prices on tiny apartments that are little more than closets in terms of space so that you could be living in a room the size of a box and paying thousands of dollars a month for it. Redditors have a great sense of humor, and someone found a tiny apartment replica that fits in the palm of your hand and imagined what rent a New York landlord would ask for. The headline “New York City 1 Room Loft. $7,400 + Utilities a month” describes exactly what you’ll find in apartment ads with the same type of disappointment you’ll feel when you discover that the expensive apartment is actually a corner in a closet.

7. When the only way to get some love from your cat is to put a box in your lap

Via: reddit.com

Cats show their love in different ways from dogs, but that doesn’t mean that they never love their humans. And not every cat is aloof. Some cats will love to spend time with their humans, sleeping on their laps, asking for pets and fur rubs. Other cats will love up to their loner stereotype and only come out when there’s food. Well, this girl feels very unloved by her cat. She decided to place a box in her lap and wait. It worked because her fluffy little cat crawled into the box and rolled around in absolute bliss. Now she has her cat in her lap and within petting reach! Her cat even showed her the furry belly. You have to do what you have to do sometimes when you want to cuddle with that independent feline you’ve taken into your home.

6. Avoiding the bee to walk into the spider

Via: reddit.com

Sometimes escaping one horrible situation leads to an even WORSE situation. This Redditor learned that the hard way when a bee came after him. Instead of getting to safety, he walked right into a spider web and found a gigantic spider crawling on him! Yikes! Nature has a way of reclaiming its rightful place in the world, and it seems to have begun by going after this hapless fellow. Now he had a spider to contend with on top of a bee that may or may not have still been pursuing him. What can you do when you’re trapped like this? Freak out is the only answer. Just freak out and scream and run around in mad circles until the spider and the bee have had enough of your craziness and gone on to bother someone else.

5. If we valued memes the same way as currency

Via: reddit.com

Memes have taken over the internet space in more ways than one, and some people thought of a unique way of valuing the social currency of this phenomena. Enter Nasdanq, the stock market for dank memes, and the subreddit r/MemeEconomy where it all started. People post their favorite memes and ask for valuations of how much it would be worth in the fictional meme marketplace. It’s simulated after the New York Stock Exchange and follows many of the same basic principles. According to CNet’s research, memes are valued on their popularity and relevancy. It’s all very subjective in that sense. If something happened in the news, a meme about it would have a high value at that time. Evergreen funny memes might still have some value, but not always.

4. The chicken sandwich that proves we’ve gone too far

Via: canva.com

Just because it CAN be done does not mean it SHOULD be done. Someone created a unique chicken sandwich that features a glazed donut bun, crunchy seasoned chicken, cheese and a slab of bacon for a heart-attack inducing version of a last meal that might be heaven’s key to hell. The conversation that follows in this particular thread examines the ramifications of what this sandwich’s existence means. Have we gone too far? This sandwich might be proof that humans are their own worst enemy. Even if this chicken sandwich tastes “good,” it’s so bad for your body and your waistline that we just can’t even. Some things should not be tried, not without the inevitable consequences. Eating this might even make you sick from the weird mix of flavors and the amount of sugar.

3. Online dating is like a frog who can’t catch his dinner

Via: reddit.com

That is a frog who tried to catch a bug and failed miserably. The screenshot captured the frog at an awkward moment, but the discussion can be found in the r/funny subreddit under “Finally found my spirit animal.” What makes this even funnier is that the first comment is in reference to the commenter’s dating life. Because we’ve all been there! Dating is not easy for most of us mere mortals and usually involves tons of rejection. You might reach toward that hot person you have a crush on, only to miss in the most epic way. It’s a fact that some people just won’t be attracted to you or like you for whatever reason. That’s usually when you feel a little sad about it and move on. This poor frog had to move on to find something else for dinner. That grasshopper was safe for now.

2. T-Rex loose in time

Via: reddit.com

Some discussions in Reddit delve into the absolute ridiculous. The question about where to teleport a T-Rex in time would be one of those, but it still proves to be a funny thought experiment. The goal was to place a T-Rex at a moment where it would cause the most chaos, as if a T-Rex at any point in human history wouldn’t create a ruckus. We’ve seen Jurassic Park. People imagined placing the dinosaur when scientists first started messing with the Large Hadron Collider, or perhaps burying the dinosaur within King Tut’s tomb. Another good spot would have been on the moon near the first moon landing site. They were imagining what scientists would make of it and the incorrect assumptions that would be made based on the falsely placed evidenced.

1. The cutest, most overeager puppy ever and the patient older dog

Via: reddit.com

What’s better than a hyper fluffy puppy? This old dog would say a peaceful day not being playfully attacked by this overeager fluffball. The puppy spends time chewing and pulling on the older dog’s ear, and the older dog seems to be looking up at his human like, “Why are you letting this happen?” Yet, he remains patient and doesn’t lash out or engage with the puppy in any way. Toward the end of the clip, the older dog looks the little puppy in the face and places his forehead against the puppy’s forehead. It’s really cute and only one of the many adorable threads that you can find in the subreddit r/aww. Animals can do some of the cutest things, and you can see photos and videos on Reddit to your heart’s delight. Never miss a cute animal GIF again!

source: inc.com, mashable.com, reddit.com, traditionaloven.com, chemistry.wustl.edu, cnet.com

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