15 WTF Texts With Plot Twists That Will Have You Laughing For Days

Text messaging has changed the way we communicate. Now we can have the same conversation lasts for days on end. We can pretend to ignore people that we don’t want to talk to and just claim that we never their message. But it’s also rife with problems. Smartphones have give us autocorrect, which has ruined more relationships than we can count, and basically made us lazy communicators. We don’t remember people’s numbers anymore. Sometimes we even text the wrong people! Text messaging has made our lives easier while also ensuring that we’re going to text something wrong or send it to the wrong person. And people have more time to come up with clever replies as well. Check out these 15 texts that took unexpected turns and will have you LOLing onto your smartphone!

15 Your brother's adopted, no, wait....

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Parents have created their own sub-category of hilarious text messages, and this one is no exception. Mom wanted to let her kid know that the other kid got accepted into Yale (super impressive!) but instead typed that he was adopted. No wonder this person was stunned at the news! Dropping a revelation like that should be done over an actual phone conversation or in person, not through a text message. But the good news is that her brother was not adopted. Oh, joy, it was just an autocorrect!

We certainly weren’t expecting that he got accepted into Yale University. The first half of the text conversation almost gave the recipient a heart attack at the news. And tone is completely lost in text, so Mom had come across as excited at announcing that “brother” had been adopted. Her excitement, though, was actually because of the Yale thing.

14 You got dumped, bro

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Autocorrect strikes again. Jason just wanted to tell his girlfriend that he was going to pounce on her tonight for some sweet, hot lovin’, only for her reaction to be the complete opposite. He had not been trying to dump her. But she had been thinking about cooling things off for a while, and his autocorrect gave her the perfect opportunity. That totally sucks. Now he’s sounding super desperate trying to win her back now that the cat’s out of the bag. Her true feelings had been revealed. She wasn’t able to take them back, so yeah, it’s totally awkward now. They probably had an intense conversation the next time they saw each other, and we doubt it was pretty. Relationships end the hard way through text messages gone wrong.

13 The group flirt text

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We don’t understand why people don’t think we’ll notice a group message. This scumbag likes to throw a wide fishing net when it comes to flirting. He texted 32 girls the same flirtatious greeting but tried to be efficient by using a group message. One of those girls texted him back just to tell him that he was totally busted. Bet he hadn't expected that response! And if she’s like most people, she texted him within the group message (otherwise known as the “reply all”). That means those 31 other girls received her response as well and know all about the game he’s trying to play. Talk about striking out big time, buddy! He just lost so badly that he should give up while he has the chance.

12 Not autocorrect

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Sometimes, autocorrect is NOT to blame. We’re aware that our parents must have gotten busy, knocked boots, played around, at some point or we wouldn’t have been born. What we don’t want to know is that they’re still getting naked and breaking beds. This dad doesn’t follow that unspoken rule. He just straight-up texted to his kid that he and Mom would be getting it on. Eww. What the hell. Of course, their child assumed it was just autocorrect. The twist comes at the end when Dad reveals that nope, he was freakin’ serious about doing it with Mom tonight. There wasn’t much that could be said after that revelation. Maybe it would be a good idea not to come home tonight as suggested. And find some way to block that mental image from their mind.

11 Mom's confession

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Back to parents! This person texted Mom to tell her that they’d bought a cake for Dad’s birthday, only it had been “corrected” to ‘crack’ instead. But did Mom bat an eye at that slip? Nope. She went with it and texted back that crack had been a whole lot less expensive back when she was young. That didn’t register right away. When it did, Mom’s kid was in total shock. Did Mom just confess to buying crack, or was she just messing with her kid? We will never know, but it’s sure one hell of a twist! Our parents used to be young, too. They might forget from time to time, but you’d be surprised to find out how wild your parents had been when they were teenagers and in their 20s.

10 Still want to party

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When we get someone’s number and neglect to double-check the number before we hit send, we’re bound to send a text to the wrong number at some point in our lives. This can be horrible if we send a nearly-naked photo to someone we’re trying to flirt with or just vaguely embarrassing if all we say is hello. But we usually don’t expect the person on the other end to want to keep talking to us. Seriously, just let it go. But this person wanted to go to a party, now that the prospect of one had been brought up. Should you continue the invite? You might make a new friend or invite a serial killer into your life. It’s a total toss-up these days. You really never know.

9 Left at Wal-Mart

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Thank goodness for cell phones! Many parents have probably left their child behind at the store and started home without realizing it. This mistake could even be a parent’s rite of passage. Even so, it’s a scary thing to have happen. We will text our parents to try to find them when we go shopping together and split up, but things took a dark turn here. It seems that Mom left her kid behind at Walmart. She completely forgot that they’d come to the store together. Oops. Mom was halfway home when her child texted her and reminded her. Thankfully, she was quick to respond to texts and decided to turn back. That could have ended a lot worse than it did. And getting stuck at a Walmart wouldn’t be fun at all.

8 Granny might have passed away unexpectedly

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We love our grandmas! Grandmas are usually the best people in the world, and we wish that they would live forever. So, imagine getting a text that Grandma is suddenly in the grave. That would be devastating news! And it would ruin Thanksgiving for years to come. They wanted to get more information, but got good news instead. Grandma is NOT dead. She was in the garage. Now why would iMessage change "garage" to "grave" in this case? Sometimes it seems as if the autocorrect feature has a dark, sick, horrible sense of humor. Maybe it’s a hint of more things to come as robots and artificial intelligence begin to take over the world. But at least Thanksgiving was saved! Grandma would live for another holiday!

7 Ouch, mom, ouch

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Once again, parents take the reigns in our list of WTF texts with plot twists! This one involves a text in which the child says that mom is not good at telling jokes. We just assume our parents have no senses of humor. Well, this particular Mom knows how to burn! She said that she did make a joke….her kid! OMG! Drop the mic because we have a winner! What on Earth would you say in response to that? It’s so good. That insult deserves to be dipped in gold and framed in the Insults Hall of Fame. The best insults are unexpected like that. She came back with a zinger. It would be horrible if our parents considered us to be nothing but stupid jokes, but some of them might. Some of us are nothing but jokes. Ouch.

6 Still have feelings but not the ones you want

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Why do we hold onto our ex’s phone numbers? It’s probably not a good idea. Because there will come a time when we’re lonely and sad and drunk and miss our exes. That’s when we send stupid texts like this one to find out if they still have feelings for us. This ex decided to mess with their head, though. The feelings that the ex had were not nice feelings at all. Talk about getting crushed all over again. It’s almost like going through the breakup a second time. It’s still hilarious AF. What would you expect? If the relationship ended badly, time won’t necessarily have healed the wounds. And if it wasn’t that long ago, you really shouldn’t be texting your ex like that.

5 The dark side of fairy tales

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Our beloved fairy tales have such dark meanings when we really think about them. It’s mind-blowing when you describe these bright and happy fairy tales in societal and cultural terms that reveal just how horrible these kids' stories actually are. Who knew Tangled was so dark? When it’s retold like this, it’s a horrible tale that we should be ashamed of loving so much! The person who received the text was probably expecting the movie to be some serious, live action drama film. They wouldn’t have been expecting it to describe the Disney movie Tangled! Now we won’t be able to look at the film the same way again. Our childhoods are ruined! And we have a hard time thinking of that adorable chameleon as a bloodthirsty pet. He was just so cute.

4 The wrong gift to get your friend

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We’ve never been able to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Maybe we simply don’t have the patience. But getting a Rubik’s Cube for a friend who’s color blind would be setting them up for failure! The point of the cube is to use problem-solving skills to get each side of the cube to be one color. A person who is color blind would have trouble differentiating between the colors and would never be able to solve the puzzle. They might have to work out a different strategy to do it. Our friends can be the cruelest people to us. Of course, this was all probably some joke that the friend wanted to play. Can you imagine how long it took for them to come up with this joke just so they could try on their color blind friend? Probably way too long.

3 He's just not that into you

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This entire text message has so many twists and turns. First, Ellie reveals her crush to her actual crush. She’d been meaning to text her friend about him. But it seems to go smoothly after that. Her crush flirts back with winks and smiles. You can bet that she was over the moon when he seemed to return her feelings! But she decides to ask him point-blank how he feels about her. A direct approach definitely takes the guessing game out of it. Having to wonder is sometimes the worst part. But he stops the flirting game and gives a flat-out NO. He’d made her feel at ease so much that she was overusing her emoticons, only to be told that he just wasn’t that into her.

2 Accused the blind date of plotting murder

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Blind dates can be scary. You have no idea what this person looks like or if they’re going to turn out to be total psychos. It’s actually very smart to let people know when you’re meeting a stranger, so that you have a backup plan in case things go awry. And that the investigators have a starting point if something terrible were to indeed happen. But you don’t want to accidentally offend your blind date, in the event that this other person is not a weirdo, because what if you end up actually liking them? Going on blind dates can be such a gamble. Well, she accidentally texted her worries to her blind date instead of to the preferred recipient. James took it in stride, though. He probably understood her caution and decided to laugh a little at his own expense. We hope the date went well!

1 That's not how you make apple juice

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Getting so drunk that you don’t know what you’re doing can mean that you do all sorts of things you normally wouldn’t do. It can also mean losing your friends, as was the case for Dave. He didn’t remember what he’d done or even know that he’d done anything to provoke his friend. We certainly didn’t expect it to take this particular turn! The rest of the text that ensues is pure drunken brilliance. Dave took his friend’s expensive iPad and put it in a blender. That’s not the brilliant part. But then Dave said that he was making... Apple juice! It’s kind of funny. Stupid, but funny. And yeah, we’d be so pissed if our friend destroyed our $500 tablet device, too. Dave should reimburse his friend at this point. And stay away from electronics when drunk. And blenders, too.

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