15 “WTF” Yahoo Answers That Will Actually Leave You Laughing

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15 “WTF” Yahoo Answers That Will Actually Leave You Laughing

What do you do when you need a good laugh? Maybe you head to a live comedy show or pull up your favorite comedy special on Netflix. Maybe there’s a video on YouTube that gets you every time, or a friend of yours who always knows how to make you chuckle. But you know what works every time and is our go-to for funny? Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo Answers is a community forum where anyone, and we do mean anyone, can ask a question for anyone else in the community to answer. It doesn’t sound so funny but just you wait. The questions that people come up with are hilarious. But they can also be horrifying, confusing or tear-inducing. That’s just how the magical world of Yahoo Answers works! Read on for 15 of the most WTF hilarious questions found on Yahoo Answers.

15. How Does This Happen? And How Does It Happen So Many Times?


What was up with people “accidentally” building shelves in 2013? How does that even happen to a person? Like, are they trying to build something else and when they look up, they find what was supposed to be a desk or chair has become a shelf? I guess those IKEA directions and extra pieces of hardware they like to include could be used to configure quite a few pieces of furniture. But it just doesn’t seem like something that should be happening so often. Let’s just hope the good folks at Yahoo Answers knew how to help these poor souls. Perhaps they had some additional instructions for turning shelves into other pieces of furniture? Or maybe they helped convince these people that they really could use a shelf in their lives – they just didn’t know it yet.

14. Valid Question


Yeah, scientists! Why don’t pigs have wings yet? Where have you been hiding that valuable, scientific information? Evolution is obviously untrue because we don’t have a bunch of pigs taking flight yet. What would pigs even need wings for? Fly to the next patch of mud or a dumpster heaped with old food scraps? Wings would be wasted on pigs, really. Let’s give them to animals that might actually need them. Maybe an endangered species who could use the wings to get away from poachers? Or an animal who needs to go far and wide to find food or a good place to live? Heck, I could use some wings. Where are my wings? Evolution, can we get on that please? I’d use my wings for super important stuff like skipping the line at Chipotle and getting to work on time when I miss the bus.

13. Now That’s A Riddler


Died parents. Died. Parents. This person actually thinks “died parents” is a term that people use. And now I want to scoop my eyeballs out. They wonder how these “died parents” went about having children. I mean, the logistics of DIED parents making children is a tough one to wrap your head around. But riddle me this: if you are calling them “died parents,” does that not imply that they were parents before they died? Or else they would just be “died people,” right? So if they were parents before they died, logic tells us that they had children before they passed away. I think we’ve solved it! Quick, someone call this forum poster and tell him the answer. He’s probably still sitting in front of his computer screen stumped over this one. It is definitely a tough one!

12. You’re All So Close!


Look at this concerned poster. He just wants to make sure that no one makes the same mistakes as his silly friends. He just wants to educate the masses and ensure everyone knows that a condom is, obviously, a place where people live. Duh! How could you not know that? I love this poster’s confidence. He’s not even verifying if his definition is correct or double checking his “facts”. His real question is if anyone else is as stumped as his friends seem to be. Because where did they get their crazy ideas? Snake I can kind of understand (KIND of). It is snake-shaped and can be used as a shield for the snake in your pants. But where did we get vulture from? That’s a bit scary. We don’t want to know where this kid got that explanation from.

11. There’s No Coming Back From That


Another strange accident. How does this happen to a person? Don’t you notice a unnatural  breeze that should be there when you leave the walls of your home? Your leather car seats must have felt a bit odd against bare flesh. And when you were putting on your seat belt, you must have at least caught sight of something you don’t usually see in public. Or maybe you didn’t drive. Maybe you took public transit or walked to the supermarket. You must have noticed that you were the only person in the buff. Surely you got a few glares from your fellow passengers or pedestrians. But alas, none of that phased you and your arrived at the supermarket in the buff. How can you overcome this? You can’t. So just get your overpriced organic avocados and head home before you’re arrested.

10. Another Very Valid Question


Well, do you? Sure, as a Canadian, this is kind of offensive. But we can see where you’re coming from. The colorful Monopoly money we try to pass off as a real currency is a joke. Syrup is a staple in our diet. So is poutine, but you know you love it too. Who would want to pass up fries, cheese, and gravy on one plate? But we do have a fair share of ridiculous stuff going on here. No, we don’t all snowshoe to school or live in igloos. But sometimes a moose does get the better of us. And we are guilty of rocking the Canadian tuxedo, denim on denim, more often than is socially acceptable. So we can understand why this question needs to be asked. We’re not even sure half the stuff that happens up here is real – but we’re not complaining.

9. Yes. The Answer Is Yes


One of our favorite questions. And the answer is a resounding, “HELL YES!” Of course McDonald’s is a spiritual place. Didn’t the illuminated golden arches give you a heads up? The intoxicating smells of fries fresh from the deep fryer mixed with a combination of burger patties, McFlurry’s and whatever got spilt in the back hits your nostrils as soon as you walk in. No matter what time of day, McDonald’s always has your back. They are always there for you and they never judge. You can show up in a ballgown and gloves or in sweatpants and unshowered hair and no one in McDonald’s will bat an eyelid. You can order a small fries or just a coffee, and they’re happy. Or you can order every combo meal with supersized fries and a few milkshakes. McDonald’s accepts you as you are.

8. Your Grandma Is My Hero


At first, I thought this post was headed in a bad direction. I winced after “she’s been asleep for almost a week now.” That doesn’t look good. This poor kid coming to Yahoo Answers when he really should be calling a funeral home. But then, things turn around. And she didn’t let that week long nap slow her down. Grandma is back up and getting things done. She knows where she needs to be and what needs to happen. Don’t get in her way! She’s getting blackout drunk this weekend and doesn’t need any negative people around telling her otherwise. So unless you want to hold her pearls and refill her red solo cup, you can just stay home. Grandma is getting lit this weekend! So head to the store and get your alcohol so you can keep up with her. Grandma doesn’t slow down for anyone.

7. “No Crazy Names Please”


His logic is sound. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza? It would be hard to find a single person who could say a bad thing about pizza. We all love to eat it. But do we love it as a name? Would we want to be called “pizza”? Yeah, probably not. What could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a bit buddy. But let’s breeze past that disaster and look at the middle name. I love that they want to pair “pizza” with “Lorraine”, after his grandma. I’m sure she’ll love playing second fiddle to Italy’s greatest culinary masterpiece. But let’s think of a few other suggestions, Yahoo Answers answer givers. But keep in mind, nothing crazy! We wouldn’t want to tarnish the good name of pizza by lumping it together with something silly like “Pie” or “Crust.” So maybe they should go with Lorraine.

6. “Nothing Over 3 Months”


Okay, clearly the answer givers here have no imagination. Don’t ruin this man’s greatest dare! He was all psyched up and ready to do it. He was going to be a total bad-ass and attempt to order a kids meal from McDonalds… FOR HIMSELF! That’s a whole new level of gangster right there. And the best part? He was willing to do time to achieve this level of bad-assery. It would be worth it for the respect. Think what a great Snapchat story that would make! The video of him being put into the back of a police car would probably go viral. And his friends wouldn’t be able to say anything to him for like, five-six months afterwards. So yeah, what’s a few months in jail for all that? Seems pretty worth it to me.

5. Just Checking


Good for her for checking. It’s important to verify all heads of lettuce before either eating them or attempting to capture them with a Poké Ball. One of the best ways to tell the difference between a Bulbasaur and lettuce is looking at the context. Are you in the kitchen or are you out in the wild? Is the object sitting on a counter next to some other vegetables? Is it able to move? Someone should really make a checklist to help people tell the difference. As for whether or not Pokémon are real, I think we all know the answer to that one. Of course they are! You don’t think millions of people were spending all that time trying to capture fake Pokémon on their phone, do you? That would be ridiculous!

4. Sounds Fake To Me


“Please help me convince them. Please.” How can we turn down a plea like that? Luckily, the top answer really stepped up to the plate here. They almost had me convinced! Maybe it is all a conspiracy. Can I also meet at this cafe to find out more? Because if you think about it, Leo does sound like a pretty crappy astrological sign name. All of the other ones sound legit – Gemini, Virgo, Pisces – they all sound super authentic and actually related to the stars. And then there’s Leo. It’s like the guy naming the signs ran out of ideas and just decided to name one after his dog. And while we’re at it, what’s up with Cancer being one of the signs? No one wants to be a Cancer. Plus, the animal associated with Cancer is the crab. So you’re a Cancer with crabs? How nice.

3. Serious Question Here


This is a serious request and we’re loving how dedicated this cat owner is. Or maybe this is a gift for a really dedicated cat owner. Either way, it’s a really good question. Who wouldn’t want to match their cat? How adorable would that photo shoot be? First of all, I don’t know about your cats but all the cats I know would not get into a sweater easily. It would take quite a bit of convincing and cause a few too many scratches to successfully get them in. But let’s say your cat is into sweaters. There are ton of adorable options you can put them in. You’ve seen all those great cat costumes online. But now you need a matching set! If you can’t find anything, we suggest you get out your sewing machine or knitting needles and get to work.

2. I Still Love Them Just The Same!


Well, how sweet is this? A lovely pet parent just wants their hamsters to know that they are loved and accepted, regardless of their sexual orientation. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the world was this understanding and open? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But at least these hamsters get to experience some love. But how should their owner let them know that it’s okay to be gay? We’re thinking you should start by playing Madonna on loop. Maybe throw in a little Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Ricky Martin. And then you have to change up the decor. Consider buying a rainbow colored hamster wheel and attaching a little flag to the outside of the cage. I’m sure sooner or later your hamsters will get the message.

1. Well, I Definitely Have Never Been Asked This Before


This is a first. I can honestly say I have never had to consider my options to this question before. But it is certainly intriguing! I generally think of things I would want to save from a fire, not set ablaze on purpose. And then if I do ever set something on fire, I assume it’s accidental and I want to get out as soon as possible. Dance around like a heathen? That’s a new one. And now to decide what to set on fire – so many options, really. Do I want something that will burn quick, like my ugly old bed sheets or that towel I’ve had since high school? Or maybe something that really deserves to burn like my ex’s glasses or my utility bill? Let me brainstorm on this one; I’ll get back to you.

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