15 WWE Releases Coming In 2020 (And Where They’ll Go Next)

It was supposed to be a happy time for WWE with its debut on FOX. Money is flowing behind the scenes – though the unfortunate part, not everyone is content with their current status.

With deals coming to an end and with wrestlers wanting out, we’ll predict which ones might be out the door come 2020. We will also attempt to predict where they’ll end up and which other promotion might be the perfect fit for said wrestlers.

We have talents from all over the place, like Tyler Breeze with NXT all the way up to a huge star like Randy Orton. Will the master of the RKO depart once his current ten-year deal comes to a close in 2020?

Scroll down to find out. Enjoy!

15 Mike Kanellis – International Indie Circuit

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Despite recently inking a new deal, Mike Kanellis wants out of WWE. He isn’t content with his current status and we don’t blame him – Kanellis feels as though he’s at the prime of his career and his feeling is that he needs to be utilized.

That being the case, Mike wants to work his craft independently with various companies overseas and in North America. It’ll be interesting to see if WWE grants the departure.

14 Jeff Hardy – Impact Wrestling

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Once again, Jeff Hardy is in trouble with the law and it might not be good for his WWE future. With his current deal ending in early 2020, the word backstage is that WWE might simply elect to let the deal expire without Hardy returning to the ring.

If that’s the case, we can see Jeff going back to Impact and leading the brand.

13 Matt Hardy – AEW

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Matt is another WWE star with a contract expiration coming in 2020. We doubt that he’ll ink a new deal, especially given his current status, only appearing sporadically on non-televised events.

He still has a lot left in the tank and we can see the likes of AEW capitalizing on that with either the Broken gimmick or something totally different.

12 Mojo Rawley – Impact Wrestling

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Rawley recently signed a new deal with a multi-year length. However, we can see the big-man asking for a release nonetheless.

He needs more reps in the ring and he’s just not getting enough at the moment. Mojo can benefit by joining the likes of Impact Wrestling, at the very least he’ll be granted an opportunity as a weekly performer in the mid-card.

11 The Revival – AEW

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Still, the future of The Revival remains unknown. Fans thought they had signed a deal but according to the duo, that is not true. Both are still expected to see their deals expire in April of 2020.

Unless a drastic change takes place, like a switch back to NXT, we don’t see these two sticking around for much longer. They’ll be a perfect fit with AEW.

10 Mickie James – Retire

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An ACL injury put Mickie James on the sidelines during the summer. She is now back with WWE but taking on a role as a commentator.

This might be the company’s way of easing Mickie into retirement. She already stated in the past that this is her final run in the business – so don’t expect James to jump ship once she’s done with WWE (though interestingly enough, her man is with NWA and thriving, so who knows).

9 Sami Zayn – ROH

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He rode him on his bicycle in tears when WWE decided to scrap his El Generico character. It worked out well early on as he became the face of NXT – though we can’t say the same for his current involvement.

His deal comes to an end in 2021, though Sami might request a release earlier. The obvious choice for Sami would be to rejoin ROH and re-introduce his El Generico gimmick.

8 Tyler Breeze – Impact Wrestling

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Tyler Breeze rejoining NXT was supposed to re-direct his career in a positive manner – though the general consensus seems to be that Tyler just can’t get out of the lower-card comedic role.

He can be a star elsewhere, especially with Impact Wrestling given the Canadian connections he already has.

7 Alicia Fox – Out Of Wrestling Industry

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The last couple of years haven’t been too easy for Alicia Fox. From backstage arguments to entering the ring under the influence, Alicia did more to damage her name in the last couple of years.

It seems as though wrestling isn’t her main focus any longer, once that deal expires she’ll likely call it a career.

6 Cedric Alexander – Impact Wrestling

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It finally seemed as though WWE was set on pushing Cedric Alexander, then out of nowhere, the push came to an end. It is said that Vince is not a fan of Alexander; that’s a darn shame given his obvious talent.

We can see Alexander thriving as the X-Division Champion with Impact or better yet, becoming an upper card face in the big matches.

5 Carmella – AEW

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Carmella seems to be rubbing lots of her co-workers the wrong way – perhaps a lot of perceptions changed following her relationship with Corey Graves. Most recently, Carmella has been feuding with the likes of Nia Jax and Mandy Rose behind the scenes.

If she continues to cause tension backstage, she’ll be out the door. Though she won’t be jobless for too long... AEW would instantly cash-in on her popularity.

4 Dana Brooke – Ring Of Honor

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Similar to Mojo Rawley earlier, Brooke needs experience in order to grow as a performer. The best type of experience comes in the form of live matchups, something she just isn’t getting at the moment.

The best option for Brooke would be to joining ROH’s Women Of Honor division. She can thrive as a weekly act and then head back to WWE with the experience.

3 Cesaro – New Japan

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The fact that Cesaro hasn’t won a World Title yet is a darn shame. He is arguably the most talented WWE star, and that still holds true as he edges closer and closer to his 40s.

An NXT involvement is the only way we can see Cesaro thriving again. If not, he deserves to be wrestling with some of the best in the world – most of which are with New Japan.

2 Luke Harper – AEW

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We’re still unsure as to what the future holds for Luke Harper. According to Fightful, he has yet to sign an extension with his current deal set to run out at the end of 2019.

Given that McMahon isn’t a fan of Harper, we can easily see the former Wyatt family member join AEW. His trajectory would completely change with the company, becoming a big deal really quickly.

1 Randy Orton – AEW

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While on Twitch, Orton stirred the pot praising AEW; here’s what he had to say, “Speaking of Vince, that AEW was f--king cool, huh? Did you watch that show last night? Oh my God!" Orton said. "I'll tell you what. It's that big match feel, the big show feel." He also discussed facing a few of their talent.

With Randy’s deal coming to an end in 2020, there is worry backstage that he won’t resign and make a shocking departure.

Sources – Fightful & Wrestling Inc.

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